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Seliger, Corinna and Meyer, A. L. and Renner, K. and Leidgens, V. and Moeckel, S. and Jachnik, B. and Dettmer, Katja and Tischler, U. and Gerthofer, V. and Rauer, L. and Uhl, M. and Proescholdt, M. and Bogdahn, U. and Riemenschneider, M. J. and Oefner, Peter J. and Kreutz, M. and Vollmann-Zwerenz, A. and Hau, Peter (2016) Metformin inhibits proliferation and migration of glioblastoma cells independently of TGF-β2. Cell Cycle 15 (13), pp. 1755-1766. Fulltext not available.


Nickl-Jockschat, T. and Arslan, F. and Doerfelt, A. and Bogdahn, U. and Bosserhoff, A. and Hau, Peter (2007) An imbalance between Smad and MAPK pathways is responsible for TGF-beta tumor promoting effects in high-grade gliomas. International journal of oncology 30 (2), pp. 499-507.

Hau, Peter and Kunz-Schughart, L. and Bogdahn, U. and Baumgart, U. and Hirschmann, B. and Weimann, E. and Muhleisen, H. and Ruemmele, P. and Steinbrecher, A. and Reichle, A. (2007) Low-dose chemotherapy in combination with COX-2 inhibitors and PPAR-gamma agonists in recurrent high-grade gliomas - a phase II study. Oncology 73 (1-2), pp. 21-25. Fulltext not available.

Hau, Peter and Koch, D. and Hundsberger, T. and Marg, E. and Bauer, B. and Rudolph, R. and Rauch, M. and Brenner, A. and Rieckmann, P. and Schuth, J. and Jauch, T. and Koch, H. and Bogdahn, U. (2007) Safety and feasibility of long-term temozolomide treatment in patients with high-grade glioma. Neurology 68 (9), pp. 688-690. Fulltext not available.

Arslan, F. and Bosserhoff, A.-K. and Nickl-Jockschat, T. and Doerfelt, A. and Bogdahn, U. and Hau, Peter (2007) The role of versican isoforms V0/V1 in glioma migration mediated by transforming growth factor-beta2. British journal of cancer 96 (10), pp. 1560-1568. Fulltext not available.


Draganski, B. and Moser, T. and Lummel, N. and Gänssbauer, S. and Bogdahn, U. and Haas, F. and May, A. (2006) Decrease of thalamic gray matter following limb amputation. NeuroImage 31 (3), pp. 951-957. Fulltext restricted.

Uyanik, G. and Elcioglu, N. and Penzien, J. and Gross, C. and Yilmaz, Y. and Olmez, A. and Demir, E. and Wahl, D. and Scheglmann, K. and Winner, B. and Bogdahn, U. and Topaloglu, H. and Hehr, U. and Winkler, J. (2006) Novel truncating and missense mutations of the KCC3 gene associated with Andermann syndrome. Neurology 66 (7), pp. 1044-1048. Fulltext restricted.

Poeschl, P. and Janzen, A. and Schuierer, G. and Winkler, J. and Bogdahn, U. and Steinbrecher, A. (2006) Calcified neurocysticercosis lesions trigger symptomatic inflammation during antiparasitic therapy. AJNR. American journal of neuroradiology 27 (3), pp. 653-655. Fulltext not available.

Koch, H. J. and Uyanik, G. and Bogdahn, U. and Ickenstein, G. W. (2006) Relation between laterality and immune response after acute cerebral ischemia. Neuroimmunomodulation 13 (1), pp. 8-12. Fulltext restricted.

Koch, H. J. and Klinkhammer-Schalke, M. and Hofstädter, F. and Bogdahn, U. and Hau, Peter (2006) Seasonal patterns of birth in patients with glioblastoma. Chronobiology international 23 (5), pp. 1047-1052. Fulltext not available.


Herrlinger, Ulrich and Steinbrecher, A. and Rieger, J. and Hau, Peter and Kortmann, R.-D. and Meyermann, R. and Schabet, M. and Bamberg, M. and Dichgans, J. and Bogdahn, U. and Weller, M. (2005) Adult medulloblastoma: prognostic factors and response to therapy at diagnosis and at relapse. Journal of neurology 252 (3), pp. 291-299. Fulltext not available.


Kleiter, I. and Hans, V. H. and Schuierer, G. and Marienhagen, J. and Hau, Peter and Schütz, H. and Bogdahn, U. and Steinbrecher, A. (2004) Intraventricular cytarabine in a case of idiopathic hypertrophic pachymeningitis. Journal of neurology, neurosurgery, and psychiatry 75 (9), pp. 1346-1348. Fulltext not available.

Karrasch, T. and Weiler, M. and Voltz, R. and Schulz, C. and Audebert, F. X. and Woenckhaus, M. and Hofstädter, Ferdinand and Bogdahn, U. and Schölmerich, Jürgen and Schäffler, A. and Steinbrecher, A. (2004) “Fußkribbeln“, Vergesslichkeit und progrediente Wesensveränderung bei einer 63-jährigen Patientin = "Tingling feet," forgetfulness, and progressive personality changes in a 63-year-old patient. Der Internist 45 (3), pp. 341-346. Fulltext not available.


Fabel, K. and Dietrich, J. and Hau, Peter and Wismeth, C. and Winner, B. and Przywara, S. and Steinbrecher, A. and Ullrich, W. and Bogdahn, U. (2001) Long-term stabilization in patients with malignant glioma after treatment with liposomal doxorubicin. Cancer 92 (7), pp. 1936-1942. Fulltext not available.


Bosserhoff, A. K. and Lederer, M. and Kaufmann, M. and Hein, R. and Stolz, W. and Apfel, R. and Bogdahn, U. and Buettner, R. (1999) MIA, a novel serum marker for progression of malignant melanoma. Anticancer research 19 (4A), pp. 2691-2693. Fulltext not available.

Marienhagen, J. and Schalke, B. and Aebert, H. and Held, P. and Eilles, C. and Bogdahn, U. (1999) Somatostatin receptor scintigraphy in thymoma imaging method and clinical application. Pathology, research and practice 195 (8), pp. 575-581. Fulltext not available.


Koehler, M. R. and Bosserhoff, A. and von Beust, G. and Bauer, A. and Blesch, A. and Buettner, R. and Schlegel, J. and Bogdahn, U. and Schmid, M. (1996) Assignment of the human melanoma inhibitory activity gene (MIA) to 19q13.32-q13.33 by fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH). Genomics 35 (1), pp. 265-267. Fulltext not available.

Bosserhoff, A. K. and Hein, R. and Bogdahn, U. and Buettner, R. (1996) Structure and promoter analysis of the gene encoding the human melanoma-inhibiting protein MIA. The Journal of biological chemistry 271 (1), pp. 490-495. Fulltext not available.

Jachimczak, P. and Hessdörfer, B. and Fabel-Schulte, K. and Wismeth, C. and Brysch, W. and Schlingensiepen, K. H. and Bauer, A. and Blesch, A. and Bogdahn, U. (1996) Transforming growth factor-beta-mediated autocrine growth regulation of gliomas as detected with phosphorothioate antisense oligonucleotides. International journal of cancer. Journal international du cancer 65 (3), pp. 332-337. Fulltext not available.


Kotitschke, K. and Tonn, J. C. and Goldbrunner, R. and Bogdahn, U. and Haase, A. (1995) 1H NMR investigations of tumor spheroids grown from a human glioma biopsy or from a human malignant glioma cell line. Journal of magnetic resonance. Series B 109 (1), pp. 39-43. Fulltext not available.

Becker, G. and Krone, A. and Schmitt, K. and Woydt, M. and Hofmann, E. and Lindner, A. and Bogdahn, U. and Gahn, G. and Roosen, K. (1995) Preoperative and postoperative follow-up in high-grade gliomas: comparison of transcranial color-coded real-time sonography and computed tomography findings. Ultrasound in medicine & biology 21 (9), pp. 1123-1135. Fulltext not available.

Jachimczak, P. and Fabel-Schulte, K. and Hessdörfer, B. and Brysch, W. and Schlingensiepen, K. H. and Blesch, A. and Bogdahn, U. (1995) Transforming growth factor-beta-mediated regulation of human peripheral blood mononuclear cell proliferation as detected with phosphorothioate antisense oligodeoxynucleotides. Cellular immunology 165 (1), pp. 125-133. Fulltext not available.


Kotitschke, K. and Jung, H. and Nekolla, S. and Haase, A. and Bauer, A. and Bogdahn, U. (1994) High-resolution one- and two-dimensional 1H MRS of human brain tumor and normal glial cells. NMR in biomedicine 7 (3), pp. 111-120. Fulltext not available.

Kotitschke, K. and Schnackerz, K. D. and Dringen, R. and Bogdahn, U. and Haase, A. and von Kienlin, M. (1994) Investigation of the 1H NMR visibility of lactate in different rat and human brain cells. NMR in biomedicine 7 (8), pp. 349-355. Fulltext not available.

Bogdahn, U. and Fröhlich, T. and Becker, G. and Krone, A. and Schlief, R. and Schürmann, J. and Jachimczak, P. and Hofmann, E. and Roggendorf, W. and Roosen, K. (1994) Vascularization of primary central nervous system tumors: detection with contrast-enhanced transcranial color-coded real-time sonography. Radiology 192 (1), pp. 141-148. Fulltext not available.


Behl, C. and Winkler, J. and Bogdahn, U. and Meixensberger, J. and Schlingensiepen, K. H. and Brysch, W. (1993) Autocrine growth regulation in neuroectodermal tumors as detected with oligodeoxynucleotide antisense molecules. Neurosurgery 33 (4), pp. 679-684. Fulltext not available.

Behl, C. and Bogdahn, U. and Winkler, J. and Apfel, R. and Brysch, W. and Schlingensiepen, K. H. (1993) Autoinduction of platelet derived growth factor (PDGF) A-chain mRNA expression in a human malignant melanoma cell line and growth inhibitory effects of PDGF-A-chain mRNA-specific antisense molecules. Biochemical and biophysical research communications 193 (2), pp. 744-751. Fulltext not available.

Jäger, A. H. and Bogdahn, U. and Pfeufer, B. and Richter, J. and Apfel, R. and Dekant, A. (1993) In vitro studies on interaction of 4-hydroperoxy-ifosfamide and radiotherapy in malignant gliomas. Anticancer research 13 (6A), pp. 2221-2227. Fulltext not available.

Jachimczak, P. and Bogdahn, U. and Schneider, J. and Behl, C. and Meixensberger, J. and Apfel, R. and Dörries, R. and Schlingensiepen, K. H. and Brysch, W. (1993) The effect of transforming growth factor-beta 2-specific phosphorothioate-anti-sense oligodeoxynucleotides in reversing cellular immunosuppression in malignant glioma. Journal of neurosurgery 78 (6), pp. 944-951. Fulltext not available.


Martin, R. and Schwuléra, U. and Menke, G. and Rudolph, W. and Buch, K. and Fasold, H. and Lissner, R. and Thrun, A. and Krauseneck, P. and Bogdahn, U. (1992) Interleukin-2 and blood brain barrier in cats: pharmacokinetics and tolerance following intrathecal and intravenous administration. European cytokine network 3 (4), pp. 399-406. Fulltext not available.

Becker, G. and Perez, J. and Krone, A. and Demuth, K. and Lindner, A. and Hofmann, E. and Winkler, J. and Bogdahn, U. (1992) Transcranial color-coded real-time sonography in the evaluation of intracranial neoplasms and arteriovenous malformations. Neurosurgery 31 (3), pp. 420-428. Fulltext not available.


Bogdahn, U. and Drenkard, D. and Lutz, M. and Apfel, R. and Behl, C. (1991) In vitro studies on drug interaction of ifosfamide and ACNU in primary and metastatic human brain tumours. Journal of cancer research and clinical oncology 117 (Suppl ), S157-163. Fulltext not available.

Becker, G. and Winkler, J. and Bogdahn, U. (1991) [Transcranial color-coded real time sonography in adults. Part 2: Cerebral hemorrhage and tumors]. Ultraschall in der Medizin 12 (5), pp. 211-217. Fulltext not available.


Weilbach, F. X. and Bogdahn, U. and Poot, M. and Apfel, R. and Behl, C. and Drenkard, D. and Martin, R. and Hoehn, H. (1990) Melanoma-inhibiting activity inhibits cell proliferation by prolongation of the S-phase and arrest of cells in the G2 compartment. Cancer research 50 (21), pp. 6981-6986. Fulltext not available.


Bogdahn, U. and Apfel, R. and Hahn, M. and Gerlach, M. and Behl, C. and Hoppe, J. and Martin, R. (1989) Autocrine tumor cell growth-inhibiting activities from human malignant melanoma. Cancer research 49 (19), pp. 5358-5363. Fulltext not available.


Bogdahn, U. and Weber, H. and Zapf, J. and Dünisch, G. and Löbering, H. G. and Mertens, H. G. (1987) Therapy of malignant brain tumors: comparison of the in vitro activities of vidarabin-monophosphate, BCNU and 5-fluorouracil. Acta neurologica Scandinavica 75 (1), pp. 28-36. Fulltext not available.

Bogdahn, U. and Zapf, J. and Weber, H. and Dünisch, G. and Löbering, H. G. and Martin, R. and Mertens, H. G. (1987) Vidarabin-monophosphate, BCNU, VM26--an in vitro comparative study of active agents in the treatment of malignant human brain tumours. British journal of cancer 55 (2), pp. 153-158. Fulltext not available.


Bogdahn, U. and Bogdahn, S. and Mertens, H. G. and Dommasch, D. and Wodarz, R. and Wünsch, P. H. and Kühl, P. and Richter, E. (1986) Primary non-Hodgkin's lymphomas of the CNS. Acta neurologica Scandinavica 73 (6), pp. 602-614. Fulltext not available.


Bogdahn, U. and Fleischer, B. and Hilfenhaus, J. and Röthig, H. J. and Krauseneck, P. and Mertens, H. G. and Przuntek, H. (1985) Interferon-beta in patients with low-grade astrocytomas--a phase I study. Journal of neuro-oncology 3 (2), pp. 125-130. Fulltext not available.

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