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Oers, Johanna M. M. van and Adam, Christoph and Denzinger, Stefan and Stoehr, Robert and Bertz, Simone and Zaak, Dirk and Stief, Christian and Hofstaedter, Ferdinand and Zwarthoff, Ellen C. and van der Kwast, Theodorus H. and Knuechel, Ruth and Hartmann, Arndt (2006) Chromosome 9 deletions are more frequent than FGFR3 mutations in flat urothelial hyperplasias of the bladder. International journal of cancer. Journal international du cancer 119 (5), pp. 1212-1215.

Dahl, Edgar and Kristiansen, Glen and Gottlob, Kathrin and Klaman, Irina and Ebner, Elke and Hinzmann, Bernd and Hermann, Klaus and Pilarsky, Christian and Dürst, Matthias and Klinkhammer-Schalke, Monika and Blaszyk, Hagen and Knuechel, Ruth and Hartmann, Arndt and Rosenthal, André and Wild, Peter J (2006) Molecular profiling of laser-microdissected matched tumor and normal breast tissue identifies karyopherin alpha2 as a potential novel prognostic marker in breast cancer. Clinical cancer research : an official journal of the American Association for Cancer Research 12 (13), pp. 3950-3960.

Lottner, Christian and Knuechel, Ruth and Bernhardt, Günther and Brunner, Henri (2004) Combined chemotherapeutic and photodynamic treatment on human bladder cells by hematoporphyrin-platinum(II) conjugates. Cancer letters 203 (2), pp. 171-180.

Stoehr, Robert and Wissmann, Christoph and Suzuki, Hiromu and Knuechel, Ruth and Krieg, Rene C. and Klopocki, Eva and Dahl, Edgar and Wild, Peter and Blaszyk, Hagen and Sauter, Guido and Simon, Ronald and Schmitt, Ruediger and Zaak, Dirk and Hofstaedter, Ferdinand and Rosenthal, Andre and Baylin, Stephen B. and Pilarsky, Christian and Hartmann, Arndt (2004) Deletions of chromosome 8p and loss of sFRP1 expression are progression markers of papillary bladder cancer. Laboratory investigation 84 (4), pp. 465-478.

Lottner, Christian and Knuechel, Ruth and Bernhardt, Günther and Brunner, Henri (2004) Distribution and subcellular localization of a water-soluble hematoporphyrin-platinum(II) complex in human bladder cancer cells. Cancer letters 215 (2), pp. 167-177.

Stoehr, Robert and Brinkmann, Anke and Filbeck, Thomas and Gamper, Christoph and Wild, Peter and Blaszyk, Hagen and Hofstaedter, Ferdinand and Knuechel, Ruth and Hartmann, Arndt (2004) No evidence for mutation of B-RAF in urothelial carcinomas of the bladder and upper urinary tract. Oncology reports 11 (1), pp. 137-141.

Obermann, E. C. and Junker, K. and Stoehr, R. and Dietmaier, W. and Zaak, D. and Schubert, J. and Hofstaedter, Ferdinand and Knuechel, Ruth and Hartmann, A. (2003) Frequent genetic alterations in flat urothelial hyperplasias and concomitant papillary bladder cancer as detected by CGH, LOH, and FISH analyses. The Journal of pathology 199 (1), pp. 50-57.

Wissmann, Christoph and Wild, Peter Johannes and Kaiser, Simone and Roepcke, Stefan and Stoehr, Robert and Woenckhaus, Matthias and Kristiansen, Glen and Hsieh, Jen-Chih and Hofstaedter, Ferdinand and Hartmann, Arndt and Knuechel, Ruth and Rosenthal, André and Pilarsky, Christian (2003) WIF1, a component of the Wnt pathway, is down-regulated in prostate, breast, lung, and bladder cancer. The Journal of pathology 201 (2), pp. 204-212.

Hartmann, Arndt and Zanardo, Livia and Bocker-Edmonston, Tina and Blaszyk, Hagen and Dietmaier, Wolfgang and Stoehr, Robert and Cheville, John C. and Junker, Kerstin and Wieland, Wolf and Knuechel, Ruth and Rueschoff, Josef and Hofstaedter, Ferdinand and Fishel, Richard (2002) Frequent microsatellite instability in sporadic tumors of the upper urinary tract. Cancer research 62 (23), pp. 6796-6802.

Stoehr, Robert and Knuechel, Ruth and Boecker, Joerg and Blaszyk, Hagen and Schmitt, Ruediger and Filbeck, Thomas and Hofstaedter, Ferdinand and Hartmann, Arndt (2002) Histologic-genetic mapping by allele-specific PCR reveals intraurothelial spread of p53 mutant tumor clones. Laboratory investigation 82 (11), pp. 1553-1561.

Stoehr, Robert and Krieg, Rene C. and Knuechel, Ruth and Hofstaedter, Ferdinand and Pilarsky, Christian and Zaak, Dirk and Schmitt, Ruediger and Hartmann, Arndt (2002) No evidence for involvement of beta-catenin and APC in urothelial carcinomas. International journal of oncology 20 (5), pp. 905-911.

Hartmann, Arndt and Schlake, Gudrun and Zaak, Dirk and Hungerhuber, Edwin and Hofstetter, Alfons and Hofstaedter, Ferdinand and Knuechel, Ruth (2002) Occurrence of chromosome 9 and p53 alterations in multifocal dysplasia and carcinoma in situ of human urinary bladder. Cancer Research 62 (3), pp. 809-818.

Krieg, Rene C. and Fickweiler, Sonja and Wolfbeis, Otto S. and Knuechel, Ruth (2000) Cell-type Specific Protoporphyrin IX Metabolism in Human Bladder Cancer in vitro. Photochemistry and photobiology 72 (2), pp. 226-233.

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