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Amesöder, Christian , Hartig, Florian and Pichler, Maximilian (2024) ‘cito': an R package for training neural networks using ‘torch'. Ecography 2024 (6).


Barraquand, Frédéric , Picoche, Coralie, Detto, Matteo and Hartig, Florian (2021) Inferring species interactions using Granger causality and convergent cross mapping. Theoretical Ecology 14 (1), pp. 87-105. Fulltext not available.

Berzaghi, Fabio , Wright, Ian J. , Kramer, Koen, Oddou-Muratorio, Sylvie, Bohn, Friedrich J., Reyer, Christopher P.O., Sabaté, Santiago , Sanders, Tanja G.M. and Hartig, Florian (2020) Towards a New Generation of Trait-Flexible Vegetation Models. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 35 (3), pp. 191-205. Fulltext not available.

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Cameron, David, Hartig, Florian , Minnuno, Francesco, Oberpriller, Johannes , Reineking, Björn, Van Oijen, Marcel and Dietze, Michael (2022) Issues in calibrating models with multiple unbalanced constraints: the significance of systematic model and data errors. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 13 (12), pp. 2757-2770. Fulltext not available.

Conedera, Marco, Krebs, Patrik, Gehring, Eric, Wunder, Jan, Hülsmann, Lisa, Abegg, Meinrad and Maringer, Janet (2021) How future-proof is Sweet chestnut (Castanea sativa) in a global change context? Forest Ecology and Management 494, p. 119320. Fulltext not available.

Chalmandrier, Loïc , Hartig, Florian , Laughlin, Daniel C., Lischke, Heike , Pichler, Maximilian , Stouffer, Daniel B. and Pellissier, Loïc (2021) Linking functional traits and demography to model species-rich communities. Nature Communications 12 (1). Fulltext not available.

Chanthorn, Wirong, Hartig, Florian, Brockelman, Warren Y., Srisang, Wacharapong, Nathalang, Anuttara and Santon, Jantima (2019) Defaunation of large-bodied frugivores reduces carbon storage in a tropical forest of Southeast Asia. Scientific Reports 9 (1). Fulltext not available.


Dormann, Carsten F. , Bagnara, Maurizio, Boch, Steffen, Hinderling, Judith, Janeiro-Otero, Andrea, Schäfer, Deborah, Schall, Peter and Hartig, Florian (2020) Plant species richness increases with light availability, but not variability, in temperate forests understorey. BMC Ecology 20 (1). Fulltext not available.

Delpierre, Nicolas, Lireux, Ségolène, Hartig, Florian , Camarero, Jesús Julio, Cheaib, Alissar, Čufar, Katarina, Cuny, Henri, Deslauriers, Annie, Fonti, Patrick , Gričar, Jožica, Huang, Jian‐Guo, Krause, Cornelia, Liu, Guohua, de Luis, Martin , Mäkinen, Harri , del Castillo, Edurne Martinez, Morin, Hubert, Nöjd, Pekka, Oberhuber, Walter, Prislan, Peter, Rossi, Sergio, Saderi, Seyedeh Masoumeh, Treml, Vaclav , Vavrick, Hanus and Rathgeber, Cyrille B. K. (2019) Chilling and forcing temperatures interact to predict the onset of wood formation in Northern Hemisphere conifers. Global Change Biology 25 (3), pp. 1089-1105. Fulltext not available.


Etienne, Rampal S., Cabral, Juliano Sarmento, Hagen, Oskar, Hartig, Florian, Hurlbert, Allen H., Pellissier, Loïc , Pontarp, Mikael and Storch, David (2019) A Minimal Model for the Latitudinal Diversity Gradient Suggests a Dominant Role for Ecological Limits. The American Naturalist 194 (5), E122-E133. Fulltext not available.


Heiland, Lukas (2023) Sapling Dynamics and Forest Composition Along Environmental Gradients. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Heiland, Lukas , Kunstler, Georges, Ruiz‐Benito, Paloma , Buras, Allan, Dahlgren, Jonas and Hülsmann, Lisa (2022) Divergent occurrences of juvenile and adult trees are explained by both environmental change and ontogenetic effects. Ecography 2022 (3), e06042.

Henrich, Maik, Hartig, Florian , Dormann, Carsten F., Kühl, Hjalmar S., Peters, Wibke, Franke, Frederik, Peterka, Tomáš, Šustr, Pavel and Heurich, Marco (2022) Deer Behavior Affects Density Estimates With Camera Traps, but Is Outweighed by Spatial Variability. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 10. Fulltext not available.

Hartig, Florian and Barraquand, Frédéric (2022) The evidence contained in the P-value is context dependent. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 37 (7), pp. 569-570. Fulltext not available.

Hülsmann, Lisa, Chisholm, Ryan A. and Hartig, Florian (2021) Is Variation in Conspecific Negative Density Dependence Driving Tree Diversity Patterns at Large Scales? Trends in Ecology & Evolution 36 (2), pp. 151-163. Fulltext not available.

Henrich, Maik, Niederlechner, Sandra, Kröschel, Max, Thoma, Stefanie, Dormann, Carsten F., Hartig, Florian, Heurich, Marco, Rowcliffe, Marcus and Wearn, Oliver (2020) The influence of camera trap flash type on the behavioural reactions and trapping rates of red deer and roe deer. Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation 6 (3), pp. 399-410. Fulltext not available.

Hauenstein, Severin , Fattebert, Julien , Grüebler, Martin U. , Naef‐Daenzer, Beat, Pe'er, Guy and Hartig, Florian (2019) Calibrating an individual‐based movement model to predict functional connectivity for little owls. Ecological Applications 29 (4), e01873. Fulltext not available.


Johnson, Jeremy S , Cantrell, Robert Stephen, Cosner, Chris, Hartig, Florian, Hastings, Alan, Rogers, Haldre S, Schupp, Eugene W, Shea, Katriona, Teller, Brittany J, Yu, Xiao, Zurell, Damaris and Pufal, Gesine (2019) Rapid changes in seed dispersal traits may modify plant responses to global change. AoB PLANTS 11 (3). Fulltext not available.


Leibold, Mathew A. , Rudolph, F. Javiera, Blanchet, F. Guillaume , De Meester, Luc, Gravel, Dominique, Hartig, Florian, Peres‐Neto, Pedro, Shoemaker, Lauren and Chase, Jonathan M. (2022) The internal structure of metacommunities. Oikos 2022 (1). Fulltext not available.


Mahnken, Mats , Cailleret, Maxime , Collalti, Alessio , Trotta, Carlo , Biondo, Corrado, D'Andrea, Ettore , Dalmonech, Daniela , Marano, Gina , Mäkelä, Annikki , Minunno, Francesco, Peltoniemi, Mikko, Trotsiuk, Volodymyr, Nadal‐Sala, Daniel , Sabaté, Santiago, Vallet, Patrick , Aussenac, Raphaël, Cameron, David R., Bohn, Friedrich J., Grote, Rüdiger , Augustynczik, Andrey L. D., Yousefpour, Rasoul, Huber, Nica, Bugmann, Harald, Merganičová, Katarina, Merganic, Jan, Valent, Peter, Lasch‐Born, Petra, Hartig, Florian , Vega del Valle, Iliusi D., Volkholz, Jan, Gutsch, Martin, Matteucci, Giorgio, Krejza, Jan , Ibrom, Andreas , Meesenburg, Henning, Rötzer, Thomas, van der Maaten‐Theunissen, Marieke, van der Maaten, Ernst and Reyer, Christopher P. O. (2022) Accuracy, realism and general applicability of European forest models. Global Change Biology 28 (23), pp. 6921-6943. Fulltext not available.

Mair, Magdalena M. , Kattwinkel, Mira, Jakoby, Oliver and Hartig, Florian (2020) The Minimum Detectable Difference (MDD) Concept for Establishing Trust in Nonsignificant Results: A Critical Review. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry 39, pp. 2109-2123.

Maliet, Odile , Hartig, Florian and Morlon, Hélène (2019) A model with many small shifts for estimating species-specific diversification rates. Nature Ecology & Evolution 3 (7), pp. 1086-1092. Fulltext not available.


Nadal-Sala, Daniel , Hartig, Florian , Gracia, Carlos A. and Sabaté, Santiago (2019) Global warming likely to enhance black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia L.) growth in a Mediterranean riparian forest. Forest Ecology and Management 449, p. 117448. Fulltext not available.


Oberpriller, Johannes , Herschlein, Christine, Anthoni, Peter, Arneth, Almut , Krause, Andreas , Rammig, Anja , Lindeskog, Mats, Olin, Stefan and Hartig, Florian (2022) Climate and parameter sensitivity and induced uncertainties in carbon stock projections for European forests (using LPJ-GUESS 4.0). Geoscientific Model Development 15 (16), pp. 6495-6519.

Oberpriller, Johannes , de Souza Leite, Melina and Pichler, Maximilian (2022) Fixed or random? On the reliability of mixed‐effects models for a small number of levels in grouping variables. Ecology and Evolution 12 (7), e9062.

Oberpriller, Johannes (2022) Exploring robustness and uncertainties of projections with forest ecosystem models. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Oberpriller, Johannes , Cameron, David R., Dietze, Michael C., Hartig, Florian and Coulson, Tim (2021) Towards robust statistical inference for complex computer models. Ecology Letters 24 (6), pp. 1251-1261.


Pichler, Maximilian and Hartig, Florian (2023) Machine learning and deep learning—A review for ecologists. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, (early view).

Pichler, Maximilian and Hartig, Florian (2021) A new joint species distribution model for faster and more accurate inference of species associations from big community data. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 12, pp. 2159-2173.


Rosbakh, Sergey , Chalmandrier, Loïc , Phartyal, Shyam S. and Poschlod, Peter (2022) Inferring community assembly processes from functional seed trait variation along elevation gradient. Journal of Ecology 110 (10), pp. 2374-2387.

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Rosbakh, Sergey , Hartig, Florian , Sandanov, Denis V. , Bukharova, Evgenya V., Miller, Tara K. and Primack, Richard B. (2021) Siberian plants shift their phenology in response to climate change. Global Change Biology 27, pp. 4435-4448.

Ryo, Masahiro , Angelov, Boyan , Mammola, Stefano , Kass, Jamie M. , Benito, Blas M. and Hartig, Florian (2021) Explainable artificial intelligence enhances the ecological interpretability of black‐box species distribution models. Ecography 44 (2), pp. 199-205. Fulltext not available.

Reisch, Christoph and Hartig, Florian (2020) Species and genetic diversity patterns show different responses to land use intensity in central European grasslands. Diversity and Distributions 27 (3), pp. 392-401.

Ruiz-Benito, Paloma , Vacchiano, Giorgio , Lines, Emily R., Reyer, Christopher P. O. , Ratcliffe, Sophia , Morin, Xavier, Hartig, Florian , Mäkelä, Annikki , Yousefpour, Rasoul, Chaves, Jimena E. , Palacios-Orueta, Alicia, Benito-Garzón, Marta, Morales-Molino, Cesar , Camarero, J. Julio, Jump, Alistair S., Kattge, Jens , Lehtonen, Aleksi , Ibrom, Andreas, Owen, Harry J. F. and Zavala, Miguel A. (2020) Available and missing data to model impact of climate change on European forests. Ecological Modelling 416, p. 108870. Fulltext not available.

Reyer, Christopher P. O. , Silveyra Gonzalez, Ramiro, Dolos, Klara, Hartig, Florian, Hauf, Ylva, Noack, Matthias, Lasch-Born, Petra , Rötzer, Thomas, Pretzsch, Hans, Meesenburg, Henning , Fleck, Stefan, Wagner, Markus, Bolte, Andreas, Sanders, Tanja G. M. , Kolari, Pasi , Mäkelä, Annikki , Vesala, Timo, Mammarella, Ivan , Pumpanen, Jukka, Collalti, Alessio , Trotta, Carlo, Matteucci, Giorgio , D'Andrea, Ettore, Foltýnová, Lenka , Krejza, Jan, Ibrom, Andreas, Pilegaard, Kim, Loustau, Denis, Bonnefond, Jean-Marc, Berbigier, Paul, Picart, Delphine, Lafont, Sébastien, Dietze, Michael, Cameron, David, Vieno, Massimo, Tian, Hanqin, Palacios-Orueta, Alicia, Cicuendez, Victor, Recuero, Laura, Wiese, Klaus, Büchner, Matthias, Lange, Stefan, Volkholz, Jan, Kim, Hyungjun, Horemans, Joanna A., Bohn, Friedrich, Steinkamp, Jörg, Chikalanov, Alexander, Weedon, Graham P., Sheffield, Justin, Babst, Flurin , Vega del Valle, Iliusi, Suckow, Felicitas, Martel, Simon, Mahnken, Mats, Gutsch, Martin and Frieler, Katja (2020) The PROFOUND Database for evaluating vegetation models and simulating climate impacts on European forests. Earth System Science Data 12 (2), pp. 1295-1320. Fulltext not available.


Schultz, Emily L., Hülsmann, Lisa , Pillet, Michiel D., Hartig, Florian , Breshears, David D. , Record, Sydne, Shaw, John D. , DeRose, R. Justin , Zuidema, Pieter A. , Evans, Margaret E. K. and Chase, Jonathan (2022) Climate‐driven, but dynamic and complex? A reconciliation of competing hypotheses for species’ distributions. Ecology Letters 25 (1), pp. 38-51. Fulltext not available.

Speich, Matthias, Dormann, Carsten F. and Hartig, Florian (2021) Sequential Monte-Carlo algorithms for Bayesian model calibration – A review and method comparison✰. Ecological Modelling 455, p. 109608. Fulltext not available.


Thrippleton, Timothy, Hülsmann, Lisa, Cailleret, Maxime and Bugmann, Harald (2021) An evaluation of multi-species empirical tree mortality algorithms for dynamic vegetation modelling. Scientific Reports 11 (1). Fulltext not available.

Tanentzap, Andrew J., Hagen, Oskar, Flück, Benjamin, Fopp, Fabian , Cabral, Juliano S. , Hartig, Florian, Pontarp, Mikael , Rangel, Thiago F. and Pellissier, Loïc (2021) gen3sis: A general engine for eco-evolutionary simulations of the processes that shape Earth’s biodiversity. PLOS Biology 19 (7), e3001340. Fulltext not available.

Trotsiuk, Volodymyr, Hartig, Florian , Forrester, David I. and Goslee, Sarah (2020) r3PG – An r package for simulating forest growth using the 3‐PG process‐based model. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 11 (11), pp. 1470-1475. Fulltext not available.

Trotsiuk, Volodymyr, Hartig, Florian , Cailleret, Maxime , Babst, Flurin , Forrester, David I., Baltensweiler, Andri , Buchmann, Nina , Bugmann, Harald , Gessler, Arthur , Gharun, Mana , Minunno, Francesco, Rigling, Andreas , Rohner, Brigitte , Stillhard, Jonas , Thürig, Esther, Waldner, Peter, Ferretti, Marco, Eugster, Werner and Schaub, Marcus (2020) Assessing the response of forest productivity to climate extremes in Switzerland using model–data fusion. Global Change Biology 26 (4), pp. 2463-2476. Fulltext not available.

Thrippleton, Timothy, Hülsmann, Lisa, Cailleret, Maxime and Bugmann, Harald (2020) Projecting Forest Dynamics Across Europe: Potentials and Pitfalls of Empirical Mortality Algorithms. Ecosystems 23 (1), pp. 188-203. Fulltext not available.


Udy, Kristy, Fritsch, Matthias, Meyer, Katrin M. , Grass, Ingo , Hanß, Sebastian , Hartig, Florian , Kneib, Thomas , Kreft, Holger , Kukunda, Collins B. , Pe’er, Guy, Reininghaus, Hannah, Tietjen, Britta, Tscharntke, Teja, van Waveren, Clara‐Sophie, Wiegand, Kerstin and Keil, Petr (2021) Environmental heterogeneity predicts global species richness patterns better than area. Global Ecology and Biogeography 30 (4), pp. 842-851. Fulltext not available.


Valdez, Jose W. , Hartig, Florian , Fennel, Sabine and Poschlod, Peter (2019) The Recruitment Niche Predicts Plant Community Assembly Across a Hydrological Gradient Along Plowed and Undisturbed Transects in a Former Agricultural Wetland. Frontiers in Plant Science 10 (88), pp. 1-9.

Vanoni, Marco, Cailleret, Maxime, Hülsmann, Lisa, Bugmann, Harald and Bigler, Christof (2019) How do tree mortality models from combined tree-ring and inventory data affect projections of forest succession? Forest Ecology and Management 433, pp. 606-617. Fulltext not available.

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