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Vogler, Arnd and Kisslinger, J. (1986) Bipyrimidine-Bridged Rhenium(I)/Rhenium(I) and Ruthenium(II)/Rhenium(I) Complexes. Syntheses, Electronic Absorption and Emission Spectra. Inorganica Chimica Acta 115 (2), pp. 193-196.

Vogler, Arnd and Kisslinger, J. and Roper, W.R. (1983) Photochemistry of Osmium-Carbyne Complexes. Zeitschrift für Naturforschung B 38, pp. 1506-1509.

Vogler, Arnd and Kisslinger, J. (1982) Intervalence-Transfer zwischen Hexaammincobalt(III) und Hexacyanoruthenat(II). Angewandte Chemie 94 (1), pp. 64-65.

Vogler, Arnd and Kisslinger, J. (1982) Photosubstitution of Pentaamminechlororuthenium(III)Hexacyanoruthenate(II) following Outer-Sphere Intervalence Excitation. Journal of the American Chemical Society 104 (8), pp. 2311-2312.

Book Section

Vogler, Arnd and Kisslinger, J. and Buchler, J.W. (1985) Excited State Electron Transfer of Carbonyl-tetratolylporphyrinosmium(II) Complexes. One and Two Electron Redox Processes. In: Blauer, G. and Sund, H., (eds.) Optical Properties and Structure of Tetrapyrroles. Walter de Gruyter, Berlin, pp. 107-120. ISBN 3110100541; 978-3110100549.

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