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Sharma, Anindra, König, Burkhard und Jayaraman, Narayanaswamy (2014) Photocatalytic disassembly of tertiary amine- Q1 Q2 based dendrimers to monomers and their application to the ‘catch and release’ of a dye in aqueous solution. New Journal of Chemistry 38, S. 3358-3361. Volltext nicht vorhanden.

Pelties, Stefan, Herrmann, Dirk, Bruin, Bas de, Hartl, František und Wolf, Robert (2014) Selective P4 activation by an organometallic nickel(I) radical: formation of a dinuclear nickel(II) tetraphosphide and related di- and trichalcogenides. Chemical Communications 50 (58), S. 7852-7854.

Balk, Stefan, Maitra, Uday und König, Burkhard (2014) Terbium(III)-cholate functionalized vesicles as luminescent indicators for the enzymatic conversion of dihydroxynaphthalene diesters. Chemical Communications 50 (58), S. 7852-7854.


Vannada, Jagadeshwar, Niehues, Lennart, König, Burkhard und Mehta, Goverdhan (2013) A total synthesis of the epoxyquinone natural product cytosporin D. Tetrahedron 69, S. 6034-6040. Volltext nicht vorhanden.

Banerjee, Supratim und König, Burkhard (2013) Molecular Imprinting of Luminescent Vesicles. Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (8), S. 2967-2970. Volltext nicht vorhanden.

Bachl, Jürgen, Hohenleutner, Andreas, Dhar, Basab Bijayi, Cativiela, Carlos, Maitra, Uday, König, Burkhard und Diaz Diaz, David (2013) Organophotocatalysis in nanostructured soft gel materials as tunable reaction vessels: comparison with homogeneous and micellar solutions. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 1, S. 4577-4588. Volltext nicht vorhanden.

Gore, Sangram, Chinthapally, Kiran, Baskaran, Sundarababu und König, Burkhard (2013) Synthesis of substituted hydantoins in low melting mixtures. Chemical Communications 49 (49), S. 5052-5054.

Banerjee, Supratim, Bhuyan, Mouchumi und König, Burkhard (2013) Tb(III) functionalized vesicles for phosphate sensing: Membrane fluidity controls the sensitivity. Chemical Communications 49, S. 5681-5683.


Gore, Sangram, Baskaran, Sundarababu und König, Burkhard (2012) Fischer Indole Synthesis in Low Melting Mixtures. Organic Letters 14 (17), S. 4568-4571. Volltext nicht vorhanden.

Gore, Sangram, Baskaran, Sundarababu und König, Burkhard (2012) Synthesis of Pyrimidopyrimidinediones in a Deep Eutectic
Reaction Mixture.
Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis 354 (13), S. 2368-2372. Volltext nicht vorhanden.

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