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Chen, Lin, Sun, Yuhan, Mankovsky, Sergiy, Meier, Thomas, Kronseder, Matthias , Ebert, Hubert, Weiss, Dieter and Back, Christian (2024) Spin current control of magnetism. ArXiv.

Chen, Lin , Mankovsky, S. , Kronseder, Matthias , Schuh, Dieter, Prager, Michael , Bougeard, Dominique , Ebert, H., Weiss, Dieter and Back, Christian H. (2023) Interfacial Tuning of Anisotropic Gilbert Damping. Physical Review Letters 130 (4), 046704.

Chen, Lin , Zollner, Klaus, Parzefall, S., Schmitt, J., Kronseder, Matthias , Fabian, Jaroslav , Weiss, Dieter and Back, Christian (2022) Connections between spin-orbit torques and unidirectional magnetoresistance in ferromagnetic-metal–heavy-metal heterostructures. Physical Review B 105 (2), L020406.

Chen, Lin , Islinger, Robert, Stigloher, Johannes, Decker, Martin M., Kronseder, Matthias, Schuh, Dieter, Bougeard, Dominique, Weiss, Dieter and Back, Christian H. (2021) Dynamic detection of current-induced spin-orbit magnetic fields. Physical Review B 104, 014425.


Danilov, Sergey N. , Golub, Leonid E. , Mayer, T., Beer, A. , Binder, Stefan , Mönch, E., Minár, J., Kronseder, Matthias , Back, Christian H. , Bougeard, Dominique and Ganichev, Sergey D. (2021) Superlinear Photogalvanic Effects in (Bi0.3Sb0.7)2(Te0.1Se0.9)3: Probing Three-Dimensional Topological Insulator Surface States at Room Temperature. Physical Review Applied 16 (6), 064030.


Ganichev, Sergey D., Danilov, Sergey N., Kronseder, Matthias , Schuh, Dieter, Gronwald, Imke, Bougeard, Dominique, Ivchenko, E. L. and Shul'man, A. Ya. (2020) Observation of Anomalously Strong Penetration of Terahertz Electric Field Through Terahertz-Opaque Gold Films Into a GaAs/AlGaAs Quantum Well. Journal of Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz Waves 41, pp. 957-978.


Hild, Marcel, Golub, Leonid E. , Fuhrmann, A., Otteneder, Maximilian, Kronseder, Matthias , Matsubara, M. , Kobayashi, T., Oshima, D., Honda, A. , Kato, T. , Wunderlich, Jörg, Back, Christian H. and Ganichev, Sergey D. (2023) Terahertz spin ratchet effect in magnetic metamaterials. Physical Review B 107, p. 155419.

Herzog, Marc, von Reppert, Alexander, Pudell, Jan‐Etienne , Henkel, Carsten, Kronseder, Matthias , Back, Christian H. , Maznev, Alexei A. and Bargheer, Matias (2022) Phonon‐Dominated Energy Transport in Purely Metallic Heterostructures. Advanced Functional Materials 32 (41), p. 2206179.

Hornberger, Helga, Kissel, Hannah, Striegl, Birgit, Kronseder, Matthias , Vollnhals, Florian and Christiansen, Silke (2021) Bioactivity and corrosion behavior of magnesium barrier membranes. Materials and Corrosion 73 (1), pp. 8-19.

Hornberger, Helga, Striegl, B., Trahanofsky, M., Kneissl, F. and Kronseder, Matthias (2019) Degradation and bioactivity studies of Mg membranes for dental surgery. Materials Letters: X 2, p. 100007.


Janda, Tomas, Ostatnický, T., Němec, P., Schmoranzerová, E., Campion, R., Hills, V., Novák, V., Šobáň, Z. and Wunderlich, Jörg (2022) Ultrashort spin–orbit torque generated by femtosecond laser pulses. Scientific Reports 12 (1), Art. no.21550.

Johnson, F. , Kimák, J. , Zemen, J., Šobáň, Z. , Schmoranzerová, E., Godinho, J., Němec, P. , Beckert, S., Reichlová, H. , Boldrin, D. , Wunderlich, J. and Cohen, L. F. (2022) Identifying the octupole antiferromagnetic domain orientation in Mn3NiN by scanning anomalous Nernst effect microscopy. Applied Physics Letters 120 (23). Fulltext not available.


Körber, Lukas, Zimmermann, Michael, Wintz, Sebastian , Finizio, Simone, Kronseder, Matthias, Bougeard, Dominique, Dirnberger, Florian , Weigand, Markus, Raabe, Jörg, Otálora, Jorge A., Schultheiss, Helmut, Josten, Elisabeth, Lindner, Jürgen, Kézsmárki, István, Back, Christian H. and Kákay, Attila (2021) Symmetry and curvature effects on spin waves in vortex-state hexagonal nanotubes. Physical Review B 104 (18), p. 184429.

Kronseder, Matthias , Meier, Thomas Norbert G., Zimmermann, Michael , Buchner, Martin, Vogel, Michael and Back, Christian H. (2015) Real-time observation of domain fluctuations in a two-dimensional magnetic model system. Nature Communications 6, p. 6832.

Kronseder, Matthias , Buchner, Martin, Bauer, H. G. and Back, Christian H. (2013) Dipolar-energy-activated magnetic domain pattern transformation driven by thermal fluctuations. Nature Communications 4, p. 2054.

Kronseder, Matthias , Minár, J., Braun, J., Günther, S., Woltersdorf, Georg , Ebert, H. and Back, Christian H. (2011) Threshold photoemission magnetic circular dichroism of perpendicularly magnetized Ni films on Cu(001): Theory and experiment. Physical Review B 83, p. 132404.


Mayer, Thomas, Werner, Heiko, Diaz-Pardo, R., Fujii, J., Vobornik, I., Back, Christian H. , Kronseder, Matthias and Bougeard, Dominique (2021) Transport properties of band engineered p−n heterostructures of epitaxial Bi2Se3/(Bi1−xSbx)2(Te1−ySey)3 topological insulators. Physical Review Materials 5, 014202.

Meier, Thomas Norbert G., Kronseder, Matthias , Zimmermann, M. and Back, Christian H. (2016) Quantification of thermal fluctuations in stripe domain patterns. Physical Review B 93, 064424.


Patchett, J. P., Drouhin, M., Liao, J. W., Soban, Z. , Petit, D., Haigh, J., Roy, P., Wunderlich, J., Cowburn, R. P. and Ciccarelli, C. (2022) Symmetry effects on the static and dynamic properties of coupled magnetic oscillators. Physical Review B 105 (10). Fulltext not available.


Rother, Martin, Quintard, Guilhem, Kronseder, Matthias , Bauduin, Pierre, Zemb, Thomas and Kunz, Werner (2023) Dilution and packing of anionic liquid surfactant in presence of divalent and trivalent counter-ions. Journal of Molecular Liquids 384, p. 122195. Fulltext not available.

Rama-Eiroa, R., Roy, P.E., González, J.M., Guslienko, K.Y., Wunderlich, J. and Otxoa, R.M. (2022) Inertial domain wall characterization in layered multisublattice antiferromagnets. Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 560, p. 169566. Fulltext not available.


Schock, Robin T. K., Neuwald, Jonathan, Möckel, Wolfgang, Kronseder, Matthias , Pirker, Luka, Remškar, Maja and Hüttel, Andreas K. (2023) Non‐Destructive Low‐Temperature Contacts to MoS2 Nanoribbon and Nanotube Quantum Dots. Advanced Materials, p. 2209333.

Suri, Dhavala , Kamra, Akashdeep , Meier, Thomas Norbert G., Kronseder, Matthias , Belzig, Wolfgang , Back, Christian H. and Strunk, Christoph (2022) Non-reciprocity of vortex-limited critical current in conventional superconducting micro-bridges. Applied Physics Letters 121 (10), p. 102601.

Srichandan, Sasmita, Wimmer, S. , Pöllath, Simon, Kronseder, Matthias , Ebert, H., Back, Christian H. and Strunk, Christoph (2018) Magnon scattering in the transport coefficients of CoFe thin films. Physical Review B 98, 020406(R).


Zimmermann, Michael , Meier, Thomas Norbert G., Dirnberger, Florian, Kákay, A., Decker, M., Wintz, S. , Finizio, S., Josten, E., Raabe, J. , Kronseder, Matthias , Bougeard, Dominique , Lindner, J. and Back, Christian (2018) Origin and Manipulation of Stable Vortex Ground States in Permalloy Nanotubes. Nano Letters 18 (5), pp. 2828-2834.

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