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Steiner, Mark-Steven and Meier, Robert J. and Dürkop, Axel and Wolfbeis, Otto S. (2010) Chromogenic Sensing of Biogenic Amines Using a Chameleon Probe and the Red−Green−Blue Readout of Digital Camera Images. Analytical chemistry 82 (20), pp. 8402-8405. Fulltext restricted.

Saleh, Sayed M. and Müller, Rainer and Mader, Heike S. and Dürkop, Axel and Wolfbeis, Otto S. (2010) Novel multicolor fluorescently labeled silica nanoparticles for interface fluorescence resonance energy transfer to and from labeled avidin. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 398 (4), pp. 1615-1623. Fulltext restricted.


Li, Xiaohua and Dürkop, Axel and Wolfbeis, Otto S. (2009) A Fluorescent Probe for Diacetyl Detection. Journal of Fluorescence 19 (4), pp. 601-606. Fulltext restricted.

Steiner, Mark-Steven and Meier, Robert J. and Spangler, Christian and Dürkop, Axel and Wolfbeis, Otto S. (2009) Determination of biogenic amines by capillary electrophoresis using a chameleon type of fluorescent stain. Microchimica Acta 167 (3-4), pp. 259-266. Fulltext restricted.


Meier, Robert J. and Steiner, Mark-Steven and Dürkop, Axel and Wolfbeis, Otto S. (2008) SDS-PAGE of Proteins Using a Chameleon-Type of Fluorescent Prestain. Analytical Chemistry (including News & Features) 80 (16), pp. 6274-6279. Fulltext restricted.

Schrenkhammer, Petra and Rosnizeck, Ina C. and Dürkop, Axel and Wolfbeis, Otto S. (2008) Time-Resolved Fluorescence-Based Assay for the Determination of Alkaline Phosphatase Activity and Application to the Screening of Its Inhibitors. Journal of Biomolecular Screening 13 (1), pp. 9-16. Fulltext restricted.


Yegorova, Alla V. and Scripinets, Yulia V. and Dürkop, Axel and Karasyov, Alexander A. and Antonovich, Valery P. and Wolfbeis, Otto S. (2007) Sensitive luminescent determination of DNA using the terbium(III)–difloxacin complex. Analytica Chimica Acta 584 (2), pp. 260-267. Fulltext restricted.

Weh, Jochen and Dürkop, Axel and Wolfbeis, Otto S. (2007) A Resonance Energy Transfer Immunoassay Based on a Thiol-Reactive Ruthenium Donor Dye and a Longwave-Emitting Acceptor. ChemBioChem: a European journal of chemical biology 8 (1), pp. 122-128. Fulltext restricted.


Dürkop, Axel and Turel, Matejka and Lobnik, Aleksandra and Wolfbeis, Otto S. (2006) Microtiter plate assay for phosphate using a europium–tetracycline complex as a sensitive luminescent probe. Analytica Chimica Acta 555 (2), pp. 292-298. Fulltext restricted.

Dürkop, Axel and Schäferling, Michael and Wolfbeis, Otto S. (2006) chapter 15. Glucose Sensing and Glucose Determination Using Fluorescent Probes and Molecular Receptors. In: Geddes, Chris D. and Lakowicz, J. R., (eds.) Glucose sensing. Topics in fluorescence spectroscopy, 11 (chapter 15). Springer, New York, pp. 351-375. ISBN 0-387-29571-2; 978-0-387-29571-8. Fulltext not available.


Dürkop, Axel and Wolfbeis, Otto S. (2005) Nonenzymatic Direct Assay of Hydrogen Peroxide at Neutral pH Using the Eu3Tc Fluorescent Probe. Journal of Fluorescence 15 (5), pp. 755-761. Fulltext restricted.

Höfelschweiger, Bianca K. and Dürkop, Axel and Wolfbeis, Otto S. (2005) Novel type of general protein assay using a chromogenic and fluorogenic amine-reactive probe. Analytical Biochemistry 344 (1), pp. 122-129. Fulltext restricted.

Wu, Meng and Lin, Zhihong and Schäferling, Michael and Dürkop, Axel and Wolfbeis, Otto S. (2005) Fluorescence imaging of the activity of glucose oxidase using a hydrogen-peroxide-sensitive europium probe. Analytical Biochemistry 340 (1), pp. 66-73. Fulltext restricted.

Kozhevnikov, Valery N. and Mandl, Christian and Miltschitzky, Stefan and Dürkop, Axel and Wolfbeis, Otto S. and König, Burkhard (2005) Strong emission increase of a dicarboxyterpyridene europium (III) complex in the presence of citrate and hydrogen peroxide. Inorganica Chimica Acta 358 (7), pp. 2445-2448. Fulltext not available.

Craig, Douglas B. and Wetzl, Bianca K. and Dürkop, Axel and Wolfbeis, Otto S. (2005) Determination of picomolar concentrations of proteins using novel amino reactive chameleon labels and capillary electrophoresis laser-induced fluorescence detection. Electrophoresis 26 (11), pp. 2208-2213. Fulltext restricted.


Wu, Meng and Lin, Zhihong and Dürkop, Axel and Wolfbeis, Otto S. (2004) Time-resolved enzymatic determination of glucose using a fluorescent europium probe for hydrogen peroxide. Analytical & bioanalytical chemistry 380 (4), pp. 619-626. Fulltext restricted.


Wolfbeis, Otto S. and Schäferling, Michael and Dürkop, Axel (2003) Reversible Optical Sensor Membrane for Hydrogen Peroxide Using an Immobilized Fluorescent Probe, and its Application to a Glucose Biosensor. Microchimica Acta 143 (4), pp. 221-227. Fulltext restricted.

Wetzl, Bianca and Gruber, Michaela and Oswald, Bernhard and Dürkop, Axel and Weidgans, Bernhard and Probst, Mario and Wolfbeis, Otto S. (2003) Set of fluorochromophores in the wavelength range from 450 to 700 nm and suitable for labeling proteins and amino-modified DNA. Journal of Chromatography B 793, pp. 83-92. Fulltext restricted.


Wolfbeis, Otto S. and Dürkop, Axel and Wu, Meng and Lin, Zhihong (2002) A Europium-Ion-Based Luminescent Sensing Probe for Hydrogen Peroxide. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 41 (23), pp. 4495-4498. Fulltext restricted.

Dürkop, Axel (2002) Luminescent Metal-Ligand Complexes as Labels for Polarization Immunoassays and for Determination of Hydrogen Peroxide. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Wolfbeis, Otto S. and Böhmer, M. and Dürkop, Axel and Enderlein, J. and Gruber, M. and Klimant, Ingo and Krause, Christian and Kürner, J. and Liebsch, Gregor and Lin, Zh. and Oswald, B. and Wu, M. (2002) Advanced Luminescent Labels, Probes and Beads and their Application to Luminescence Bioassay and Imaging. In: Kraayenhof , Ruud and Visser, Antonie J. W. G. and Gerritsen, Hans C., (eds.) Fluorescence spectroscopy, imaging and probes: new tools in chemical, physical and life sciences. Springer series on fluorescence, 2. Springer, Berlin, pp. 3-42. ISBN 3-540-42768-6. Fulltext not available.

Dürkop, Axel and Lehmann, Frank and Wolfbeis, Otto S. (2002) Polarization immunoassays using reactive ruthenium metal-ligand complexes as luminescent labels. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 372 (5-6), pp. 688-694. Fulltext restricted.


Wolfbeis, Otto S. and Klimant, Ingo and Werner, Tobias and Huber, Christian and Kosch, Ute and Krause, Christian and Neurauter, Gerhard and Dürkop, Axel (1998) Set of luminescence decay time based chemical sensors for clinical applications. Sensors and Actuators B Chemical 51, pp. 17-24. Fulltext restricted.

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