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Open Access Publizieren - Übersicht und Kostenbezuschussung


The University of Regensburg supports its academics in electronic publishing with numerous services: https://www.uni-regensburg.de/bibliothek/elektronisches-publizieren/index.html. Under certain conditions, publication fees are also covered.

In order to make Regensburg's research results as visible as possible, the University participates in several publishing agreements which, in addition to read-only access, often also enable free or discounted open access. In addition to simpler communication, the advantage of publishing agreements is the centrally received and usually discounted invoices, which are checked by the specialised "Electronic Publishing" team for formal criteria and funding opportunities.

Irrespective of existing publishing agreements, publication fees in pure Open Access journals can be subsidised by the university's publication fund if the conditions below are met.


The following conditions apply for a funding towards publication fees in pure (gold) OA journals as well as for the utilisation of publishing agreements:

  1. Affiliation:
    A member of the University of Regensburg is identified in the publication as the (submitting or responsible) corresponding author and is responsible for paying the article processing charges. It must be evident in the work that the corresponding author's main work on this work was carried out at the University of Regensburg. In the case of affiliation with several scientific institutions, the main affiliation (the first affiliation), which indicates where the work was mainly produced, is decisive. Please always use the university e-mail address for clear assignment.
  2. Publisher specifications:
    Specific information on the agreement can be found under "Open Access agreements with publishers". Depending on the publisher, only certain years, certain article types and certain journals may be affected by the agreement. The publisher usually informs authorized authors, but the publisher's information on a possible "free publication" should be verified by consulting the "Electronic Publishing" team or via the information shown here. In some cases, libraries must allocate the costs within the institution or charge them to the authors.
  3. Procedure:
    In 2024, no separate application is required for the use of a publishing agreement or for the grant from the Publication Fund for articles in OA-only journals. The grant will be awarded to any article that falls under the conditions listed here. The difference to the actual publication fee (incl. VAT) must be paid by the researchers. Researchers must inform the University Library promptly of the corresponding UR/UKR project/cost center, with which the University Library can settle. The article fee is paid by the University Library.
  4. No funding:
    Fees for Open Access articles in "hybrid journals" (subscription journals) that are not covered by the free OA option under the publishing agreements, as well as additional costs for e.g. color charges, submission charges or page charges cannot be subsidized.
  5. Additional requirements for a grant for publication fees in OA-only journals:
    (These grants are independent of an existing publishing agreement. The following conditions also apply to OA journals with which agreements exist, e.g. Springer-Nature and Wiley).
    • The articles to be published appear in journals whose articles are all accessible to users free of charge via the Internet immediately upon publication ("genuine open access journals") and apply recognized, strict quality assurance procedures in the respective subject. To ensure this, only fees for articles in open access journals that are listed in the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ) can be accepted. We have compiled background information on scientific journals - quality criteria for you on this page.
    • A grant of €2000 per item will be provided in 2024.
    • Goodwill rule:
      In order not to disadvantage researchers who cannot provide their own funds to pay publication fees, the entire publication fee can be covered on application. Young researchers in particular often lack the funds to publish in renowned open access journals. This makes this possible at any time and the publication venue can be chosen without financial hurdles. The application must be submitted in writing to the Department 3 Publication Services - Open Access of Department 5 of the University Library. If the University Library has not received an invoice or cancellation after 6 months, it will ask whether the application is still valid or whether it should be withdrawn (e.g. if the article is rejected). This is to prevent funds from being blocked unnecessarily. (Form for the application).

Information for a special journal

Would you like to publish an article in a journal or have you already submitted an article to a journal and would now like to find out whether and to what extent the costs involved can be subsidised?
Simply fill in the form and we will send you the options by e-mail.

Explanation: genuine, fully, Gold oder hybrid

Open Access journals ("Gold OA journals", "Fully OA journals", "Pure OA journals")
In OA journals, publications are freely accessible as soon as they are published online and they are provided with a license (usually Creative Commons, see also legal information) for better subsequent use. Electronic publication without access restrictions of research results makes scientific information more visible, with the positive consequence that it is cited more frequently. The submission and quality assurance process (peer review) is similar to that of publishing in traditional journals. The costs incurred are often financed through author fees or article processing charges, which can (partially) be supported by the UR publication fund. Agreed discounts can be found in the tab "Open Access Agreements with Publishers", the requirements for a grant from the Publication Fund in the tab "Conditions".
In the Electronic Journals Library (EZB), Gold OA journals can be identified by the "indexed in DOAJ" button next to the green symbol.

Hybrid journals
These particular journals are based upon subscription which implies that they are only readable via subscription (shown in the EZB with a red or yellow symbol; if your library subscribes to the journal, you can access the articles accordingly) but also offer a paid OA option for individual articles. We do not cover these OA charges - as well as other charges, e.g. page charges, color charges, submission charges, etc. - in order to avoid double financing these articles or journals. However, due to special agreements, a free OA option is possible with certain publishers. These agreements can be found in the tab "Open Access agreements with publishers".
Conditions for using this free option: The corresponding author is a member of the University of Regensburg and UR/UKR is stated as their affiliation and correspondence address in the article! In case of affiliation to several scientific institutions, the first mention is crucial. The first author does not count. Publishers often also use the university e-mail address or the IP address of the university to check the authorization.

Graphic on the coverage of costs

Open access agreements with publishers

Please note that even in the case of agreements with publishers, publication fees in pure OA journals (= Gold OA journals, = Fully OA journals) can only be subsidized if our conditions are met (including available funds and funding limits). Publishing agreements vary in form and only in a few cases mean that a publication can be published entirely without fees! Publishing agreements are nevertheless advantageous, as they grant discounts, allow easier communication and centralized invoicing. If you have any uncertainties, please feel free to contact us at any time!

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM):
hybrid journals: 2021-2026 free OA publication in all "APC-eligible publications" (also includes certain conference proceedings). This list and workflow instructions are available to the library. Publisher e-mails to authorized authors. (use university email-domain!)

American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS):
Science Advances (pure OA journal): 2020-2023 15% discount on APCs (instruction)

American Chemical Society (ACS):
Acceptance date in 2024: Neither the university nor the corresponding author will be charged OA publication fees for articles in hybrid journals and also in ACS Omega, ACS Central Science, ACS Au family. There may be waivers for the other 5 fully OA journals, see https://acsopenscience.org/customers/bbws-consortium/ Information to eligible submitting corresponding authors is provided by the publisher. see also https://acsopenscience.org/institutions/read-and-publish/#publish

Annual Reviews:
The library supports the publisher's Subscribe to Open model, so that individual journal volumes can be made open access without incurring author fees if there is sufficient additional support

BMJ British Medical Journals:
extendet until 2023:
hybrid journals: free OA publishing of "original research articles" in the standard journal collection (does not include "The BMJ"). Authors get notified by the publisher if the article is eligible. The acceptance date is determining. More information at https://authors.bmj.com/open-access-germany.
pure OA journals: 15% discount on APCs (The costs will be deducted from our deposit, then charged uni-internally if the grant is exceeded).

Cambridge Journals Online:
2022-24: articles in hybrid and pure OA journals free of charge and unlimited. This means that neither the university nor the author is charged OA publication fees. Page charges do not apply to OA publications.
Possible article types: research articles, review articles, rapid communications, brief reports, case reports. Only few journals do not yet offer the OA option.

Company of Biologists:
2024: free OA publication of research articles in the 3 hybrid and the 2 pure OA journals (Five-journal package) of the non-for-profit-publisher. See author assistance at https://www.biologists.com/library-hub/read-publish/guide-for-authors/.

De Gruyter:
2024: The University Library of Regensburg supports the financing of an e-book package in the field of history so that selected titles can be freely accessible without author and reader fees.
2023 and 2024:
pure OA journals: 20 % discount on APCs
hybrid journals: free OA option in certain business journals. Authors will be notified by the publisher.
Some Journals are supposed to be fully open access through the Subscribe-to-Open model in 2023/2024.

EMS Journals:
As of 2021, ten of the EMS journals became so-called "Subscribe To Open" journals. This allows open access publishing at no cost to the author.

pure OA journals: From submission date 01.08.2023: 10% discount on APCs.
In the payment process, select "Choose payer: Frontiers institutional members: Universität Regensburg" (instead of "individual payer") in the publishing portal.

Hindawi was acquired by Wiley in 2022. Thus, these publication fees will be charged in a later DEAL total invoice with the UB and then internally with the researchers.
20% discount on APCs except for the following journals: Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research, Genetics Research, Global Health, Epidemiology and Genomics, Journal of Smoking Cessation, Laser and Particle Beams, Wireless Power Transfer, Mental Illness, Advanced Gut & Microbiome Research, Adsorption Science & Technology, International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks, Journal of the Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System, Molecular Imaging.
Only one Corresponding Author is possible. This eligible author must submit and correctly select the affiliation.

Hogrefe: PsyJournals:
from 2024 onwards: hybrid journals: free OA publication of research papers pure OA journals: 25 % discount on APCs. For more information see FAQs.

2022-2024: unlimited free publication opportunity of all "research article types" (including "research papers", "special issue articles", "letters" and "review articles") in hybrid and pure OA journals (title list: https://tib.eu/cloud/s/R6ytqHw72BeJmXp and https://tib.eu/cloud/s/98xG3KS7BPeR9W3). ECS journals are not included. Neither the university nor the author is charged OA publication fees (page charges etc. remain unaffected).
Note: unlike other publishers, IOP recommends that you check "Open Access Choice? No" in the submission process for hybrid journals, so that the author does not have to pay personally if the article is not eligible for free OA. The publisher will contact all eligible authors (if the 1st affiliation of the corresponding author is UR/UKR!). The authors then only have to sign the Open Access copyright form. Publisher info at https://ioppublishing.org/.

The library supports the publisher's Subscribe to Open model, so that individual journal volumes can be made open access without incurring author fees if there is sufficient additional support.
hybrid journals: Terms for free OA option:

  • Article must be accepted in 2020-23
  • Article types: case report, data report, meta-analysis, methods article, research article, review article, systematic review (not relevant: abstract, article commentary, book review, brief report, correction , discussion, editorial, guideline, introduction, letter, meeting report, news, obituary, other, reply, retraction)
  • Karger Compass journals do not include relevant article types for hybrid publishing
  • Invited articles may become freely accessible anyway (but without CC licenses). An additional OA position is usually also possible for the author free of charge, but causes costs for the University Library.
  • Proceed according to guidance.
pure OA journals: 15% discount on items accepted 2021-2023. For more information see https://www.karger.com/OpenAccess/Funding-and-Open-Access-Agreements

University Library of Regensburg supports project Koala financially, so that periodicals in the field of media and social sciences (2023-2025), mathematics and computer science (2024-2026) and quantum physics (2024-2026) can be published open access without author fees.

pure OA journals: 10% discount on APCs.

Open Library of Humanities:
pure OA journals: 10% discount on APCs (no combination with author discounts).The OLH non-for-profit-platform publishes publications of the humanities in its approximately 30 journals without author fees and is also financially supported by University Library for this purpose.

2023-2024: free and unlimited OA publication in all journals of the not-for-profit-publisher
Due to an annual flat-rate payment by the University Library, there are no further fees for university and our corresponding authors for publications in all existing and new journals of the pure OA publisher Plos. The acceptance date is determining here.
Here you can find the „Submission instructions“ in English and in German.-->

hybrid journals: 2023-2024 discounted APCs for immediate OA option of $4995. Otherwise, fees of $2595 will apply and the item will be OA after 6 months.

Rockefeller University Press:
hybrid journals: 2024-2026 free OA option in Journal of Cell Biology (JCB), Journal of Experimental Medicine (JEM) und Journal of General Physiology (JGP).

hybrid journals:2021-2024 free OA option in most journals and for document types Original Research Papers, Review Papers, Brief Communications, Short Reports, and Case Reports (if the article is eligible, SAGE will indicate this after acceptance).
pure OA journals: 2021-2024 20% discount (automatically after institutional affiliation).
See also https://us.sagepub.com/en-us/nam/open-access-agreements-at-sage/germany.

The University Library of Regensburg supports the scientific publication platform SciPost financially, because it stands for "real" Open Access: non profit, neither author nor reader fees, copyrights remain with the authors, academic editing, open infrastructure, open access, open finances, open citations.

The Regensburg University Library financially supports the journals of the Scoap3 project so that they can be published open access without author fees.

hybrid journals: Terms for free OA option:

  • Only for journals under the Springer brand, not for journals under the Nature brand.
  • Articles accepted in 2020-23 and from 2024 onwards
  • Article Types: Original Papers, Review Papers, Brief Communications, Editorial Notes, Book Reviews, Letters, Reports (in specialty journals, only research articles submitted without prior invitation - i.e., original paper, review paper, brief communication - are accepted)
  • no acceptance of color charges etc.
  • After the article has been accepted by the publisher, the corresponding author fills out the "publishing and rights" declaration in the author portal. To check whether the APCs displayed can be endorsed by the institution, the main affiliation must be selected. Important for the assignment to DEAL or the UR is at this point the selection of the University of Regensburg/the University Hospital Regensburg from the drop-down menu there (no manual entry!). If institution, journal and article type are eligible for DEAL, an information will appear that the OA costs for this article are covered by DEAL. In this case, the OA option is free of charge for you and is strongly recommended! If there is no indication of DEAL and instead you are shown costs, these would be payable by you personally. In these cases, please feel free to contact oa@ur.de or/and oa.verification@springernature.com beforehand. If you are unsure, we will gladly send you screenshots.
  • When submitting, you will be asked for the "payment method". The option ".... believe that I am covered by a Springer Nature Open Access Agreement" should be selected here. After acceptance of the article, the University of Regensburg/University Hospital Regensburg must be searched for and selected under "Verify your affiliation" in the author portal. If the institution, journal and article type are DEAL-eligible, the reference to DEAL, the central invoice processing and the possible partial or complete coverage of the costs by the institution will now appear.
pure OA journals:
  • This includes journals distributed under BioMed Central
  • Article Types: Research Articles (= Original Paper, Review Paper, Brief Communication)
  • Discount 20% on Springer and BioMedCentral APCs - except for Scientific Reports and Nature Communications. The respective (smaller) discounts for Nature-branded journals are given in the journal list (see https://www.springernature.com/gp/open-research/institutional-agreements/oaforgermany)
For more information

Transcript Open Library Media Science:
2023/2024: UBR supports this model financially, as selected books are made available in open access.

Essential: The "responsible corresponding author" must be a member of the University of Regensburg!
hybrid journals: terms and conditions for free OA option:

  • Articles accepted in 2019-2023 an from 2024 onwards
  • Article types: "primary research articles" and "review articles" (not "editorial pieces" such as "letters" or "book reviews")
  • No acceptance of color/page charges etc.
If the article is authorized, after selecting UR/UKR in the "affiliations" drop-down menu, you will see a note about the free OA option in DEAL. You should then select "Yes, make my article open access" instead of "Keep my article subscription-only". If you are shown costs instead, the article is not authorized by the publisher.
pure OA journals: Discount of 20% on the APCs. When submitting, select the option "My institution or funder has an agreement with Wiley and may pay the Article processing charges" in the "who will pay" section of the Author Portal.
For more information

Don't hesitate to contact us in case of any questions!

Open Access Monographs

The Publication Fund of the University of Regensburg funds previously unpublished Open Access monographs and edited volumes (first publications) up to a certain maximum funding amount (pro rata). The conditions for this are

  • Authors: Members of the UR who are responsible for paying the publication fees as authors (or editors in the case of edited volumes) are eligible to apply. In the case of several associated institutions, the main activity must take place at the UR and the work for this publication must have been carried out here. This must be clearly recognisable in the publication.
  • Work: All components of the funded work must be permanently accessible to readers immediately upon publication, free of charge and worldwide, and must be reusable under a Creative Commons licence. Funding is available for scientific publications that appear under the Creative Commons licence CC-BY or CC-BY-SA. The Open Access version will be published at the same time as or before any parallel print version. The publication is clearly labelled as an Open Access publication on the publisher's website and in the print publication, is easy to find and can be cited via ISBN/DOI/URN. Adequate labelling includes free access and a free licence. The books must be subject to a professionally recognised quality assurance procedure. The quality criteria of the AG Universitätsverlage should be adhered to; certain points are mandatory. The publisher is a member of the Open Access Scholarly Publishing Association (OASPA) and/or lists its books in the Directory of Open Access Books (DOAB) or on the OAPEN platform.
  • Theses: Theses are not funded. For these, we offer a cost-effective print and online publication option as part of the publications of the University Library.
  • Costs: The costs must be listed transparently by the publisher. Only costs for open access publication - not for printing subsidies, colour charges etc. - can be covered. - can be covered. Funding commitments are valid for a period of 12 months. It is possible to combine the funding with other funds from the University of Regensburg.

All funded monographs and edited volumes are permanently archived in the repository of the University of Regensburg and made accessible online.

For details on this, the possibility of funding or for specific questions, please contact the Open Access team (Email: oa@ur.de).

Note: Sales tax

Note: Prices quoted by publishers are always net prices, to which the 19% sales tax must still be added. According to the sales tax law, sales tax must be paid in the country of use. Therefore, please request a net invoice from publishers who are based abroad and quote our VAT ID DE 233 549 072 for this purpose. Upon payment of the invoice, the university will then automatically pay the 19% VAT to the German offices.

Invoicing for publications of all kinds

In accordance with the recommendations of the DFG, the German Council of Science and Humanities and the German Rectors' Conference, it was established for the University of Regensburg in a letter from the President Prof. Hebel ("Payment of publication fees", email 18.12.2020 to all faculties with the request for forwarding) that as of 2021 all publication charges of the UR and UKR, regardless of the type (page charges, color charges, open access publication charges or similar), must be directed centrally to the University Library starting in 2021, in order to uniformly record all charges for scientific literature supply, including publication charges, and thereby obtain a better basis for negotiation with publishers.
In this regard, we check each invoice to see if we can pay it from central funds. This is the case for publications in pure Open Access journals, if the conditions are met and funds are still available. We cannot centrally fund publication charges for articles in subscription-based journals, for example page/color charges. In this case, we must pass the bill on to you.
In addition, as of 1.1.2021, new requirements of the UR administration apply to incoming invoices of all kinds (see UniRegensburg circular of 17.11.2020 "Digitization of invoice processing and notes on electronic account assignment"). Here it is regulated that

  • all electronically incoming invoices must also be electronically assigned
  • incoming invoices must be sent by the invoice creator (i.e., the publisher!) as a PDF (not a download link) directly (for revision security reasons, no mails with forwarded content can be accepted!) to rechnung@ur.de (gladly with oa@ur.de in CC which you are free to contact in case of any other inquiries)
  • the billing address must be: University of Regensburg (oa@ur.de) Central Invoice Receipt 93040 Regensburg
  • for the allocation of publication invoices in the account assignment system, our email address oa@ur.de must be specified on the invoice (for example, as part of the billing address or in the "contact person" field).
In order for an invoice to be created without foreign VAT, you must - as before - specify the VAT ID of the UR (DE 233 549 072).

Publication guideline

Please also note the UR publication guidelines. This describes, among other things, how the UR is to be indicated as an affiliation in your publication.

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