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This is University of Regensburg's institutional repository containing a growing collection of publications from the University. This repository contains 27439 records.
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1. Vierheilig, Clemens (2011) Hochortsaufgelöste elektro-optische Charakterisierung von InGaN-GaN-LED-Strukturen. Dissertationsreihe der Fakultät für Physik der Universität Regensburg 15, PhD, Universität Regensburg [img]
2. Reichelt, Robert Martin (2015) Analysis of gene regulatory networks in Pyrococcus furiosus by ChIP-seq. PhD, Universität Regensburg [img]
3. Pöllmann, Christoph and Leierseder, Ursula and Galopin, E. and Lemaitre, A. and Amo, A. and Bloch, J. and Huber, Rupert and Ménard, J.-M. (2015) Microcavity design for low threshold polariton condensation with ultrashort optical pulse excitation. Journal of Applied Physics 117 (205702). [img]
4. Paradiso, N. and Yaghobian, Fatemeh and Lange, Christoph and Korn, Tobias and Schüller, Christian and Huber, Rupert and Strunk, Christoph (2015) Tailored nanoantennas for directional Raman studies of individual carbon nanotubes. Physical Review B (PRB) 91 (235449). [img]
5. Hohenleutner, Matthias and Langer, Fabian and Schubert, Olaf and Knorr, Matthias and Huttner, U. and Koch, S. W. and Kira, M. and Huber, Rupert (2015) Real-time Observation of interfering Crystal electroncs in high-harmonic Generation. Nature 523, pp. 572-575. [img]

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