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Knoedler, Leonard , Alfertshofer, Michael, Knoedler, Samuel, Hoch, Cosima C., Funk, Paul F., Cotofana, Sebastian, Maheta, Bhagvat J., Frank, Konstantin, Brébant, Vanessa , Prantl, Lukas and Lamby, Philipp (2024) Pure Wisdom or Potemkin Villages? A Comparison of ChatGPT 3.5 and ChatGPT 4 on USMLE Step 3 Style Questions: Quantitative Analysis. JMIR Medical Education 10, e51148.

Biermann, Niklas, Chak, Juy Chi, Wiesmeier, Anna, Klein, Silvan M., Ruewe, Marc, Spoerl, Steffen, Kruppa, Philipp , Prantl, Lukas and Anker, Alexandra M. (2024) Evidence-Based Approaches to Anticoagulation in Reconstructive Microsurgery—A Systematic Literature Review. Life 14 (1), p. 82.


Kempa, Sally , Buechler, Christa , Föh, Bandik, Felthaus, Oliver , Prantl, Lukas , Günther, Ulrich L., Müller, Martina, Derer-Petersen, Stefanie, Sina, Christian, Schmelter, Franziska and Tews, Hauke Christian (2023) Serum Metabolomic Profiling of Patients with Lipedema. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 24 (24), p. 17437.

Knoedler, Leonard , Alfertshofer, Michael, Simon, Siddharth, Prantl, Lukas , Kehrer, Andreas , Hoch, Cosima C., Knoedler, Samuel and Lamby, Philipp (2023) Diagnosing lagophthalmos using artificial intelligence. Scientific Reports 13 (1).

Knoedler, Leonard , Ruppel, Felix, Kauke-Navarro, Martin, Obed, Doha, Wu, Mengfan, Prantl, Lukas , Broer, P. Niclas, Panayi, Adriana C. and Knoedler, Samuel (2023) Hair Transplantation in the United States: A Population-based Survey of Female and Male Pattern Baldness. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - Global Open 11 (11), e5386.

Knoedler, Leonard , Knoedler, Samuel, Allam, OmaR, Remy, KatyA, Miragall, Maximilian, Safi, Ali-Farid, Alfertshofer, Michael, Pomahac, Bohdan and Kauke-Navarro, Martin (2023) Application possibilities of artificial intelligence in facial vascularized composite allotransplantation—a narrative review. Frontiers in Surgery 10.

Frank, Konstantin, Zeng, Rui, Sedlbauer, Stephanie, Prantl, Lukas , Giunta, Riccardo, Cotofana, Sebastian, Moellhoff, Nicholas, Alfertshofer, Michael, Kaye, Kai and Brébant, Vanessa (2023) The Influence of Scar Patterns After Reduction Mammoplasty on Eye Movement and Gaze Pattern: An Eye-Tracking Investigation. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Baecher, Helena, Hoch, Cosima C., Knoedler, Samuel, Maheta, Bhagvat J., Kauke-Navarro, Martin, Safi, Ali-Farid, Alfertshofer, Michael and Knoedler, Leonard (2023) From bench to bedside – current clinical and translational challenges in fibula free flap reconstruction. Frontiers in Medicine 10.

Noisser, Vivien Margarita Laura (2023) Outcome nach operativer Korrektur kongenitaler Brustasymmetrien - Vergleich des autologen Fettgewebstransfers mit der alloplastischen Brustaugmentation durch Silikonimplantate anhand von 3D-Scans, Körpervermessungen und patientensubjektiver Qualitätsindikatoren. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Knoedler, Samuel, Knoedler, Leonard , Hoch, Cosima C., Kauke-Navarro, Martin, Kehrer, Andreas , Friedman, Leigh, Prantl, Lukas , Machens, Hans-Guenther, Orgill, Dennis P. and Panayi, Adriana C. (2023) An ACS-NSQIP Data Analysis of 30-Day Outcomes Following Surgery for Bell’s Palsy. Journal of Craniofacial Surgery. Fulltext not available.

Kehrer, Andreas , Hollmann, Katharina S., Klein, Silvan M., Anker, Alexandra M. , Tamm, Ernst R. , Prantl, Lukas , Engelmann, Simon, Knoedler, Samuel, Knoedler, Leonard and Ruewe, Marc (2023) Histomorphometry of the Sural Nerve for Use as a CFNG in Facial Reanimation Procedures. Journal of Clinical Medicine 12 (14), p. 4627.

Knoedler, Leonard , Knoedler, Samuel, Panayi, Adriana C., Lee, Catherine A. A., Sadigh, Sam, Huelsboemer, Lioba, Stoegner, Viola A., Schroeter, Andreas, Kern, Barbara, Mookerjee, Vikram, Lian, Christine G., Tullius, Stefan G., Murphy, George F., Pomahac, Bohdan and Kauke-Navarro, Martin (2023) Cellular activation pathways and interaction networks in vascularized composite allotransplantation. Frontiers in Immunology 14. Fulltext restricted.

Knoedler, Leonard , Knoedler, Samuel, Kauke-Navarro, Martin, Knoedler, Christoph, Hoefer, Simon, Baecher, Helena, Gassner, Ulrich M., Machens, Hans-Guenther, Prantl, Lukas and Panayi, Adriana C. (2023) Three-dimensional Medical Printing and Associated Legal Issues in Plastic Surgery: A Scoping Review. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - Global Open 11 (4), e4965.

Knoedler, Samuel, Matar, Dany Y., Knoedler, Leonard , Obed, Doha, Haug, Valentin, Gorski, Sabina M., Kim, Bong-Sung, Kauke-Navarro, Martin, Kneser, Ulrich, Panayi, Adriana C., Orgill, Dennis P. and Hundeshagen, Gabriel (2023) Association of age with perioperative morbidity among patients undergoing surgical management of minor burns. Frontiers in Surgery 10.

Knoedler, Samuel, Hoch, Cosima C., Huelsboemer, Lioba, Knoedler, Leonard, Stögner, Viola A., Pomahac, Bohdan, Kauke-Navarro, Martin and Colen, David (2023) Postoperative free flap monitoring in reconstructive surgery—man or machine? Frontiers in Surgery 10, p. 1130566.

Spoerl, Steffen, Gerken, Michael, Fischer, René, Spoerl, Silvia, Kirschneck, Christian , Wolf, Stefanie, Taxis, Juergen , Ludwig, Nils , Biermann, Niklas, Reichert, Torsten E. and Spanier, Gerrit (2023) Statin Use Ameliorates Survival in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma—Data from a Population-Based Cohort Study Applying Propensity Score Matching. Biomedicines 11 (2), p. 369.

Schoeppe, Robert, Babl, Nathalie, Decking, Sonja-Maria, Schönhammer, Gabriele, Siegmund, Andreas, Bruss, Christina, Dettmer, Katja , Oefner, Peter J. , Frick, Linus, Weigert, Anna, Jantsch, Jonathan, Herr, Wolfgang, Rehli, Michael , Renner, Kathrin and Kreutz, Marina (2023) Glutamine synthetase expression rescues human dendritic cell survival in a glutamine-deprived environment. Frontiers in Oncology 13, pp. 1-12.

Rupp, Markus , Walter, Nike , Popp, Daniel , Hitzenbichler, Florian , Heyd, Robert, Geis, Sebastian, Kandulski, Melanie, Thurn, Sylvia, Betz, Thomas, Brochhausen, Christoph and Alt, Volker (2023) Multidisciplinary Treatment of Fracture-Related Infection Has a Positive Impact on Clinical Outcome—A Retrospective Case Control Study at a Tertiary Referral Center. Antibiotics 12 (2), p. 230.

Biermann, Niklas, Wallner, Stefan, Martini, Teresa, Spoerl, Steffen, Prantl, Lukas and Taeger, Christian D. (2023) Negative Pressure Wound Therapy with Instillation: Analysis of the Rinsing Fluid as a Monitoring Tool and Approach to the Inflammatory Process: A Pilot Study. Journal of Clinical Medicine 12 (2), p. 711.

Oliinyk, Dmytro, Eigenberger, Andreas, Felthaus, Oliver , Haerteis, Silke and Prantl, Lukas (2023) Chorioallantoic Membrane Assay at the Cross-Roads of Adipose-Tissue-Derived Stem Cell Research. Cells 12 (4), p. 592.


Knoedler, Samuel, Knoedler, Leonard, Baecher, Helena, Kauke-Navarro, Martin, Obed, Doha, Hoch, Cosima C., Diehm, Yannick F., Vosler, Peter S., Harréus, Ulrich, Kneser, Ulrich and Panayi, Adriana C. (2022) 30-Day Postoperative Outcomes in Adults with Obstructive Sleep Apnea Undergoing Upper Airway Surgery. Journal of Clinical Medicine 11 (24), p. 7371.

Anker, Alexandra M. , Lenhard, Jasmin, Klein, Silvan M., Felthaus, Oliver , Prantl, Lukas and Ruewe, Marc (2022) Standard doses of Triamcinolone do not affect fibroblast cell migration of abdominoplasty patients in-vitro1. Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation, Prepress.

Knoedler, Leonard , Miragall, Maximilian, Kauke-Navarro, Martin, Obed, Doha, Bauer, Maximilian, Tißler, Patrick, Prantl, Lukas , Machens, Hans-Guenther, Broer, Peter Niclas, Baecher, Helena, Panayi, Adriana C. , Knoedler, Samuel and Kehrer, Andreas (2022) A Ready-to-Use Grading Tool for Facial Palsy Examiners—Automated Grading System in Facial Palsy Patients Made Easy. Journal of Personalized Medicine 12 (10), p. 1739.

Prantl, Lukas , Eigenberger, Andreas, Reinhard, Ruben, Siegmund, Andreas, Heumann, Kerstin and Felthaus, Oliver (2022) Cell-Enriched Lipotransfer (CELT) Improves Tissue Regeneration and Rejuvenation without Substantial Manipulation of the Adipose Tissue Graft. Cells 11 (19), p. 3159.

Kehrer, Andreas , Prantl, Lukas , Knoedler, Samuel and Knoedler, Leonard (2022) Reply to Nduka et al. Comment on “Kehrer et al. Using High-Resolution Ultrasound to Assess Post-Facial Paralysis Synkinesis—Machine Settings and Technical Aspects for Facial Surgeons. Diagnostics 2022, 12, 1650”. Diagnostics 12 (10), p. 2432.

Klein, Silvan , Siegmund, Andreas, Eigenberger, Andreas , Hartmann, Valerie, Langewost, Felix, Hammer, Nicolas, Anker, Alexandra, Klein, Konstantin , Morsczeck, Christian, Prantl, Lukas and Felthaus, Oliver (2022) Peripheral Nerve Regeneration–Adipose-Tissue-Derived Stem Cells Differentiated by a Three-Step Protocol Promote Neurite Elongation via NGF Secretion. Cells 11 (18), p. 2887.

Knoedler, Leonard, Baecher, Helena, Kauke-Navarro, Martin, Prantl, Lukas , Machens, Hans-Günther, Scheuermann, Philipp, Palm, Christoph , Baumann, Raphael, Kehrer, Andreas , Panayi, Adriana C. and Knoedler, Samuel (2022) Towards a Reliable and Rapid Automated Grading System in Facial Palsy Patients: Facial Palsy Surgery Meets Computer Science. Journal of Clinical Medicine 11 (17), p. 4998.

Kehrer, Andreas , Ruewe, Marc, Platz Batista da Silva, Natascha, Lonic, Daniel, Heidekrueger, Paul Immanuel , Knoedler, Samuel, Jung, Ernst Michael, Prantl, Lukas and Knoedler, Leonard (2022) Using High-Resolution Ultrasound to Assess Post-Facial Paralysis Synkinesis—Machine Settings and Technical Aspects for Facial Surgeons. Diagnostics 12 (7), p. 1650.

Hoesl, Vanessa, Kempa, Sally, Prantl, Lukas , Ochsenbauer, Kathrin, Hoesl, Julian, Kehrer, Andreas and Bosselmann, Talia (2022) The LRINEC Score—An Indicator for the Course and Prognosis of Necrotizing Fasciitis? Journal of Clinical Medicine 11 (13), p. 3583.

Heine, Norbert , Eigenberger, Andreas, Brebant, Vanessa, Kempa, Sally , Seitz, Stephan, Prantl, Lukas and Kuehlmann, Britta (2022) The effect of radiotherapy on fat engraftment for complete breast reconstruction using lipofilling only. Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics.

Brébant, Vanessa , Weiherer, Maximilian, Noisser, Vivien, Seitz, Stephan, Prantl, Lukas and Eigenberger, Andreas (2022) Implants Versus Lipograft: Analysis of Long-Term Results Following Congenital Breast Asymmetry Correction. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

Wenzel, C., Brix, E., Heidekrueger, Paul , Lonic, D., Lamby, P., Klein, S. M., Anker, A., Taeger, C., Prantl, Lukas and Kehrer, Andreas (2022) A favorable donor site in microsurgery: Nerve and vein graft harvest from the dorsum of the foot. Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation, pp. 1-10.

Eibl, Dominik Hermann (2022) Manuelle Lymphdrainage versus intermittierende pneumatische Kompression: vergleichende Untersuchung zur subjektiven und objektiven Effektivität der Methoden. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Noisser, Vivien , Eigenberger, Andreas, Weiherer, Maximilian, Seitz, Stephan, Prantl, Lukas and Brébant, Vanessa (2022) Surgery of congenital breast asymmetry-which objective parameter influences the subjective satisfaction with long-term results. Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics.

Zucal, Isabel, Feder, Anna-Lena, Kyaw, Thura, Khin, Sopyay, Heidekrueger, Paul I., Prantl, Lukas , Haerteis, Silke and Aung, Thiha (2022) An Innovative Simulation Model for Microvascular Training. Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery 150 (1), 189e-193e. Fulltext not available.

Reinhard, Ruben, Biermann, Niklas, Kuehlmann, Britta and Prantl, Lukas (2022) Breast Implant Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA- ALCL): A Systematic Review and Case Report Regarding Incidence and Pathology Workup. Medical Research Archives 10 (8).

Moellhoff, Nicholas, Heidekrueger, Paul , Frank, Konstantin, Pistek, Svenja, Alt, Verena, Giunta, Riccardo and Ehrl, Denis (2022) Comparing the Time-Dependent Evolution of Microcirculation in Gracilis vs. ALT Flaps Using Laser-Doppler Flowmetry and Tissue-Spectrometry. Journal of Clinical Medicine 11 (9), p. 2425. Fulltext not available.

Heine, Norbert, Eigenberger, Andreas, Brebant, Vanessa, Hoesl, Vanessa, Brix, Eva, Prantl, Lukas and Kempa, Sally (2022) Comparison of skin sensitivity following breast reconstruction with three different techniques: Autologous fat grafting, DIEP flap and expander/implant1. Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation 80 (4), pp. 389-397. Fulltext not available.

Schiefer, Jennifer, Andreae, Janine, Fuchs, Paul, Lefering, Rolf, Heidekrueger, Paul, Schulz, Alexandra and Bagheri, Mahsa (2022) Evaluation of Scar Quality after Treatment of Superficial Burns with Dressilk® and Suprathel®—In an Intraindividual Clinical Setting. Journal of Clinical Medicine 11 (10), p. 2857. Fulltext not available.

Vater, Adrian Matthias, Prantl, Lukas , Noll, Moritz, Lech, Laura, Jakubietz, Michael, Schmidt, Karsten, Kickuth, Ralph, Meffert, Rainer and Jakubietz, Rafael (2022) Gefäßdiagnostik vor mikrovaskulärem Gewebetransfer an der unteren Extremität. Der Unfallchirurg 125 (1), pp. 66-72. Fulltext not available.

Moellhoff, Nicholas, Broer, P. Niclas, Heidekrueger, Paul I. , Ninkovic, Milomir and Ehrl, Denis (2022) Impact of patients’ gender on microvascular lower extremity reconstruction. Journal of Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery 56 (1), pp. 47-52. Fulltext not available.

Sommerauer, Laura, Phyo, Aung, Pion, Eric, Zucal, Isabel, Klingelhoefer, Eric, Thu, Si, Win, Than, Khin, Sopyay, Kyaw, Thura, Zaw, Hein Htet, Htwe, Maung Mg, Fabbri, Nicola, Haerteis, Silke and Aung, Thiha (2022) Modified Borggreve–Van Nes-Winkelmann rotationplasty for surgery in developing countries. BMC Surgery 22 (1). Fulltext not available.

Strauss, Catharina, Anker, Alexandra, Klein, Silvan , Kemper, Robert, Brebant, Vanessa, Prantl, Lukas and Geis, Sebastian (2022) Monitoring free flaps and replanted digits via perfusion index – A proof of concept study. Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation 80 (4), pp. 363-371. Fulltext not available.

Pion, Eric, Zucal, Isabel, Troebs, Johannes, Feder, Anna-Lena, Kyaw, Thura, Khin, Sopyay, Heidekrueger, Paul I., Prantl, Lukas , Härteis, Silke and Aung, Thiha (2022) New, Innovative, Three-Dimensional In Vivo Model for High-Level Microsurgical and Supermicrosurgical Training: A Replacement for Animal Models. Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery 150 (2), pp. 432-436. Fulltext not available.

Schiltz, Daniel , Kiermeier, Natalie, Müller, Karolina, Diesch, Sophia T., Wenzel, Carina, Biermann, Niklas, Prantl, Lukas and Taeger, Christian D. (2022) Quality of life evaluation and lack of correlation with volumetric results after lymphovenous anastomoses in lymphedema therapy of the lower extremity. Journal of Vascular Surgery: Venous and Lymphatic Disorders 10 (2), 436-444.e1. Fulltext not available.

Anker, Alexandra M., Prantl, Lukas , Vykoukal, Jody and Klein, Silvan M. (2022) Reply: Local Triamcinolone Treatment Affects Inflammatory Response in Seroma Exudate of Abdominoplasty Patients: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery 149 (4), 826e-827e. Fulltext not available.

Noisser, Vivien , Eigenberger, Andreas, Weiherer, Maximilian, Seitz, Stephan, Prantl, Lukas and Brébant, Vanessa (2022) Surgery of congenital breast asymmetry—which objective parameter influences the subjective satisfaction with long-term results. Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics 305 (1), pp. 95-102. Fulltext not available.

Kehrer, Andreas , Heidekrueger, Paul I. , Lonic, Daniel, Klein, Silvan , Anker, Alexandra, Taeger, Christian D., Biermann, Niklas, Jung, Ernst Michael, Prantl, Lukas and da Silva, Natascha Platz Batista (2022) Technical Aspects of High-Resolution Color-Coded Duplex Sonography for the Design of Perforator Flaps. Journal of Reconstructive Microsurgery 38 (03), pp. 181-192. Fulltext not available.

Eigenberger, Andreas , Felthaus, Oliver, Schratzenstaller, Thomas, Haerteis, Silke, Utpatel, Kirsten and Prantl, Lukas (2022) The Effects of Shear Force-Based Processing of Lipoaspirates on White Adipose Tissue and the Differentiation Potential of Adipose Derived Stem Cells. Cells 11 (16), p. 2543. Fulltext not available.

Fodor, Katharina J. , Anker, Alexandra, Prantl, Lukas , Bosselmann, Talia, Geis, Sebastian and Strauss, Catharina (2022) The perfusion index as a noninvasive method for continuous monitoring of peripheral perfusion: A baseline study to assess the perfusion index in healthy adult volunteers. Journal of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery 75 (6), pp. 2001-2018. Fulltext not available.

Anker, Alexandra M., Ruewe, Marc, Prantl, Lukas , Geis, Sebastian, Kehrer, Andreas, Baringer, Magnus, Schiltz, Daniel , Zeman, Florian, Vykoukal, Jody and Klein, Silvan M. (2022) “A-PePSI LIGhT” Assessment Score to Predict Pressure Sore Impaired Healing Late Recurrence, Immobility, Greater Surface, Inhibited Thrombocytes. Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery 149 (2), pp. 483-493. Fulltext not available.


Lotter, Luisa, Zucal, Isabel, Brébant, Vanessa , Heine, Norbert, Hartmann, Robin, Mueller, Karolina, Prantl, Lukas and Schiltz, Daniel (2021) Intraoperative 3D Comparison of Round and Anatomical Breast Implants: Dispelling a Myth. Journal of Clinical Medicine 11 (1), p. 149.

Rüwe, Marc (2021) Anatomisch - Histologische Studie des Nervus Facialis zur Optimierung der Spendernervenselektion bei Fazialer Reanimation mittels Cross Face Nerve Grafts. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Schiltz, Daniel and Schreml, Stephan (2021) Invited Response on: Adipose Tissue in Multiple Symmetric Lipomatosis Shows Features of Brown/Beige Fat. Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

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Heine, Norbert, Hoesl, Vanessa, Seitz, Stephan, Prantl, Lukas and Brebant, Vanessa (2021) Implant-based immediate reconstruction in prophylactic mastectomy: is the caudal dermis flap a reliable alternative to synthetic mesh or acellular dermal matrix? Archives of Gynecology and Obstetrics 305, pp. 937-343.

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Schiltz, Daniel , Lenhard, Jasmin, Klein, Silvan, Anker, Alexandra, Lonic, Daniel, Heidekrueger, Paul I. , Prantl, Lukas , Jung, Ernst-Michael, Platz Batista Da Silva, Natascha and Kehrer, Andreas (2021) Do-It-Yourself Preoperative High-Resolution Ultrasound-Guided Flap Design of the Superficial Circumflex Iliac Artery Perforator Flap (SCIP). Journal of Clinical Medicine 10 (11), p. 2427.

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Ballabio, M, Bisagni, P , Longhi, M, Armao, T, Madonini, M, Gagliano, A, Pizzini, P, Costanzi, A, Confalonieri, M, Monteleone, M, Colletti, G , Frattaruolo, C, Mari, G, Spinelli, A, Mercante, G, Spriano, G , Gaino, F, Ferreli, F, De Virgilio, A, Rossi, V, Carvello, M M, Di Candido, F, Kurihara, H , Marrano, E, Torzilli, G, Castoro, C, Carrano, F M , Martinelli, F, Macchi, A, Fiore, M, Pasquali, S, Cioffi, S P B , Baia, M , Abatini, C, Sarre, C, Mosca, A, Biasoni, D, Gronchi, A, Citterio, D, Mazzaferro, V, Cadenelli, P, Gennaro, M, Capizzi, V, Guaglio, M, Sorrentino, L, Bogani, G, Sarpietro, G , Giannini, L , Comini, L V, Rolli, L , Folli, S, Raspagliesi, F, Piazza, C, Cosimelli, M, Salvioni, R, Antonelli, B, Baldari, L, Boni, L, Cassinotti, E, Pignataro, L, Rossi, G, Torretta, S, Beltramini, G A, Gianni', A, Tagliabue, M, De Berardinis, R, Pietrobon, G, Chu, F, Cenciarelli, S, Adamoli, L, Ansarin, M, Fumagalli Romario, U, Mastrilli, F, Mariani, N M , Nicastro, V , Cellerino, P, 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M, Annicchiarico, A , Perrone, G, Catena, F, Raffaele, A, De Manzoni Garberini, A, Baldini, E , Conti, L, Ribolla, M, Capelli, P, Isolani, S M , Maniscalco, P, Cauteruccio, M, Ciatti, C, Puma Pagliarello, C, Gattoni, S, Galleano, R, Malerba, M, Ciciliot, M, Farnesi, F, Calabrò, M, Pipitone Federico, N S , Lunghi, E G, Muratore, A, Morelli, L, Di Franco, G, Palmeri, M, Tartaglia, D, Coccolini, F, Chiarugi, M , Simoncini, T, Gadducci, A, Caretto, M, Giannini, A, Perutelli, A, Domenici, L, Garibaldi, S, Capanna, R, Andreani, L, Furbetta, N , Guadagni, S, Bianchini, M, Gianardi, D, Pinotti, E, Montuori, M, Carissimi, F, Baronio, G, Zizzo, M, Castro Ruiz, C , Annessi, V, Montella, M T, Falco, G, Mele, S, Ferrari, G , Mastrofilippo, V , Mandato, V D, Aguzzoli, L, Corbellini, C, Baldi, C, Sampietro, G M, Palini, G M, Zanini, N, Garulli, G, Barone, R, Murgese, A, Mungo, S, Grasso, M, Marafante, C, Birolo, S L, Moggia, E, Caccetta, M, Masciandaro, A, Deirino, A, Garino, M, Gordini, L, Lombardi, C P , Marzi, F, Marra, A A, Ratto, C , Di Muro, M, Litta, F, De Simone, V, Cozza, V , Rosa, F, Agnes, A, Parello, A, Alfieri, S , Sganga, G, Lapolla, P, Mingoli, A, De Toma, G, Fiori, E, La Torre, F, Sapienza, P, Brachini, G, Cirillo, B, Iannone, I, Zambon, M, Chiappini, A, Meneghini, S, Fonsi, G B , Cicerchia, P M, Bruzzaniti, P, Santoro, A , Frati, A, Marruzzo, G, Ribuffo, D, Sagnotta, A, Marino Cosentino, L, Mancini, S , Lisi, G , Spoletini, D, Bellato, V, Campanelli, M, Sica, G, Siragusa, L, Bonavina, L, Asti, E , Bernardi, D , Lovece, A , Perra, T, Porcu, A, Fancellu, A , Feo, C F, Scanu, A M, Tuminello, F, Galleano, R , Franceschi, A, Langone, A, Fleres, F, Spolini, A , Bordoni, P, Franzini, M, Clarizia, G, Grechi, A, Longhini, A, Grossi, U, Novello, S, Zanus, G, Romano, M, Rossi, S, Pirozzolo, G, Recordare, A , Paiella, S , Turri, G, Rattizzato, S, Campagnaro, T, Guglielmi, A, Pedrazzani, C , Ruzzenente, A , Poletto, E, Conci, S, Casetti, L, Fontana, M, Salvia, R, Malleo, G, Esposito, A , Landoni, L, De Pastena, M, Bassi, C, Tuveri, M, Nobile, S , Marchegiani, G, Bortolasi, L, Sambugaro, E, Malavolta, M, Moretto, G, Impellizzeri, H, Inama, M, Barugola, G , Ascari, F, Ruffo, G, Granieri, S, Cotsoglou, C , Berselli, M , Desio, M, Marchionini, V, Cocozza, E, Di Saverio, S, Ietto, G, Iovino, D, Carcano, G , Ayasra, F, Qasem, A, Ayasra, Y, Al-Masri, M, Abou Chaar, M K, Al-Najjar, H , Ghandour, K, Alawneh, F, Abdel Jalil, R, Abdel Al, S, Elayyan, M, Ghanem, R, Lataifeh, I, Alsaraireh, O, Abu Za’nouneh, F J, Fahmawee, T, Ibrahim, A, Obeidat, K, Albader, I , Alabbad, J, Albader, M A S, Bouhuwaish, A, Taher, A S, Omar, M S M, Abdulwahed, E, Biala, M, Morgom, M, A, Elhadi, A, Alarabi , Msherghi, A, F, Elhajdawe, Alsoufi, A , Salamah, A, Salama, H, Bulugma, M, Almabrouk, H, Venskutonis, D, Dainius, E, Kubiliute, E, Bradulskis, S, Parseliunas, A, Kutkevicius, J, Subocius, A, Cheong, Y J, Masood, M S, Ngo, C W, Saravanan, R, Abdul Maei, N, Yanowsky Reyes, G, Orozco Perez, J, Damian, R, Santana Ortiz, R, Colunga Tinajero, C A , Cordera, F, Gómez-Pedraza, A, Maffuz-Aziz, A, Posada, J A, De la Rosa Abaroa, M A, Alvarez, M R, Arrangoiz, R, Hernández, R, Bozada Gutierrez, K, Trejo-Avila, M, Valenzuela-Salazar, C, Herrera-Esquivel, J, Moreno-Portillo, M, Pinto-Angulo, V M, Sosa-Duran, E E, Ziad-Aboharp, H, Jimenez Villanueva, X, Soulé Martínez, C E, Lupián-Angulo, A I, Martínez Zarate, J J, Reyes Rodriguez, E, Montalvo Dominguez, G, Becerra García, F C, Melchor-Ruan, J, Vilar-Compte, D, Romero-Bañuelos, E, Herrera-Gomez, A, Meneses-Garcia, A, Isla-Ortiz, D, Salcedo-Hernández, R A, Hernández-Nava, J M, Morales-Castelan, J E, Sarre, C, Posadas-Trujillo, O E, Buerba, G A, Alfaro-Goldaracena, A, Pena Gomez-Portugal, E, Lopez-Pena, G, Hinojosa, C A, Mercado, M A, Ramos-De la Medina, A, Martinez, L, Duran, I, Gonzalez, D S, Martinez, M J, Nayen Sainz de la Fuente, A, Miguelena, L, Hernández Miguelena, L, Louraoui, S M, El Azhari, A, Rghioui, M, Khya, E, Ghannam, A, Souadka, A, El Ahmadi, B, Belkhadir, Z H, Majbar, M A, Benkabbou, A, Mohsine, R, Oudrhiri, M Y, Bechri, H , Arkha, Y, El Ouahabi, A, Frima, H, Bachiri, S, Groen, L C, Verhagen, T, ter Brugge, F M, Scheijmans, J C G, Boermeester, M A, Hompes, R, Meima-van Praag, E M, Sharabiany, S, Borgstein, A B J , Gisbertz, S S, van Berge Henegouwen, M I, Gans, S, Van Duijvendijk, P, Herklots, T, De Hoop, T, De Graaff, M R, Sloothaak, D, Bolster-van Eenennaam, M, Baaij, J, Klinkenbijl, J H G, Van Eekeren, R, Spillenaar Bilgen, E J, Van der Burg, S W, Harlaar, N J, Jonker, F H W, Vermaas, M, Voigt, K R, Nellensteijn, D, Bensi, E A B, Posma-Bouman, L, Van Sambeek, M, Holscher, M, Van den den Broek, W T, Kruijff, S H, De Vries, J P P M, Steinkamp, P J, Jonker, P K C, Van der Plas, W Y, Bierman, W, Janssen, Y, Franken, J, Oosterling, S, Boerma, E G, Schweitzer, D, Keulen, M H F, Ketting, S, Wegdam, J A, de Vries Reilingh, T S, Schipper, E, Teeuwen, P H E, Hendriks, E R, Van Geloven, A A W, Emous, M, Poelstra, R, Teunissen, M, Gerritsen, S L, Boerma, D, De Reuver, P R, Thunnissen, F, Vermeulen, B A M, Groen, A, Van Ginhoven, T M, Viëtor, C L, van der Oest, M J W, Vriens, P W H E, Houwen, T, Heisterkamp, J, van Petersen, A S, van der Meij, W, Stevens, C T, Pronk, A, Bakker, W J, Richir, M C, Vriens, M R, Filipe, M D, Uittenbogaart, M, Leclercq, W K G, Sijmons, J M L, Vancoillie, P J, Konsten, J, Van Heinsbergen, M, Dekker, N A M, den Boer, F C, Akinmade, A, Adeyeye, A, Enoch, E, Fayose, S, Okunlola, A I, Adeniyi, A A, Adeyemo, O T, Adebara, I O, Bakare, A, Babalola, O F, Abiyere, O H, Banjo, O O, Olori, S, Akaba, O G, Agida, E T, Abdullahi, I H, Egbuchulem, I K, Olulana, D, Lawal, T A, Ogundoyin, O, Oyelakin, O A, Nwaorgu, O G, Sule, S O, Makwe, C C, Afolabi, B B, Seyi-Olajide, J O, Ademuyiwa, A O, Bode, C O, Atoyebi, O, Elebute, O A, Okunowo, A A, Williams, O M, Eke, N G, Oshodi, O A, Faboya, O M, Adeniran, A S, Omisanjo, O A, Oshodi, Y A, Ogunyemi, A A, Atobatele, K M, Adeyeye, A, Aremu, I, Olasehinde, O, Abdur-Rahman, L, Bello, J, Popoola, A, Sayomi, T O , Raji, H O, Adeleke, N, Lawal, B, Habeeb, O, Agodirin, O, Tolani, M A, Sholadoye, T T, Nwabuoku, S E , Abubakar, M, Risteski, T, Cvetanovska Naunova, V, Jovcheski, L, Lazova, E, Agledahl, I, Breuer, R G, Massoud, J, Waqar, S H, Rashid, I , Ayubi, A, Bhatti, A B H, Younis, M U, Ghouri, A, Ayub, B , Sayyed, R H, Saleem, A, Turk, K, Alvi, A, Abassy, J, Khan, S, Arshad, M, Ahmed, K, Siddiqui, T, Pirzada, A, Kerawala, A A, Jamal, A, Rai, L, Nafees Ahmed, R, Memon, A S, Qureshi, A U, Ayyaz, M, Umar, M, Butt, U, Kashif, M, Khan, W H, Waris Farooka, M, Wasim, T, Talat, N, Tahir, W, Naseem, J, Akbar, A, Afroze, S, Ali, L, Sultan, A, Ali, H B, Janjua, M H, Janjua, A, Asghar, S, Farooq, M S, Sarwar, M Z, Naqi, S A, Gondal, K M, Bukhari, S I, Tariq, M, Javed, S, Yaqoob, E, Ashraf, M, Mahmood, U, Raja Shabbir, K, Abukhalaf, S A, Amro, A, Cabada Lee, J M, Aguilar, A, Rodriguez, E, Castillo, K, Cukier, M, Rodriguez-Zentner, H, Arrue, E, Isaacs Beron, R, Rodríguez Gonzalez, A, Panduro-Correa, V, Cornelio, D K, Otiniano Alvarado, C E, Caballero Sarabia, V D, Vasquez-Ojeda, X P, Lizzetti-Mendoza, G, Niquen-Jimenez, M, Shu-Yip, S B, León Palacios, J L, Borda-Luque, G, Zegarra, S A, Huamán Egoávil, E, Suazo Carmelo, C, Castro de la Mata, R, Rivas, D, Targarona, J , Trujillo, Y, Olivera Villanueva, M, Lahoud-Velaochaga, A, Cabillas, K, Castañeda, W, Colina Casas, J, Betalleluz Pallardel, J, Camacho Zacarías, F, Vélez Segura, E, Cruz Condori, D L, Huamán, E, Ugarte Oscco, R, Vergel Cabrera, C, Huamán Egoávil, E, Carpio Colmenares, Y T, García Barrionuevo, L A, Cárdenas Ruiz de Castilla, D, Mansilla Doria, P, Li Valencia, M R, Salazar, A, Sarmiento, A, Díaz, C, Morales, E, Ore, E, Zegarra, H, Siccha, J, Guardia, M, Sandoval, M, Mendiola, G C, Mimbela, M, Diaz-Ruiz, R, Zeta, L A, Cordova-Calle, E, Nuñez, H M, Ortiz-Argomedo, M R, Caballero-Alvarado, J , Salazar-Tantaleán, A, Espinoza-Llerena, R, Aliaga-Ramos, M, Asodisen, O, Jabagat, E, Tedoy, C M, A Ramos, R, Lopez, M P J, Violago, K L E, Aram, R, Carlos Santos, P, Filarca, R F, Carlos, A, Santos, P , Filarca, R L, Domingo, E J, Khu, K J O, Lapitan, M C, Sacdalan, M D P, Kho, M J N, Baticulon, R E, Bravo, S L R, Cueto, M A C, Ramos, C L, Fuentes, J R, Sadian, H, Gumarao, A, Barraquio, A, Cruz, E M, Gonzales, A D, Reyes, J A S, Salud, J A, Tancinco, E G, Rivera, R D, Lim, J A, Barcelon, J C, Chiu, J A, Carballo, M I, Major, P, Gawron, I , Jach, R, Borges, F, Matos Costa, P, Henriques, S, Rodrigues, S C, Gonçalves, N, Cabeleira, A, Branco, C, Serralheiro, P, Alves, R, Teles, T, Lázaro, A, Canhoto, C, Simões, J, Costa, M, Almeida, A C, Nogueira, O, Oliveira, A, Athayde Nemésio, R, Silva, M, Lopes, C, Amaral, M J, Valente da Costa, A, Andrade, R, Martins, R, Guimarães, A, Guerreiro, P, Ruivo, A, Camacho, C, Duque, M, Santos, E, Breda, D , Oliveira, J M, De Oliveira Lopez, A L, Garrido, S, Colino, M, De Barros, J, Correia, S, Rodrigues, M, Cardoso, P, Martins, R, Teixeira, J, Soares, A P, Morais, H, Pereira, R, Revez, T, Manso, M I, Domingues, J C, Henriques, P, Ribeiro, R , Ribeiro, V I , Cardoso, N, Sousa, S, Martins dos Santos, G, Carvalho, L, Osório, C, Antunes, J, Lourenço, S, Balau, P, Godinho, M, Pereira, A, Silva, N, Kam da Silva Andrade, A, Pereira Rodrigues, A, Borges, N, Correia, J, Vieira, I, Ribeiro, T , Catarino, J, Correia, R, Pais, F, Carreira Garcia, R, Bento, R, Cardoso, J, Luis, M, Santos, E, Henriques, J, Patena Forte, J, Maciel, J , Pinheiro Santos, J, Silva, M, Silva, T P, Branquinho, A, Caiado, A, Miranda, P, Garrido, R, Peralta Ferreira, M, Ascensão, J, Costeira, B, Cunha, C, Rio Rodrigues, L, Sousa Fernandes, M , Azevedo, P, Ribeiro, J, Lourenço, I, Gomes, H, Mendinhos, G , Nobre Pinto, A, Ribeiro, A, Gil, C G, Lima-da-Silva, C, Pereira, C, Tavares, F, Ferraz, I, Almeida, J I, Marialva, J, Lopes, L, Costa, M J M A, Nunes-Coelho, M, Teixeira, M J, Machado, N, Alfonso, J P, Saraiva, P , Silva, R L, Santos, R, Almeida-Reis, R, Correia-de-Sá, T, Fernandes, V, Almeida-Pinto, J, Gonçalves, J P, Santos-Sousa, H, Cavaleiro, S , Leite-Moreira, A M , Pereira, A, Pereira-Neves, A, Faria, C S, Monteiro, J M, Nogueiro, J, Sampaio-Alves, M, Magalhães Maia, M, Vieira, P, Pina-Vaz, T, Jácome, F, Devezas, V, Almeida, A, Silveira, H, Vaz, S, Castanheira Rodrigues, S, Costa Santos, D, Grilo, J V, Abreu da Silva, A, Claro, M , Deus, A C, Branquinho, R, Santos, P M D D, Patrício, B, Vieira Paiva Lopes, A C, Mendes, J M, Carvalho, M F, Oliveira, C M, Tojal, A, Pinto, J, Abutaka, A, Zarour, A, Abdelkareem, M, Ali, S M, Al Tarakji, M, Alfkey, R , Mukhtar, K, Wani, I R, Singh, R, Ahmed, K, Bouchiba, N, Mahdi, H , Abdelaziem Mustafa, S, Al Ansari, A, Drasovean, R, Caziuc, A , Galliamov, E, Agapov, M, Kakotkin, V, Semina, E, Kubyshkin, XXX, Kamalov, A, Efetov, S K, Kochetkov, V S, Garmanova, T, Tsarkov, P , Tulina, I, Rodimov, S, Markaryan, D, Kazachenko, E, Yanishev, A, Abelevich, A, Bazaev, A, Kokobelyan, A, Zarubenko, P, Zakharenko, A, Novikova, A, Kim, G, Shmatov, D, Stoliarov, M, Kamenskikh, M, Nambi, G, Almulhim, A S, Madkhali, T , Alzouhir, A, Alissa, A, Alameer, E, Badedi, M, Alnami, A Q, Darraj, H, Alkhuzaie, A, Khadwardi, F, Abualjadayel, M, Tashkandi, W, Farsi, A, Malibary, N, Trabulsi, N, Farsi, S, Said Bayazeed, A, Nasser, M, Siddiqui, M S, Al Awwad, S, Gudal, A, Alasmari, A, Alqahtani, S, Majrashi, S, Mashat, A, Al Raddadi, R, Alharbi, A, Nasser, Y, Hamayel, H, Alhojaili, A, Aljohani, R, Sogair, O, Alfarhan, O, Alzahrani, A, Alzomaili, B, Tashkandi, W, Azab, M A, Alotaibi, M, Maashi, A, Zowgar, A, Alsakkaf, M, Alnemary, M, Khayat, S, Felmban, S, Almhmadi, A, Alqannas, M, Cortés Guiral, D, Alyami, M, Elawad, A, Alhefdhi, A, Alresaini, F, Kurdi, W, Tulbah, M, Aldakheel, M, Alsahan, N, Koussayer, S, Elsheikh, H, Al-qattan, M, Alshanafey, S, Rafique, A, Mahabbat, N, Saeed, B, Al-Kharashi, E, Alsowaina, K, Arab, N, Aljaber, F, Al Hasan, I, Alghamdi, A, Badahdah, F, Alghuliga, A, Abdulfattah, F, Alanazi, F, Albaqami, F, Alsuhaibani, A, AlFakhri, A, Alqasem, S, Alajaji, N, Nouh, T, Bin Nasser, A, Alowais, J, Alburakan, A, Alamri, O, Albdah, A, Alawi, K, Alshalhoub, M, ElSanhoury, K, Almofarreh, A, Ibrahim, S, Elshafie, H, Osman, I, Guzman, T, Mutair, H , Siddiqui, A, Chowdhury, S, Alghamdi, R, Almutrafi, S, Alfaifi, J, D'Souza, J, Alshitwi, A, Alkreedees, N, Alramadhan, M, Alshehri, M, Alzahrani, A , Alobaysi, S, Badr, H, Alshahrani, A, Alshehri, A, Alrashed, M, Altahan, T, Alsabahi, T, Alhossaini, R, Sbaih, M, Alalawi, Y , Alnwijy, K, Al Ayed, A, Ghedan, S, Alharthi, R, Awad, S, Sharara, M, Abdelrhman, S, Althobaiti, W, Srbinovic, L, Perovic, M, Mikovic, Z, Nikolic, B, Vasiljevic, M, Pazin, V, Mandic Markovic, V, Dimitrijevic, D, Zecevic, N, Gregoric, P, Micic, D, Loncar, Z, Doklestic, K, Ivancevic, N, Djukic, V, Stojakov, D, Ilic, R, Savic, P, Pijanovic, N, Milanovic, M, Radosavljevic, M, Dejanovic, T, Kostic, M, Paskas, J, Bojic, S, Stevanovic, P, Djuric, M, Kadija, M, Tulic, G, Glisovic Jovanovic, I, Lieske, B, Kayombo, E, Kruger, I, De Kock, M , Malan, A, Ferreira, C, Du Preez, H, Mulder, W, Noel, C, Le Grange, S, Lusawana, O, Kies, C, Steyn, E, Janson, J, Buitendag, J J P , Chu, K, Mihalik, M, Nel, R, Naidoo, S, Kloppers, C, Nel, D, Jonas, E, Pickard, H, Bernon, M, Almgla, N, Rayamajhi, S, Mugla, W, Hyman, G Y, Fourtounas, M, Moore, R, Sánchez Mozo, A, Aguado Lopez, H, Zárate Pinedo, A, Jimenez Toscano, M, Alonso de la Fuente, N, Mancebo, G, Cecchini, L, Munarriz, M, Cazador Labat, M, López Campillo, A, Martorell, P, Espinosa, C A, Caja Vivancos, P, Villalabeitia Ateca, I, Prieto Calvo, M, Marín, H, Martin Playa, P , Gainza, A, Aragon Achig, E J, Rodriguez Fraga, A, Melchor Corcóstegui, I, Mallabiabarrena Ormaechea, G, Garcia Gutierrez, J J, Barbier, L, Pesántez Peralta, M A, Jiménez Jiménez, M, Municio Martín, J A, Gómez Suárez, J, García Operé, G, Pascua Gómez, L A, Oñate Aguirre, M, Fernandez-Colorado, A, De la Rosa-Estadella, M, Gasulla-Rodriguez, A, Serrano-Martin, M, Peig-Font, A, Junca-Marti, S , Juarez-Pomes, M, Garrido-Ondono, S, Blasco-Torres, L, Molina-Corbacho, M, Maldonado-Sotoca, Y, Gasset-Teixidor, A, Blasco-Moreu, J, Gomez Fernandez, L, Cayetano Paniagua, L, Izquierdo, O, Ventura, D, Castellanos, J, Ballester Vazquez, E, Sanchez Lopez, A, Balague Ponz, C, Targarona Soler, E M, Sanchez Cabús, S, Molina Santos, V, Gonzalez Lopez, J A, Medrano Caviedes, R, Moral Duarte, A, Espin-Basany, E, Pellino, G, Blanco-Colino, R, Turrado-Rodriguez, V, Lacy, A M, de Lacy, F B , Morales, X, Carreras-Castañer, A, Torner, P, Jornet-Gibert, M, Balaguer-Castro, M, Renau-Cerrillo, M, Camacho-Carrasco, P, Vives-Barquiel, M, Campuzano-Bitterling, B, Gracia, I, Pujol-Muncunill, R, Martin-Sole, O, Rubio-Palau, J, Tarrado, X , Garcia-Aparicio, L, De Haro Jorge, I, Martin, A, Rojas-Ticona, J , Perez-Bertolez, S, Cuesta Argos, M, Capdevila Vilaro, B, Coronas Soucheiron, M, Riba Martinez, M, Saura Garcia, L, Prat Ortells, J, Bejarano Serrano, M , Parri, P, Massaguer, C, Vicario, F, Palazon Bellver, P, Gudayol, I Moraleda, Lara, A, Escobar, D, Arrieta, M, Garcia de Cortazar, U, Villamor Garcia, I, Landaluce-Olavarria, A, Gonzalez De Miguel, M, Fernández Gómez Cruzado, L, Begoña, E, Lecumberri, D, Acosta Mérida, M A, Yepes Cano, A F, Estaire Gómez, M, Padilla-Valverde, D, Sánchez-García, S, Sanchez-Pelaez, D, Jimenez Higuera, E, Picón Rodríguez, R, Fernández Camuñas, à, Martínez-Pinedo, C, Garcia Santos, E P, Muñoz-Atienza, V, Moreno Pérez, A, López de la Manzanara Cano, C A, Ugarte-Sierra, B, Ibáñez-Aguirre, F J, De Andres Olabarria, U, Fernández Pablos, F J, Durán Ballesteros, M, Sanz Larrainzar, A, Jiménez Carneros, V, Valle Rubio, A, Alonso-Lamberti, L, Salazar, A, García-Quijada, J, Leon, R, Rodriguez, J L, Jimenez Miramón, J, Jover, J M, Martín Salamanca, M B, Assaf, M, Pérez Simón, V, Landeo Agüero, S A, Baeza Pintado, N, Huertas Fernandez, M A, Carabias, A, Sosa, M V, Lora-Cumplido, P, Lanuza, L, Galipienso Eri, M, Garcia Montesino, J D, Dellonder Frigolé, J, Noriego Muñoz, D, Navarro-Sánchez, A, Enjuto, D, Perez Gonzalez, M, Díaz Peña, P, Gonzalez, J, Marqueta De Salas, M, Martinez Pascual, P, Rodríguez Gómez, L, Garcés García, R, Ramos Bonilla, A, Herrera-Merino, N, Fernández Bernabé, P, Cagigal Ortega, E P, Hernández, I , García de Castro Rubio, E , Cervera, I, Espino Segura-Illa, M, Sánchez Aniceto, G , Castaño-Leon, A M, Jimenez-Roldan, L, Delgado Fernandez, J, Pérez Núñez, A, Lagares, A, Garcia Perez, D, Santas, M, Paredes, I , Esteban Sinovas, O, Moreno-Gomez, L, Rubio, E, Vega, V, Vivas Lopez, A, Labalde Martinez, M, García Villar, O, Pelaéz Torres, P M, Garcia-Borda, J, Ferrero Herrero, E , Gomez, P, Eiriz Fernandez, C, Ojeda-Thies, C, Pardo Garcia, J M, Di Martino, M, De la Hoz Rodriguez, A, García Septiem, J, Maqueda González, R, Delgado Búrdalo, L, Correa Bonito, A, Martin-Perez, E, García Villayzán, J E, Albi Martin, B, Lozano Lominchar, P, Martin, L, Fernadez, M, Rey-Valcarcel, C, Tousidonis, M, Martin-Albo Caballero, L, Lowy, A, Alonso Ortuño, P, Ayuso Herrera, E, Caño Velasco, J, Aragon-Chamizo, J, Perez Diaz, M D, Mateo-Sierra, O, Quintana-Villamandos, B, Barrio, J M, Fanjul, M, Sanchez-Perez, C, Fernandez, M L, Hernandez-Kakauridze, S, Rio, J, Díaz Pérez, D, Serrano González, J, Colao García, L, Gutierrez Samaniego, M, Hernandez Bartolome, M A, Galindo Jara, P, Esteban Agustí, E, Ripollés-Melchor, J, Abad-Motos, A, Abad-Gurumeta, A, Martínez-Hurtado, E, Ruiz-Escobar, A , Brogly, N, Guasch, E, Hernandez Gutierrez, A , Bartha Rasero, J L, Perez, Y, Garcia-Pineda, V, Gracia, M, Siegrist Ridruejo, J, Diestro, M D, Sanchez-Mendez, J I, Marti, C, Melendez, M, Moreno-Palacios, E, Loayza, A, Frias, L, Zapardiel, I, Rubio-Perez, I, Prieto Nieto, M I, Guevara, J, Gegundez Simon, A, Gortazar, S, Chavarrias, N, Alvarez, E, Saavedra, J , Ramos-Martin, P, Urbieta, A, Gomez Rivas, J, Toribio-Vázquez, C, Yebes, A, Hernández-García, M, Losada, M, Diéguez, B, García-Conde, M, Alonso Poza, A, Marquez, L, Becerra, R, Martin, M, Jorgensen, T, Muguerza, J M, Dziakova, J, Sánchez del Pueblo, C, Saez Carlin, P, Camarero, E, Picazo, S, Pizarro, M J, Avellana, R, Catalán, V, Lopez Antoñanzas, L, Cano, O, Anula, R, Sanz Lopez, R, Sanz Ortega, G, Garcia Alonso, M, Torres, A J, Martin Antona, E, Garcia Botella, S, Ramos, D, Barranquero, A G, Ocaña, J, Núñez, J, Cerro Zaballos, C, Crego-Vita, D, Huecas-Martinez, M, Diez Alonso, M, Mendoza-Moreno, F, Vera Mansilla, C, Ovejero Merino, E , Hernandez, P, Blazquez Martin, A, Ruiz Grande, F , Morales Palacios, N, Garcia-Loarte Gomez, E, Garca Rico, E, Minaya-Bravo, A M, San Miguel Méndez, C, Galvan Pérez, A, Gonzalez-Gonzalez, E, Robin Valle de Lersundi, A, Calcerrada Alises, E, García-Ureña, M A, Cruz Cidoncha, A, Troncoso Pereira, P, Alcaide Matas, F, García Pérez, J M, Muñoz Vives, J M, Osorio, A, Gómez Díaz, C J, Guariglia, C A, Soto Montesinos, C, Sanchon, L, Xicola Martínez, M, Guàrdia, N, Collera, P, Diaz Del Gobbo, R, Sanchez Jimenez, R, Farre Font, R, Flores Clotet, R, Calvo Espino, P, Guillamot Ruano, P, Rey-Biel, J, Pingarrón-Martin, L, Ruiz Martin, I, Moliner Sanchez, C, Carrasco-Prats, M, Giménez-Francés, C, Ruiz-Marín, M, Fernández-López, A J, García-Escudero, D, García-Porcel, V, Lax-Pérez, R, Sánchez-Robles, M, Valero-Soriano, M, Medina-Manuel, E, García-Soria, V, Gurrea-Almela, E, Marco-Garrido, A, Martínez-Alonso, J A, González-Valverde, F M, Fernández-Fernández, P V, Sánchez-Rodríguez, C, Aguilar-Jimenez, J, Baeza-Murcia, M, Aguayo-Albasini, J L, Nicolás-López, T, Alconchel, F, Fernández Martínez, D, Solar-Garcia, L, García Flórez, L J , Llaquet Bayo, H, Pujol-Cano, N, Segura-Sampedro, J J, Soldevila-Verdeguer, C, Jeri-McFarlane, S, Gil-Catalan, A , Craus-Miguel, A, Cruz, L, Valente, P, Afonso-Garcia, M , Ferrer-Inaebnit, E, Oseira-Reigosa, A, Fernandez-Vega, L, Villalonga-Ramirez, B, Gonzalez Argente, F X, Mora-Guzmán, I, Landete Molina, F J, Morera Ocón, F J, Canelles Corell, E, Gavaldà Pellicé, M T, Salinas Peña, J R, Cavallé Busquets, P, Trebol, J, Sánchez-Casado, A B, Munoz-Bellvis, L, Pérez-Sánchez, L E , Concepción Martín, V, Díaz García, A, Vallve-Bernal, M, Calvo Rey, A, Prada Hervella, G M, Dos Santos Carregal, L , Rodriguez Fernandez, M I, Freijeiro, M, El Drubi Vega, S, Picardo, A L, Cuadrado-Garcia, A, Serralta de Colsa, D, Rojo Lopez, J A, Sanchez Cabezudo Noguera, F, Ortega Vazquez, I, Garcia-Sancho Tellez, L, Mato, P, Heras Aznar, J, Jimeno Fraile, J, Morales-Garcia, D, Carrillo-Rivas, M, Toledo Martínez, E, Pascual, à, Senent-Boza, A, Sánchez-Arteaga, A, Benítez-Linero, I, Manresa-Manresa, F, Tallón-Aguilar, L, Melero-Cortés, L, Fernández-Marín, M R, Durán-Muñoz-Cruzado, V M, Ramallo-Solís, I, Beltrán-Miranda, P, Pareja-Ciuró, F, Antón-Eguía, B T, Oliva Mompean, F , Gomez-Rosado, J, Reguera-Rosal, J, Valdes-Hernandez, J, Capitan-Morales, L, del Toro Lopez, M D, Achalandabaso Boira, M, Memba Ikuga, R, Abellán, M, Sales, R, Olona, C, Jorba, R, Hernandez Gutierrez, J, Tébar Zamora, A, Sancho-Muriel, J, Cholewa, H, Frasson, M, Domenech, J, Roselló Añón, A, Sangüesa, M J, Moro-Valdezate, D, Garcés-Albir, M, Lopez, F, Bernal-Sprekelsen, J C, Catalá Bauset, J C, Renovell Ferrer, P, Martínez Pérez, C, Gil-Albarova, O, Gilabert Estellés, J, Aghababyan, K, De Andrés-Asenjo, B, Beltrán de Heredia, J, Vázquez-Fernández, A, Ortiz de Solorzano-Aurusa, F J, Trujillo-Díaz, J, Ruiz-Soriano, M, Jezieniecki, C, Gómez-Sanz, T, Núñez-Del Barrio, H, Romero-De Diego, A, García-Virto, V, Aguado, H J, Fernández Martín, M T, Tejero-Pintor, F J, Pérez-Saborido, B , Choolani Bhojwani, E , Acebes García, F, Marcos-Santos, P, Bueno Cañones, AD, Sanchez Gonzalez, J, Toledano, M, Bailón, M, Pacheco Sánchez, D, Paniagua Garcia Senorans, M, Sanchez-Santos, R, Vazquez Melero, A, Garcia, D, Díez, E, Herrero, I, Soeda, I M, Camuera, M, Balluerca, M, Sánchez-Rubio, M, Paunero Vazquez, P, Martinez-German, A , Gracia-Roche, C, Gascon-Ferrer, I, Duque-Mallen, V, De Miguel-Ardevines, M D C, Sanchez-Fuentes, N, Santero-Ramirez, M S, Matute-Najarro, M, Herrero-Lopez, M, Sanchez-Rubio, M, Cantalejo-Diaz, M, Gonzalez-Nicolas-Trebol, M T, Saudi-Moro, S, Jariod-Ferrer, U M, Rivas, R, Rivas, F, Escartin, J, Blas Laina, J L, Nogués, A , Cros, B, Talal El-Abur, I, Garcia Egea, J, Yanez, C, Jayarajah, U, Ravindrakumar, S, Rodrigo, V S D, Arulanantham, A , Bandara, G B K D, Hamid, H K S, Ali, E E, Widatalla, A B H, Bakheit, I , Awadelkarim, M, Ali Karar, A A, Saleh, M, Taflin, H, Myrelid, P, Amorim Braz, L, Hagander, L , Hambraeus, M, Omling, E, SalÖ, M, Arkani, S, Freedman, J, Montan, C, Lindqvist, E K, Elbe, P, Hultgren, R, Älgå, A, Nordberg, M, Sandblom, G, Rutegård, M, Holmner, F, Sund, M, LÖfgren, N, Tampakis, A, Kollmar, O, von Fluee, M, Balaphas, A, Toso, C, Colucci, N, Popeskou, S G, Gass, M, Scheiwiller, A , Metzger, J, Gialamas, E, Chevallay, M, Sauvain, M, Dwidar, O, Kiessling, S Y, Stoeckli, S J, Mongelli, F, Bernasconi, M, Di Giuseppe, M, Christoforidis, D, La Regina, D, Arigoni, M, Adamina, M, Peros, G, Guglielmetti, L, Solimene, F, Giardini, M, BÄchler, T, Crugnale, A S, Gutschow, C A, Turina, M, Ersen, O, Onan, M A, Kozan, R, Erol, T, Dincer, H A, Yildiz, A, Iflazoglu, N, Yalkın, O, Isik, A, Ozben, V, Aytac, E, Aliyeva, Z, Akaydin, E, Ozmen, B B, Baca, B, Altinel, Y, Calikoglu, F, Tokocin, M, Hacim, N A, Akbas, A, Meric, S, Vartanoglu, T, Yigitbas, H, Ercetin, C, Ercan, G, Ozgur, I, Keskin, M, Saracoglu, K T, Cimenoglu, B , Demirhan, R, Kale, A , Simsek, T, Gundogdu, E C, Abbasov, A, Tanal, M, Citgez, B, Bozkurt, E, Yetkin, S G, Mihmanli, M, Alhamed, A, Ergun, S, Sanli, A N, Velidedeoglu, M, OZcelik, M F, Uludag, S S, Zengin, A K , Cebi, S, Demirkiran, F, Bese, T, Acikgoz, A S, Kayan, B, Aykanat, Y, Mutlu, D, GÖksoy, B, Kara, Y, Bozkurt, M A, Kocatas, A, Öğücü, H, Uslu, G, Arican, C, Tugmen, C, Aydin, C, Yesilyurt, D, Avci, E K, Kebapçı, E, Kilinc, G, Sert, İ, Tuncer, K, Akalin, M, Emiroglu, M, Demirli Atici, S, Salimoğlu, S, Kaya, T, Kirmizi, Y, Tatar, O C, Yüksel, E, Güler, S A, Yildirim, A , Utkan, N Z, GÖzal, K, KÖken, H , Yabas, A, Gonullu, E, Altintoprak, F, Akin, E, Kamburoglu, B , Capoglu, R, Kucuk, F, Demir, H, Cakmak, G, Firat, N , Celebi, F, Kocer, B, Mantoglu, B, Bayhan, Z, Dikicier, E, Colak, E, Kucuk, G O , Karaman, E, Kolusab, A, Karaaslan, O , Majid, i, Alshryda, S, Abbas, F, Abbas, F M A, Mohammed, D, Tahlak, M A , Yammahi, A , Albaroudi, A A, Elyafawi, B, Saber, A, Khansaheb, H, Alsaadi, H, Alzarooni, N, Bekheit, M, Kamera, B S, Elhusseini, M, Sharma, P, Ahmeidat, A, Gradinariu, G, Cymes, W, Hannah, A, Mignot, G, Shaikh, S, Agilinko, J, Angelou, D, Neely, D, McCanny, A, McAree, B, Baldwin, A J, West, R, Gammeri, E, Catton, A, Marinos Kouris, S, Pereca, J, Singh, J, Seymour, Z, Jones, R, Leeson, S , Peevor, R, Lala, A K, Houlden, C, Kahiu, J, Hossain, N, Hosny, S, Patel, P, Handa, S, Kaushal, M, Kler, A, Reghuram, V, Tezas, S, Fairhurst, K, Yates, C, Mitchell, S, Bunni, J, Richards, S, George, R, Lee, S M, Phull, J, Frost, J, Burnard, S, Crowley, R, Airey, A, Bevan, K, Makin-Taylor, R, Ong, C S, Callan, R, Bloom, O, Aljanadi, F, Moawad, N, Jones, M, Gregg, A , Jeganathan, R, Pachl, M, Martin, B, Archer, J E , Odeh, A , Siddaiah, N, Singhal, R, Naumann, D N, Karandikar, S, Syed, A, Tucker, O N , Alam, R, Kalkat, M, Mak, J K C, Kulkarni, R, Sharma, N, Nankivell, P, Tirotta, F, Parente, A, Breik, O , Kisiel, A, Cato, L D, Saeed, S, Bhangu, A, Griffiths, E, Pathanki, A M, Ford, S, Desai, A, Almond, M, Kamal, M, Sundar, S, Leung, E Y L, Kaur, R, Brett-Miller, C, Buruiana, F E, Markose, G, De Gea Rico, A, Taib, A, Myatt, D, Sulaiman Khaled, A, Younis, F, Sultana, A , Taggarsi, M, Vitone, L , Lambert, J, Vaz, O P, Sarantitis, i, Shrestha, D, Timbrell, S, Shugaba, A, Quddus, B, Law, J, Bittar, M N, Creanga, M, Elniel, M, Youssef, M, Ali, S, Qadri, S T, Brixton, G , Findlay, L, Klatte, T, Majkowska, A, Manson, J, Potter, R, Oktseloglou, V, Mosley, F, De La Cruz Monroy, M F i, Bobak, P, Omar, i, Ahad, S, Langlands, F, Brown, V, Hashem, M, Kennedy, L, Jaunoo, S, Coomber, E, Williams, O, Shalaby, M, Rhodes, H L, Williams, A, Ridgway, A, Pournaras, D, Britton, E , Lostis, E, Ambler, G K, Chu, H, Hopkins, J, Manara, J, Chan, M, Doe, M , Moon, R D C , Lawday, S, Jichi, T, Singleton, W, Main, B, Maccabe, T, Newton, C, Blencowe, N S, Fudulu, D P, Bhojwani, D, Baquedano, M, Caputo, M, Rapetto, F, Flannery, O , Hassan, A, Coonar, A, Aresu, G, Smith, C, Gearon, D, Hogan, J, Pradeep, i S, Durio Yates, H, Peryt, A, Barrett-Brown, Z M, King, M, Ahmadi, N, Jenkins, D, Moorjani, N, Taghavi, F, Wells, F, Hardie, J, Page, S, Anazor, F, King, S D, Luck, J , Kazzaz, S, Mannion, R, Stewart, G D, Ramzi, J, Mohan, M, Singh, A A, Ashcroft, J, Baker, O J , Coughlin, P, Davies, R J, Durst, A Z E D , Abood, A, Habeeb, A , Hudson, V E, Kolias, A, Lamb, B, Luke, L, Mitrasinovic, S, Murphy, S, Ngu, A W T, O'Neill, J R, Waseem, S, Wong, K, Georgiades, F, Hutchinson, P J , Tan, X S, Pushpa-rajah, J, Colquhoun, A, Masterson, L, Abu-Nayla, i, Walker, C, Balakrishnan, A, Rooney, S, irune, E, Byrne, M H V, Durrani, A , Simoes, A, Eddy, B, Streeter, E, Ahmed, i, Yao, M, Wang, W, Djouani, A , Tait-Bailey, J, Thomas, M, Hassan, F, Kommu, S, Chopra, S, Richards, T, Sethuraman Venkatesan, A, Combellack, T, Williams, J, Tahhan, G, Mohammed, M, Kornaszewska, M, Valtzoglou, V, Deglurkar, i, Rahman, M, Von Oppell, U, Mehta, D, Koutentakis, M, Syed Nong Chek, S A H, Hill, G, Morris, C, Shinkwin, M, Torkington, J, Cornish, J, Houston, R, Mannan, S, Ayeni, F, Tustin, H, Bordenave, M, Robson, A, Dovell, G, Preece, R, Rolland, P, Miranda, B H, Sobti, A, Khaleel, A, Unnithan, A, Memon, K, Pala Bhaskar, R R, Maqboul, F, Kamel, F, Al-Samaraee, A, Madani, R, Kumar, L, Nisar, P, Agrawal, S, Vimalachandran, D, Manu, N, Eardley, N, Krishnan, E, Serevina, O L, Martin, E, Smith, C, Jones, A, Roy Mahapatra, S, Clifford, R, Jones, G P, Gardner, A, Tripathi, S S, Greenhalgh, M S , Matthews, W, Mohankumar, K, Khawaja, i, Palepa, A, Doulias, T, Gill, C, Dunne, N, Sarma, D R, Godbole, C, Carlos, W, Tewari, N, Jeevan, D, Naredla, P, Khajuria, A, Connolly, H, Robertson, S, Sweeney, C, Di Taranto, G, Shanbhag, S, Dickson, K, McEvoy, K, Skillman, J, Sait, M, Al-Omishy, H, Baig, M, Heer, B, Brown, A, Ebrahim, A, Alwadiya, A, Goyal, A, Phillips, A, Bhalla, A, Demetriou, C, Grimley, E, Theophilidou, E, Ogden, E, Malcolm, F L, Davies-Jones, G, Ng, J C K , Mirza, M, Hassan, M, Elmaleh, N, Daliya, P, Williams, S, Bateman, A, Chia, Z, Premakumar, Y, Jauhari, Y, Koshnow, Z, Bowen, D, Uberai, A, Hirri, F, Stubbs, B M, Crichton, R, Sonksen, J, Aldridge, K, McDonald, C, Manickavasagam, J, Ragupathy, K, Davison, S, Dalgleish, S, McGrath, N, Kanitkar, R, Payne, C J, Ramsay, L, Ng, C E , Collier, T, Khan, K, Evans, R, Brennan, C, Henshall, D E, Drake, T, Harrison, E M, Zamvar, V , Tambyraja, A, Skipworth, R J E, Linder, G, McGregor, R, Brennan, P, Mayes, J, Ross, L, Smith, S, White, T, Jamjoom, A A B, Pasricha, R, Gallagher, K, Swan, R, Paterson, H, Maeda, Y, Kwok, A M F, Tsiaousidou, A, Vaughan-Shaw, P G, Boyle, C, Fernando, D, Tham, D, Leung, S, Laird, A, Holme, T, Abbott, S , Razik, A, Thrumurthy, S, Steinke, J, Baker, M, Howden, D, Baxter, Z, Osagie, L, Bence, M, Fowler, G E, Massey, L , Rajaretnam, N, Evans, J, John, J, Goubran, A, Campain, N, McDermott, F D, McGrath, J S, Ng, M , Pascoe, J, Phillips, J R A, Daniels, i R, A'Court, J, Konarski, A, Faulkner, G, Emerson, H, Vejsbjerg, K, Pearce, L, McCormick, W, Fisher, A, Singisetti, K, Aawsaj, Y, Barry, C, Bajomo, O, Rizvi, S, Grimes, C, Dusu, K, Tint, P Y, Kirk, A , irvine, V, Lammy, S, O'Kane, R, Elliott, L, McCabe, G, Holroyd, D, Jamieson, N B, Geddes, A, McMahon, J , McCaul, J, Al-Azzawi, M, Aitken, E, Glen, P, Sinan, L O H, Lammy, S, Grivas, A, Tilling, E J, Brown, O, Boal, M, Dean, H, Higgs, S, Stanger, S, Abdalaziz, H, Constable, J, ishii, H, Preece, R, Dovell, G, Gopi Reddy, R, Madhuri, T K, Tailor, A, Flavin, M, Walker, D, Humphries, S, Assalaarachchi, H, Curl-Roper, T, Westwood, E , Delimpalta, C, Liao, C C L, Velchuru, V, Raptis, D A, Pollok, J M, Machairas, N, Davidson, B, Fusai, G, Soggiu, F, Xyda, S, Hidalgo Salinas, C, Tzerbinis, H, Pissanou, T, Gilliland, J, Chowdhury, S, Varcada, M, Hart, C, Mirnezami, R, Knowles, J, Angamuthu, N, Vijay, V, Shakir, T , Hasan, R, Tansey, R, Hardie, C, Powell-Smith, E, Kashora, F, Siddique, M H, Singh, A, Barmpagianni, C, Basgaran, A, Basha, A, Okechukwu, V, Bartsch, A, Gallagher, P, Maqsood, A, Sahnan, K, Leo, C A, Lewis, S E, Ubhi, H K, Exley, R, Khan, U, Shah, P, Saxena, S, Zafar, N, Abdul-Jabar, H, Patel, M, Shabana, A, Alanbuki, A, Usman, O, Ong, C T , Butterworth, W, Budha Magar, O, El Hadi, M, Abas, S, Annett, J, Ross, E, Loubani, M, Wilkins, A , Cao, H, Capitelli-McMahon, H, Hitchman, L, ikram, H, Andronic, A , Aboelkassem ibrahim, A, Totty, J, Blanco, J, Vanker, R, Ghobrial, M, Jones, G, Kanthasamy, S, Fawi, H, Awadallah, M, Chen, F, Cheung, J, Moscalu, A, Bhuvanakrishna, T, Bibby, L, Sinclair, M, Nahid, M A K, Williams, L, Basnyat, P S, Shrestha, A K, Kumaran, N K, Sambhwani, S, Sheikh, N A, Taylor, O M, Liew, i, Al-Sukaini, A, Mediratta, S, Saxena, D, Sgrò, A, Rashid, M M, Milne, K, Mcintyre, J, Akhtar, M A, Turnbull, A, Brunt, A , Stewart, K E, Wilson, M S J, Rutherford, D , McGivern, K, Massie, E, Ho, M, Wade, R G , Johnstone, J, Bourke, G , Brunelli, A, Elkadi, H, Otify, M, Pompili, C, Burke, J R, Bagouri, E , Chowdhury, M, Abual-Rub, Z, Kaufmann, A, Munot, S, Lo, T, Young, A, Kowal, M, Wall, J, Peckham-Cooper, A, Layton, G R , Karki, B, Jeong, H, Pankhania, S, Asher, S, Folorunso, A, Mistry, S, Singh, B, Winyard, J, Mangwani, J, Caruana, E J, Mohammad, A , Acharya, M, Chandarana, K , Ang, K, Chowdhry, M F, Rathinam, S, Nakas, A, Boddy, A, Hossain, T, Ashmore, C, Annamalai, S, Kourdouli, A, irvine, E, Al-Harbawi, A, Kassam, K, Al-Harbawee, A, Miller, A, Mair, M , Lunevicius, R, Sheel, A R G, Sundhu, M, Santini, A J A, Fathelbab, M S A T, Hussein, K M A, Nunes, Q M, Jones, R P, Shahzad, K, Haq, i, Baig, M M A S, Hughes, J L, Kattakayam, A, Rajput, K, Misra, N, Shah, S B, Clynch, A L , Georgopoulou, N, Sharples, H M, Apampa, A A, Nzenwa, i C, Sud, A, Harky, A, Kirmani, B H, Shackcloth, M, Jenkinson, M D, Zakaria, R, Elmoslemany, T, Millward, C P, Baron, R , Dunne, D, Szatmary, P, Thomas, A, McNicol, F, Gahunia, S, Sochorova, D, Nita, G E, McKinney, R, Russ, J, Tan, J R, Harwood, R, Corbett, H J, Rossborough, C, Skelly, B L, Che Bakri, N A, Nazarian, S , Vashisht, R, Jiao, L, Jawad, Z, Allan, A Y, Kontovounisios, C, Grove, T, Warren, O, Fadel, M G, Chatzikonstantinou, M, Sorelli, P, Rahman, S, Hadjipavlou, M, Holbrook, C, Chong, C, Kufeji, D, Rufai, S R, Lloyd, I C, James, G, Chari, A, Silva, A H D, Stroman, L, Challacombe, B, Sayasneh, A, Najdy, M, Bill√®, A, Fraser, S, Agoston, P, Rizzo, V, King, J, Nath, R, McCrindle, S, Mehra, G , Harrison-Phipps, K, Pilling, J, Okiror, L, Routledge, T, Mills, L , Wali, A, El-Boghdadly, K, Fotopoulou, C, Saso, S, Fehervari, M, Ploski, J, Ghaem-Maghami, S, Spalding, D, Rajagopal, P, Pai, M, Habib, N, Jawad, Z, Hamrang-Yousefi, S, Jiao, L, Tayeh, S, Chase, T, Humphreys, L, Ayorinde, J, Ghanbari, A, Cuming, T, Anscomb, N , Baldwin-Smith, R, Rizk, M, Grainger, C, Davies, M , Surendran, A , Nunoo-Mensah, J W, Dunstan, M, Beak, P, Gerogiannis, i, Jain, A, Menon, A, Pramodana, B, Choi, D, Marcus, H J, Webber, L, May, R, Hutchison, R, Luoma, V, Ranjit, S, Parakh, J, Sarodaya, V, Daadipour, A, Khalifa, M, Bosch, K D, Bashkirova, V, Dvorkin, L S, Kalidindi, V K, Dudek, J, Singhal, T, El-Hasani, S, De Souza, A, Cannoletta, M , Rochon, M, Bhudia, S, Bennett, S, Navaratne, L, Venn, M, Yip, V, Kayani, B, Sohrabi, C, Kocher, H M, Minicozzi, A, Banerjee, A, Sullivan, T, Sivaprakasam, R, Anzak, A, Ghufoor, K, Thaha, M A, Knowles, C, Ledesma, F S, Patki, P, Popova, D, Sadigh, P, Ramamoorthy, R, Uff, C, Attwell, L, Tanabalan, C, Goh, M A, Jayasinghe, J D, Leal Silva, I , Thakur, B, Lebe, M, Thet, M S , Hughes, F, Rahman, R, Fuwa, O, Sanders, J, Oo, A, Bueser, T, Curtis, M, Stamenkovic, S A, Abbott, T, Anwar, S, Sohrabi, C , Williams, K, Chung, E, Hagger, R, Karim, A, Hainsworth, A, Flatman, M, Trompeter, A, Hing, C , Brown, O, Tsinaslanidis, P, Benjamin, M W, Leyte, A , Tan, C, Smelt, J, Vaughan, P, Santhirakumaran, G , Hunt, i, Raza, M , Labib, A , Luo, X, Sudarsanam, A, Rolls, A, Lyons, O, Onida, S, Shalhoub, J, Sugand, K, Park, C , Sarraf, K M, Erridge, S, Kinross, J, Denning, M, Yalamanchili, S, Abuown, A, ibrahim, M, Martin, G, Davenport, D, Wheatstone, S, Kasivisvanathan, V, Kapriniotis, K, Elhamshary, A , imam, S M B, Kalavrezos, N, Sinha, D, Chand, M, Green, L, Beech, N, McEwen, R, Kiconco, H, Andreani, S M, Bath, M F, Sahni, A, Judkins, N, Rigueros Springford, L, Sohrabi, C, Bacarese-Hamilton, J, Taylor, F G, Patki, P, Tanabalan, C , Parmar, C , McCluney, S, Shah, S, Talwar, R, Patel, K, Askari, A, Jambulingam, P S, Shaw, S, Maity, A, Hatzantonis, C, Sagar, J, Kudchadkar, S, Cirocchi, N, Chan, C H, Reynolds, J, Alexander, M E, Smart, C J, Jayasankar, B, Balasubramaniam, D, Abdelsaid, K, Mundkur, N, Gallagher, B, Shah, J, Anthoney, J, Emmerson, O, Stylianides, N, Abdalla, M, Newton, K, Bhatia, K , Edmondson, R, Abdeh, L, Jones, D, Zeiton, M, ismail, O, Naseem, H, Advani, R, Duff, S, Moura, F, Brown, B C, Khan, A, Asaad, P, Wadham, B, Aneke, i A, Collis, J, Warburton, H, Fell, A, Smith, A, Halkias, C, Evans, J, Nikolaou, S, English, C, Kristinsson, S, Oni, T, ilahi, N, Ballantyne, K, Woodward, Z, Merh, R, Dunning, J, Viswanath, Y, Freystaetter, K, Dixon, J, Hadfield, J N, Hilley, A , Egglestone, A, Smith, B , Hine, T, Keeler, B, Soulsby, R E, Taylor, A , Davies, E, Ryska, O , Raymond, T, Rogers, S, Tong, A, Hawkin, P, Tingle, S, Abbadessa, F, Sachdeva, A, Rai, B, Chan, C D, McPherson, i, Booth, K, Mahmoud Ali, F, Pandanaboyana, S, Grainger, T, Nandhra, S, Patience, A, Rogers, A, Roy, C, Williams, T , Dawe, N, McCaffer, C, Riches, J, Bhattacharya, S, Moir, J, Kalson, N S, Elamin Ahmed, H, Mellor, C, Saleh, C, Koshy, R M, Hammond, J, Sanderson, L, Wahed, S, Phillips, A W, Ghosh, K, Tang, A, Beamish, A J, Price, C, Bosanquet, D, Magowan, D, Solari, F, Williams, G, Nassa, H, Smith, L, Robertson-Smith, B, Mahmoud, A, Ameerally, P, Finch, J G, Gnanachandran, C, Pop, i, Rogers, M, Yousef, Y, Mohamed, i, Woods, R, Zahid, H, Mundy, G, Youssef, M, Sreedharan, L, Baskaran, D, Shaikh, i, Seebah, K, Reid, J, Watts, D, Kouritas, V, Chrastek, D, Maryan, G, Gill, D F, Khatun, F, Gajjar, K, Williamson, K , Bratt, D , Konstantinidi, K, Walton, T, Burnside, N , Weaver, H, Hawari, M, Addae-Boateng, E, Rollett, R A, Collins, M L , Tamimy, M S, Riyat, H, Wen, J, Neil-Dwyer, J, Brewer, H, Humes, D, Worku, D, Chowdhury, A, Oyende, O, Lewis-Lloyd, C, Adiamah, A, Koh, A, Jackman, J, Vohra, R, Navarro, A, Reilly, J, Aujayeb, A, Townshend, D, McLarty, N, Shenfine, A, Jackson, K , Johnson, C, Dass, D, Ford, D, Winter, S C, Belcher, E, Stavroulias, D, Di Chiara, F, Wallwork, K, Qureishi, A, Lami, M, Sravanam, S, Mastoridis, S, Shah, K, Chidambaram, S, Smillie, R, Shaw, A V, Bandyopadhyay, S, Cernei, C, Bretherton, C, Jeyaretna, D, Ganau, M, Piper, R J, Duck, E , Brown, S, Jelley, C, Tucker, S C, Bond-Smith, G, Griffin, X L, Tebala, G D , Neal, N, Vatish, M, Noton, T M, Ghattaura, H , Maher, M, Fu, H, Risk, O B F, Soleymani Majd, H, Sinha, S, Shankar, S, Aggarwal, A, Kharkar, H, Lakhoo, K, Verberne, C, Mastoridis, S, Dean, B, Luney, C, Myatt, R, Williams, M A, McVeigh, J, Rogers, L J, Labib, P L, Miller, D, Minto, G, Hope, N, Marchbank, A, Emslie, K, Panahi, P, Ho, B, Perkins, C, Clough, E, Roy, H, Enemosah, I, Campbell, R, Natale, J, Gohil, K, Rela, M, Raza, N, Biliatis, I, Khan, J, Thiruchandran, G, Toh, S K C, Ahmad, Y, Allana, A, Bellis, C, Babawale, O, Phan, Y C, Lokman, U, Ismail, M, Koc, T, Witek, A, Duggleby, L, Shamoon, S, Stefan, S, Clancy, H, Chadha, R, Middleton, S B, Wilmott, K, Hayden, C, Mclaren, C, Sutton, J, Whyte, A, Belgaumkar, A, Day, A , Gilbert, C, Oyewole, B, Narayan, P, Dent, H, Sandhya, A, De Silva, T , Waheed, S, Day, A, Kapoor, K, Belgaumkar, A P, Narayan, P, Fahim, M, Gala, T, Mithany, R, Morgan, R, Abdelkarim, M, Ibrahim, S, Maw, A, Asqalan, A, Sundaram Venkatesan, G, Singh, S, Mukherjee, S, Ferguson, D, Smith, C, Mansuri, A, Thakrar, A, Wickramarachchi, L, Cuthbert, R, Sivayoganathan, S, Chui, K, Karam, E, Dott, C, Shankar, S , Madhvani, K , Hampton, M, Hormis, A P, Thomas, M, Pearce, L, Fountain, D M, Laurente, R, Sigamoney, K V, Dasa, M, George, K, Naqui, Z , Galhoum, M, Lipede, C, Gabr, A, Radhakrishnan, A, Hasan, M T, Kalenderov, R, Pathmanaban, O, Colombo, F, Chelva, R, Branagan, G, Longstaff, L, Ding, D, Barlow, C, Foster, J, Edwards, J, Ward, A, Tadross, D, Majkowski, L, Blundell, C, Forlani, S, Nair, R, Guha, S, Brown, S R, Steele, C, Kelty, C J, Newman, T, Lee, M, Chetty, G, Lye, G, Balasubramanian, S P, Sureshkumar Shah, N, Sherif, M, Al-mukhtar, A, Whitehall, E, Giblin, A, Wells, F, Sharkey, A, Adamec, A, Madan, S, Narice, B, Sterrenburg, M, Thompson, A, Varley, I, Stavrakas, M, Rominiyi, O, Ray, J, Adamec, A, Crank, M, Bacon, A, Al-Tamimi, Y, Catto, J, Saad, S, Abd Kahar, N N, Sinha, S, Sou, A , Simpson, D, Hamilton, E , Blair, J, Jallad, S, Lord, J, Anderson, C, El Kafsi, J, Logishetty, K, Saadya, A, Midha, R, Ip, M, Subbiah Ponniah, H, Stockdale, T , Bacarese-Hamilton, T, Foster, L, James, A, Anjarwalla, N, Marujo Henriques, D, Hettige, R, Baban, C, Tenovici, A, Salerno, G, Singh, R , Lane, J, Colvin, H V, Badran, A, Cadersa, A, Williams, S, Cumpstey, A, Hamady, Z, Aftab, R, Wensley, F, Byrne, J, Morrison-Jones, V, Sekhon, G K, Shields, H, Shakoor, Z, Yener, A, Talbot, T, Khan, A, Alzetani, A, Cresner, R, Babu, B H B, Liyanage, A S D, Newman, S, Blake, I, Weerasinghe, C, Baumber, R, Parry, J, Menakaya, C, Webb, J I, Antar, M, Modi, N, Sofat, R, Noel, J, Nunn, R, Adegbola, S, Eriberto, F, Sharma, V, Tanna, R, Lodhia, S, Johnson, D, Hughes, I, Hall, J , Rooney, J, Chatterji, S, Zhang, Y, Owen, R, Rudic, M, Hunt, J, Zakai, D, Thomas, M, Aladeojebi, A, Ali, M, Gaunt, A, Barmayehvar, B, Kitchen, M, Gowda, M , Mansour, F, Jarvis, M, Halliday, E, Lefroy, R, Nanjaiah, P, Ali, S, Kitchen, M, Lin, D J, Rajgor, A D, Scurrah, R J, Kang, C, Watson, L J, Harris, G, Royle, T, Cunningham, Y, James, G, Steel, B, Luk, A C O, Boulton, A J, Khan, M T, Bakolas, G, Ahmed, I, Herrod, P, Gemmill, E, Boyd-Carson, H , Jibreel, M, Lenzi, E, Saafan, T, Sapre, D, Li, Z, Parkins, K, Spencer, N, Harries, R, Egan, R J, Motter, D, Jenvey, C, Mahoney, R, Fine, N, Minto, T, Henry, A, Hollyman, M, Grieco, C, Gemmell, C, Whitmore, H, Babar, M S , Goodrum, S, Scott, R, Collard, B, Lau, K, Thomas, E , Patel, A, Allison, J, Bowen, J, Dias, A, Mahendran, B, Gopalswamy, S, Patil, S, Scott, L, Sarveswaran, J, Michel, M, Ravindran, S, Subba, K, Abou-Foul, A K, Khalefa, M, Hossain, F, Moores, T, Pickering, L, Stables, G, Doorgakant, A, Thiruvasagam, V G, Carter, J, Reid, S, Mohammed, R, Marlow, W, Ferguson, H, Wilkin, R, Konstantinou, C, Yershov, D, Vatish, J, Denning, A, Shah, H B, Cross, G W V, Seyed-Safi, P, Smart, Y W, Kuc, A, Al-Yaseen, M, Olivier, J, Hanna, M, Eskander, P, Duncan, R, Halaseh, S, Das, R, Wynn Jones, H, Divecha, H, Whelton, C, Board, T, Powell, S, Magee, C, Agarwal, K, Mangos, E, Nambirajan, T, Vidya, R, Chauhan, G, Kaur, J, Burahee, A, Bleibleh, S, Pigadas, N, Snee, D, Bhasin, S, Crichton, A, Habeebullah, A, Bodla, A S, Yassin, N, Mondragon, M, Dewan, V, Flindall, I, Mahendran, V, Hanson, A, Jenner, E, Richards, J, Thomas-Fernandez, K, Wall, R, Alqallaf, A, Ben-Sassi, A, Mohamed, I, Mellor, K, Joshi, P, Joshi, Y, Young, R, Miu, V, Sheridan, K, MacDonald, L, Green, S, Onos, L, Wong, J J, Napolitano, L, Hemmila, M, Amin, D, Abramowicz, S, Roser, S M, Olson, K A, Riley, C, Heron, C, Cardenas, T, Leede, E, Thornhill, M, Haynes, A B, McElhinney, K, Roward, S, Trust, M D, Hill, C E, Teixeira, P G , Etchill, E, Stevens, K, Ladd, M R, Long, C , Rose, J, Kent, A, Yesantharao, P, Vervoort, D, Jenny, H, Gabre-Kidan, A, Margalit, A, Tsai, L, Malapati, H, Yesantharao, L, Abdou, H, Diaz, J, Richmond, M, Clark, J, O'Meara, L, Hanna, N, Ying, Y, Fleming, J, Ovaitt, A, Gigliotti, J, Fuson, A, Cooper, Z, Salim, A, Hirji, S A, Brown, A, Chung, C, Hansen, L, Okafor, B U, Roxo, V, Raut, C P, Jolissaint, J S, Mahvi, D A, Kaafarani, H, Breen, K, Bankhead-Kendall, B, Alser, O, Mashbari, H, Velmahos, G, Maurer, L R, El Moheb, M, Gaitanidis, A, Naar, L, Christensen, M A, Kapoen, C, Langeveld, K, El Hechi, M, Mokhtari, A, Haqqani, M H, Drake, F T, Goldenberg-Sandau, A, Galbreath, B, Reinke, C, Ross, S , Thompson, K, Manning, D, Perkins, R, Eriksson, E, Evans, H, Masrur, M, Giulianotti, P, Benedetti, E, Chang, G, Ourieff, J, Dehart, D, Dorafshar, A, Price, T, Bhama, A R, Torquati, A, Cherullo, E, 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