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Antimycotics. III. Comparative studies of the preparation of isomeric hydroxybenzamides

Schönenberger, Helmut and Holzheu-Eckardt, Juergen and Bamann, Eugen (1964) Antimycotics. III. Comparative studies of the preparation of isomeric hydroxybenzamides. Arzneimittel-Forschung = Drug research 14 (4), pp. 324-328.

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cf. CA 60, 16248e. HOC6H4CONHR (I), active antimycotics (CA 59, 2070e), were prepd. by SOCl2 treatment of HOC6H4CO2H (II), MeOC6H4CO2H (III), AcOC6H4CO2H (IV), or MeO2COC6H4CO2H (V) and aminolysis of the resulting HOC6H4COCl (VI), MeOC6H4COCl (VII), AcOC6H4COCl (VIII), or MeO2COC6H4COCl (IX), followed by hydrolytic removal of the protecting Ac and MeO2C groups in AcOC6H4CONHR (X) and ...


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Item type:Article
Additional Information (public):CAN 61:54660 35 Noncondensed Aromatic Compounds 22094-44-6; 79119-31-6 (Derived from data in the 7th Collective Formula Index (1962-1966); 87-17-2P (Salicylanilide); 100-07-2P (p-Anisoyl chloride); 619-57-8P (Benzamide, p-hydroxy-); 1152-51-8P (Salicylanilide, 4'-nitro-); 1441-87-8P (Salicyloyl chloride); 1697-18-3P (Salicylanilide, 2'-chloro-); 2280-99-1P (p-Anisamide, N-butyl-); 2627-77-2P (Salicylanilide, 4'-bromo-); 3400-22-4P (p-Anisamide, N-methyl-); 3424-93-9P (p-Anisamide); 3679-63-8P (Salicylanilide, 4'-chloro-); 3679-68-3P (Benzanilide, 4'-chloro-4-hydroxy-); 5538-51-2P (Salicyloyl chloride, acetate); 6137-53-7P (Salicylanilide, 2',5'-dichloro-); 7403-41-0P (p-Anisamide, N-ethyl-); 7464-43-9P (p-Anisamide, N-propyl-); 7464-44-0P (p-Anisamide, N-isopropyl-); 7465-86-3P (p-Anisamide, N,N-diethyl-); 7465-88-5P (p-Anisanilide); 7595-61-1P (p-Anisanilide, 4'-chloro-); 13410-91-8P (Salicylanilide, 2',3'-dichloro-); 14121-97-2P (Benzanilide, 4-hydroxy-); 16446-73-4P (Benzoyl chloride, m-hydroxy-, acetate); 19616-99-0P (Benzanilide, 4'-bromo-4-hydroxy-, acetate); 20978-57-8P (Salicylanilide, 2'-hydroxy-); 24448-71-3P (Salicylanilide, 3'-chloro-); 27522-79-8P (Benzamide, N-ethyl-p-hydroxy-); 27522-80-1P (p-Benzotoluidide, 4-hydroxy-); 27559-45-1P (Benzanilide, 3-hydroxy-); 27642-27-9P (Benzamide, p-hydroxy-N-methyl-); 27914-73-4P (Benzoyl chloride, p-hydroxy-, acetate); 28141-24-4P (Benzoyl chloride, p-hydroxy-); 33577-83-2P (Benzanilide, 4-hydroxy-, acetate); 36965-04-5P (Benzanilide, 4'-chloro-4-hydroxy-, acetate); 39114-64-2P (Benzamide, N-cyclohexyl-p-hydroxy-); 40812-76-8P (Benzoyl chloride, m-hydroxy-); 51074-95-4P (Benzamide, p-hydroxy-, acetate); 52189-56-7P (Benzanilide, 4'-bromo-4-hydroxy-); 60696-49-3P (Benzamide, N-butyl-p-hydroxy-); 62639-20-7P (Benzanilide, 2'-chloro-4-hydroxy-); 62639-21-8P (o-Benzotoluidide, 4-hydroxy-); 73544-81-7P (Benzanilide, 3'-chloro-3-hydroxy-); 73544-82-8P (Benzanilide, 4'-chloro-3-hydroxy-); 78152-12-2P (Benzoyl chloride, p-hydroxy-, methyl carbonate); 78154-58-2P (Salicylanilide, 3',5'-dichloro-); 79540-62-8P (Benzanilide, 2',3'-dichloro-4-hydroxy-); 79878-90-3P (Benzanilide, 2',3'-dichloro-4-hydroxy-, acetate); 83191-67-7P (Benzamide, p-hydroxy-N-isopropyl-); 90922-32-0P (Benzamide, p-hydroxy-N-methyl-, acetate); 90922-79-5P (Benzamide, p-hydroxy-N-methyl-, methyl carbonate); 91133-36-7P (Benzamide, N-ethyl-p-hydroxy-, acetate); 91134-10-0P (Benzamide, N-ethyl-p-hydroxy-, methyl carbonate); 91642-02-3P (Benzamide, p-hydroxy-N-isopropyl-, methyl carbonate); 92041-47-9P (Benzamide, N-butyl-p-hydroxy-, acetate); 92042-12-1P (Benzamide, N-butyl-p-hydroxy-, methyl carbonate); 92042-13-2P (Carbonic acid, methyl ester, ester with N,N-diethyl-p-hydroxybenzamide); 92044-46-7P (Benzanilide, 2'-chloro-3-hydroxy-); 92044-47-8P (Benzanilide, 3'-chloro-4-hydroxy-); 92401-00-8P (Benzoyl chloride, m-hydroxy-, methyl carbonate); 92428-62-1P (Benzanilide, 2',4'-dichloro-4-hydroxy-, acetate); 92428-65-4P (Benzanilide, 2',4'-dichloro-4-hydroxy-, methyl carbonate); 92428-66-5P (Benzanilide, 2',5'-dichloro-4-hydroxy-, methyl carbonate); 92433-11-9P (Benzanilide, 4'-bromo-4-hydroxy-, methyl carbonate); 92433-68-6P (Benzanilide, 2'-chloro-4-hydroxy-, acetate); 92433-69-7P (Benzanilide, 3'-chloro-4-hydroxy-, acetate); 92433-81-3P (Carbonic acid, methyl ester, ester with 2'-chloro-4-hydroxybenzanilide); 92433-81-3P (Benzanilide, 2'-chloro-4-hydroxy-, methyl carbonate); 92433-82-4P (Benzanilide, 4'-chloro-4-hydroxy-, methyl carbonate); 92433-82-4P (Carbonic acid, methyl ester, ester with 4'-chloro-4-hydroxybenzanilide); 92505-60-7P (Carbonic acid, methyl ester, ester with salicyloyl chloride); 92553-96-3P (Benzanilide, 4-hydroxy-, methyl carbonate); 92905-58-3P (Benzanilide, 4'-bromo-3-hydroxy-); 94311-59-8P (Benzamide, N-benzyl-p-hydroxy-N-isopropyl-, methyl carbonate); 97027-63-9P (Benzanilide, 2',3'-dichloro-3-hydroxy-); 97027-64-0P (Benzanilide, 2',4'-dichloro-3-hydroxy-); 97027-65-1P (Benzanilide, 2',4'-dichloro-4-hydroxy-); 97027-66-2P (Benzanilide, 2',5'-dichloro-3-hydroxy-); 462070-14-0P (Benzanilide, 2',5'-dichl ro-4-hydroxy-) Role: PREP (Preparation) (prepn. of)
Institutions:Chemistry and Pharmacy > Institute of Pharmacy > Alumni or Retired Professors > Prof. Schönenberger
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Keywords:Fungicides or Fungistats (hydroxyaryl amides as) Benzamide Benzamide Role: PREP (Preparation)
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