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Ward, Alister and Broido, David and Stewart, Derek A. and Deinzer, Gernot (2009) Ab initio theory of the lattice thermal conductivity in diamond. Physical Review B (PRB) 80, p. 125203.


Rheinstadter, Maikel and Schmalzl, Karin and Wood, Kathleen and Strauch, Dieter (2008) Cooperative long range protein-protein dynamics in Purple Membrane. Physical Review Letters (PRL). (Submitted)


Gaál-Nagy, Katalin and Strauch, Dieter (2006) Transition pressures and enthalpy barriers for the cubic diamond-->beta-tin transition in Si and Ge under nonhydrostatic conditions. Physical Review B 73, p. 134101.

Gaál-Nagy, Katalin and Strauch, Dieter (2006) Phonons in the beta-tin, Imma, and sh phases of Silicon
from ab initio calculations.
Physical Review B 73, 014117.


Schmalzl, Karin (2005) Ab-initio-Rechnungen und temperaturabhängige Neutronenstreuung an Fluoridkristallen. PhD, Universität Regensburg

Schmalzl, Karin and Deinzer, Gernot and Malorny, Michael and Strauch, Dieter (2005) Density-functional Calculation of Structural Properties in Ionic and Semiconductor Crystals. In: High Performance Computing in Science and Engineering, Munich 2004. UNSPECIFIED. ISBN 978-3-540-44326-1 (Print) 978-3-540-26657-0 (Online).


Gaál-Nagy, Katalin (2004) Druckinduzierte Phasenübergänge in Halbleitern mit Ab-initio-Methoden. PhD, Universität Regensburg

Deinzer, Gernot and Schmitt, Michael and Mayer, Andreas P. and Strauch, Dieter (2004) Intrinsic lifetimes and anharmonic frequency shifts of long-wavelength optical phonons in polar crystals. Physical Review B 69, 014304.

Deinzer, Gernot and Strauch, Dieter (2004) Two-phonon infrared absorption spectra of germanium and silicon calculated from first principles. Physical Review B 69, 045205.


Deinzer, Gernot and Birner, Gerd and Strauch, Dieter (2003) Ab initio calculation of the linewidth of various phonon modes in germanium and silicon. Physical Review B 67 (14), p. 144304.


Deinzer, Gernot and Strauch, Dieter (2002) Raman tensor calculated from the 2n+1 theorem in density-functional theory. Physical Review B 66 (10), p. 100301.

Deinzer, Gernot (2002) Nichtlinearitäten in Halbleitern: Eine erste ab-initio Studie. PhD, Universität Regensburg

Sinzinger, Michael (2002) Ab-initio-Untersuchungen zu den statischen und dynamischen Eigenschaften der IV-VI-Ferroelektrika GeTe und SnTe. PhD, Universität Regensburg


Wellenhofer, G. and Karch, K. and Pavone, Pasquale and Rössler, Ulrich and Strauch, Dieter (1996) Pressure dependence of static and dynamic ionicity of SiC polytypes. Physical Review B 53 (10), pp. 6071-6075.


Freytag, B. and Pavone, Pasquale and Rössler, Ulrich and Wolf, K. and Lankes, S. and Schötz, G. and Naumov, A. and Jilka, S. and Stanzl, H. and Gebhardt, Wolfgang (1995) Bandgap bowing and spontaneous ordering in ZnSe_{x}Te_{1-x}. Solid State Communications 94 (2), pp. 103-106.

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