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Grijalvo, Santiago , Nieto‐Díaz, M., Maza, R. M., Eritja, Ramon and Diaz Diaz, David (2019) Alginate Hydrogels as Scaffolds and Delivery Systems to Repair the Damaged Spinal Cord. Biotechnology Journal 14, p. 1900275.

Bonardd, S., Moreno-Serna, V., Kortaberria, G. and Diaz Diaz, David (2019) Dipolar glass polymers containing polarizable groups as dielectric materials for energy storage applications. A minireview. Polymers 11, p. 317.

Abramov, Alex , Vernickel, Hendrik, Saldías, César and Diaz Diaz, David (2019) Metal- and Oxidant-Free Photoinduced Aromatic Trifluoromethylation Performed in Aerated Gel Media: Determining the Effects on Yield and Selectivity. Molecules 24, p. 29.

Grijalvo, Santiago , Eritja, Ramon and Diaz Diaz, David (2019) On the Race for More Stretchable and Tough Hydrogels. Gels 5, p. 24.


Häring, Marleen (2018) Synthesis, Characterization and Application of New Functional Gels. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Sonsona, Isaac G. , Marqués-López, Eugenia , Häring, Marleen, Díaz Díaz, David and Herrera, Raquel P. (2018) Urea Activation by an External Brønsted Acid: Breaking Self-Association and Tuning Catalytic Performance. Catalysts.

Häring, Marleen, Abramov, Alex, Okumura, Keisuke, Ghosh, Indrajit, König, Burkhard, Yanai, Nobuhiro, Kimizuka, Nobuo and Díaz Díaz, David (2018) Air-sensitive Photoredox Catalysis Performed under Aerobic Conditions in Gel Networks. The Journal of Organic Chemistry 57, pp. 7928-7938. Fulltext not available.

Mayr, Judith, Bachl, Jürgen, Alegre-Requena, Juan Vicente, Grijalvo, Santiago, Pons, Ramon and Bertran, Oscar (2018) Freigabe: 05.05.2018
Synthesis, characterization and application of smart materials based on low-molecular-weight compounds and polymers.
PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Maiti, Binoy and Diaz Diaz, David (2018) 3D Printed Polymeric Hydrogels for Nerve Regeneration. Polymers 10, p. 1041.

Pérez-Rentero, Sónia , Eritja, Ramon , Häring, Marleen and Diaz Diaz, David (2018) Synthesis, Characterization and Self-Assembly of a Tetrathiafulvalene (TTF)-Triglycyl Derivative. Applied Sciences 8, p. 671.

Pérez-Rentero, Sónia , Eritja, Ramon , Häring, Marleen, Saldías, César and Diaz Diaz, David (2018) Synthesis, Characterization, and Self-Assembly of a Tetrathiafulvalene (TTF)–Triglycyl Derivative. Applied Sciences 8, p. 671.


Avila-Salas, Fabián, Pereira, Alfredo, Rojas, Moisés A., Saavedra-Torres, Mario, Montecinos, Rodrigo, Bonardd, Sebastián , Quezada, Caterina, Saldías, Soledad, Díaz Díaz, David , Leiva, Angel, Radic, Deodato and Saldías, César (2017) An experimental and theoretical comparative study of the entrapment and release of dexamethasone from micellar and vesicular aggregates of PAMAM-PCL dendrimers. European Polymer Journal 93, pp. 507-520. Fulltext not available.

Mayr, Judith, Bachl, Jürgen, Schlossmann, Jens and Díaz Díaz, David (2017) Antimicrobial and Hemolytic Studies of a Series of Polycations Bearing Quaternary Ammonium Moieties: Structural and Topological Effects. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 18, p. 303.

Bachl, Jürgen, Bertran, Oscar , Mayr, Judith, Alemán, Carlos and Díaz Díaz, David (2017) Aromatic ionene topology and counterion-tuned gelation of acidic aqueous solutions. Soft Matter 13 (16), pp. 3031-3041. Fulltext not available.

Pettignano, Asja, Grijalvo, Santiago , Häring, Marleen, Eritja, Ramon, Tanchoux, Nathalie , Quignard, Françoise and Díaz Díaz, David (2017) Boronic acid-modified alginate enables direct formation of injectable, self-healing and multistimuli-responsive hydrogels. Chemical Communications 53 (23), pp. 3350-3353. Fulltext not available.

Grijalvo, Santiago , Alagia, Adele, Puras, Gustavo, Zárate, Jon, Mayr, Judith, Pedraz, José Luis, Eritja, Ramon and Díaz, David Díaz (2017) Cationic nioplexes-in-polysaccharide-based hydrogels as versatile biodegradable hybrid materials to deliver nucleic acids. Journal of Materials Chemistry B 5 (37), pp. 7756-7767. Fulltext not available.

Martínez-Triana, Yeimy M., Whelan, Rory, Finn, M. G. and Díaz, David Díaz (2017) Glass-Metal Adhesive Polymers from Copper(I)-Catalyzed Azide-Alkyne Cycloaddition. Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics 218 (8), p. 1600579. Fulltext not available.

Karak, Suvendu, Kumar, Sushil, Bera, Saibal, Díaz, David Díaz , Banerjee, Subhrashis, Vanka, Kumar and Banerjee, Rahul (2017) Interplaying anions in a supramolecular metallohydrogel to form metal organic frameworks. Chemical Communications 53 (26), pp. 3705-3708. Fulltext not available.

Pérez-Madrigal, Maria M. , Torras, Joan , Casanovas, Jordi , Häring, Marleen, Alemán, Carlos and Díaz, David Díaz (2017) Paradigm Shift for Preparing Versatile M2+-Free Gels from Unmodified Sodium Alginate. Biomacromolecules 18 (9), pp. 2967-2979. Fulltext not available.

Armelin, Elaine , Whelan, Rory, Martínez-Triana, Yeimy Mabel, Alemán, Carlos , Finn, M. G. and Díaz, David Díaz (2017) Protective Coatings for Aluminum Alloy Based on Hyperbranched 1,4-Polytriazoles. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9 (4), pp. 4231-4243. Fulltext not available.

Mitra, Shouvik, Sasmal, Himadri Sekhar, Kundu, Tanay, Kandambeth, Sharath, Illath, Kavya, Díaz Díaz, David and Banerjee, Rahul (2017) Targeted Drug Delivery in Covalent Organic Nanosheets (CONs) via Sequential Postsynthetic Modification. Journal of the American Chemical Society 139 (12), pp. 4513-4520. Fulltext not available.

Mayr, Judith, Grijalvo, Santiago , Bachl, Jürgen, Eritja, Ramon , Díaz Díaz, David and make_name_string expected hash reference (2017) Transfection of Antisense Oligonucleotides Mediated by Cationic Vesicles Based on Non-Ionic Surfactant and Polycations Bearing Quaternary Ammonium Moieties. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 18, p. 1169.

Bachl, Jürgen, Sampedro, Diego , Mayr, Judith and Díaz Díaz, David (2017) Ultrasonication-enhanced gelation properties of a versatile amphiphilic formamidine-based gelator exhibiting both organogelation and hydrogelation abilities. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 19 (34), pp. 22981-22994. Fulltext not available.


Kumari, Sushma, Häring, Marleen, Gupta, Sayam Sen and Díaz Díaz, David (2016) Catalytic Macroporous Biohydrogels Made of Ferritin-Encapsulated Gold Nanoparticles. ChemPlusChem 82 (2), pp. 225-232. Fulltext not available.

Schiller, Jana, Perez-Ruiz, Raul , Sampedro, D. , Marqués-López, Eugenia, Herrera, Raquel P. and Diaz Diaz, David (2016) Fluoride Anion Recognition by a Multifunctional Urea Derivative: An Experimental and Theoretical Study. Sensors 16, p. 658.

Kundu, Tanay, Mitra, Shouvik, Díaz Díaz, David and Banerjee, Rahul (2016) Gadolinium(III)-Based Porous Luminescent Metal-Organic Frameworks for Bimodal Imaging. ChemPlusChem 81 (8), pp. 728-732. Fulltext not available.

Häring, Marleen, Pettignano, Asja, Quignard, F., Tanchoux, Nathalie and Diaz Diaz, David (2016) Keratin protein-catalyzed nitroaldol (Henry) reaction and comparison with other biopolymers. Molecules 21, p. 1122.

Alegre-Requena, Juan V., Marqués-López, Eugenia, Herrera, Raquel P. and Díaz, David Díaz (2016) Metal–organic frameworks (MOFs) bring new life to hydrogen-bonding organocatalysts in confined spaces. CrystEngComm 18 (22), pp. 3985-3995. Fulltext not available.

Grijalvo, Santiago , Puras, Gustavo, Zárate, Jon , Pons, Ramon , Pedraz, Jose Luis, Eritja, Ramon and Díaz, David Díaz (2016) Nioplexes encapsulated in supramolecular hybrid biohydrogels as versatile delivery platforms for nucleic acids. RSC Advances 6 (46), pp. 39688-39699. Fulltext not available.

Keseberg, Pia, Bachl, Jürgen and Díaz, David Díaz (2016) Non-covalent incorporation of some substituted metal phthalocyanines into different gel networks and the effects on the gel properties. Journal of Porphyrins and Phthalocyanines 20 (08n11), pp. 1390-1400. Fulltext not available.

Tiffner, Maximilian, Zielke, Katharina, Mayr, Judith, Häring, Marleen, Díaz Díaz, David and Waser, Mario (2016) Phase-Transfer Catalysis with Ionene Polymers. ChemistrySelect 1 (13), pp. 4030-4033. Fulltext not available.

Alegre-Requena, Juan V., Häring, Marleen, Herrera, Raquel P. and Díaz Díaz, David (2016) Regulatory parameters of self-healing alginate hydrogel networks prepared via mussel-inspired dynamic chemistry. New Journal of Chemistry 40 (10), pp. 8493-8501. Fulltext not available.

Schiller, Jana, Alegre-Requena, Juan V., Marqués-López, Eugenia, Herrera, Raquel P., Casanovas, Jordi , Alemán, Carlos and Díaz Díaz, David (2016) Self-assembled fibrillar networks of a multifaceted chiral squaramide: supramolecular multistimuli-responsive alcogels. Soft Matter 12 (19), pp. 4361-4374. Fulltext not available.

Dragan, Ecaterina Stela , Mayr, Judith, Häring, Marleen, Cocarta, Ana Irina and Díaz, David Díaz (2016) Spectroscopic Characterization of Azo Dyes Aggregation Induced by DABCO-Based Ionene Polymers and Dye Removal Efficiency as a Function of Ionene Structure. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 8 (45), pp. 30908-30919. Fulltext not available.

Feldner, Tobias, Häring, Marleen, Saha, Subhadeep , Esquena, Jordi , Banerjee, Rahul and Díaz, David Díaz (2016) Supramolecular Metallogel That Imparts Self-Healing Properties to Other Gel Networks. Chemistry of Materials 28 (9), pp. 3210-3217. Fulltext not available.

Pérez-Madrigal, Maria M. , Estrany, Francesc, Armelin, Elaine, Díaz, David Díaz and Alemán, Carlos (2016) Towards sustainable solid-state supercapacitors: electroactive conducting polymers combined with biohydrogels. Journal of Materials Chemistry A 4 (5), pp. 1792-1805. Fulltext not available.


Kühbeck, Dennis (2015) Investigation of biopolymer-based hydrogels as green and heterogeneous catalysts in C-C bond formation. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Bachl, Jürgen (2015) Engineering new supramolecular gels: From catalysis to drug delivery. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Häring, Marleen, Pérez-Madrigal, Maria M. , Kühbeck, Dennis, Pettignano, Asja, Quignard, Françoise and Diaz Diaz, David (2015) DNA-catalyzed Henry Reaction in Pure Water and the Striking Influence of Organic Buffer Systems. Molecules 20, pp. 4136-4147.

Häring, Marleen, Schiller, Jana, Mayr, Judith and Diaz Diaz, David (2015) Magnetic Gel Composites for Hyperthermia Cancer Therapy. Gels 1, pp. 135-161.

Diaz Diaz, David (2015) Welcome to Gels - An Interdisciplinary Open Access Journal for a Growing Scientific Community. Gels 1, pp. 1-2.


Huber, Thimo, Niehues, Lennart, Cativiela, Carlos and Diaz Diaz, David (2013) 6,6'-(1E,1'E)-((1R,2R)-1,2-Diphenylethane-1,2-diyl)bis(azan-1-yl-1-ylidene)bis(methan-1-yl-1-ylidene)bis(2-tert-butyl-4-((trimethylsilyl)ethynyl)phenol). Molbank 2013, M795.


Bachl, Jürgen, Wolfbeis, Otto S., Cativiela, Carlos and Diaz Diaz, David (2012) (Z)-N-(7-Cyano-9,9,15,15-tetramethyl-9,10,11,13,14,15-hexahydro-6H-benzo[4'',5'']imidazo[1'',2'':1',2']pyrido[3',4':5, 6]pyrano[2,3-f]pyrido[3,2,1-ij]quinolin-6-ylidene)pent-4-ynamide. Molbank 2012, M783.

Kühbeck, Dennis, Saidulu, G., Rajender Reddy, K. and Diaz Diaz, David (2012) Critical assessment of the efficiency of chitosan biohydrogel beads as recyclable and heterogeneous organocatalyst for C–C bond formation. Green Chemistry 14, pp. 378-392.

Mallick, Arijit, Schön, Eva-Maria, Panda, T., Sreenivas, K., Diaz Diaz, David and Banerjee, R. (2012) Fine-tuning the balance between crystallization and gelation and enhancement of CO2 uptake on functionalized calcium based MOFs and metallogels. Journal of Materials Chemistry 22, pp. 14951-14963.


Díaz Díaz, David, Morin, Emmanuelle, Schön, Eva M., Budin, Ghyslain, Wagner, Alain and Remy, Jean-Serge (2011) Tailoring drug release profile of low-molecular-weight hydrogels by supramolecular co-assembly and thiol–ene orthogonal coupling. Journal of Materials Chemistry 21, pp. 641-644.

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