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Rohlfing, Franziska, Tkachov, Grygoriy, Otto, Florian, Richter, Klaus, Weiss, Dieter, Borghs, G und Strunk, Christoph (2009) Doppler shift in Andreev reflection from a moving superconducting condensate in Nb/InAs Josephson junctions. Physical Review B (PRB) Rapid Communications 80, S. 220507.

Tkachov, Grygoriy und Richter, Klaus (2007) Effect of magnetic pair breaking on Andreev bound states and resonant supercurrent in quantum dot Josephson junctions. Physical Review B 75, 134517-1-134517-5.

Tkachov, Grygoriy und Richter, Klaus (2006) Anomalous resonant Josephson tunneling between nonideal BCS condensates. Physical Review Letters. (Eingereicht) Volltext nicht vorhanden.

Tkachov, Grygoriy und Richter, Klaus (2005) Andreev magnetotransport in low-dimensional proximity structures: Spin-dependent conductance enhancement. Physical Review B 71, 094517-1-094517-4.

Fagas, Giorgos, Tkachov, Grygoriy, Pfund, Andreas und Richter, Klaus (2005) Geometrical enhancement of the proximity effect in quantum wires with extended superconducting tunnel contacts. Physical Review B (PRB) 71, 224510-1-224510-10.

Tkachov, Grygoriy (2005) Nonmetallic thermal transport in low-dimensional proximity structures with partially preserved time-reversal symmetry in a magnetic field. Physica C 417, S. 127. Zugang zum Volltext eingeschränkt.

Tkachov, Grygoriy (2004) Nonmonotonic inelastic tunneling spectra due to emission of surface magnons in itinerant electron ferromagnetic junctions. Physical Review B. (Eingereicht) Volltext nicht vorhanden.

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