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Amesöder, Christian , Hartig, Florian and Pichler, Maximilian (2024) ‘cito': an R package for training neural networks using ‘torch'. Ecography 2024 (6).

Huber, Lorenz, Szymski, Dominik , Krutsch, Werner, Alt, Volker and Weber, Johannes (2024) Video analysis of heading and risk of head injury situations in elite international men's football: Does the frequency of headers increase with the level of play? European Journal of Sport Science 24 (4), pp. 518-524.

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Braun‐Reichert, Ralf , Rubanschi, Sven and Poschlod, Peter (2021) The importance of small natural features in forests—How the overgrowth of forest gaps affects indigenous flower supply and flower‐visiting insects and seed sets of six Campanula species. Ecology and Evolution 11 (17), pp. 11991-12002.

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