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ORCID for Researchers

ORCID makes it possible to uniquely identify researchers and link them to their scientific output. ORCID has become the de facto international standard in author identification and has been actively supported by the University of Regensburg since 2016. We encourage you to register at ORCID and to use the system in your daily scientific work.

With your free registration at ORCID, you receive a persistent, universally usable and interoperable code, the so-called ORCID iD. You can enter this code at any time and in any place, so that your research results can get assigned to you unambiguously, regardless of name variants, name changes or different spellings. The same applies to changes in institutional affiliation or changes in research area. With the help of the ORCID iD, confusion with other researchers bearing your name can also be avoided.

We have compiled further information on benefits, data protection and notes on the use of ORCID for you on this page. Useful information for researchers can also be found at https://info.orcid.org/researchers/.

Your advantages

Properly used, ORCID is a labor-saver when publishing, applying for research funding, and in everyday life.

  • ORCID simplifies communication with publishers, research funders and all stakeholders involved in science. By providing your ORCID iD when submitting third-party funding applications and manuscripts, among other things, you can very easily provide an insight into your scientific work to date.
  • Your ORCID record contains a publication list of all your works, regardless of when and where they were created. If possible, full texts are linked to.
  • Through data synchronization with the repository of the University of Regensburg, Crossref, DataCite, Web of Science and Scopus, your ORCID record is always updated. Automatic data exchange saves you time and effort and also increases data quality throughout the different systems. You can learn how to set up the data exchange in the tab "How to use ORCID".
  • The correct assignment of your publications enables a correct calculation of your bibliographic parameters such as the h-index. It also facilitates the documentation of the university's overall research output, on the basis of which the university receives funds. Thus, the use of ORCID has an impact not only on you, but also on your employer and colleagues.
  • You retain full control over the information you provide and can customize it at any time. You can read more about your rights with ORCID in the "Information about privacy" tab.

Information about privacy

ORCID is a non-profit organization backed by the scientific community. There is no business behind ORCID that would have an interest in your data.

Since you maintain your record yourself, you always have full control over what information you provide. For each individual piece of information, you have the option to change the visibility settings individually using a traffic light system:

  • green = publicly visible for all
  • yellow = visible for Trusted Organizations only, to which you grant these rights individually, e.g. the publication server of the University of Regensburg
  • red = not publicly visible
The following legal opinion places ORCID in the context of German data protection guidelines: https://doi.org/10.2312/lis.17.02

Connect ORCID to your RZ-Account

You can easily connect your ORCID iD to your RZ-Account.

To link your RZ account with your ORCID iD, simply follow the link ORCID on the left navigation menu, when you are logged in to the publication server. You will get to a page with a button "Connect your ORCID". By pressing the button and logging in to ORCID, your ORCID iD will be stored in your RZ account.

How to use ORCID

Registration with ORCID
This way you can register easily, quickly and free of charge:

  1. For your registration https://orcid.org/register you just have to enter your name and your E-mail address and set a password.
  2. Decide on a general visibility setting. You can change this later for each individual field.
  3. Include information about your personal background in your record. Also include all spellings of your name. Of course, you can decide individually which information you would like to provide. However, the more information you provide, the more expressive your record will be.
  4. Link your ORCID iD to Trusted Organizations, such as UR's publication server, to automatically generate your publication list.

Set up data exchange with Trusted Organizations and the UR registry
To avoid having to add your works manually to your publication list, it makes sense to set up automatic data exchange with the publication server of the University of Regensburg, Crossref, DataCite, Web of Science and Scopus. This way, your ORCID record will be updated automatically and the publications will be proven in different systems, thus gaining higher visibility. For example, if you publish via a publisher and enter your ORCID iD there, the metadata for this publication can be added directly to your ORCID record via CrossRef, which is responsible for DOI assignment. This also involves duplicate checking in ORCID. So you don't have to worry about a publication being listed multiple times if it enters your ORCID record from different sources.
In addition to the concrete reduction in work for you, the data quality can thus be kept constant across all systems.
Detailed instructions on how to add the UR as a Trusted Organization and set up data exchange between the publication server and your ORCID record, you can find here (PDF).

Use of ORCID
Use your ORCID iD in the complete publishing process to get the most out of the system.
Here are some examples of when you should provide your ORCID iD:

  • When contacting publishers (if the ORCID iD is not requested, you can also write it directly in the manuscript)
  • When publishing your research data
  • When contacting research funders
  • At congresses and presentation slides
  • On your website and in your mail signature
  • For entries on the publication server of the University of Regensburg

An additional tip
To easily edit your ORCID record at any time without having to remember the password for ORCID, you can also log in to ORCID with your RZ account after adding the UR as a Trusted Organization. To do this, select "Access trough your institution" and then select the UR. You will then be redirected to the UR's web login service.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Gernot Deinzer (gernot.deinzer@ur.de) and Christina Prell (christina.prell@ur.de).

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