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Ruther, Joachim (2024) Effects of sub-nanogram doses of acetamiprid, dimethoate, flupyradifurone and sulfoxaflor on courtship, mating and olfactory host finding of the parasitic wasp <i>Lariophagus distinguendus</i>. ENTOMOLOGIA EXPERIMENTALIS ET APPLICATA.


Schöfer, Nils, Ackermann, Julian, Hoheneder, Julian, Hofferberth, John and Ruther, Joachim (2023) Sublethal effects of four insecticides targeting cholinergic neurons on partner and host finding in the parasitic wasp Nasonia vitripennis. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry.

Pokorny, Tamara and Ruther, Joachim (2023) Cuticular Hydrocarbon Polymorphism in a Parasitoid Wasp. Journal of Chemical Ecology 49, pp. 36-45.


Kurtanovic, Alisa, Hofferberth, John and Ruther, Joachim (2022) Male sex pheromone in the parasitoid wasp Nasonia longicornis: Chemical and behavioral analyses. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 10, p. 1076398.

Pokorny, Tamara, Bogenberger, Katharina and Ruther, Joachim (2022) Cumulative effects of sex pheromone components in mate recognition of Muscidifurax raptorellus. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 170, pp. 319-326.

Wang, Yidong , Sun, Weizhao, Fleischmann, Sonja, Millar, Jocelyn G., Ruther, Joachim and Verhulst, Eveline C. (2022) Silencing Doublesex expression triggers three-level pheromonal feminization in Nasonia vitripennis males. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 289 (1967). Fulltext not available.

Multerer, Marie-Theres, Wendler, Martina and Ruther, Joachim (2022) The biological significance of lipogenesis in Nasonia vitripennis. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 289 (1972). Fulltext not available.


Broschwitz, Bastian, Prager, Lorena, Pokorny, Tamara and Ruther, Joachim (2021) De novo biosynthesis of linoleic acid is widespread in parasitic wasps. Archives of Insect Biochemistry and Physiology 107, e21788.

Pokorny, Tamara, Jungwirth, Stefan and Ruther, Joachim (2021) Similar Is Not the Same – Mate Recognition in a Parasitoid Wasp. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 2021 (9), p. 646667. (Submitted)

Jatsch, Anne-Sophie and Ruther, Joachim (2021) Acetone application for administration of bioactive substances has no negative effects on longevity, fitness, and sexual communication in a parasitic wasp. PLOS ONE 16 (1), e0245698.

Ruther, Joachim , Prager, Lorena and Pokorny, Tamara (2021) Parasitic wasps do not lack lipogenesis. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 288 (1951), p. 20210548. Fulltext not available.

Saleh, Nicholas W., Hodgson, Kirsten, Pokorny, Tamara, Mullins, Aaron, Chouvenc, Thomas, Eltz, Thomas and Ramírez, Santiago R. (2021) Social Behavior, Ovary Size, and Population of Origin Influence Cuticular Hydrocarbons in the Orchid Bee Euglossa dilemma. The American Naturalist 198 (5), E136-E151. Fulltext not available.


Ruther, Joachim , Würf, Josef, Pokorny, Tamara, Wittbrodt, Johannes and Millar, Jocelyn G. (2020) Cuticular Hydrocarbons as Contact Sex Pheromone in the Parasitoid Wasp Urolepis rufipes. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 8 (180), pp. 1-12.

Mair, Magdalena (2020) Mechanisms and evolution of prezygotic reproductive isolation in the parasitoid wasp genus Nasonia. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Pokorny, Tamara, Sieber, Lisa-Marie, Hofferberth, John E., Bernadou, Abel and Ruther, Joachim (2020) Age-dependent release of and response to alarm pheromone in a ponerine ant. Journal of Experimental Biology. Fulltext not available.

Melnik, Kristina, Grimm, Christopher, Wittbrodt, Johannes, Ruther, Joachim and Schulz, Stefan (2020) Enantioselective synthesis and determination of the absolute configuration of the male sex pheromone of the parasitoid wasp Urolepis rufipes. Organic & Biomolecular Chemistry 18 (18), pp. 3463-3465. Fulltext not available.


Strohm, Erhard, Herzner, Gudrun, Ruther, Joachim, Kaltenpoth, Martin and Engl, Tobias (2019) Nitric oxide radicals are emitted by wasp eggs to kill mold fungi. eLIFE 2019 (8), e43718.

Mair, Magdalena M. and Ruther, Joachim (2019) Chemical Ecology of the Parasitoid Wasp Genus Nasonia (Hymenoptera, Pteromalidae). Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 2019 (7), pp. 1-19.

Semmelmann, Florian, Hofferberth, John, Ruther, Joachim and Sterner, Reinhard (2019) Mapping key amino acid residues for the epimerase efficiency and stereospecificity of the sex pheromone biosynthetic short-chain dehydrogenases/reductases of Nasonia. Scientific Reports 9 (330), pp. 1-7.

Prager, Lorena, Bruckmann, Astrid and Ruther, Joachim (2019) De novo biosynthesis of fatty acids from α-D-glucose in parasitoid wasps of the Nasonia group. Insect Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 115, p. 103256. Fulltext not available.

Semmelmann, Florian, Kabeya, Naoki , Malcicka, Miriama, Bruckmann, Astrid, Broschwitz, Bastian, Straub, Kristina, Merkl, Rainer, Monroig, Oscar, Sterner, Reinhard, Ruther, Joachim and Ellers, Jacintha (2019) Functional characterisation of two Δ12-desaturases demonstrates targeted production of linoleic acid as pheromone precursor in Nasonia. Journal of Experimental Biology. Fulltext not available.

Ruther, Joachim , Wittman, Tyler, Grimm, Christopher, Feichtner, Florian S., Fleischmann, Sonja, Kiermaier, Josef, King, Bethia H., Kremer, Werner, Kalbitzer, Hans Robert and Schulz, Stefan (2019) Male Sex Pheromone of the Parasitoid Wasp Urolepis rufipes Demonstrates Biosynthetic Switch Between Fatty Acid and Isoprenoid Metabolism Within the Nasonia Group. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 7. Fulltext not available.

Böttinger, Lea C., Hofferberth, John, Ruther, Joachim and Stökl, Johannes (2019) Semiochemicals Mediating Defense, Intraspecific Competition, and Mate Finding in Leptopilina ryukyuensis and L. japonica (Hymenoptera: Figitidae), Parasitoids of Drosophila. Journal of Chemical Ecology 45 (3), pp. 241-252. Fulltext not available.


Lenschow, Maria, Cordel, Michael, Pokorny, Tamara, Mair, Magdalena M., Hofferberth, John and Ruther, Joachim (2018) The Post-mating Switch in the Pheromone Response of Nasonia Females Is Mediated by Dopamine and Can Be Reversed by Appetitive Learning. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience 12 (14), pp. 1-11.

Pfeiffer, Lisa, Ruther, Joachim , Hofferberth, John and Stökl, Johannes (2018) Interference of chemical defence and sexual communication can shape the evolution of chemical signals. Scientific Reports 8 (1). Fulltext not available.

Mair, Magdalena M., Seifert, Nicole and Ruther, Joachim (2018) Previous interspecific courtship impairs female receptivity to conspecifics in the parasitoid wasp Nasonia longicornis but not in N. vitripennis. Insects 9, p. 112.


Tappert, Lars, Pokorny, Tamara, Hofferberth, John and Ruther, Joachim (2017) Sublethal doses of imidacloprid disrupt sexual communication and host finding in a parasitoid wasp. Scientific Reports 7 (42756), pp. 1-9.

Junker, Robert R., Kuppler, Jonas , Amo, Luisa , Blande, James D. , Borges, Renee M., van Dam, Nicole M. , Dicke, Marcel , Dötterl, Stefan, Ehlers, Bodil K., Etl, Florian, Gershenzon, Jonathan , Glinwood, Robert, Gols, Rieta, Groot, Astrid T., Heil, Martin , Hoffmeister, Mathias, Holopainen, Jarmo K. , Jarau, Stefan, John, Lena, Kessler, Andre , Knudsen, Jette T., Kost, Christian, Larue-Kontic, Anne-Amélie C., Leonhardt, Sara Diana, Lucas-Barbosa, Dani, Majetic, Cassie J., Menzel, Florian , Parachnowitsch, Amy L. , Pasquet, Rémy S., Poelman, Erik H. , Raguso, Robert A., Ruther, Joachim , Schiestl, Florian P. , Schmitt, Thomas, Tholl, Dorothea, Unsicker, Sybille B., Verhulst, Niels, Visser, Marcel E. , Weldegergis, Berhane T. and Köllner, Tobias G. (2017) Covariation and phenotypic integration in chemical communication displays: biosynthetic constraints and eco-evolutionary implications. New Phytologist 220 (3), pp. 739-749. Fulltext not available.

Malcicka, Miriama , Ruther, Joachim and Ellers, Jacintha (2017) De novo Synthesis of Linoleic Acid in Multiple Collembola Species. Journal of Chemical Ecology 43 (9), pp. 911-919. Fulltext not available.

Mair, Magdalena M., Kmezic, Violeta, Huber, Stephanie, Pannebakker, Bart A. and Ruther, Joachim (2017) The chemical basis of mate recognition in two parasitoid wasp species of the genus Nasonia. Entomologia Experimentalis et Applicata 164 (1), pp. 1-15. Fulltext not available.


Ruther, Joachim, Hagström, Asa K., Brandstetter, Birgit, Hofferberth, John, Bruckmann, Astrid, Semmelmann, Florian, Fink, Michaela, Lowack, Helena, Laberer, Sabine, Niehuis, Oliver, Deutzmann, Rainer, Löfstedt, Christer and Sterner, Reinhard (2016) Epimerisation of chiral hydroxylactones by short-chain dehydrogenases/reductases accounts for sex pheromone evolution in Nasonia. Scientific Reports 6 (34697), pp. 1-13.

Obermayr, Ulla (2016) Development and Evaluation of Push-Pull Strategies in Mosquito Control. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Brandstetter, Birgit and Ruther, Joachim (2016) An insect with a delta-12 desaturase, the jewel wasp Nasonia vitripennis, benefits from nutritional supply with linoleic acid. The Science of Nature 103 (5-6). Fulltext not available.

Stökl, Johannes and Herzner, Gudrun (2016) Morphology and ultrastructure of the allomone and sex-pheromone producing mandibular gland of the parasitoid wasp Leptopilina heterotoma (Hymenoptera: Figitidae). Arthropod Structure & Development 45 (4), pp. 333-340. Fulltext not available.

von Hoermann, Christian, Ruther, Joachim and Ayasse, Manfred (2016) Volatile Organic Compounds of Decaying Piglet Cadavers Perceived by Nicrophorus vespilloides. Journal of Chemical Ecology 42 (8), pp. 756-767. Fulltext not available.


Weiss, Ingmar, Ruther, Joachim and Stöckl, Johannes (2015) Species Specificity of the Putative Male Antennal Aphrodisiac Pheromone in Leptopilina heterotoma, Leptopilina boulardi, and Leptopilina victoriae. BioMed Research International 2015 (202965), pp. 1-6.


Kühbandner, Stephan, Bello, J. E., Mori, Kenji and Ruther, Joachim (2013) Elucidating Structure-Bioactivity Relationships of Methyl-branched Alkanes in the Contact Sex Pheromone of the Parasitic Wasp Lariophagus distinguendus. Insects 4, pp. 743-760.


Kühbandner, Stephan, Hacker, K., Niedermayer, S., Steidle, J. L. M. and Ruther, Joachim (2012) Composition of cuticular lipids in the pteromalid wasp Lariophagus distinguendus is host dependent. Bulletin of Entomological Research 102, pp. 610-617.

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