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This is University of Regensburg's institutional repository containing a growing collection of publications from the University. This repository contains 26459 records.
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1. Brekle, Herbert E. (2015) Nachtrag zu "Typ(en) und Exemplar(e)", 2. Teil, 1.1 Handabdrücke in Höhlen, S.20-23. . [img]
2. Diaz Diaz, David (2015) Welcome to Gels - An Interdisciplinary Open Access Journal for a Growing Scientific Community. Gels 1, pp. 1-2. [img]
3. Liu, Ming-Hao and Rickhaus, Peter and Makk, Péter and Tóvári, Endre and Maurand, Romain and Tkatschenko, Fedor and Weiss, Markus and Schönenberger, Christian and Richter, Klaus (2015) Scalable Tight-Binding Model for Graphene. Physical Review Letters (PRL) 114, 036601. [img]
4. Ghosh, Tamal and Slanina, Tomas and König, Burkhard (2015) Visible light photocatalytic reduction of aldehydes by Rh(III)–H: a detailed mechanistic study. Chemical Science. [img]
5. Rieks, Johannes (2015) Studies on stock market efficiency. PhD, Universität Regensburg [img]

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