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Buchecker, Thomas, Le Goff, X., Naskar, B., Pfitzner, Arno, Diat, Oliver und Bauduin, Pierre (2017) Polyoxometalate/polyethylene glycol interactions in water: From nano-assemblies in water to crystal formation by electrostatic screening. Chemistry - A European Journal 23, S. 8434-8442.


Brock, Damian, Lopian, Tobias, Khoshima, Ali, Bauduin, Pierre, Diat, Oliver, Touraud, Didier und Kunz, Werner (2016) Nanostructuring in ethanol/"ethanolotrope"​/rapeseed oil automotive biofuels. Colloid and Interface Science Communications 14, S. 1-3. Volltext nicht vorhanden.


Khoshsima, Ali, Dehghani, Mohammad Reza, Touraud, Didier, Marcus, Julien, Diat, Oliver und Kunz, Werner (2015) Nanostructures in clear and homogeneous mixtures of rapeseed oil and ethanol in the presence of green additives. Colloid and Polymer Science 293 (11), S. 3225-3235. Volltext nicht vorhanden.

Fischer, Veronika, Marcus, Julien, Touraud, Didier, Diat, Oliver und Kunz, Werner (2015) Toward surfactant-​free and water-​free microemulsions. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 453, S. 186-193. Volltext nicht vorhanden.


Schoettl, Sebastian, Marcus, Julien, Diat, Oliver, Touraud, Didier, Kunz, Werner, Zemb, Thomas und Horinek, Dominik (2014) Emergence of surfactant-​free micelles from ternary solutions. Chemical Science 5 (8), S. 2949-2954.


Rengstl, Doris, Diat, Oliver, Klein, Regina und Kunz, Werner (2013) Influence of Chain Length and Double Bond on the Aqueous Behavior of Choline Carboxylate Soaps. Langmuir 29 (8), S. 2506-2519. Volltext nicht vorhanden.

Diat, Oliver, Klossek, Michael, Touraud, Didier, Deme, Bruno, Grillo, Isabelle, Kunz, Werner und Zemb, Thomas (2013) Octanol-rich and water-rich domains in dynamic equilibrium in the pre-ouzo region of ternary systems containing a hydrotrope. Journal of Applied Crystallography 46 (6), S. 1665-1669. Volltext nicht vorhanden.


Klein, Regina, Dutton, Helen, Diat, Oliver, Tiddy, Gordon J. T. und Kunz, Werner (2011) Thermotropic Phase Behavior of Choline Soaps. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 115 (14), S. 3838-3847. Volltext nicht vorhanden.

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