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Brandstetter, Susanne , Dodoo-Schittko, Frank, Brandl, Magdalena, Blecha, Sebastian, Bein, Thomas, Apfelbacher, Christian and DACAPO, study group (2019) Ambulatory and stationary healthcare use in survivors of ARDS during the first year after discharge from ICU: findings from the DACAPO cohort. Annals of Intensive Care 9 (70), pp. 1-11.

Gabes, Michaela, Knüttel, Helge , Prinsen, Cecilia A. C. and Apfelbacher, Christian J. (2019) Measurement properties of patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs) for women with Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause: a systematic review. Experimental Dermatology 28 (3), e109.

Loss, Julika , Müller, Daniel, Weigl, Johannes, Helbig, Horst, Brandl, Caroline , Heid, Iris M., Finger, Robert P., Weber, Bernhard H. F. and Curbach, Janina (2018) Views of ophthalmologists on the genetics of age-related macular degeneration: Results of a qualitative study. PLOS ONE 13 (12), e0209328.

Atzendorf, Josefine, Apfelbacher, Christian J. , Gomes de Matos, Elena, Kraus, Ludwig and Piontek, Daniela (2018) Patterns of multiple lifestyle risk factors and their link to mental health in the German adult population: a cross-sectional study. BMJ Open 8 (12), e022184.

McCool-Myers, Megan , Theurich, Melissa A. , Zülke, Andrea, Knüttel, Helge and Apfelbacher, Christian J. (2018) Predictors of female sexual dysfunction: a systematic review and qualitative analysis through gender inequality paradigms. BMC Women's Health 18, p. 108.

Ernstberger, Antonio, Koller, Michael, Zeman, Florian, Kerschbaum, Maximilian, Hilber, Franz, Diepold, Eva, Loss, Julika, Herbst, Tanja and Nerlich, Michael (2018) A trauma network with centralized and local health care structures: Evaluating the effectiveness of the first certified Trauma Network of the German Society of Trauma Surgery. PLOS ONE 13 (3), e0194292.

Loss, Julika , Weigl, Johannes, Ernstberger, Antonio, Nerlich, Michael, Koller, Michael and Curbach, Janina (2018) Social capital in a regional inter-hospital network among trauma centers (trauma network): results of a qualitative study in Germany. BMC Health Services Research 18 (137), pp. 1-14.

Brandl, Magdalena, Böhmer, Merle M., Brandstetter, Susanne, Finger, Tamara, Fischer, Wiebke, Pfeifer, Michael and Apfelbacher, Christian (2018) Factors associated with generic health-related quality of life (HRQOL) in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD): a cross-sectional study. Journal of Thoracic Disease 10 (2), pp. 766-775.

Dodoo-Schittko, Frank, Brandstetter, Susanne, Brandl, Magdalena, Blecha, Sebastian, Quintel, Michael, Weber-Carstens, Steffen, Kluge, Stefan, Kirschning, Thomas, Muders, Thomas, Bercker, Sven, Ellger, Björn, Arndt, Christian, Meybohm, Patrick, Adamzik, Michael, Goldmann, Anton, Karagiannidis, Christian, Bein, Thomas and Apfelbacher, Christian (2018) German-wide prospective DACAPO cohort of survivors of the acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS): a cohort profile. BMJ Open 8 (4), e019342.

Blecha, Sebastian, Dodoo-Schittko, Frank, Brandstetter, Susanne, Brandl, Magdalena, Dittmar, Michael, Graf, Bernhard M., Karagiannidis, Christian, Apfelbacher, Christian and Bein, Thomas (2018) Quality of inter-hospital transportation in 431 transport survivor patients suffering from acute respiratory distress syndrome referred to specialist centers. Annals of Intensive Care 8 (1), pp. 1-9.

Dodoo-Schittko, Frank, Brandstetter, Susanne, Blecha, Sebastian, Thomann-Hackner, Kathrin, Brandl, Magdalena, Knüttel, Helge , Bein, Thomas and Apfelbacher, Christian J. (2017) Determinants of quality of life and return to work following acute respiratory distress syndrome — a systematic review. Deutsches Ärzteblatt International 114 (7), pp. 103-109.

Aßländer, Michael S. and Curbach, Janina (2017) Corporate or Governmental Duties? Corporate Citizenship From a Governmental Perspective. Business & Society 56 (4), pp. 617-645. Fulltext not available.

Ofenloch, Robert F. , Oosterhaven, Jart A.F. , Susitaival, Päivikki, Svensson, Åke, Weisshaar, Elke, Minamoto, Keiko, Onder, Meltem, Schuttelaar, Marie Louise A. , Bulbul Baskan, Emel, Diepgen, Thomas L. and Apfelbacher, Christian (2017) Cross-Cultural Validation of the Quality of Life in Hand Eczema Questionnaire (QOLHEQ). Journal of Investigative Dermatology 137 (7), pp. 1454-1460. Fulltext not available.

Apfelbacher, Christian , Brandstetter, Susanne, Herr, Raphael, Ehrenstein, Boris and Loerbroks, Adrian (2017) Depression and inflammatory arthritis are associated in both Western and Non-Western countries: Findings from the World Health Survey 2002. Journal of Psychosomatic Research 92, pp. 49-54. Fulltext not available.

Brandstetter, Susanne, Finger, Tamara , Fischer, Wiebke, Brandl, Magdalena, Böhmer, Merle, Pfeifer, Michael and Apfelbacher, Christian (2017) Differences in medication adherence are associated with beliefs about medicines in asthma and COPD. Clinical and Translational Allergy 7 (1). Fulltext not available.

Heratizadeh, Annice, Werfel, Thomas, Wollenberg, Andreas, Abraham, Susanne, Plank-Habibi, Sibylle, Schnopp, Christina, Sticherling, Michael, Apfelbacher, Christian, Biedermann, Tilo, Breuer, Kristine, Fell, Isabel, Fölster-Holst, Regina, Heine, Guido , Grimm, Jennifer, Hennighausen, Lars, Kugler, Claudia, Reese, Imke, Ring, Johannes, Schäkel, Knut, Schmitt, Jochen, Seikowski, Kurt, von Stebut, Esther, Wagner, Nicola, Waßmann-Otto, Anja, Wienke-Graul, Ute, Weisshaar, Elke, Worm, Margitta, Gieler, Uwe, Kupfer, Joerg, Brauner, Katrin, Dölle, Sabine, Ehmann, Laura, Hagmaier, Ute, Eberlein, Susanne, Kroth, Julia, Lämmerhirt, Katja, Landleiter, Rosemarie, Lorenz, Ute, Lüdemann, Anja, Matterne, Uwe, Mitzel-Rink, Heidrun, Niebuhr, Margarete, Rehberg, Tessa, Vogel, Sandra and Wichmann, Katja (2017) Effects of structured patient education in adults with atopic dermatitis: Multicenter randomized controlled trial. Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology 140 (3), 845-853.e3. Fulltext not available.

Böhmer, Merle M., Brandl, Magdalena, Brandstetter, Susanne, Finger, Tamara , Fischer, Wiebke, Pfeifer, Michael and Apfelbacher, Christian (2017) Factors associated with generic health-related quality of life in adult asthma patients in Germany: Cross-sectional study. Journal of Asthma 54 (3), pp. 325-334. Fulltext not available.

Oosterhaven, Jart A. F. , Schuttelaar, Marie L. A., Apfelbacher, Christian, Diepgen, Thomas L. and Ofenloch, Robert F. (2017) Guideline for translation and national validation of the Quality of Life in Hand Eczema Questionnaire (QOLHEQ). Contact Dermatitis 77 (2), pp. 106-115. Fulltext not available.

Schmitt, Jochen, Lange, Toni, Günther, Klaus-Peter, Kopkow, Christian , Rataj, Elisabeth, Apfelbacher, Christian, Aringer, Martin , Böhle, Eckhardt, Bork, Hartmut, Dreinhöfer, Karsten , Friederich, Niklaus, Frosch, Karl-Heinz, Gravius, Sascha, Gromnica-Ihle, Erika, Heller, Karl-Dieter, Kirschner, Stephan, Kladny, Bernd, Kohlhof, Hendrik, Kremer, Michael, Leuchten, Nicolai, Lippmann, Maike, Malzahn, Jürgen, Meyer, Heiko, Sabatowski, Rainer, Scharf, Hanns-Peter, Stoeve, Johannes, Wagner, Richard and Lützner, Jörg (2017) Indication Criteria for Total Knee Arthroplasty in Patients with Osteoarthritis – A Multi-perspective Consensus Study. Zeitschrift für Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie 155 (05), pp. 539-548. Fulltext not available.

Heinl, D., Prinsen, C.A.C., Sach, T. , Drucker, A.M., Ofenloch, R. , Flohr, C. and Apfelbacher, C. (2017) Measurement properties of quality-of-life measurement instruments for infants, children and adolescents with eczema: a systematic review. British Journal of Dermatology 176 (4), pp. 878-889. Fulltext not available.

Brandstetter, Susanne, Riedelbeck, Gertraud, Steinmann, Mark, Ehrenstein, Boris, Loss, Julika and Apfelbacher, Christian (2017) Pain, social support and depressive symptoms in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: testing the stress-buffering hypothesis. Rheumatology International 37 (6), pp. 931-936. Fulltext not available.

Apfelbacher, C.J. (2017) Research questions for the treatment of alopecia areata have been prioritized. British Journal of Dermatology 176 (5), pp. 1128-1129. Fulltext not available.

Apfelbacher, Christian J., Heinl, Daniel and Smith, Helen E. (2017) Several patient-reported outcome measures exist for children with atopic eczema/dermatitis, but their validity is largely unknown. Pediatric Allergy and Immunology 28 (7), pp. 699-700. Fulltext not available.

Gerbens, Louise A. A., Boyce, Aaron E., Wall, Dmitri, Barbarot, Sebastien , de Booij, Richard J., Deleuran, Mette, Middelkamp-Hup, Maritza A., Roberts, Amanda, Vestergaard, Christian, Weidinger, Stephan, Apfelbacher, Christian J., Irvine, Alan D. , Schmitt, Jochen, Williamson, Paula R., Spuls, Phyllis I. and Flohr, Carsten (2017) TREatment of ATopic eczema (TREAT) Registry Taskforce: protocol for an international Delphi exercise to identify a core set of domains and domain items for national atopic eczema registries. Trials 18 (1). Fulltext not available.

Brandstetter, Susanne, Dodoo-Schittko, Frank, Speerforck, Sven, Apfelbacher, Christian, Grabe, Hans-Jörgen, Jacobi, Frank , Hapke, Ulfert, Schomerus, Georg and Baumeister, Sebastian E. (2017) Trends in non-help-seeking for mental disorders in Germany between 1997–1999 and 2009–2012: a repeated cross-sectional study. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology 52 (8), pp. 1005-1013. Fulltext not available.

Apfelbacher, Christian J., Jones, Christina J., Frew, Anthony and Smith, Helen (2016) Validity of three asthma-specific quality of life questionnaires: the patients' perspective. BMJ Open 2016 (6), e011793.

Heinl, Daniel, Prinsen, Cecilia A. C., Apfelbacher, Christian J., Drucker, Aaron M., Ofenloch, Robert, Humphreys, Rosemary, Sach, Tracey and Flohr, Carsten (2016) Measurement properties of quality of life measurement instruments for infants, children and adolescents with eczema: protocol for a systematic review. Systematic Reviews 5 (25), pp. 1-10.

Brandstetter, Susanne, Riedelbeck, Gertraud, Steinmann, Mark, Loss, Julika, Ehrenstein, Boris and Apfelbacher, Christian J. (2016) Depression moderates the associations between beliefs about medicines and medication adherence in patients with rheumatoid arthritis: Cross-sectional study. Journal of Health Psychology.

Gerbens, L. A. A., Prinsen, C. A. C., Chalmers, J. R. , Drucker, A. M., von Kobyletzki, L. B., Limpens, J. , Nankervis, H., Svensson, Å., Terwee, C. B., Zhang, J., Apfelbacher, C. J. and Spuls, P. I. (2016) Evaluation of the measurement properties of symptom measurement instruments for atopic eczema: a systematic review. Allergy 72 (1), pp. 146-163. Fulltext not available.

Apfelbacher, Christian J., Heinl, Daniel, Nankervis, Helen and Chalmers, Joanne (2015) Eczema Trials: Quality of Life Instruments Used and Their Relation to Patient-reported Outcomes. A Systematic Review. Acta Dermato Venereologica 2016 (96), pp. 1-24.

Brandstetter, Susanne, Curbach, Janina, Lindacher, Verena, Rueter, Jana, Warrelmann, Berit and Loss, Julika (2015) Empowerment for healthy nutrition in German communities: a study framework. Health Promotion International, dav092. Fulltext not available.

McCool, Megan E., Theurich, Melissa A. and Apfelbacher, Christian J. (2014) Prevalence and predictors of female sexual dysfunction: a protocol for a systematic review. Systematic Reviews 3 (75).

Thesis of the University of Regensburg

Rüter, Jana Marie (2019) Die Bedeutung verhältnisbezogener Faktoren für das Ernährungsverhalten - multidimensionale qualitative Analyse der wahrgenommenen Ernährungsumgebung bei Senioren. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Heinl, Daniel (2018) What are the best quality of life measurement instruments for eczema? Perspectives on popularity and quality as a contribution to developing a core outcome set. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Fischer, Wiebke (2018) Specific, but not general beliefs about medicines are associated with Medication adherence in Patients with COPD, but not Asthma: Cohort study in a population of people with chronic pulmonary disease. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Zimmermann, Tanja-Maria (2018) Versorgungsabläufe bei kolorektalen Lebermetastasen - Ergebnisse einer standardisierten Patienten-Erhebung. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Lindacher, Verena (2017) Evaluation von Empowerment in der Gesundheitsförderung:
Entwicklung von Kriterien methodischer Qualität auf Basis
einer systematischen Übersichtsarbeit und einer Analyse des
Empowerment-Projekts „GENIESSER Oberpfalz“.
PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Weigl, Johannes (2017) Zusammenschluss von unfallchirurgischen Abteilungen zu einem regionalen TraumaNetzwerk (DGU): Eine qualitative Studie zu Auswirkungen auf Strukturen, Prozesse, Versorgungsqualität und Sozialkapital (social capital) am Beispiel des TraumaNetzwerks Ostbayern (TNO). PhD, Universität Regensburg.

McCool, Megan Elizabeth (2017) Epidemiology and care of female sexual dysfunction. PhD, Universität Regensburg.


Knüttel, Helge (2017) Documentation of a Systematic Literature Search: Determinants of Quality of Life and Return to Work Following Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome - A Systematic Review. [Dataset]


McCool, Megan E., Theurich, Melissa, Apfelbacher, Christian J., Knüttel, Helge and Zülke, Andrea (2014) Prevalence and predictors of female sexual dysfunction: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Protocol.

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