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Breil, Cassandra, Vian, Maryline Abert, Zemb, Thomas, Kunz, Werner und Chemat, Farid (2017) "Bligh and Dyer" and folch methods for solid-​liquid-​liquid extraction of lipids from microorganisms. Comprehension of solvatation mechanisms and towards substitution with alternative solvents. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 18 (4), S. 708-728.

Breil, Cassandra, Abert Vian, Maryline, Zemb, Thomas, Kunz, Werner und Chemat, Farid (2017) “Bligh and Dyer” and Folch Methods for Solid–Liquid–Liquid Extraction of Lipids from Microorganisms. Comprehension of Solvatation Mechanisms and towards Substitution with Alternative Solvents. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 18, S. 708.

Kunz, Werner, Holmberg, Krister und Zemb, Thomas (2016) Editorial overview. Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science 22, A1-A3. Volltext nicht vorhanden.

Zemb, Thomas, Klossek, Michael, Lopian, Tobias, Marcus, Julien, Schöttl, Sebastian, Horinek, Dominik, Prevost, Sylvain, Touraud, Didier, Diat, Olive, Marcelja, Stjepan und Kunz, Werner (2016) How to explain microemulsions formed by solvent mixtures without conventional surfactants. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS) 113 (16), S. 4260-4265. Volltext nicht vorhanden.

Lopian, Tobias, Schöttl, Sebastian, Prevost, Sylvain, Pellet-Rostaing, Stephane, Horinek, Dominik, Kunz, Werner und Zemb, Thomas (2016) Morphologies Observed in Ultraflexible Microemulsions with and without the Presence of a Strong Acid. ACS Central Science 2 (7), S. 467-475. Volltext nicht vorhanden.

Kunz, Werner und Zemb, Thomas (2016) Weak aggregation: State of the art, expectations and open questions. Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science 22, S. 113-119. Volltext nicht vorhanden.

Schöttl, Sebastian, Touraud, Didier, Kunz, Werner, Zemb, Thomas und Horinek, Dominik (2015) Consistent definitions of "the interface" in surfactant-free micellar aggregates. Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 480, S. 222-227. Volltext nicht vorhanden.

Boskovic, Perica, Sokol, Vesna, Zemb, Thomas, Touraud, Didier und Kunz, Werner (2015) Weak Micelle-Like Aggregation in Ternary Liquid Mixtures as Revealed by Conductivity, Surface Tension, and Light Scattering. Journal of Physical Chemistry B 119 (30), S. 9933-9939. Volltext nicht vorhanden.

Schoettl, Sebastian, Marcus, Julien, Diat, Oliver, Touraud, Didier, Kunz, Werner, Zemb, Thomas und Horinek, Dominik (2014) Emergence of surfactant-​free micelles from ternary solutions. Chemical Science 5 (8), S. 2949-2954.

Diat, Oliver, Klossek, Michael, Touraud, Didier, Deme, Bruno, Grillo, Isabelle, Kunz, Werner und Zemb, Thomas (2013) Octanol-rich and water-rich domains in dynamic equilibrium in the pre-ouzo region of ternary systems containing a hydrotrope. Journal of Applied Crystallography 46 (6), S. 1665-1669. Volltext nicht vorhanden.

Klossek, Michael, Touraud, Didier, Zemb, Thomas und Kunz, Werner (2012) Structure and Solubility in Surfactant-Free Microemulsions. ChemPhysChem 13 (18), S. 4116-4119. Volltext nicht vorhanden.

Harrar, Agnes, Zech, Oliver, Hartl, Robert, Bauduin, Pierre, Zemb, Thomas und Kunz, Werner (2011) [emim][etSO4] as the Polar Phase in Low-Temperature-Stable Microemulsions. Langmuir 27 (5), S. 1635-1642. Volltext nicht vorhanden.

Kunz, Werner, Testard, Fabienne und Zemb, Thomas (2009) Correspondence between Curvature, Packing Parameter, and Hydrophilic-Lipophilic Deviation Scales around the Phase-Inversion Temperature. Langmuir 25 (1), S. 112-115. Volltext nicht vorhanden.

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