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Thomm, Michael, Hausner, W. und Hethke, C. (1994) Transcription Factors and Termination of Transcription
in Methanococcus.
Systematic and applied microbiology = System. Appl. Microbiol. 16, S. 148-155.


Hausner, W. und Thomm, Michael (1993) Purification and Characterization of a General Transcription
Factor, aTFB, from the Archaeon Methanococcus
The journal of biological chemistry = JBC 268, S. 24047-24052.


Gohl, H. P., Hausner, W. und Thomm, Michael (1992) Cell-free transcription of the nifHl gene of Methanococcus thermolithotrophicus indicates that promoters of archaeal nif genes share basic features with the methanogen consensus promoter. Molecular and general genetics = MGG = Mol. Gen. Genet. 231, S. 286-295.

Thomm, Michael und Hausner, W. (1992) Genes for stable RNAs and their expression in archaea. In: Sebald, Madeleine, (ed.) Genetics and molecular biology of anaerobic bacteria. Brock/Springer series in contemporary bioscience. Springer, New York, S. 36-53. ISBN 0-387-97669-8; 3-540-97669-8.


Hausner, W., Frey, G. und Thomm, Michael (1991) Control Regions of an Archaeal Gene: A TATA Box and an Initiator Element Promote Cell-free Transcription of the RNAVal Gene of Methanococcus vannielii. Journal of molecular biology = JMB = J. Mol. Biol. 222, S. 495-508.


Thomm, Michael, Frey, G., Hausner, W. und Brüdigam, B. (1990) AN ARCHAEBACTERIAL IN VITRO TRANSCRIPTION SYSTEM. In: Bélaich, Jean-Pierre, (ed.) Microbiology and biochemistry of strict anaerobes involved in interspecies hydrogen transfer. FEMS symposium, 54. Plenum Press, New York, S. 305-312. ISBN 0-306-43517-9.

Frey, G., Thomm, Michael, Brüdigam, B., Gohl, H. und Hausner, W. (1990) An archaebacterial cell-free transcription System. The
expression of tRNA genes from Methanococcus vannielii
is mediated by a transcription factor.
Nucleic Acids Research 18, S. 1361-1367.

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