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Mosendz, O., Woltersdorf, Georg, Kardasz, B., Heinrich, B. und Back, Christian (2009) Magnetization dynamics in the presence of pure spin currents in magnetic single and double layers in spin ballistic and diffusive regimes. Physical Review. B 79 (22), S. 224412.


Woltersdorf, Georg, Mosendz, O., Heinrich, B. und Back, Christian H. (2007) Magnetization dynamics due to pure spin currents in magnetic double layers. Physical Review Letters (PRL) 99 (24), S. 246603.

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Heinrich, B. und Woltersdorf, Georg (2007) Intrinsic spin relaxation processes in metallic magnetic multilayers. JOURNAL OF SUPERCONDUCTIVITY AND NOVEL MAGNETISM 20 (2), S. 83-89.


Neudecker, I., Woltersdorf, Georg, Heinrich, B., Okuno, T., Gubbiotti, G. und Back, Christian (2006) Comparison of frequency, field, and time domain ferromagnetic resonance methods. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 307 (1), S. 148-156.


Woltersdorf, Georg, Buess, Matthias, Heinrich, B. und Back, Christian (2005) Time resolved magnetization dynamics of ultrathin Fe(001) films: Spin-pumping and two-magnon scattering. Physical Review Letters (PRL) 95 (3), 037401.


Zhu, X., Buchanan, K., Woltersdorf, Georg, Liang, J., Gruetter, P., Metlushko, V., Meldrum, A., Heinrich, B. und Freeman, M.R. (2004) Spin Relaxation from Continuous Film to Magnetic Nanostructures. 2004 International Conference on MEMS, NANO and Smart Systems, S. 1-4.

Woltersdorf, Georg und Heinrich, B. (2004) Two-magnon scattering in a self-assembled nanoscale network of misfit dislocations. Physical Review B (PRB) 69 (18).


Bach, P., Bader, A.S., Ruster, C., Gould, C., Becker, C.R., Schmidt, G., Molenkamp, L.W., Weigand, W., Kumpf, C., Umbach, E., Urban, R., Woltersdorf, Georg und Heinrich, B. (2003) Molecular-beam epitaxy of the half-Heusler alloy NiMnSb on (In,Ga)As/InP (001). Applied Physics Letters 83 (3), S. 521-523.

Heinrich, B., Woltersdorf, Georg, Urban, R. und Simanek, E. (2003) Role of spin current in magnetic relaxations of metallic multilayer films. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 258 (Sp. Is), S. 376-381.


Heinrich, B., Urban, R. und Woltersdorf, Georg (2002) Magnetic relaxations in metallic multilayers. IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 38 (5, Par), S. 2496-2501.

Woltersdorf, Georg, Urban, R. und Heinrich, B. (2002) Role of Spin Momentum Current in Magnetic Non-Local Damping of Ultrathin Film Structures. MRS Fall Proceedings 746 (R 2.6).


Urban, R., Woltersdorf, Georg und Heinrich, B. (2001) Gilbert Damping in Single and Multilayer Ultrathin Films: Role of Interfaces in Nonlocal Spin Dynamics. Physical Review Letters (PRL) 87, S. 217204. Volltext nicht vorhanden.

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