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About this server

The University of Regensburg Publication Server aims at documenting publications and research data of UR and, if possible, at making them available open access. It is possible and desired to include older publications as well.

The publication server went live on June 1, 2006. New functions will be included continuously, and we set a high value on usability and on avoiding redundant work at entering data.

Members of the university can benefit from reusing the data, e.g. by exporting bibliographic data for reference management software, automatic use of the data for research reports, and embedding publication lists in their web pages.

How to register on the publication server

Before you log in for the first time, you have to register on the system. All members of the university are allowed to register. You only need to enter your RZ account (e.g. vip12345) for registration. You can navigate to the registration page by the menu on the left.

How to log in to the publication server

If you are registered once, you can log in using your RZ account (e.g. vip12345) and your NDS password.

How to submit own publications on the server

Only registered users can submit publications.

As a registered user, you can create new documents and manage your deposits. Follow the link "Manage deposits" in the navigation menu.

Here you can create new items, import metadata, and edit your own items.

Create a new item by pressing the "New Item" button. Then you can enter all the metadata for your publication in a few steps. Here you can find a list of special characters for copying.

You can also import metadata for your publication: choose a format from the drop-down menu and press "Import". At present you can import metada from different XML formats, BibTeX, MS Word (docx format), and from the arXiv and PubMed repositories. For XML or BibTeX formats, you can just enter the source code into the input field, or you can upload a file. You can import the bibliography, embedded media, or metadata from docx files. And for importing publications from PubMed or arXiv, just enter one or more PubMed ID or arXiV ID into the input field (one ID per line), or upload a file containing the IDs. You can test the import function first, before you import the data to the publication server.

"Manage deposits" shows you a list of all your publications you deposited on the server. Every item on the publication server is located in a certain area. In the User Workarea, only the respective user is allowed to edit the items. Your item cannot be seen by others as long as it is in your User Workarea. In order to publish the item, move it to Review. The item is then reviewed by a librarian and then published to the Live Archive. As long as the item is in the Under Review area, it cannot be edited by its owner. In order to edit it anyhow, move the item back to the User Workarea (this can be done at the Actions tab of the respective item). If the item is in the Live Archive, it is visible on the Internet. As the owner of the item, you still can make changes, but this should be an exception, e.g. if the Publication status changes.

I have a list on a web page and I want to import these publications—what should I do?

We are happy to assist you with this. Please contact us to talk about the procedure.

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