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Meurer, Florian , Kleemiss, Florian , Riesinger, Christoph, Balázs, Gábor , Vuković, Vedran, Shenderovich, Ilya G. , Jelsch, Christian and Bodensteiner, Michael (2024) Probing the Isolobal Relation between Cp′′′NiP₃ and White Phosphorus by Experimental Charge Density Analysis. Chemistry – A European Journal.

Shenderovich, Ilya G. (2024) The Scope of the Applicability of Non‐relativistic DFT Calculations of NMR Chemical Shifts in Pyridine‐Metal Complexes for Applied Applications. ChemPhysChem.


Janesch, Melissa, Schwinghammer, Vanessa F., Shenderovich, Ilya G. and Gärtner, Stefanie (2023) Synthesis and characterization of ternary trielides Na7KTr4 [Tr=In or Tl] including [Tr4]8− Tetrahedra. Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie.


Schwinghammer, Vanessa F., Janesch, Melissa, Korber, Nikolaus and Gärtner, Stefanie (2022) Na₇RbTl₄ – A New Ternary Zintl Phase Containing [Tl₄ ] ⁸⁻ Tetrahedra. Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie 648 (24), e202200332.

Obermeyer, Simon, Stöckl, Richard , Schnekenburger, Tobias, Moehle, Christoph, Schwartz, Uwe and Grasser, Klaus D. (2022) Distinct role of subunits of the Arabidopsis RNA polymerase II elongation factor PAF1C in transcriptional reprogramming. Frontiers in Plant Science 13, p. 974625.

Meurer, Florian , Dolomanov, Oleg V., Hennig, Christoph , Peyerimhoff, Norbert , Kleemiss, Florian , Puschmann, Horst and Bodensteiner, Michael (2022) Refinement of anomalous dispersion correction parameters in single-crystal structure determinations. IUCrJ / International Union of Crystallography 9 (5), pp. 604-609.

Schwinghammer, Vanessa F., Janesch, Melissa, Kleemiss, Florian and Gärtner, Stefanie (2022) Single Crystal X‐Ray Structure Analyses of Binary and Ternary Compounds A 49 Tl 108+x ( A =K, Rb, Cs; x=0–1.76) Related to the K 49 Tl 108 Type Structure. Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie 648 (10), e202200117.

Meurer, Florian (2022) Anomalous Dispersion Refinements in the Range of Absorption Edges. Masters, Universität Regensburg.

Meurer, Florian , von Essen, Carolina, Kühn, Clemens, Puschmann, Horst and Bodensteiner, Michael (2022) The benefits of Cu Kβ radiation for the single-crystal X-ray structure determination of crystalline sponges. IUCrJ 9 (3), pp. 1-6.

Tiefenthaler, Susanne M., Kleemiss, Florian and Korber, Nikolaus (2022) [ A ([18]crown‐6)] 2 [Pt(CO) 3 ] ⋅ 10 NH 3 ( A =K, Rb) – A crystal structure containing the long postulated [Pt(CO) 3 ] 2−. Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie, e202100378.

Pawlȩdzio, Sylwia , Malinska, Maura , Kleemiss, Florian , Grabowsky, Simon and Woźniak, Krzysztof (2022) Aurophilic Interactions Studied by Quantum Crystallography. Inorganic Chemistry 61 (10), pp. 4235-4239. Fulltext not available.

Pawlędzio, Sylwia , Malinska, Maura , Kleemiss, Florian , Grabowsky, Simon and Woźniak, Krzysztof (2022) Influence of modelling disorder on Hirshfeld atom refinement results of an organo-gold(I) compound. IUCrJ 9 (4), pp. 497-507. Fulltext not available.

Vegas-Mendoza, Sonia M., Gutierrez-Ortega, José A., Moran-Salazar, Rene G., Cortes-Llamas, Sara A. , Carbajal-Arizaga, Gregorio G., Peregrina-Lucano, Alejandro A. , Shenderovich, Ilya G. , Torres-Santiago, Gabriela and Gómez-Salazar, Sergio (2022) L-Glutathione-Functionalized Silica Adsorbent for the Removal of Pesticide Malathion from Aqueous Solutions. Processes 10 (10), p. 2146. Fulltext not available.

Fathy, Amany, Ibrahim, Ahmed B. M. , Abd Elkhalik, S., Meurer, Florian , Bodensteiner, Michael and Abbas, S. M. (2022) Thiosemicarbazones and Derived Antimony Complexes: Synthesis, Structural Analysis, and In Vitro Evaluation against Bacterial, Fungal, and Cancer Cells. Inorganics 10 (10), p. 172. Fulltext not available.


Schwinghammer, Vanessa F., Tiefenthaler, Susanne M. and Gärtner, Stefanie (2021) The Role of Different Alkali Metals in the A15Tl27 Type Structure and the Synthesis and X-ray Structure Analysis of a New Substitutional Variant Cs14.53Tl28.4. Materials 14 (24), pp. 1-13.

Streitferdt, Verena, Tiefenthaler, Susanne M., Shenderovich, Ilya G. , Gärtner, Stefanie, Korber, Nikolaus and Gschwind, Ruth M. (2021) NMR‐Spectroscopic Detection of an Elusive Protonated and Coinage Metalated Silicide [NHC Dipp Cu(η 4 ‐Si 9 )H] 2− in Solution. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 36, pp. 3684-3690.

Heilmann, Jörg, Tremmel, Martina and Kiermaier, Josef (2021) In Vitro Metabolism of Six C-Glycosidic Flavonoids from Passiflora incarnata L. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 2021 (22), p. 6566. (Submitted)

Kleemiss, Florian , Dolomanov, Oleg V., Bodensteiner, Michael , Peyerimhoff, Norbert , Midgley, Laura , Bourhis, Luc J., Genoni, Alessandro , Malaspina, Lorraine A., Jayatilaka, Dylan , Spencer, John L. , White, Fraser, Grundkötter-Stock, Bernhard, Steinhauer, Simon, Lentz, Dieter, Puschmann, Horst and Grabowsky, Simon (2021) Accurate crystal structures and chemical properties from NoSpherA2. Chemical Science 12 (5), pp. 1675-1692. Fulltext not available.

Üngör, Ökten, Burrows, Maylu, Liu, Tianhan , Bodensteiner, Michael , Adhikari, Yuwaraj, Hua, Zhenqi , Casas, Brian, Balicas, Luis , Xiong, Peng and Shatruk, Michael (2021) Paramagnetic Molecular Semiconductors Combining Anisotropic Magnetic Ions with TCNQ Radical Anions. Inorganic Chemistry 60 (14), pp. 10502-10512. Fulltext not available.

Ibrahim, Ahmed B. M., Mahmoud, Ghada Abd‐Elmonsef , Meurer, Florian and Bodensteiner, Michael (2021) Preparation and crystallographic studies of a new mercuric salicylaldimine complex for fabrication of microscaled and nanoscaled mercuric sulfide as antimicrobial agents against human pathogenic yeasts and filamentous fungi. Applied Organometallic Chemistry 35 (3). Fulltext not available.

Midgley, Laura , Bourhis, Luc J., Dolomanov, Oleg V., Grabowsky, Simon , Kleemiss, Florian , Puschmann, Horst and Peyerimhoff, Norbert (2021) Vanishing of the atomic form factor derivatives in non-spherical structural refinement – a key approximation scrutinized in the case of Hirshfeld atom refinement. Acta Crystallographica Section A Foundations and Advances 77 (6), pp. 519-533. Fulltext not available.


Shenderovich, Ilya G. and Denisov, Gleb S. (2020) Adduct Under Field – a Qualitative Approach to Account for Solvent Effect on Hydrogen Bonding. Molecules 25, p. 436.

Gutiérrez-Ortega, José A., Gómez-Salazar, Sergio, Shenderovich, Ilya G. and Manríquez-González, Ricardo (2020) Efficiency and lead uptake mechanism of a phosphonate functionalized mesoporous silica through P/Pb association ratio. Materials Chemistry and Physics 239, p. 122037. Fulltext not available.

Shenderovich, Ilya G. (2020) For Whom a Puddle Is the Sea? Adsorption of Organic Guests on Hydrated MCM-41 Silica. Langmuir 36 (38), pp. 11383-11392. Fulltext not available.

Tiefenthaler, Susanne, Schlosser, Marc, Pielnhofer, Florian, Pfitzner, Arno , Gärtner, Stefanie and make_name_string expected hash reference (2020) Investigations on Tetragonally Distorted Sodium Thallide NaTl‐tI8. Zeitschrift für Anorganische und Allgemeine Chemie (ZAAC) 646, pp. 82-87.

Shelyapina, Marina G., Silyukov, Oleg I., Lushpinskaia, Irina P., Kurnosenko, Sergey A., Mazur, Anton S., Shenderovich, Ilya G. and Zvereva, Irina A. (2020) NMR Study of Intercalates and Grafted Organic Derivatives of H2La2Ti3O10. Molecules 25 (22), p. 5229. Fulltext not available.

Torres-Barthelemy, Verónica, Pérez-Hernández, Natalia, Shenderovich, Ilya G. , Tolstoy, Peter M. , Denisov, Gleb S. and Limbach, Hans-Heinrich (2020) NMR-Detected Host–Guest Proton Exchange as a Tool to Explore Surface/Volume Ratios and Fluid Filling of Internal and External Spaces of Porous Solids Containing Surface OH Groups. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 124 (40), pp. 22082-22095. Fulltext not available.

Vogler, Arnd and Bodensteiner, Michael (2020) Synthesis, crystal structure and photoluminescence of a binuclear rhenium(I) carbonyl complex incorporated in a framework of a distorted salophen ligand. Zeitschrift für Naturforschung B 75 (12), pp. 1061-1064. Fulltext not available.


Shenderovich, Ilya G. (2019) The Partner Does Matter: The Structure of Heteroaggregates of Acridine Orange in Water. Molecules 24 (15), p. 2816.

Pollice, Robert , Fleckenstein, Felix, Shenderovich, Ilya and Chen, Peter (2019) Compensation of London Dispersion in the Gas Phase and in Aprotic Solvents. Angewandte Chemie International Edition 58 (40), pp. 14281-14288. Fulltext not available.

Tupikina, E. Yu. , Sigalov, M., Shenderovich, I. G. , Mulloyarova, V. V. , Denisov, G. S. and Tolstoy, P. M. (2019) Correlations of NHN hydrogen bond energy with geometry and1H NMR chemical shift difference of NH protons for aniline complexes. The Journal of Chemical Physics 150 (11), p. 114305. Fulltext not available.

Irmler, Peter, Gogesch, Franciska S., Mang, André, Bodensteiner, Michael, Larsen, Christopher B. , Wenger, Oliver S. and Winter, Rainer F. (2019) Directing energy transfer in Pt(bodipy)(mercaptopyrene) dyads. Dalton Transactions 48 (31), pp. 11690-11705. Fulltext not available.

Untergehrer, Monika, Kiermaier, Josef, Reintjes, Susanne, Heilmann, Jörg and Jürgenliemk, Guido (2019) Identification of phase-II metabolites from human serum samples after oral intake of a willow bark extract. Phytomedicine 57, pp. 396-402. Fulltext not available.

Chernyshov, Ivan Yu. , Vener, Mikhail V. and Shenderovich, Ilya G. (2019) Local-structure effects on 31P NMR chemical shift tensors in solid state. The Journal of Chemical Physics 150 (14), p. 144706. Fulltext not available.

Ruther, Joachim , Wittman, Tyler, Grimm, Christopher, Feichtner, Florian S., Fleischmann, Sonja, Kiermaier, Josef, King, Bethia H., Kremer, Werner, Kalbitzer, Hans Robert and Schulz, Stefan (2019) Male Sex Pheromone of the Parasitoid Wasp Urolepis rufipes Demonstrates Biosynthetic Switch Between Fatty Acid and Isoprenoid Metabolism Within the Nasonia Group. Frontiers in Ecology and Evolution 7. Fulltext not available.

Shenderovich, Ilya G. and Denisov, Gleb S. (2019) Solvent effects on acid-base complexes. What is more important: A macroscopic reaction field or solute-solvent interactions? The Journal of Chemical Physics 150 (20), p. 204505. Fulltext not available.

Vogler, Arnd, Hischa, Birgit and Stempfhuber, Sabine (2019) Synthesis, crystal structure and photoluminescence of [NHEt3][Re(I)(quinaldate)(CO)3Cl]. Zeitschrift für Naturforschung B 74 (7-8), pp. 575-578. Fulltext not available.

Vogler, Arnd and Hischa, Birgit (2019) Synthesis, crystal structure, photoluminescence and photochemistry of bis(triphenylphosphine)silver(I) flavonolate. Zeitschrift für Naturforschung B 74 (2), pp. 171-174. Fulltext not available.


Gärtner, Stefanie , Tiefenthaler, Susanne, Korber, Nikolaus , Stempfhuber, Sabine and Hischa, Birgit (2018) Structural Chemistry of Halide including Thallides A8Tl11X1−n (A = K, Rb, Cs; X = Cl, Br; n = 0.1–0.9). Crystals 8 (8), p. 319.

Mulloyarova, V. V., Giba, I. S., Kostin, M. A., Denisov, G. S., Shenderovich, I. G. and Tolstoy, P. M. (2018) Cyclic trimers of phosphinic acids in polar aprotic solvent: symmetry, chirality and H/D isotope effects on NMR chemical shifts. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 20 (7), pp. 4901-4910. Fulltext not available.

Schmidberger, Andreas, Schupfner, Robert and Matysik, Frank-Michael (2018) Development of an analytical strategy for the determination of 228Th and 232Th in ivory based on the combined use of ICP-MS and α-spectrometry. Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry 318 (3), pp. 2007-2011. Fulltext not available.

Tupikina, Elena Yu. , Bodensteiner, Michael, Tolstoy, Peter M. , Denisov, Gleb S. and Shenderovich, Ilya G. (2018) P═O Moiety as an Ambidextrous Hydrogen Bond Acceptor. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122 (3), pp. 1711-1720. Fulltext not available.

Gärtner, Stefanie and Tiefenthaler, Susanne (2018) Single Crystal X-ray Structure Analyses of Thallides: Halide Incorporation and Mixed Alkali Sites in A8Tl11X (A = K, Rb, Cs; X = Cl, Br). Proceedings 2, p. 1124.

Gärtner, Stefanie , Tiefenthaler, Susanne, Korber, Nikolaus , Stempfhuber, Sabine and Hischa, Birgit (2018) Structural Chemistry of Halide Including Thallides A8Tl11X (A=K, Rb, Cs; X=Cl, Br). Crystals 8, p. 319.


Mayr, Tobias, Grassl, Tobias, Korber, Nikolaus, Christoffel, Volker and Bodensteiner, Michael (2017) Cannabidiol revisited. IUCrData 2 (2), pp. 1-11.

Fink, Daniel , Bodensteiner, Michael, Linseis, Michael and Winter, Rainer F. (2017) Macrocyclic Triruthenium Complexes Having Electronically Coupled Mixed-Valent States. Chemistry - A European Journal 24 (4), pp. 992-996. Fulltext not available.

Kretschmer, Robert , Dehmel, Maximilian and Bodensteiner, Michael (2017) Versatile BulkyN,N′,N′-Substituted 1,2-Ethanediamine Ligands and Their Lithium, Aluminium, and Gallium Derivatives. European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry 2017 (5), pp. 965-970. Fulltext not available.


Yogendra, Sivathmeehan , Chitnis, Saurabh S., Hennersdorf, Felix , Bodensteiner, Michael, Fischer, Roland , Burford, Neil and Weigand, Jan J. (2016) Condensation Reactions of Chlorophosphanes with Chalcogenides. Inorganic Chemistry 55 (4), pp. 1854-1860. Fulltext not available.

Begimova, Gulzeinep, Tupikina, Elena Yu. , Yu, Valentina K., Denisov, Gleb S. , Bodensteiner, Michael and Shenderovich, Ilya G. (2016) Effect of Hydrogen Bonding to Water on the 31P Chemical Shift Tensor of Phenyl- and Trialkylphosphine Oxides and α-Amino Phosphonates. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (16), pp. 8717-8729. Fulltext not available.

Shafikov, Marsel Z. , Kozhevnikov, Dmitry N., Bodensteiner, Michael, Brandl, Fabian and Czerwieniec, Rafał (2016) Modulation of Intersystem Crossing Rate by Minor Ligand Modifications in Cyclometalated Platinum(II) Complexes. Inorganic Chemistry 55 (15), pp. 7457-7466. Fulltext not available.

Hobbollahi, Elnaz, List, Manuela, Redhammer, Günther , Zabel, Manfred and Monkowius, Uwe (2016) Structural and photophysical characterization of gold(I) complexes bearing naphthyl chromophores. Inorganic Chemistry Communications 65, pp. 24-27. Fulltext not available.

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