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Braun-Reichert, Ralf, Koch, Alexandra , Sattler, Julia and Poschlod, Peter (2024) The loss of forest gaps, changes of vegetation and wild bee communities from 1975 to 2020 – increasing numbers of endangered wild bee species despite negative habitat trends in the Danube valley. Forest Ecology and Management 562, p. 121968.

Li, Xingli (2024) Reaktionen auf Hitzestress und funktionelle Analyse von LIM6 und LIM14 in den späten Stadien der Pollenentwicklung bei Mais. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Esposito, Silvia (2023) Transcription elongation factors and the chromatin status affect alternative splicing in Arabidopsis Thaliana. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Obermeyer, Simon, Schrettenbrunner, Lukas, Stöckl, Richard , Schwartz, Uwe and Grasser, Klaus D. (2023) Different elongation factors distinctly modulate RNA polymerase II transcription in Arabidopsis. Nucleic Acids Research.

Tushabe, Donam, Altmann, Franziska, Koehler, Erik, Woods, Sebastian and Rosbakh, Sergey (2023) Negative effects of high-temperature stress on gametophyte performance and their consequences for seed reproduction in wild plants. Environmental and Experimental Botany 216, p. 105532.

Scheunert, Agnes , Lautenschlager, Ulrich , Ott, Tankred and Oberprieler, Christoph (2023) Nano‐Strainer: A workflow for the identification of single‐copy nuclear loci for plant systematic studies, using target capture kits and Oxford Nanopore long reads. Ecology and Evolution 13 (7).

Dayrell, Roberta L. C. , Ott, Tankred , Horrocks, Tom and Poschlod, Peter (2023) Automated extraction of seed morphological traits from images. Methods in Ecology and Evolution 14 (7), pp. 1708-1718.

Oberpriller, Johannes (2022) Exploring robustness and uncertainties of projections with forest ecosystem models. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Wang, Lele (2022) Analysis of novel cysteine-rich peptides during reproductive processes in Zea mays. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Bachofen, Christoph, Hülsmann, Lisa, Revill, Andrew, Buchmann, Nina and D'Odorico, Petra (2022) Accounting for foliar gradients in Vcmax and Jmax improves estimates of net CO2 exchange of forests. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 314, p. 108771. Fulltext not available.

Li, Ling , Hou, Saiying, Xiang, Wei, Song, Zihan, Wang, Yuan, Zhang, Li, Li, Jing , Gu, Hongya, Dong, Juan , Dresselhaus, Thomas, Zhong, Sheng and Qu, Li‐Jia (2022) The egg cell is preferentially fertilized in Arabidopsis double fertilization. Journal of Integrative Plant Biology 64 (11), pp. 2039-2046. Fulltext not available.

Kaulfuß, Franziska and Reisch, Christoph (2021) Restoration of species‐rich grasslands by transfer of local plant material and its impact on species diversity and genetic variation—Findings of a practical restoration project in southeastern Germany. Ecology and Evolution 11 (18), pp. 12816-12833.

Pagel, Ellen (2021) Genetic and Epigenetic Variation of Typical Grassland Species – Habitat Specific Processes and Implications for Conservation. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Saeidi Ghavi Andam, Sara (2021) A pedoanthracological and palynological approach to study man-climate-ecosystem interactions during the Holocene in Persepolis basin (SW-Iran). PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Yu, Xiaobo , Zhang, Xuecheng, Zhao, Peng , Peng, Xiongbo, Chen, Hong, Bleckmann, Andrea, Bazhenova, Anastasiia, Shi, Ce , Dresselhaus, Thomas and Sun, Meng-xiang (2021) Fertilized egg cells secrete endopeptidases to avoid polytubey. Nature 592 (7854), pp. 433-437. Fulltext not available.

Kimberley, Adam , Hooftman, Danny , Bullock, James M., Honnay, Olivier , Krickl, Patricia, Lindgren, Jessica, Plue, Jan, Poschlod, Peter , Traveset, Anna and Cousins, Sara A. O. (2021) Functional rather than structural connectivity explains grassland plant diversity patterns following landscape scale habitat loss. Landscape Ecology 36 (1), pp. 265-280. Fulltext not available.

Pagel, Ellen , Lehmair, Theresa A. , Poschlod, Peter and Reisch, Christoph (2020) Genetic Variation of Typical Plant Species in Hay Meadows: The Effect of Land Use History, Landscape Structure, and Habitat Quality. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 8 (593302), pp. 1-11.

Dresselhaus, Thomas , Flores‑Tornero, Maria, Wang, Lele , Potěšil, David, Hafidh, Said, Vogler, Frank, Zdráhal, Zbyněk, Honys, David and Sprunck, Stefanie (2020) Comparative analyses of angiosperm secretomes identify apoplastic pollen tube functions and novel secreted peptides. Plant Reproduction.

Lehmair, Theresa Anna, Pagel, Ellen , Poschlod, Peter and Reisch, Christoph (2020) Surrounding landscape structures, rather than habitat age, drive genetic variation of typical calcareous grassland plant species. Landscape Ecology 35, pp. 2881-2893.

Pagel, Ellen , Poschlod, Peter and Reisch, Christoph (2020) Habitat matters – Strong genetic and epigenetic differentiation in Linum catharticum from dry and wet grasslands. Ecology and Evolution 10 (18), pp. 10271-10280.

Ott, Tankred , Palm, Christoph , Vogt, Robert and Oberprieler, Christoph (2020) GinJinn: An object‐detection pipeline for automated feature extraction from herbarium specimens. Applications in Plant Sciences 8 (6), e11351.

Lehmair, Theresa Anna (2020) Biodiversity conservation in semi-natural grasslands – The significance of genetic and epigenetic variation. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Jeliazkov, Alienor, Mijatovic, Darko, Chantepie, Stéphane, Andrew, Nigel, Arlettaz, Raphaël, Barbaro, Luc, Barsoum, Nadia, Bartonova, Alena , Belskaya, Elena , Bonada, Núria , Brind’Amour, Anik, Carvalho, Rodrigo , Castro, Helena, Chmura, Damian , Choler, Philippe, Chong-Seng, Karen , Cleary, Daniel , Cormont, Anouk, Cornwell, William , de Campos, Ramiro, de Voogd, Nicole, Doledec, Sylvain, Drew, Joshua, Dziock, Frank, Eallonardo, Anthony, Edgar, Melanie J., Farneda, Fábio , Hernandez, Domingo Flores, Frenette-Dussault, Cédric, Fried, Guillaume , Gallardo, Belinda, Gibb, Heloise, Gonçalves-Souza, Thiago , Higuti, Janet, Humbert, Jean-Yves, Krasnov, Boris R., Saux, Eric Le, Lindo, Zoe, Lopez-Baucells, Adria , Lowe, Elizabeth , Marteinsdottir, Bryndis , Martens, Koen, Meffert, Peter, Mellado-Díaz, Andres, Menz, Myles H. M. , Meyer, Christoph F. J. , Miranda, Julia Ramos, Mouillot, David, Ossola, Alessandro , Pakeman, Robin, Pavoine, Sandrine, Pekin, Burak, Pino, Joan, Pocheville, Arnaud, Pomati, Francesco, Poschlod, Peter, Prentice, Honor C., Purschke, Oliver , Raevel, Valerie, Reitalu, Triin , Renema, Willem, Ribera, Ignacio, Robinson, Natalie, Robroek, Bjorn , Rocha, Ricardo , Shieh, Sen-Her, Spake, Rebecca , Staniaszek-Kik, Monika , Stanko, Michal , Tejerina-Garro, Francisco Leonardo , Braak, Cajo ter , Urban, Mark C., Klink, Roel van, Villéger, Sébastien , Wegman, Ruut, Westgate, Martin J., Wolff, Jonas , Żarnowiec, Jan, Zolotarev, Maxim and Chase, Jonathan M. (2020) A global database for metacommunity ecology, integrating species, traits, environment and space. Scientific Data 7 (1). Fulltext not available.

Ruiz-Benito, Paloma , Vacchiano, Giorgio , Lines, Emily R., Reyer, Christopher P. O. , Ratcliffe, Sophia , Morin, Xavier, Hartig, Florian , Mäkelä, Annikki , Yousefpour, Rasoul, Chaves, Jimena E. , Palacios-Orueta, Alicia, Benito-Garzón, Marta, Morales-Molino, Cesar , Camarero, J. Julio, Jump, Alistair S., Kattge, Jens , Lehtonen, Aleksi , Ibrom, Andreas, Owen, Harry J. F. and Zavala, Miguel A. (2020) Available and missing data to model impact of climate change on European forests. Ecological Modelling 416, p. 108870. Fulltext not available.

Cailleret, Maxime , Bircher, Nicolas, Hartig, Florian, Hülsmann, Lisa and Bugmann, Harald (2020) Bayesian calibration of a growth‐dependent tree mortality model to simulate the dynamics of European temperate forests. Ecological Applications 30 (1). Fulltext not available.

Lehmair, Theresa Anna, Pagel, Ellen , Poschlod, Peter and Reisch, Christoph (2020) Genetic variation of litter meadow species reflects gene flow by hay transfer and mowing with agricultural machines. Conservation Genetics 21, pp. 879-890.

Reisch, Christoph and Sattler, Julia (2020) Impact of river dynamics on the genetic variation of Gypsophila repens (Caryophyllaceae): a comparison of heath forest and more dynamic gravel bank populations along an alpine river. Plant Biology 23, pp. 205-211.

Thrippleton, Timothy, Hülsmann, Lisa, Cailleret, Maxime and Bugmann, Harald (2020) Projecting Forest Dynamics Across Europe: Potentials and Pitfalls of Empirical Mortality Algorithms. Ecosystems 23 (1), pp. 188-203. Fulltext not available.

Phartyal, Shyam S., Rosbakh, Sergey , Ritz, C. and Poschlod, Peter (2020) Ready for change: seed traits contribute to the high adaptability of mudflat species to their unpredictable habitat. Journal of Vegetation Science 31, pp. 331-342.

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R., Adamidis, George C. , Adamson, Kairi, Aiba, Masahiro, Albert, Cécile H., Alcántara, Julio M., Alcázar C, Carolina, Aleixo, Izabela, Ali, Hamada, Amiaud, Bernard, Ammer, Christian, Amoroso, Mariano M., Anand, Madhur, Anderson, Carolyn, Anten, Niels, Antos, Joseph, Apgaua, Deborah Mattos Guimarães, Ashman, Tia‐Lynn, Asmara, Degi Harja, Asner, Gregory P., Aspinwall, Michael, Atkin, Owen, Aubin, Isabelle, Baastrup‐Spohr, Lars, Bahalkeh, Khadijeh, Bahn, Michael, Baker, Timothy, Baker, William J., Bakker, Jan P., Baldocchi, Dennis, Baltzer, Jennifer, Banerjee, Arindam, Baranger, Anne, Barlow, Jos, Barneche, Diego R., Baruch, Zdravko, Bastianelli, Denis, Battles, John, Bauerle, William, Bauters, Marijn, Bazzato, Erika, Beckmann, Michael, Beeckman, Hans, Beierkuhnlein, Carl, Bekker, Renee, Belfry, Gavin, Belluau, Michael , Beloiu, Mirela, Benavides, Raquel, Benomar, Lahcen, Berdugo‐Lattke, Mary Lee, Berenguer, Erika, Bergamin, Rodrigo, Bergmann, Joana , Bergmann Carlucci, Marcos , Berner, Logan, Bernhardt‐Römermann, Markus, Bigler, Christof , Bjorkman, Anne D., Blackman, Chris, Blanco, Carolina, Blonder, Benjamin, Blumenthal, Dana, Bocanegra‐González, Kelly T., Boeckx, Pascal, Bohlman, Stephanie, Böhning‐Gaese, Katrin, Boisvert‐Marsh, Laura, Bond, William, Bond‐Lamberty, Ben, Boom, Arnoud, Boonman, Coline C. 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B., Kramer, Koen, Kreft, Holger, Kühn, Ingolf, Kumarathunge, Dushan, Kuppler, Jonas, Kurokawa, Hiroko, Kurosawa, Yoko, Kuyah, Shem, Laclau, Jean‐Paul, Lafleur, Benoit, Lallai, Erik, Lamb, Eric, Lamprecht, Andrea, Larkin, Daniel J., Laughlin, Daniel, Le Bagousse‐Pinguet, Yoann, Maire, Guerric, Roux, Peter C. , Roux, Elizabeth , Lee, Tali, Lens, Frederic , Lewis, Simon L., Lhotsky, Barbara, Li, Yuanzhi, Li, Xine, Lichstein, Jeremy W., Liebergesell, Mario, Lim, Jun Ying, Lin, Yan‐Shih, Linares, Juan Carlos, Liu, Chunjiang, Liu, Daijun, Liu, Udayangani, Livingstone, Stuart, Llusià, Joan, Lohbeck, Madelon, López‐García, Álvaro, Lopez‐Gonzalez, Gabriela, Lososová, Zdeňka, Louault, Frédérique, Lukács, Balázs A., Lukeš, Petr, Luo, Yunjian, Lussu, Michele, Ma, Siyan, Maciel Rabelo Pereira, Camilla, Mack, Michelle, Maire, Vincent, Mäkelä, Annikki, Mäkinen, Harri, Malhado, Ana Claudia Mendes, Mallik, Azim, Manning, Peter , Manzoni, Stefano, Marchetti, Zuleica, Marchino, Luca, Marcilio‐Silva, Vinicius, Marcon, Eric, Marignani, Michela, Markesteijn, Lars, Martin, Adam, Martínez‐Garza, Cristina, Martínez‐Vilalta, Jordi, Mašková, Tereza, Mason, Kelly, Mason, Norman, Massad, Tara Joy, Masse, Jacynthe, Mayrose, Itay, McCarthy, James, McCormack, M. 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D., Minden, Vanessa, Ming, Ray, Mokany, Karel, Moles, Angela T., Molnár, Attila, Molofsky, Jane, Molz, Martin, Montgomery, Rebecca A., Monty, Arnaud, Moravcová, Lenka, Moreno‐Martínez, Alvaro, Moretti, Marco, Mori, Akira S., Mori, Shigeta, Morris, Dave, Morrison, Jane, Mucina, Ladislav, Mueller, Sandra, Muir, Christopher D., Müller, Sandra Cristina, Munoz, François, Myers‐Smith, Isla H., Myster, Randall W., Nagano, Masahiro, Naidu, Shawna, Narayanan, Ayyappan, Natesan, Balachandran, Negoita, Luka, Nelson, Andrew S., Neuschulz, Eike Lena, Ni, Jian, Niedrist, Georg, Nieto, Jhon, Niinemets, Ülo, Nolan, Rachael , Nottebrock, Henning, Nouvellon, Yann, Novakovskiy, Alexander, Nystuen, Kristin Odden, O'Grady, Anthony, O'Hara, Kevin, O'Reilly‐Nugent, Andrew, Oakley, Simon, Oberhuber, Walter, Ohtsuka, Toshiyuki, Oliveira, Ricardo, Öllerer, Kinga , Olson, Mark E., Onipchenko, Vladimir, Onoda, Yusuke, Onstein, Renske E., Ordonez, Jenny C., Osada, Noriyuki, Ostonen, Ivika, Ottaviani, Gianluigi, Otto, Sarah, Overbeck, Gerhard E., Ozinga, Wim A., Pahl, Anna T., Paine, C. 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R., Roberts, Scott, Robroek, Bjorn , Roddy, Adam, Rodrigues, Arthur Vinicius, Rogers, Alistair , Rollinson, Emily, Rolo, Victor , Römermann, Christine, Ronzhina, Dina , Roscher, Christiane, Rosell, Julieta A., Rosenfield, Milena Fermina, Rossi, Christian , Roy, David B., Royer‐Tardif, Samuel, Rüger, Nadja, Ruiz‐Peinado, Ricardo, Rumpf, Sabine B. , Rusch, Graciela M., Ryo, Masahiro, Sack, Lawren, Saldaña, Angela, Salgado‐Negret, Beatriz, Salguero‐Gomez, Roberto, Santa‐Regina, Ignacio, Santacruz‐García, Ana Carolina, Santos, Joaquim, Sardans, Jordi, Schamp, Brandon, Scherer‐Lorenzen, Michael, Schleuning, Matthias, Schmid, Bernhard, Schmidt, Marco , Schmitt, Sylvain, Schneider, Julio V., Schowanek, Simon D., Schrader, Julian, Schrodt, Franziska, Schuldt, Bernhard , Schurr, Frank, Selaya Garvizu, Galia, Semchenko, Marina, Seymour, Colleen, Sfair, Julia C., Sharpe, Joanne M., Sheppard, Christine S., Sheremetiev, Serge, Shiodera, Satomi, Shipley, Bill, Shovon, Tanvir Ahmed, Siebenkäs, Alrun, Sierra, Carlos, Silva, Vasco , Silva, Mateus , Sitzia, Tommaso, Sjöman, Henrik, Slot, Martijn, Smith, Nicholas G., Sodhi, Darwin, Soltis, Pamela, Soltis, Douglas, Somers, Ben, Sonnier, Grégory, Sørensen, Mia Vedel, Sosinski, Enio Egon, Soudzilovskaia, Nadejda A., Souza, Alexandre F., Spasojevic, Marko, Sperandii, Marta Gaia , Stan, Amanda B., Stegen, James, Steinbauer, Klaus, Stephan, Jörg G. , Sterck, Frank, Stojanovic, Dejan B., Strydom, Tanya, Suarez, Maria Laura, Svenning, Jens‐Christian, Svitková, Ivana, Svitok, Marek , Svoboda, Miroslav, Swaine, Emily, Swenson, Nathan, Tabarelli, Marcelo, Takagi, Kentaro, Tappeiner, Ulrike, Tarifa, Rubén, Tauugourdeau, Simon, Tavsanoglu, Cagatay, Beest, Mariska, Tedersoo, Leho, Thiffault, Nelson , Thom, Dominik, Thomas, Evert, Thompson, Ken, Thornton, Peter E., Thuiller, Wilfried, Tichý, Lubomír, Tissue, David, Tjoelker, Mark G., Tng, David Yue Phin, Tobias, Joseph, Török, Péter, Tarin, Tonantzin, Torres‐Ruiz, José M., Tóthmérész, Béla, Treurnicht, Martina, Trivellone, Valeria, Trolliet, Franck, Trotsiuk, Volodymyr, Tsakalos, James L., Tsiripidis, Ioannis, Tysklind, Niklas, Umehara, Toru, Usoltsev, Vladimir, Vadeboncoeur, Matthew, Vaezi, Jamil, Valladares, Fernando, Vamosi, Jana, Bodegom, Peter M., Breugel, Michiel, Van Cleemput, Elisa, Weg, Martine, Merwe, Stephni, Plas, Fons, Sande, Masha T., Kleunen, Mark, Van Meerbeek, Koenraad, Vanderwel, Mark, Vanselow, Kim André, Vårhammar, Angelica, Varone, Laura, Vasquez Valderrama, Maribel Yesenia, Vassilev, Kiril, Vellend, Mark, Veneklaas, Erik J. , Verbeeck, Hans, Verheyen, Kris, Vibrans, Alexander, Vieira, Ima, Villacís, Jaime, Violle, Cyrille, Vivek, Pandi, Wagner, Katrin, Waldram, Matthew, Waldron, Anthony, Walker, Anthony P., Waller, Martyn, Walther, Gabriel, Wang, Han , Wang, Feng , Wang, Weiqi , Watkins, Harry , Watkins, James , Weber, Ulrich, Weedon, James T., Wei, Liping, Weigelt, Patrick, Weiher, Evan, Wells, Aidan W. , Wellstein, Camilla, Wenk, Elizabeth, Westoby, Mark , Westwood, Alana, White, Philip John, Whitten, Mark, Williams, Mathew , Winkler, Daniel E. , Winter, Klaus, Womack, Chevonne, Wright, Ian J. , Wright, S. 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