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Khamrai, Jagadish , Ghosh, Indrajit , Savateev, Aleksandr, Antonietti, Markus and König, Burkhard (2020) Photo-Ni dual catalytic C(sp2)–C(sp3) Cross-Coupling Reactions with Mesoporous Graphitic -Carbon Nitride as Heterogenous Organic Semiconductor Photocatalyst. ACS Catalysis. Fulltext not available.

Jacubec, Martin, Ghosh, Indrajit , Storch, Jan and König, Burkhard (2020) Photochemical Functionalization of Helicenes. Chemistry - A European Journal 26 (2), pp. 543-547.

Zheng, Meifang, Ghosh, Indrajit , König, Burkhard and Wang, Xinchen (2019) Metal-free Semiconductor Photocatalysis for sp2 C-H
Functionalization with Molecular Oxygen.
ChemCatChem 11, pp. 703-706. Fulltext not available.

Ghosh, Indrajit , Khamrai, Jagadish , Savateev, Aleksandr, Shlapakov, Nikita, Antonietti, Markus and König, Burkhard (2019) Organic semiconductor photocatalyst can bifunctionalize arenes and heteroarenes. Science 365, pp. 360-365.

Haimerl, Josef, Ghosh, Indrajit , König, Burkhard , Vogelsang, Jan and Lupton, John M. (2019) Single-molecule photoredox catalysis. Chemical Science 10, pp. 681-687. Fulltext not available.

Schmalzbauer, Matthias , Ghosh, Indrajit and König, Burkhard (2019) Utilising excited state organic anions for photoredox catalysis:
Activation of (hetero)aryl chlorides by visible light-absorbing 9-
anthrolate anions.
Faraday Discussions 215, pp. 364-378. Fulltext not available.

Häring, Marleen, Abramov, Alex, Okumura, Keisuke, Ghosh, Indrajit, König, Burkhard, Yanai, Nobuhiro, Kimizuka, Nobuo and Díaz Díaz, David (2018) Air-sensitive Photoredox Catalysis Performed under Aerobic Conditions in Gel Networks. The Journal of Organic Chemistry 57, pp. 7928-7938. Fulltext not available.

Bardagi, Javier I., Ghosh, Indrajit, Schmalzbauer, Matthias, Ghosh, Tamal and König, Burkhard (2018) Anthraquinones as photoredox catalysts for the reductive
activation of aryl halides.
European Journal of Organic Chemistry, pp. 38-40. Fulltext not available.

Haimerl, Josef Michael, Ghosh, Indrajit, König, Burkhard , Lupton, John M. and Vogelsang, Jan (2018) Chemical Photocatalysis with Rhodamine 6G: Investigation of
Photoreduction by Simultaneous Fluorescence Correlation
Spectroscopy and Fluorescence Lifetime Measurements.
The Journal of Physical Chemistry B. Fulltext not available.

Savateev, Aleksandr, Ghosh, Indrajit, König, Burkhard and Antonietti, Markus (2018) Photoredox catalytic organic transformations using heterogeneous carbon nitrides. Angewandte Chemie International Edition. Fulltext not available.

Shaikh, Rizwan, Ghosh, Indrajit and König, Burkhard (2017) Direct C-H Phosphonylation of Electron Rich Arenes and Heteroarenes by Visible-Light Photoredox Catalysis. Chemistry - A European Journal 23, pp. 12120-12124. Fulltext not available.

Pal, Anuushka, Ghosh, Indrajit , Sapra, Sameer and König, Burkhard (2017) Quantum Dots in Visible-Light Photoredox Catalysis: Reductive Dehalogenations and C–H Arylation Reactions Using Aryl Bromides. Chemistry of Materials 29, pp. 5225-5231. Fulltext not available.

Ghosh, Indrajit, Bardagi, Javier I. and König, Burkhard (2017) Reply to “Photoredox Catalysis: The Need to Elucidate the Photochemical Mechanism”. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 56 (42), pp. 12822-12824. Fulltext not available.

Ghosh, Indrajit , Shaikh, Rizwan and König, Burkhard (2017) Sensitization-Initiated Electron Transfer for Photoredox Catalysis. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 56, pp. 8544-8549. Fulltext not available.

Graml, Andreas, Ghosh, Indrajit and König, Burkhard (2017) Synthesis of Arylated Nucleobases by Visible Light Photoredox
The Journal of Organic Chemistry 82, pp. 3552-3560. Fulltext not available.

Ghosh, Indrajit and König, Burkhard (2016) Chromoselective Photocatalysis: Controlled Bond Activation through Light-Color Regulation of Redox Potentials. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 55, pp. 7676-7679. Fulltext not available.

Marzo, Leyre, Ghosh, Indrajit , Esteban, Francisco and König, Burkhard (2016) Metal-Free Photocatalyzed Cross Coupling of Bromoheteroarenes with Pyrroles. ACS Catalysis 6, pp. 6780-6784. Fulltext not available.

Das, Amrita, Ghosh, Indrajit and König, Burkhard (2016) Synthesis of Pyrrolo[1,2‐a]quinolines and Ullazines by Visible Light mediated one‐ and twofold Annulation of N‐Arylpyrroles with Arylalkynes. Chemical Communications 52, pp. 8695-8698. Fulltext not available.

Ghosh, Indrajit, Marzo, Leyre, Das, Amrita, Shaikh, Rizwan and König, Burkhard (2016) Visible Light Mediated Photoredox Catalytic Arylation Reactions. Accounts of Chemical Research 49, pp. 1566-1577. Fulltext not available.

Brachet, Etienne, Ghosh, Tamal, Ghosh, Indrajit and König, Burkhard (2015) Visible light C–H amidation of heteroarenes with benzoyl azides. Chemical Science 6, pp. 987-992.

Ghosh, Indrajit, Ghosh, Tamal, Bardagi, Javier I. and König, Burkhard (2014) Reduction of aryl halides by consecutive visible light-induced electron transfer processes. Science 346, pp. 725-728. Fulltext not available.

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