Errata and addenda to the thesis
"Spin phenomena and higher order effects in transport across interacting quantum-dots"

ISBN: 978-3-86845-045-3
erschienen im Universitätsverlag Regensburg, April 2010
Dissertationsreihe Physik, Band 10
Electronic publication: urn:nbn:de:bvb:355-epub-136334
None of the following currently known local typos is influencing the results of the work!
Local incorrectnesses:
sectionpage(s)place(s) typo description
2.130last sentence in Current kernelinstead of "whereas the sign of these must be inverted" it must read:
"whereas the diagrammatic rules already imply the sign inversion"
2.336in equation (36)
2.337in table 2, entries
2.340in equation (39) and the preceeeding expressionsee p40.pdf: a definition ofnot consistent
with Eq. (130) was used here
2.448-49in equations (43), (44), (45)
2.449in the definition of the T-matrix
2.351-52in all equations related to see p52.pdf: the misdefinition of from p. 43 was used here consistently
(i.e., the r.h.s of the final equations (47a)/(47b) are correct)
5.3129in equation (103) and in the preceding expression
A.2142-143all occuring tunnelling matrix elements
A.3176equation (130), last distinction by case
Typos not causing incorrectness:
sectionpage(s)place(s) typo description
2.345at the very beginning of line 14
2.451regularisation formula (second equation)
5.3129in the expression preceding equation (103)
sectionpage(s)place(s) addendum
2.4/A.251/173principal part integrations with numerator 1, squares in denominatorusingprovides an elegant
way to show that such integrals are zero
2.555reference to publicationPhys. Rev. B 82, 235307 (2010)
3.375title of publication"Inelastic cotunneling in quantum dots and
molecules with weakly broken degeneracies"
3.375reference to publicationPhys. Rev. B 82, 045316 (2010)
4.5109reference to publication [118]New J. Phys. 12 (2010) 033038
5.475title of publication
"Sources of negative tunneling magnetoresistance in
multilevel quantum dots with ferromagnetic contacts"
5.4109reference to publicationPhys. Rev B 85 (2012) 045313
A.2143top of page, exemplary expression for fourth orderas for the second order example the exponential
functions have already been cancelled against each other
A.2142, 168/169Solution of the energy integrationthere exists a way more elegant solution (thanks Sebastian!), which allows for a proper inclusion of the band edges: see residua.pdf