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Beilinson, Alexander, Kings, Guido and Levin, Andrey (2018) Topological polylogarithms and p-adic interpolation of L-values of totally real fields. Mathematische Annalen 371 (3-4), pp. 1449-1495. Fulltext not available.

Bannai, Kenichi and Kings, Guido (2010) p-adic Beilinson conjecture for ordinary Hecke motives associated to imaginary quadratic fields. Preprintreihe der Fakultät Mathematik 19/2010, Working Paper. (Unpublished)

Bannai, Kenichi and Kings, Guido (2007) p-adic elliptic polylogarithm, p-adic Eisenstein series and Katz measure. Preprintreihe der Fakultät Mathematik 20/2007, Working Paper, Regensburg.


Choi, Junhwa, Kezuka, Yukako and Li, Yongxiong (2019) Analogues of Iwasawa’s $\mu = 0$ conjecture and the weak Leopoldt conjecture for a non-cyclotomic $\mathbb{Z}_2$-extension. Asian Journal of Mathematics 23 (3), pp. 383-400. Fulltext not available.


Ebenbeck, Matthias and Knopf, Patrik (2019) Optimal medication for tumors modeled by a Cahn–Hilliard–Brinkman equation. Calculus of Variations and Partial Differential Equations 58 (4). Fulltext not available.

Eisenreich, Sandra Maria (2015) The motivic polylogarithm for smooth quasi-projective schemes and its realizations. PhD, Universität Regensburg.


Fischler, Stéphane, Sprang, Johannes and Zudilin, Wadim (2019) Many odd zeta values are irrational. Compositio Mathematica 155 (5), pp. 938-952. Fulltext not available.


Graf, Philipp (2016) Polylogarithms for GL₂ over totally real fields. PhD, Universität Regensburg.


Huber, Annette and Kings, Guido (2018) Polylogarithm for families of commutative group schemes. Journal of Algebraic Geometry 27 (3), pp. 449-495. Fulltext not available.

Henry, Guillermo (2015) Second Yamabe Constant on Riemannian Products. Preprintreihe der Fakultät Mathematik 08/2015, Working Paper.

Howard, Benjamin V., Kings, Guido, Sujatha, Ramdorai and Venjakob, Otmar (2011) Algebraische Zahlentheorie. Oberwolfach Reports 8 (2), pp. 1709-1768.

Huber, Annette and Kings, Guido (2009) A cohomological Tamagawa number formula. Preprintreihe der Fakultät Mathematik 16/2009, Working Paper, Regensburg.

Huber, Annette, Kings, Guido and Naumann, Niko (2009) Some complements to the Lazard isomorphism. Preprintreihe der Fakultät Mathematik 09/2009, Working Paper, Regensburg.

Hornbostel, Jens (2007) Oriented Chow groups, hermitian K-theory and the Gersten conjecture. Preprintreihe der Fakultät Mathematik 09/2007, Working Paper, Regensburg. (Submitted)

Huber, Annette and Kings, Guido (2006) A p-adic analogue of the Borel regulator and the Bloch-Kato exponential map. Preprintreihe der Fakultät Mathematik 24/2006, Working Paper, Regensburg.

Hornbostel, Jens and Kings, Guido (2004) On non-commutative twisting in étale and motivic cohomology. Preprintreihe der Fakultät Mathematik 01/2004, Working Paper, Regensburg.


Johnston, Henri and Nickel, Andreas (2012) Noncommutative fitting invariants and improves annihilation results (Preliminary version). Preprintreihe der Fakultät Mathematik 5/2012, Working Paper.

Johnson-Leung, Jennifer and Kings, Guido (2008) On the equivariant and the non-equivariant main conjecture for imaginary quadratic fields. Preprintreihe der Fakultät Mathematik 12/2008, Working Paper, Regensburg.


Kufner, Han-Ung (2024) Deligne's Conjecture on the Critical Values of Hecke L-Functions. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Kezuka, Yukako (2019) On the main conjecture of Iwasawa theory for certain non‐cyclotomic Zp‐extensions. Journal of the London Mathematical Society 100 (1), pp. 107-136. Fulltext not available.

Kings, Guido and Scarponi, Danny (2019) The Maillot–Rössler current and the polylogarithm on abelian schemes. Algebra & Number Theory 13 (2), pp. 501-511. Fulltext not available.

Kings, Guido (2009) An introduction to the equivariant Tamagawa number conjecture: the relation to the Birch-Swinnerton-Dyer conjecture. Preprintreihe der Fakultät Mathematik 26/2009, Working Paper, Regensburg. (Unpublished)

Kings, Guido (2007) A note on polylogarithms on curves and abelian schemes. Preprintreihe der Fakultät Mathematik 26/2007, Working Paper, Regensburg.

Kings, Guido (2005) Degeneration of polylogarithms and special values of L-functions for totally real fields. Preprintreihe der Fakultät Mathematik 14/2005, Working Paper, Regensburg.


Nickel, Andreas (2012) A conductor formula for completed group algebras. Preprintreihe der Fakultät Mathematik 6/2012, Working Paper.

Niklas, Maximilian (2011) Rigid syntomic regulators and the p-adic L-function
of a modular form.
PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Nickel, Andreas (2011) Equivariant Iwasawa theory and non-abelian Starck-type conjectures. Preprintreihe der Fakultät Mathematik 31/2011, Working Paper.

Nickel, Andreas (2011) Integrality of Stickelberger elements and the equivariant Tamagawa number conjecture. Preprintreihe der Fakultät Mathematik 29/2011, Working Paper.

Nickel, Andreas (2010) Leading terms of Artin L-series at negative integers and annihilation of higher K-groups. Preprintreihe der Fakultät Mathematik 5/2010, Working Paper. (Unpublished)

Nickel, Andreas (2010) On the equivariant Tamagawa number conjecture in tame CM-extensions, II. Preprintreihe der Fakultät Mathematik 2/2010, Working Paper. (Unpublished)


Sprang, Johannes (2020) The algebraic de Rham realization of the elliptic polylogarithm via the Poincaré bundle. Algebra & Number Theory 14 (3), pp. 545-585. Fulltext not available.

Sprang, Johannes (2019) EISENSTEIN–KRONECKER SERIES VIA THE POINCARÉ BUNDLE. Forum of Mathematics, Sigma 7 (e34), pp. 1-59.

Sprang, Johannes and Ertl, Veronika (2018) Integral Comparison of Monsky-Washnitzer and overconvergent de Rham-Witt cohomology. AMS Series B 2018 (5), pp. 64-72.

Schrade, Christoph (2018) Adams Operations in Differential Algebraic K-theory. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Sprang, Johannes (2018) Eisenstein series via the Poincaré bundle and applications. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Scarponi, Danny (2017) The realization of the degree zero part of the motivic polylogarithm on abelian schemes in Deligne–Beilinson cohomology. International Journal of Number Theory 13 (09), pp. 2471-2485. Fulltext not available.

Scheider, René Achim (2014) The de Rham realization of the elliptic polylogarithm in families. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Spitzweck, Markus (2012) Slices of motivic Landweber spectra. Journal of k-theory 9, pp. 103-117.


Tamme, Georg (2014) Karoubi's relative Chern character, the rigid syntomic regulator, and the Bloch-Kato exponential map. Forum of Mathematics, Sigma 2, e20.

Tamme, Georg (2010) The relative Chern character and regulators. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Tamme, Georg (2007) Comparison of the Karoubi regulator and the p-adic Borel regulator. Preprintreihe der Fakultät Mathematik 21/2007, Working Paper, Regensburg.

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