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Akdeniz, Ceren, Schäfer, Axel, Streit, Fabian, Haller, Leila, Wüst, Stefan, Kirsch, Peter , Tost, Heike and Meyer-Lindenberg, Andreas (2016) Sex-Dependent Association of Perigenual Anterior Cingulate Cortex Volume and Migration Background, an Environmental Risk Factor for Schizophrenia. Schizophrenia Bulletin, sbw138. Fulltext not available.


Brañas-Garza, Pablo, Ceccato, Smarandita, Kettner, Sara E., Kudielka, Brigitte M., Schwieren, Christiane and Voss, Andreas (2018) Social preferences under chronic stress. PLOS ONE 13 (7), e0199528. Fulltext not available.

Buckert, Magdalena, Schwieren, Christiane, Kudielka, Brigitte M. and Fiebach, Christian J. (2017) How stressful are economic competitions in the lab? An investigation with physiological measures. Journal of Economic Psychology 62, pp. 231-245. Fulltext not available.


Ceccato, Smarandita, Kudielka, Brigitte M. and Schwieren, Christiane (2016) Increased Risk Taking in Relation to Chronic Stress in Adults. Frontiers in Psychology 6. Fulltext not available.


Dahm, Anne-Sophie, Schmierer, Phöbe, Veer, Ilya M., Streit, Fabian , Görgen, Anna, Kruschwitz, Johann, Wüst, Stefan, Kirsch, Peter , Walter, Henrik and Erk, Susanne (2017) The burden of conscientiousness? Examining brain activation and cortisol response during social evaluative stress. Psychoneuroendocrinology 78, pp. 48-56. Fulltext not available.


Henze, Gina-Isabelle , Konzok, Julian, Kreuzpointner, Ludwig , Bärtl, Christoph , Giglberger, Marina, Peter, Hannah, Streit, Fabian , Kudielka, Brigitte M., Kirsch, Peter and Wüst, Stefan (2021) Sex-Specific Interaction Between Cortisol and Striato-Limbic Responses to Psychosocial Stress. Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience 2021, pp. 1-13.

Henze, Gina-Isabelle (2021) Stress Regulation in the Brain: Association with Cortisol Release, Modulation by Exposure Time, and Gender Differences. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Henze, Gina-Isabelle, Konzok, Julian, Kreuzpointner, Ludwig, Bärtl, Christoph, Peter, Hannah, Giglberger, Marina, Streit, Fabian , Kudielka, Brigitte M., Kirsch, Peter and Wüst, Stefan (2020) Increasing Deactivation of Limbic Structures Over Psychosocial Stress Exposure Time. Biological Psychiatry: Cognitive Neuroscience and Neuroimaging 5 (7), pp. 697-704. Fulltext not available.


Konzok, Julian (2022) Towards a Biobehavioral Understanding of Trait Externalization: Neural and Endocrine Responses during Acute Stress and Reactive Aggression within the Non-clinical Range. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Konzok, Julian , Henze, Gina-Isabelle , Kreuzpointner, Ludwig , Peter, Hannah L., Giglberger, Marina, Bärtl, Christoph , Massau, Claudia, Kärgel, Christian, Weidacker, Kathrin, Schiffer, Boris, Eisenbarth, Hedwig, Wüst, Stefan and Kudielka, Brigitte M. (2022) Dissociation of behavioral and neural responses to provocation during reactive aggression in healthy adults with high versus low externalization. Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neuroscience.

Kreuzpointner, Ludwig and Kattenbeck, Markus (2021) Sense of Direction and Spatial Strategies. A Bifactor Structure for the Spatial Strategies Questionnaire Fragebogen Räumliche Strategien. In: Biennial Conference of the German Psychological Society - Personality Psychology and Psychological Diagnostics (DPPD) Section, 12. - 15. September 2021, Ulm.

Konzok, Julian , Henze, Gina‐Isabelle , Peter, Hannah, Giglberger, Marina, Bärtl, Christoph , Massau, Claudia, Kärgel, Christian, Schiffer, Boris, Eisenbarth, Hedwig, Wüst, Stefan and Kudielka, Brigitte M. (2021) Externalizing behavior in healthy young adults is associated with lower cortisol responses to acute stress and altered neural activation in the dorsal striatum. Psychophysiology 58, e13936.

Konzok, Julian, Henze, Gina-Isabelle, Kreuzpointner, Ludwig , Peter, Hannah, Giglberger, Marina, Bärtl, Christoph, Massau, Claudia, Kärgel, Christian, Schiffer, Boris, Eisenbarth, Hedwig , Wüst, Stefan and Kudielka, Brigitte M. (2021) Data archive of "Dissociation of behavioral and neural responses to provocation during reactive aggression in healthy adults with high versus low externalization". [Dataset]

Konzok, Julian, Kreuzpointner, Ludwig, Henze, Gina-Isabelle, Wagels, Lisa , Kärgel, Christian, Weidacker, Kathrin, Schiffer, Boris, Eisenbarth, Hedwig , Wüst, Stefan and Kudielka, Brigitte M. (2020) Validation of a monetary Taylor Aggression Paradigm: Associations with trait aggression and role of provocation sequence. Journal of Experimental Social Psychology 88, p. 103960. Fulltext not available.

Kattenbeck, Markus , Jänich, Thomas and Kreuzpointner, Ludwig (2018) 15. Do Spatial Abilities Have an Impact on Route Learning in Hypertexts? In: Creem-Regehr, S. and Schöning, J. and Klippel, A., (eds.) Spatial Cognition XI. Spatial Cognition 2018. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 11034 (15). Springer, Cham (Switzerland), pp. 211-227. ISBN 978-3-319-96384-6. Fulltext not available.

Kreuzpointner, Ludwig (2013) Konstruktionsrational der Kurzversion des LPS-2 (LPS-2K).


Manigault, Andrew W. , Zoccola, Peggy M., Wüst, Stefan and Yim, Ilona S. (2020) Corroborative evidence for an association between initial hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenocortical axis reactivity and subsequent habituation in humans. Psychoneuroendocrinology 121, p. 104798. Fulltext not available.

Mühlbauer, Andreas , Shiban, Youssef, Diemer, Julia Elisabeth, Müller, Jana, Brütting-Schick, Johanna and Pauli, Paul (2017) Diaphragmatic Breathing during Virtual Reality Exposure Therapy for Aviophobia: Functional Coping Strategy or Avoidance Behavior? BMC Psychiatry 17 (29), pp. 1-10.


Peter, Hannah L., Giglberger, Marina and Wüst, Stefan (2022) LawSTRESS project: Additional Information.

Powell, Daniel J. and Schlotz, Wolff (2012) Daily Life Stress and the Cortisol Awakening Response: Testing the Anticipation Hypothesis. PLoS ONE 7 (12), e52067.


Quaiser-Pohl, Claudia, Jansen, Petra, Lehmann, Jennifer and Kudielka, Brigitte M. (2015) Is there a relationship between the performance in a chronometric mental-rotations test and salivary testosterone and estradiol levels in children aged 9-14 years? Developmental Psychobiology 58 (1), pp. 120-128. Fulltext not available.


Rietschel, Liz, Streit, Fabian, Zhu, Gu, McAloney, Kerrie, Frank, Josef, Couvy-Duchesne, Baptiste , Witt, Stephanie H., Binz, Tina M., McGrath, John , Hickie, Ian B., Hansell, Narelle K. , Wright, Margaret J. , Gillespie, Nathan A., Forstner, Andreas J., Schulze, Thomas G., Wüst, Stefan, Nöthen, Markus M., Baumgartner, Markus R., Walker, Brian R., Crawford, Andrew A. , Colodro-Conde, Lucía, Medland, Sarah E., Martin, Nicholas G. and Rietschel, Marcella (2017) Hair Cortisol in Twins: Heritability and Genetic Overlap with Psychological Variables and Stress-System Genes. Scientific Reports 7 (1). Fulltext not available.


Singer, Nina (2021) Effects of acute stress exposure on decision-making in everyday moral conflict situations. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Singer, Nina , Binapfl, Julia, Sommer, Monika, Wüst, Stefan and Kudielka, Brigitte M. (2021) Everyday moral decision-making after acute stress exposure: do social closeness and timing matter? Stress 24 (4), pp. 468-473. Fulltext not available.

Sandner, Magdalena, Lois, Giannis, Streit, Fabian, Zeier, Peter, Kirsch, Peter, Wüst, Stefan and Wessa, Michèle (2020) Investigating individual stress reactivity: High hair cortisol predicts lower acute stress responses. Psychoneuroendocrinology 118, p. 104660. Fulltext not available.

Singer, Nina , Kreuzpointner, Ludwig, Sommer, Monika, Wüst, Stefan and Kudielka, Brigitte M. (2019) Decision-making in everyday moral conflict situations: Development and validation of a new measure. PLOS ONE 14 (4), e0214747.

Singer, Nina, Sommer, Monika, Döhnel, Katrin, Zänkert, Sandra, Wüst, Stefan and Kudielka, Brigitte M. (2017) Acute psychosocial stress and everyday moral decision-making in young healthy men: The impact of cortisol. Hormones and Behavior 93, pp. 72-81. Fulltext not available.

Streit, Fabian , Akdeniz, Ceren, Haddad, Leila, Kumsta, Robert , Entringer, Sonja, Frank, Josef, Yim, Ilona S., Zänkert, Sandra, Witt, Stephanie H., Kirsch, Peter , Rietschel, Marcella and Wüst, Stefan (2017) Sex-specific association between functional neuropeptide S receptor gene (NPSR1) variants and cortisol and central stress responses. Psychoneuroendocrinology 76, pp. 49-56. Fulltext not available.

Stiller, Klaus D. and Kreuzpointner, Ludwig (2015) 9. Zimbardo und Co - Die Rolle von Lehrbüchern in der Psychologie. In: Kauder, Volker and Vogel, Peter, (eds.) Lehrbücher der Erziehungswissenschaft – ein Spiegel der Disziplin? Verlag Julius Klinkhardt, Bad Heilbrunn, pp. 111-122. ISBN 978-3-7815-2038-7. Fulltext restricted.


Wagels, Lisa , Votinov, Mikhail , Kellermann, Thilo, Konzok, Julian, Jung, Sonja, Montag, Christian, Schneider, Frank, Eisert, Albrecht, Beyer, Cordian and Habel, Ute (2019) Exogenous testosterone and the monoamine-oxidase A polymorphism influence anger, aggression and neural responses to provocation in males. Neuropharmacology 156, p. 107491. Fulltext not available.


Zänkert, Sandra (2022) From Caloric Load to the Measurement of Fear and Anxiety - Contributions to the Improvement of Methods in Biopsychological Stress Research. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Zänkert, Sandra, Kudielka, Brigitte M. and Wüst, Stefan (2020) Effect of sugar administration on cortisol responses to acute psychosocial stress. Psychoneuroendocrinology 115, p. 104607. Fulltext not available.

Zänkert, Sandra, Bellingrath, Silja, Wüst, Stefan and Kudielka, Brigitte M. (2019) HPA axis responses to psychological challenge linking stress and disease: What do we know on sources of intra- and interindividual variability? Psychoneuroendocrinology 105, pp. 86-97. Fulltext not available.

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