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Scholz, Konstantin Johannes , Hiller, Karl-Anton , Ebensberger, Helga, Ferstl, Gerlinde, Pielnhofer, Florian , Tauböck, Tobias T., Becker, Klaus and Buchalla, Wolfgang (2022) Surface Accumulation of Cerium, Self-Assembling Peptide, and Fluoride on Sound Bovine Enamel. Bioengineering 9 (12), p. 760.

Wegner, Florian, Kamm, Franziska, Pielnhofer, Florian and Pfitzner, Arno (2022) Li₃Tr As₂ ( Tr =Al, Ga, In) – Derivatives of the antifluorite type structure, conductivities and electronic structures. Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie 649 (3), e202200330.

Wegner, Florian, Kamm, Franziska, Pielnhofer, Florian and Pfitzner, Arno (2022) Li₃As and Li₃P revisited: DFT modelling on phase stability and ion conductivity. Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie.


Pielnhofer, Florian , Diehl, Leo, Jiménez-Solano, Alberto , Bussmann-Holder, Anette, Schön, Christian J. and Lotsch, Bettina V. (2021) Examination of possible high-pressure candidates of SnTiO3: The search for novel ferroelectric materials. APL Materials 2021 (9), 021103.


Netzsch, Philip , Pielnhofer, Florian, Glaum, Robert and Höppe, Henning A. (2020) Synthesis‐Controlled Polymorphism and Optical Properties of Phyllosilicate‐Analogous Borosulfates M [B 2 (SO 4 ) 4 ] ( M =Mg, Co). Chemistry – A European Journal 26 (64), pp. 14745-14753. Fulltext not available.

Buchner, Magnus R. , Dankert, Fabian , Spang, Nils, Pielnhofer, Florian and von Hänisch, Carsten (2020) A Second Modification of Beryllium Bromide: β-BeBr2. Inorganic Chemistry 59 (23), pp. 16783-16788. Fulltext not available.

Netzsch, Philip , Pielnhofer, Florian and Höppe, Henning A. (2020) From S–O–S to B–O–S to B–O–B Bridges: Ba[B(S2O7)2]2 as a Model System for the Structural Diversity in Borosulfate Chemistry. Inorganic Chemistry 59 (20), pp. 15180-15188. Fulltext not available.

Tiefenthaler, Susanne, Schlosser, Marc, Pielnhofer, Florian, Pfitzner, Arno and Gärtner, Stefanie (2020) Investigations on Tetragonally Distorted Sodium Thallide NaTl‐tI8. Zeitschrift für Anorganische und Allgemeine Chemie (ZAAC) 646, pp. 82-87.

Scholz, Tanja , Pielnhofer, Florian, Eger, Roland and Lotsch, Bettina V. (2020) Lanthanide orthothiophosphates revisited: single-crystal X-ray, Raman, and DFT studies of TmPS4 and YbPS4. Zeitschrift für Naturforschung B 75 (1-2), pp. 225-231. Fulltext not available.

Jantz, Stephan G., Pielnhofer, Florian and Höppe, Henning A. (2020) On tungstates of divalent cations (III) – Pb5O2[WO6]. Zeitschrift für Kristallographie - Crystalline Materials 235 (8-9), pp. 311-317. Fulltext not available.


Pielnhofer, Florian , Schoop, Leslie M. , Kuhn, Alexander, Eger, Roland, Nuss, Jürgen , Nuss, Hanne and Lotsch, Bettina V. (2019) New Light on an Old Story: The Crystal Structure of Boron Tetrathiophosphate Revisited. Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie 645 (3), pp. 267-271. Fulltext not available.

Haubold, Erik, Fedorov, Alexander, Pielnhofer, Florian, Rusinov, Igor P., Menshchikova, Tatiana V., Duppel, Viola, Friedrich, Daniel, Weihrich, Richard, Pfitzner, Arno , Zeugner, Alexander, Isaeva, Anna, Thirupathaiah, Setti, Kushnirenko, Yevhen, Rienks, Emile, Kim, Timur, Chulkov, Evgueni V., Büchner, Bernd and Borisenko, Sergey (2019) Possible experimental realization of a basic Z2 topological semimetal in GaGeTe. APL Materials 7 (12), p. 121106. Fulltext not available.

Laha, Sourav, Lee, Yonghyuk , Podjaski, Filip, Weber, Daniel , Duppel, Viola, Schoop, Leslie M. , Pielnhofer, Florian , Scheurer, Christoph, Müller, Kathrin, Starke, Ulrich, Reuter, Karsten and Lotsch, Bettina V. (2019) Ruthenium Oxide Nanosheets for Enhanced Oxygen Evolution Catalysis in Acidic Medium. Advanced Energy Materials 9 (15), p. 1803795. Fulltext not available.

Song, Xiaoyu, Cheng, Guangming , Weber, Daniel, Pielnhofer, Florian, Lei, Shiming, Klemenz, Sebastian, Yeh, Yao-Wen, Filsinger, Kai A., Arnold, Craig B., Yao, Nan and Schoop, Leslie M. (2019) Soft Chemical Synthesis of HxCrS2: An Antiferromagnetic Material with Alternating Amorphous and Crystalline Layers. Journal of the American Chemical Society 141 (39), pp. 15634-15640. Fulltext not available.

Schönegger, Sandra, Pielnhofer, Florian, Saxer, Andreas, Wurst, Klaus and Huppertz, Hubert (2019) Synthesis and Characterization of the Tin Iodide Borate Sn3[B3O7]I. Inorganic Chemistry 58 (9), pp. 6088-6094. Fulltext not available.

Schäfer, Martin J., Jantz, Stephan G., Pielnhofer, Florian and Höppe, Henning A. (2019) The very first normal-pressure tin borate Sn3B4O9, and the intermediate Sn2[B7O12]F. Dalton Transactions 48 (28), pp. 10398-10402. Fulltext not available.


Müller, Matthias, Pielnhofer, Florian and Buchner, Magnus R. (2018) A facile synthesis for BeCl2, BeBr2and BeI2. Dalton Transactions 47 (36), pp. 12506-12510. Fulltext not available.

Neumann, Tristan, Jess, Inke, Pielnhofer, Florian and Näther, Christian (2018) Selective Synthesis and Thermodynamic Relations of Polymorphic Co(NCS)2 -4-Dimethylaminopyridine Coordination Compounds. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2018 (46), pp. 4972-4981. Fulltext not available.

Schoop, Leslie Mareike , Eger, Roland, Pielnhofer, Florian , Schneider, Christian, Nuss, Jürgen and Lotsch, Bettina Valeska (2018) Synthesis and Characterization of Three New Lithium-Scandium Hexathiohypodiphosphates: Li4-3xScxP2S6(x= 0.358),m-LiScP2S6, andt-LiScP2S6. Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie 644 (24), pp. 1854-1862. Fulltext not available.

Schönegger, Sandra, Jantz, Stephan G., Saxer, Andreas, Bayarjargal, Lkhamsuren, Winkler, Björn, Pielnhofer, Florian , Höppe, Henning A. and Huppertz, Hubert (2018) Synthesis and Characterization of the First Tin Fluoride Borate Sn3 [B3 O7 ]F with Second Harmonic Generation Response. Chemistry - A European Journal 24 (60), pp. 16036-16043. Fulltext not available.


Schöneich, Michael, Hohmann, Andrea, Schmidt, Peer, Pielnhofer, Florian, Bachhuber, Frederik, Weihrich, Richard, Osters, Oliver, Köpf, Marianne and Nilges, Tom (2017) Element allotropes and polyanion compounds of pnicogenes and chalcogenes: stability, mechanisms of formation, controlled synthesis and characterization. Zeitschrift für Kristallographie - Crystalline Materials 232 (1-3). Fulltext not available.

Schmitt, Martin K., Janka, Oliver, Pöttgen, Rainer, Benndorf, Christopher, de Oliveira, Marcos, Eckert, Hellmut, Pielnhofer, Florian, Tragl, Amadeus-Samuel, Weihrich, Richard, Joachim, Bastian , Johrendt, Dirk and Huppertz, Hubert (2017) Mo2 B4 O9 -Connecting Borate and Metal-Cluster Chemistry. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 56 (23), pp. 6449-6453. Fulltext not available.

Schmitt, Martin K., Janka, Oliver , Niehaus, Oliver, Dresselhaus, Thomas, Pöttgen, Rainer, Pielnhofer, Florian, Weihrich, Richard, Krzhizhanovskaya, Maria, Filatov, Stanislav, Bubnova, Rimma, Bayarjargal, Lkhamsuren, Winkler, Björn, Glaum, Robert and Huppertz, Hubert (2017) Synthesis and Characterization of the High-Pressure Nickel Borate γ-NiB4O7. Inorganic Chemistry 56 (7), pp. 4217-4228. Fulltext not available.

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