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Riess, J. G. and Klement, Ulrich and Wachter, Joachim (1985) REINVESTIGATION OF THE REACTION OF [ETA-5-C5ME5(CO)2MO]2-(MO=MO) WITH PHOSPHORUS LIGANDS - FORMATION OF (C5ME5)2MO2(CO)3PR3-(MO=MO=) (PR3=P(OME)3 - PHP(OCH2CH2)2NH) AND C5ME5(CO)2[P(OME)3]ME, AND THE CRYSTAL-STRUCTURE OF (C5ME5)2MO2(CO)3[PHP(OCH2CH2)2NHI. Journal of Organometallic Chemistry 280 (2), pp. 215-224.

Wachter, Joachim and Riess, J. G. and Mitschler, A. (1984) Direct synthesis, reactivity, fluxional behavior, and molecular structure of Cp2Mo2(CO)3[PhP(OCH2CH2)2NH] (Cp = .eta.5-C5H5), a compound with a dissymmetrically substituted Mo=Mo Bond. Synthesis and molecular structure of Cp2Mo2(CO)3P(OMe)3. Organometallics 3 (5), pp. 714-722.

Jeanneaux, F. and Riess, J. G. and Wachter, Joachim (1984) Synthesis of new chiral bicyclic aminophosphoranes and of rhodium(I) chelates derived from their open-form tautomers. Isolation and characterization of an optically pure rhodium(I) nitrogen/phosphorus chelate. Inorganic Chemistry 23 (19), pp. 3036-3038.

Wachter, Joachim and Jeanneaux, F. and Leborgne, G. and Riess, J. G. (1984) Unexpected formation and molecular structure of a stable dinuclear rhodium compound with a single chloro bridge, (CO)2ClRh(.mu.-Cl)Rh(CO)[C6H5P(OCMe2CH2)2NH]. Organometallics 3 (7), pp. 1034-1038.

Wachter, Joachim and Mentzen, B. F. and Riess, J. G. (1981) Synthesis and Crystal Structure of a (η5-C5H5)(CO)2-Molybdenum Bicyclophosphoranide: The first Transition Metal Complex with a “R4P⊖”-Ligand. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 20 (3), pp. 284-285.

Wachter, Joachim and Mitschler, A. and Riess, J. G. (1981) Synthesis and molecular structure of the dissymmetric Mo=Mo compound [(.eta.5-C5H5)2Mo2(CO)3(C6H5P(OCH2CH2)NH)]: first example of direct carbonyl-substitution in bis[(.eta.5-cyclopentadienyl)dicarbonylmolybdenum]. Journal of the American Chemical Society 103 (8), pp. 2121-2123.

Wachter, Joachim and Jeanneaux, F. and Riess, J. G. (1980) Derivatives of [n5-cyclopentadienyl]molybdenum tricarbonyl hydride and chloride, n5-C5H5Mo[CO]3X [X = hydrogen, chlorine], containing a bicyclic phosphorus-nitrogen ligand. Inorganic Chemistry 19 (7), pp. 2169-2172.

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