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Jaimes Niño, Luisa María (2023) Defying Senescence: The causes of death and the costs of living of ant queens. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

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Heinze, Jürgen and Vidal, Mathilde (2022) Data Archive of "Assisted dispersal and reproductive success in an ant species with matchmaking. [Dataset]

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Vidal, Mathilde, Königseder, Florian, Giehr, Julia, Schrempf, Alexandra, Lucas, Christoph and Heinze, Jürgen (2021) Worker ants promote outbreeding by transporting young queens to alien nests. Communications Biology 2021 (4), pp. 1-8. Fulltext restricted.

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Giehr, Julia and Heinze, Jürgen (2020) Supplementary material
Giehr & Heinze "Queen execution in a monogynous ant".

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