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Wang, Su-Na, Xing, Hang, Li, Yizhi, Bai, Junfeng, Pan, Yi, Scheer, Manfred und You, Xiaozeng (2007) 2D and 3D Cadmium(II) Coordination Polymers from a Flexible Tripodal Ligand of 1,3,5-Tris(carboxymethoxy)benzene and Bidentate Pyridyl-Containing Ligands with Three-, Eight- and Ten-Connected Topologies. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2006 (15), S. 3041-3053. Zugang zum Volltext eingeschränkt.

Wang, Suna, Bai, Junfeng, Xing, Hang, Li, Yizhi, Song, You, Yi, Pan, Scheer, Manfred und You, Xiaozeng (2007) Novel Alternating Ferro-Ferromagnetic Two-Dimensional (4,4) and Photoluminescent Three-Dimensional Interpenetrating PtS-Type Coordination Networks Constructed from a New Flexible Tripodal Ligand as a Four-Connected Node. Crystal Growth & Design 7 (4), S. 747-754. Zugang zum Volltext eingeschränkt.

Wang, Su-Na, Xing, Hang, Li, Yi-Zhi, Bai, Junfeng, Scheer, Manfred, Pan, Yi und You, Xiao-Zeng (2007) Unprecedented interweaving of single-helical and unequal double-helical chains into chiral metal–organic open frameworks with multiwalled tubular structures. Chemical Communications 2007, S. 2293-2295.

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