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Hernangómez-Pérez, Daniel, Torres, Juan Daniel and López, Alexander (2020) Photoinduced electronic and spin properties of two-dimensional electron gases with Rashba spin-orbit coupling under perpendicular magnetic fields. Phys. Rev. B 102, p. 165414.

Hernangómez-Pérez, Daniel , Schlör, Jakob , Egger, David A., Patera, Laerte L. , Repp, Jascha and Evers, Ferdinand (2020) Reorganization energy and polaronic effects of pentacene on NaCl films. Physical Review B 102, p. 115419.

Camarasa-Gómez, María, Hernangómez‐Pérez, Daniel, Inkpen, Michael S., Lovat, Giacomo, Fung, E-Dean, Roy, Xavier, Venkataraman, Latha and Evers, Ferdinand (2020) Mechanically Tunable Quantum Interference in Ferrocene-Based Single-Molecule Junctions. Nano Letters 20 (9), pp. 6381-6386. Fulltext not available.

Magazzù, Luca and Grifoni, Milena (2019) Transmission spectra of an ultrastrongly coupled qubit-dissipative resonator system. Journal of Statistical Mechanics: Theory and Experiment 104002.

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Gunasekaran, Suman , Hernangómez-Pérez, Daniel, Davydenko, Iryna, Marder, Seth , Evers, Ferdinand and Venkataraman, Latha (2018) Near Length-Independent Conductance in Polymethine Molecular Wires. Nano Letters 18 (10), pp. 6387-6391. Fulltext not available.

Thoss, Michael and Evers, Ferdinand (2018) Perspective: Theory of quantum transport in molecular junctions. The Journal of Chemical Physics 148 (3), 030901. Fulltext not available.

Li, Haixing, Su, Timothy A., Camarasa‐Gómez, María, Hernangómez‐Pérez, Daniel, Henn, Simon E., Pokorný, Vladislav, Caniglia, Caravaggio D., Inkpen, Michael S., Korytár, Richard, Steigerwald, Michael L., Nuckolls, Colin, Evers, Ferdinand and Venkataraman, Latha (2017) Silver Makes Better Electrical Contacts to Thiol‐Terminated Silanes than Gold. Angewandte Chemie 129 (45), pp. 14333-14336. Fulltext not available.

Yu, Ping , Kocić, Nemanja, Repp, Jascha , Siegert, Benjamin and Donarini, Andrea (2017) Apparent Reversal of Molecular Orbitals Reveals Entanglement. Physical Review Letters 119 (5), 056801.

Bera, Soumya, De Tomasi, Giuseppe, Weiner, Felix and Evers, Ferdinand (2017) Density Propagator for Many-Body Localization: Finite-Size Effects, Transient Subdiffusion, and Exponential Decay. Physical Review Letters 118 (19).

Zudov, M. A., Dmitriev, I. A. , Friess, B., Shi, Q., Umansky, V., von Klitzing, K. and Smet, J. (2017) Hall field-induced resistance oscillations in a tunable-density GaAs quantum well. Physical Review B 96 (12).

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Evers, Ferdinand and Venkataraman, Latha (2017) Preface: Special Topic on Frontiers in Molecular Scale Electronics. The Journal of Chemical Physics 146 (9), 092101. Fulltext not available.

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Li, Haixing , Su, Timothy A., Camarasa-Gómez, María, Hernangómez-Pérez, Daniel , Henn, Simon E., Pokorný, Vladislav , Caniglia, Caravaggio D., Inkpen, Michael S. , Korytár, Richard, Steigerwald, Michael L., Nuckolls, Colin, Evers, Ferdinand and Venkataraman, Latha (2017) Silver Makes Better Electrical Contacts to Thiol-Terminated Silanes than Gold. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 56 (45), pp. 14145-14148. Fulltext not available.

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Yelin, T., Korytár, R. , Sukenik, N., Vardimon, R., Kumar, B., Nuckolls, C., Evers, F. and Tal, O. (2016) Conductance saturation in a series of highly transmitting molecular junctions. Nature Materials 15 (4), pp. 444-449. Fulltext not available.

Lin, Xiaohang, Evers, Ferdinand and Groß, Axel (2016) First-principles study of the structure of water layers on flat and stepped Pb electrodes. Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology 7, pp. 533-543. Fulltext not available.

Seiler, Christian and Evers, Ferdinand (2016) Functional renormalization group approach to electronic structure calculations for systems without translational symmetry. Physical Review B 94 (15). Fulltext not available.

Weik, Norman , Schindler, Johannes, Bera, Soumya, Solomon, Gemma C. and Evers, Ferdinand (2016) Graphene with vacancies: Supernumerary zero modes. Physical Review B 94 (6). Fulltext not available.


Peng, Jinbo , Sokolov, Sophia, Hernangómez-Pérez, Daniel, Evers, Ferdinand, Gross, Leo, Lupton, John M. and Repp, Jascha (2021) Data archive of "Atomically resolved single-molecule triplet quenching". [Dataset] Fulltext restricted.

Schmid, C. P., Junk, Vanessa , Schlauderer, Stefan, Gorini, Cosimo , Weigl, Leonard, Ito, Seera, Meierhofer, Manuel, Hofmann, Niklas, Afanasiev, Dmitry, Crewse, Jack, Kokh, K. A., Tereshchenko, O. E., Güdde, Jens, Evers, Ferdinand, Wilhelm, J., Richter, Klaus and Huber, Rupert (2021) Data archive of 'Tuneable non-integer high-harmonic generation in a topological insulator'. [Dataset] Fulltext restricted.

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