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Meier, Sebastian, Zhumagulov, Yaroslav V. , Dietl, Matthias, Parzefall, Philipp , Kempf, Michael, Holler, Johannes , Nagler, Philipp, Faria Junior, Paulo E. , Fabian, Jaroslav , Korn, Tobias and Schüller, Christian (2023) Emergent trion-phonon coupling in atomically reconstructed MoSe2−WSe2 heterobilayers. Physical Review Research 5 (3).

Paddenberg, Eva , Heiß, Raphael, Grünbaum, Tobias , Proff, Peter and Kirschneck, Christian (2023) Validation of a mathematical–geometrical model to calculate the length of an individual anterior arch. Journal of Orofacial Orthopedics / Fortschritte der Kieferorthopädie.

Hofmann, Niklas , Weigl, Leonard , Gradl, Johannes , Mishra, Neeraj , Orlandini, Giorgio, Forti, Stiven , Coletti, Camilla , Latini, Simone , Xian, Lede, Rubio, Angel , Paredes, Dilan Perez, Causin, Raul Perea , Brem, Samuel , Malic, Ermin and Gierz, Isabella (2023) Link between interlayer hybridization and ultrafast charge transfer in WS2-graphene heterostructures. 2D Materials 10 (3), 035025.

Maier, Hubert (2023) Data Archive of "Geometrische Resonanzen in einem HgTe-basierten dreidimensionalen topologischen Isolator". [Dataset] Fulltext restricted.

Ito, Suguru, Schüler, M., Meierhofer, Manuel , Schlauderer, Stefan, Freudenstein, Josef , Reimann, J., Afanasiev, Dmitry , Kokh, K. A., Tereshchenko, O. E., Güdde, Jens, Sentef, M. A., Höfer, U. and Huber, Rupert (2023) Build-up and dephasing of Floquet-Bloch bands on subcycle timescales. Nature 616 (7958), pp. 696-701. Fulltext restricted.

Wagner, Koloman (2023) Exciton diffusion and interactions with a two-dimensional Fermi sea. Dissertationsreihe Physik PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Gretz, Oliver (2023) Investigation of CO on Pt(111) with STM and AFM and of PTCDA and CuPc with LFM. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Eberle, Franz (2023) Control of spin relaxation and spin precession in diffusive 2DEG channels. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Costa, Andreas , Baumgartner, Christian , Reinhardt, Simon , Berger, Johanna, Gronin, Sergei, Gardner, Geoffrey, Lindemann, Tyler, Manfra, Michael, Kochan, Denis , Fabian, Jaroslav , Paradiso, Nicola and Strunk, Christoph (2023) Data archive of "Sign reversal of the AC and DC supercurrent diode effect and 0-pi-like transitions in ballistic Josephson~junctions ". [Dataset]


Janda, Tomas, Ostatnický, T., Němec, P., Schmoranzerová, E., Campion, R., Hills, V., Novák, V., Šobáň, Z. and Wunderlich, Jörg (2022) Ultrashort spin–orbit torque generated by femtosecond laser pulses. Scientific Reports 12 (1), Art. no.21550.

Fuchs, L., Kochan, Denis , Schmidt, J. , Hüttner, N., Baumgartner, C., Reinhardt, S. , Gronin, S., Gardner, G. C., Lindemann, T., Manfra, M. J., Strunk, Christoph and Paradiso, N. (2022) Anisotropic Vortex Squeezing in Synthetic Rashba Superconductors: A Manifestation of Lifshitz Invariants. Physical Review X 12 (4), 041020.

Candussio, Susanne (2022) Terahertz laser radiation induced optoelectronic phenomena in HgTe-based topological insulators and graphene. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Baumgartner, Christian (2022) Data archive for the thesis: Semiconductor-Superconductor Josephson Junctions in the Presence of Zeeman and Spin-Orbit Fields. [Dataset] Fulltext restricted.

Eberle, Franz (2022) Data archive of the dissertation "Control of spin relaxation and spin precession in diffusive 2DEG channels". [Dataset] Fulltext restricted.

Fuchs, Lorenz , Kochan, Denis , Baumgartner, Christian , Reinhardt, Simon , Gronin, Sergei, Gardner, Geoffrey, Lindemann, Tyler, Manfra, Michael, Strunk, Christoph and Paradiso, Nicola (2022) Data archive of "Anisotropic vortex squeezing in synthetic Rashba superconductors: a manifestation of Lifshitz invariants". [Dataset] Fulltext restricted.


Lin, Kai-Qiang , Ong, Chin Shen , Bange, Sebastian , Faria Junior, Paulo E. , Peng, Bo , Ziegler, Jonas D. , Zipfel, Jonas, Bäuml, Christian, Paradiso, Nicola , Watanabe, Kenji , Taniguchi, Takashi , Strunk, Christoph , Monserrat, Bartomeu , Fabian, Jaroslav , Chernikov, Alexey , Qiu, Diana Y. , Louie, Steven G. and Lupton, John M. (2021) Narrow-band high-lying excitons with negative-mass electrons in monolayer WSe2. Nature Communications 12 (1), p. 5500.

Mayer, Thomas (2021) Epitaxial heterostructures of topological insulators: band engineering and electronic transport. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Halbhuber, Maike (2021) Subcycle dynamics of deep-strong light-matter coupling. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Baumgartner, Christian , Fuchs, Lorenz , Costa, Andreas , Reinhardt, Simon , Gronin, Sergei, Gardner, Geoffrey, Lindemann, Tyler, Manfra, Michael, Faria Junior, Paulo E., Kochan, Denis , Fabian, Jaroslav , Paradiso, Nicola and Strunk, Christoph (2021) Data archive for the article: "A Josephson junction supercurrent diode". [Dataset]

Holler, Johannes , Meier, Sebastian, Kempf, Michael, Nagler, Philipp, Watanabe, Kenji , Taniguchi, Takashi, Korn, Tobias and Schüller, Christian (2021) Data archive of "Low-frequency Raman scattering in WSe2−MoSe2 heterobilayers: Evidence for atomic reconstruction". [Dataset] Fulltext restricted.

Scheuerer, Philipp Thomas (2021) Charging phenomena in single molecules and ordered molecular islands. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Völkl, Tobias (2021) Data Archive of "Spin-Orbit Coupling in Functionalized Graphene". [Dataset] Fulltext restricted.

Bauriedl, Lorenz, Christian, Bäuml, Fuchs, Lorenz , Baumgartner, Christian , Paulik, Nicholas, Jonas, Bauer, Lin, Kai-Qiang , Lupton, John M. , Taniguchi, Takashi, Watanabe, Kenji , Strunk, Christoph and Paradiso, Nicola (2021) Data archive for the article: Supercurrent diode effect and magnetochiral anisotropy in few-layer NbSe2. [Dataset] Fulltext restricted.

Bäuml, Christian, Bauriedl, Lorenz, Marganska, Magdalena , Grifoni, Milena , Strunk, Christoph and Paradiso, Nicola (2021) Data archive of "Supercurrent and phase slips in a ballistic carbon nanotube bundle embedded into a van der Waals heterostructure". [Dataset]


Schwarzhuber, Felix Maximilian (2020) Differentielle Phasenkontrastmikroskopie - Entwicklung und Charakterisierung eines Detektors zur direkten
Bestimmung der Änderung des lateralen Elektronenimpulses.
PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Baumgartner, Christian, Fuchs, Lorenz, Frész, Linus, Reinhardt, Simon, Gronin, Sergei, Gardner, Geoffrey, Manfra, Michael, Paradiso, Nicola and Strunk, Christoph (2020) Data archive for the article: "Josephson inductance as a probe for highly ballistic semiconductor-superconductor weak links". [Dataset]

Blanter, Sofia (2020) Data archive of "Thermal and photoinduced transport in 2D materials" (thesis of Sofia Blanter; PhD Dissertation at UR, 2020). [Dataset]

Borsch, M. , Schmid, Christoph P., Weigl, Leonard, Schlauderer, Stefan, Hofmann, Niklas, Lange, Christoph , Steiner, J. T., Koch, S. W., Huber, Rupert and Kira, M. (2020) Super-resolution lightwave tomography of electronic bands in quantum materials. Science (370), pp. 1204-1207.

Mooshammer, Fabian (2020) Data archive of 'Multi-Terahertz nanotomography of Van der Waals Quantum Materials", Dissertation. [Dataset] Fulltext restricted.

Huber, Robin, Liu, Ming-Hao , Chen, Szu-Chao, Drienovsky, Martin, Sandner, Andreas, Watanabe, Kenji , Taniguchi, Takashi, Richter, Klaus, Weiss, Dieter and Eroms, Jonathan (2020) Gate-Tunable Two-Dimensional Superlattices in Graphene. Nano Letters 20, pp. 8046-8052. Fulltext restricted.

Stiller, P. L., Dirnaichner, A., Schmid, D. R. and Hüttel, A. K. (2020) Magnetic field control of the Franck-Condon coupling of few-electron quantum states. Physical Review B 102 (11), p. 115408.

Penzkofer, Alfons, Silapetere, Arita and Hegemann, Peter (2020) Absorption and Emission Spectroscopic Investigation of the Thermal Dynamics of the Archaerhodopsin 3 Based Fluorescent Voltage Sensor Archon2. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 21 (18), p. 6576.

Hernangómez-Pérez, Daniel , Schlör, Jakob, Egger, David A., Patera, Laerte L., Repp, Jascha and Evers, Ferdinand (2020) Reorganization energy and polaronic effects of pentacene on NaCl films. Physical Review B 102, p. 115419.

Halbhuber, Maike, Mornhinweg, Joshua, Zeller, Viola, Ciuti, C., Bougeard, Dominique, Huber, Rupert and make_name_string expected hash reference (2020) Non-adiabatic stripping of a cavity field from electrons in the deep-strong coupling regime. Nature Photonics.

Holler, Johannes, Meier, Sebastian, Kempf, Michael, Nagler, Philipp, Watanabe, Kenji , Taniguchi, Takashi, Korn, Tobias and Schüller, Christian (2020) Low-frequency Raman scattering in WSe2−MoSe2 heterobilayers: Evidence for atomic reconstruction. Applied Physics Letters 117, 013104.

Candussio, Susanne, Durnev, M. V. , Tarasenko, S. A., Yin, J., Keil, J., Yang, Y. , Son, S.-K., Mishchenko, A. , Plank, Helene, Bel'kov, V. V., Slizovskiy, S., Fal'ko, V. and Ganichev, Sergey (2020) Edge photocurrent driven by terahertz electric field in bilayer graphene. Phys. Rev. B 102, 045406.

Liebig, A. , Peronio, A., Meuer, D., Weymouth, A. J. and Giessibl, F. J. (2020) High-precision atomic force microscopy with atomically-characterized tips. New Journal of Physics 22 (6), 063040.

Schedlbauer, Jakob, Scherf, Ullrich, Vogelsang, Jan and Lupton, John M. (2020) Dynamic Quenching of Triplet Excitons in Single Conjugated Polymer Chains. The Journal of Physical Chemistry Letters 11, pp. 5192-5198.

Hubmann, Stefan, Budkin, G. V. , Otteneder, M., But, D. , Sacré, Daniel , Yahniuk, I., Diendorfer, K , Bel'kov, V. V., Kozlov, D. A., Mikhailov, N. N., Dvoretsky, S. A., Varavin, V. S. , Remesnik, V. G., Tarasenko, S. A., Knap, W. and Ganichev, Sergey (2020) Symmetry breaking and circular photogalvanic effect in epitaxial CdxHg1-xTe films. Phys. Rev. Materials 4, 043607.

Maier, Thomas M. , Sandl, Sebastian , Melzl, Peter, Zweck, Josef, Jacobi von Wangelin, Axel and Wolf, Robert (2020) Heterogeneous Olefin Hydrogenation Enabled by a Highly‐Reduced Nickel(−II) Catalyst Precursor. Chemistry – A European Journal 26, pp. 6113-6117.

Bellwied, R., Borsányi, S., Fodor, Z., Guenther, J. N., Noronha-Hostler, J. , Parotto, P. , Pásztor, A., Ratti, C. and Stafford, J. M. (2020) Off-diagonal correlators of conserved charges from lattice QCD and how to relate them to experiment. Physical Review D 101 (3), 034506-1-034506-19.

Gelfert, Sven, Frankerl, C., Reichl, C., Schuh, Dieter, Salis, G., Wegscheider, Werner, Bougeard, Dominique, Korn, Tobias and Schüller, Christian (2020) Inelastic light scattering by intrasubband spin-density excitations in GaAs-AlGaAs quantum wells with balanced Bychkov-Rashba and Dresselhaus spin-orbit interaction: Quantitative determination of the spin-orbit field. Phys. Rev. B 101 (035427).

Mooshammer, Fabian , Huber, Markus A., Sandner, Fabian, Plankl, Markus, Zizlsperger, Martin and Huber, Rupert (2020) Quantifying nanoscale electromagnetic fields in near-field microscopy by Fourier demodulation analysis. ACS Photonics. Fulltext restricted.

Kipke, F., Südkamp, T., Prüßing, J. K., Bougeard, Dominique and Bracht, H. (2020) Diffusion of boron in germanium at 800-900 °C revisited. Journal of Applied Physics 127 (025703).

Wagner, Koloman, Wietek, Edith, Ziegler, Jonas D., Semina, Marina A., Taniguchi, Takashi, Watanabe, Kenji , Zipfel, Jonas , Glazov, Mikhail M. and Chernikov, Alexey (2020) Autoionization and Dressing of Excited Excitons by Free Carriers in Monolayer WSe2. Physical Review Letters 125 (26). Fulltext not available.

Cerfontaine, Pascal , Botzem, Tim, Ritzmann, Julian , Humpohl, Simon Sebastian, Ludwig, Arne, Schuh, Dieter, Bougeard, Dominique, Wieck, Andreas D. and Bluhm, Hendrik (2020) Closed-loop control of a GaAs-based singlet-triplet spin qubit with 99.5% gate fidelity and low leakage. Nature Communications 11 (1). Fulltext not available.

Halbhuber, M., Mornhinweg, J., Zeller, V., Ciuti, C., Bougeard, Dominique, Huber, Rupert and Lange, C. (2020) Data archive of "Non-adiabatic stripping of a cavity field from electrons in the deep-strong coupling regime". [Dataset] Fulltext restricted.

Mooshammer, Fabian , Huber, Markus A., Sandner, Fabian, Plankl, Markus, Zizlsperger, Martin and Huber, Rupert (2020) Data archive of "Quantifying Nanoscale Electromagnetic Fields in Near-Field Microscopy by Fourier Demodulation Analysis". [Dataset] Fulltext restricted.

Aeschlimann, Sven , Rossi, Antonio, Chávez-Cervantes, Mariana, Krause, Razvan, Arnoldi, Benito, Stadtmüller, Benjamin, Aeschlimann, Martin , Forti, Stiven, Fabbri, Filippo , Coletti, Camilla and Gierz, Isabella (2020) Direct evidence for efficient ultrafast charge separation in epitaxial WS2/graphene heterostructures. Science Advances 6 (20), eaay0761. Fulltext not available.

Gräfe, Joachim, Gruszecki, Pawel , Zelent, Mateusz, Decker, Martin, Keskinbora, Kahraman, Noske, Matthias, Gawronski, Przemysław , Stoll, Hermann, Weigand, Markus, Krawczyk, Maciej, Back, Christian H. , Goering, Eberhard J. and Schütz, Gisela (2020) Direct observation of spin-wave focusing by a Fresnel lens. Physical Review B 102 (2). Fulltext not available.

Inagaki, Motoharu, Isogai, Taichi, Motobayashi, Kenta , Lin, Kai-Qiang , Ren, Bin and Ikeda, Katsuyoshi (2020) Electronic and vibrational surface-enhanced Raman scattering: from atomically defined Au(111) and (100) to roughened Au. Chemical Science 11 (36), pp. 9807-9817. Fulltext not available.

Kuzmanović, M. , Wu, B. Y., Weideneder, M., Quay, C. H. L. and Aprili, M. (2020) Evidence for spin-dependent energy transport in a superconductor. Nature Communications 11 (1). Fulltext not available.

Ziegler, Jonas D., Zipfel, Jonas, Meisinger, Barbara, Menahem, Matan, Zhu, Xiangzhou, Taniguchi, Takashi, Watanabe, Kenji , Yaffe, Omer, Egger, David A. and Chernikov, Alexey (2020) Fast and Anomalous Exciton Diffusion in Two-Dimensional Hybrid Perovskites. Nano Letters 20 (9), pp. 6674-6681. Fulltext not available.

Schmid, Daniel R., Stiller, Peter L., Dirnaichner, Alois and Hüttel, Andreas K. (2020) From Transparent Conduction to Coulomb Blockade at Fixed Hole Number. Physica Status Solidi (B) - Basic Solid State Physics 257, p. 2000253.

Zipfel, Jonas , Wagner, Koloman, Ziegler, Jonas D., Taniguchi, Takashi, Watanabe, Kenji , Semina, Marina A. and Chernikov, Alexey (2020) Light–matter coupling and non-equilibrium dynamics of exchange-split trions in monolayer WS2. The Journal of Chemical Physics 153 (3), 034706. Fulltext not available.

Janda, T., Godinho, J., Ostatnicky, T. , Pfitzner, E., Ulrich, G., Hoehl, A., Reimers, S., Šobáň, Z., Metzger, T., Reichlová, H., Novák, V., Campion, R. P., Heberle, J., Wadley, P., Edmonds, K. W., Amin, O. J., Chauhan, J. S., Dhesi, S. S., Maccherozzi, F., Otxoa, R. M., Roy, P. E., Olejník, K., Němec, P., Jungwirth, T., Kaestner, B. and Wunderlich, J. (2020) Magneto-Seebeck microscopy of domain switching in collinear antiferromagnet CuMnAs. Physical Review Materials 4 (9). Fulltext not available.

Schumacher, Zeno, Rejali, Rasa , Pachlatko, Raphael , Spielhofer, Andreas, Nagler, Philipp, Miyahara, Yoichi, Cooke, David G. and Grütter, Peter (2020) Nanoscale force sensing of an ultrafast nonlinear optical response. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 117 (33), pp. 19773-19779. Fulltext not available.

Mönch, Erwin, Bandurin, Denis A., Dmitriev, Ivan A., Phinney, Isabelle Y., Yahniuk, Ivan , Taniguchi, Takashi, Watanabe, Kenji , Jarillo-Herrero, Pablo and Ganichev, Sergey D. (2020) Observation of Terahertz-Induced Magnetooscillations in Graphene. Nano Letters 20 (8), pp. 5943-5950. Fulltext not available.

Hale, L. L., Vabischevich, P. P., Siday, T., Harris, C. T., Luk, T. S., Addamane, S. J., Reno, J. L., Brener, I. and Mitrofanov, O. (2020) Perfect absorption in GaAs metasurfaces near the bandgap edge. Optics Express 28 (23), p. 35284. Fulltext not available.

Pöllath, S., Lin, T., Lei, N., Zhao, W., Zweck, J. and Back, C.H. (2020) Spin structure relation to phase contrast imaging of isolated magnetic Bloch and Néel skyrmions. Ultramicroscopy 212, p. 112973. Fulltext not available.

Gregori, Bernhard J., Nowakowski, Michal , Schoch, Anke, Pöllath, Simon, Zweck, Josef, Bauer, Matthias and Jacobi von Wangelin, Axel (2020) Stereoselective Chromium‐Catalyzed Semi‐Hydrogenation of Alkynes. ChemCatChem 12 (21), pp. 5359-5363. Fulltext not available.

Ulrich, Georg, Pfitzner, Emanuel , Hoehl, Arne, Liao, Jung-Wei, Zadvorna, Olga, Schweicher, Guillaume , Sirringhaus, Henning, Heberle, Joachim, Kästner, Bernd, Wunderlich, Jörg and Venkateshvaran, Deepak (2020) Thermoelectric nanospectroscopy for the imaging of molecular fingerprints. Nanophotonics 9 (14), pp. 4347-4354. Fulltext not available.

Li, Yang, Amado, Mario , Hyart, Timo , Mazur, Grzegorz P. , Risinggård, Vetle , Wagner, Thomas, McKenzie-Sell, Lauren, Kimbell, Graham , Wunderlich, Joerg, Linder, Jacob and Robinson, Jason W. A. (2020) Transition between canted antiferromagnetic and spin-polarized ferromagnetic quantum Hall states in graphene on a ferrimagnetic insulator. Physical Review B 101 (24). Fulltext not available.

Arakawa, T., Shiogai, J. , Maeda, M., Ciorga, M., Utz, M., Schuh, D., Niimi, Y. , Kohda, M. , Nitta, J., Bougeard, D., Weiss, D. and Kobayashi, K. (2020) Tunneling mechanism in a (Ga,Mn)As/GaAs-based spin Esaki diode investigated by bias-dependent shot noise measurements. Physical Review B 102 (4). Fulltext not available.

Wang, Jimin, Gorini, Cosimo, Richter, Klaus, Wang, Zhiwei, Ando, Yoichi and Weiss, Dieter (2020) Two-Dimensional-Dirac Surface States and Bulk Gap Probed via Quantum Capacitance in a Three-Dimensional Topological Insulator. Nano Letters 20 (12), pp. 8493-8499. Fulltext not available.

Schedlbauer, J., Wilhelm, P., Grabenhorst, L. , Federl, M. E., Lalkens, B., Hinderer, F., Scherf, U. , Höger, S., Tinnefeld, P., Bange, S., Vogelsang, J. and Lupton, J. M. (2020) Ultrafast Single-Molecule Fluorescence Measured by Femtosecond Double-Pulse Excitation Photon Antibunching. Nano Letters 20 (2), pp. 1074-1079. Fulltext not available.

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Penzkofer, Alfons, Silapetere, Arita and Hegemann, Peter (2019) Photocycle Dynamics of the Archaerhodopsin 3 Based Fluorescent Voltage Sensor QuasAr1. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 21 (160), pp. 1-22.

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Huber, Konrad (1998) Pervaporation von Reinflüssigkeiten und binären Gemischen durch Membranen von Polybutylenterephthalat im Glasübergangsbereich. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

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