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This is University of Regensburg's institutional repository containing a growing collection of publications from the University. This repository contains 26593 records.
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1. Bele, Sylvia and Scheitzach, J. and Kieninger, Martn and Hochreiter, A. and Schödel, Petra and Bründl, Elisabeth and Schebesch, Karl-Michael and Brawanski, Alexander (2014) Vasoplegic Syndrome after Oral Nimodipine Application in Patients with Subarachnoid Hemorrhage. Journal of Anesthesia & Critical Care: Open Access 1 (6). [img]
2. Fenk, Sabine and Fischer, Marcus and Strack, Christina and Schmitz, Gerd and Loew, Thomas H. and Lahmann, Claas and Baessler, Andrea (2015) Successful weight reduction improves left ventricular diastolic function and physical performance in severe obesity. International Heart Journal. [img]
3. Czaczkes, Tomer J. and Heinze, Jürgen and Ruther, Joachim (2015) Nest Etiquette—Where Ants Go When Nature Calls. PLoS ONE 2015. [img]
4. Ratz, Sascha and Donarini, Andrea and Steininger, Daniel and Geiger, T. and Kumar, A. and Hüttel, A. K. and Strunk, Christoph and Grifoni, Milena (2014) Thermally induced subgap features in the cotunneling spectroscopy of a carbon nanotube. New Journal of Physics 2014 (16). [img]
5. Kuhbandner, Christof and Spitzer, Bernhard and Lichtenfeld, Stephanie and Perkun, Reinhard (2015) Differential binding of colors to objects in memory: red and yellow stick better than blue and green. Frontiers in Psychologie. [img]

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