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Publikationen von Bonventre, Joseph V.

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Witzgall, Ralph, O'Leary, Eileen und Bonventre, Joseph V. (1994) A mammalian expression vector for the expression of GAL4 fusion proteins with an epitope tag and histidine tail. Analytical Biochemistry 223 (2), S. 291-298.

Bonventre, Joseph V. und Witzgall, Ralph (1994) 2. Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Ischemic Acute Renal Failure and Repair. In: Goldstein, Robin S., (ed.) Mechanisms of injury in renal disease and toxicity. CRC Press, S. 15-42. ISBN 0-8493-8873-2.

Witzgall, Ralph, Volk, Rüdiger, Yeung, Raymond S. und Bonventre, Joseph V. (1994) Genomic Structure and Chromosomal Location of the Rat Gene Encoding the Zinc Finger Transcription Factor Kid-1. Genomics 20 (2), S. 203-209.

Witzgall, Ralph, Brown, Dennis, Schwarz, Cordula und Bonventre, Joseph V. (1994) Localization of proliferating cell nuclear antigen, vimentin, c-Fos, and clusterin in the postischemic kidney. Evidence for a heterogenous genetic response among nephron segments, and a large pool of mitotically active and dedifferentiated cells. The Journal of Clinical Investigation 93 (5), S. 2175-2188.

Witzgall, Ralph, O'Leary, Eilleen, Leaf, Alexander, Önaldi, Dilek und Bonventre, Joseph V. (1994) The Krüppel-associated box-A (KRAB-A) domain of zinc finger proteins mediates transcriptional repression. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) 91 (10), S. 4514-4518.

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