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Wirth, Reinhard, Ugele, Matthias und Wanner, Gerhard (2016) Motility and Ultrastructure of Spirochaeta thermobhila. Frontiers in Microbiology 7 (1609), S. 1-8.


Moissl-Eichinger, Christine, Perras, Alexandra K., Wanner, Gerhard, Klingl, Andreas, Mora, Maximilian, Auerbach, Anna, Heinz, Veronika, Probst, Alexander, Huber, Harald, Rachel, Reinhard und Meck, Sandra (2014) Grappling archaea: ultrastructural analyses of an uncultivated, cold-loving archaeon and its biofilm. Terrestrial Microbiology.

Probst, Alexander J., Birarda, Giovanni, Holman, Hoi-Ying N., DeSantis, Todd Z., Wanner, Gerhard, Andersen, Gary L., Perras, Alexandra K., Meck, Sandra, Völkel, Jörg, Bechtel, Hans A., Wirth, Reinhard und Moissl-Eichinger, Christine (2014) Coupling Genetic and Chemical Microbiome Profiling Reveals Heterogeneity of Archaeome and Bacteriome in Subsurface Biofilms That Are Dominated by the Same Archaeal Species. PLoS ONE 9 (6), e99801.


Bellack, Annett, Huber, Harald, Rachel, Reinhard, Wanner, Gerhard und Wirth, Reinhard (2011) "Methanocaldococcus villosus" sp. nov., a heavily flagellated archaeon that adheres to surfaces and forms cell–cell contacts. International Journal of Systematic and Evolutionary Microbiology 61 (6), S. 1239-1245. Zugang zum Volltext eingeschränkt.

Klingl, Andreas, Moissl-Eichinger, Christine, Wanner, Gerhard, Zweck, Josef, Huber, Harald, Thomm, Michael und Rachel, Reinhard (2011) Analysis of the surface proteins of "Acidithiobacillus ferrooxidans" strain SP5/1 and the new, pyrite-oxidizing "Acidithiobacillus" isolate HV2/2, and their possible involvement in pyrite oxidation. Archives of Microbiology, online. Zugang zum Volltext eingeschränkt.

Wirth, Reinhard, Bellack, Annett, Bertl, Markus, Bilek, Yvonne, Heimerl, Thomas, Herzog, Bastian, Leisner, Madeleine, Probst, Alexander, Rachel, Reinhard, Sarbu, Christina, Schopf, Simone und Wanner, Gerhard (2011) The Mode of Cell Wall Growth in Selected Archaea Is Similar to the General Mode of Cell Wall Growth in Bacteria as Revealed by Fluorescent Dye Analysis. Applied and Environmental Microbiology 77 (5), S. 1556-1562. Zugang zum Volltext eingeschränkt.


Weiner, Agnes, Schopf, Simone, Wanner, Gerhard, Probst, Alexander und Wirth, Reinhard (2010) Positive, neutral and egative interactions in cocultures between Pyrococcus furiosus and different methanogenic Archaea. Microbiology Insights 5, S. 1.

Rachel, Reinhard, Meyer, Carolin, Klingl, Andreas, Gürster, Sonja, Heimerl, Thomas, Wasserburger, Nadine, Burghardt, Tillmann, Küper, Ulf, Bellack, Annett, Schopf, Simone, Wirth, Reinhard, Huber, Harald und Wanner, Gerhard (2010) Analysis of the Ultrastructure of Archaea by Electron Microscopy. Methods in Cell Biology 96, S. 47-69. Volltext nicht vorhanden.


Müller, Daniel W., Meyer, Carolin, Gürster, Sonja, Küper, Ulf, Huber, Harald, Rachel, Reinhard, Wanner, Gerhard, Wirth, Reinhard und Bellack, Annett (2009) The Iho670 Fibers of "Ignicoccus hospitalis": a New Type of Archaeal Cell Surface Appendage. Journal of bacteriology 191 (20), S. 6465-6468. Zugang zum Volltext eingeschränkt.


Schopf, Simone, Wanner, Gerhard, Rachel, Reinhard und Wirth, Reinhard (2008) An archaeal bi-species biofilm formed by Pyrococcus furiosus and Methanopyrus kandleri. Archives of microbiology 190 (3), S. 371-377. Volltext nicht vorhanden.

Thoma, Christine, Frank, Monika, Rachel, Reinhard, Schmid, Silvia, Näther, Daniela, Wanner, Gerhard und Wirth, Reinhard (2008) The Mth60 fimbriae of Methanothermobacter thermoautotrophicus are functional adhesins. Environmental microbiology 10 (10), S. 2785-2795. Volltext nicht vorhanden.


Näther, Daniela J., Rachel, Reinhard, Wanner, Gerhard und Wirth, Reinhard (2006) Flagella of Pyrococcus furiosus: multifunctional organelles, made for swimming, adhesion to various surfaces, and cell-cell contacts. Journal of bacteriology 188 (19), S. 6915-6923. Volltext nicht vorhanden.

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