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This is University of Regensburg's institutional repository containing a growing collection of publications from the University. This repository contains 26342 records.
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1. Roider, Andreas and Voskort, Andrea (2014) Reputational Herding in Financial Markets:
A Laboratory Experiment.
Journal of Behavioral Finance.
2. Kuipers, Jack and Savin, Dmitry V. and Sieber, Martin (2014) Efficient semiclassical approach for time delays. New Journal of Physics. [img]
3. Gradl, C. and Kempf, M. and Schuh, Dieter and Bougeard, Dominique and Winkler, R. and Schüller, Christian and Korn, Tobias (2014) Hole-spin Dynamics and hole g-factor anisotropy in coupled quantum well systems. Physical Review B (PRB) 90, p. 165439. [img]
4. Bellack, Annett and Näther-Schindler, Daniela J. and Schopf, Simone and Rachel, Reinhard and Wirth, Reinhard (2014) Pyrococcus furiosus flagella: biochemical and transcriptional analyses identify the newly detected flaB0 gene to encode the major flagellin. Frontiers in Microbiology. [img]
5. Herzberg, Moriz (2014) Transkranieller kontrastmittelgestützter Ultraschall zur Darstellung der hirnversorgenden Gefäße bei Schlaganfallpatienten im Notarztdienst. PhD, Universität Regensburg [img]

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