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Tümen, Deniz (2024) Non-invasive high throughput monitoring of the exon-specific expression of p53 isoforms identifies novel p53-tailored strategies for the treatment of colorectal cancer. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Breindl, Matthias, Spitzer, Dominika, Gerasimaitė, Rūta, Kairys, Visvaldas, Schubert, Thomas, Henfling, Ramona, Schwartz, Uwe , Lukinavičius, Gražvydas and Manelytė, Laura (2023) Biochemical and cellular insights into the Baz2B protein, a non-catalytic subunit of the chromatin remodeling complex. Nucleic Acids Research 52 (1), pp. 337-55165.

Hoffmeister, Helen, Holzinger, Simon, Dürr, Marie-Sofie, Bruckmann, Astrid , Schindler, Susann G., Gröbner-Ferreira, Regina, Depping, Reinhard and Längst, Gernot (2023) Characterization of the nuclear import of the human CHD4–NuRD complex. Journal of Cell Science 136 (7).

Pöll, Gisela, Griesenbeck, Joachim , Tschochner, Herbert and Milkereit, Philipp (2023) Impact of the yeast S0/uS2-cluster ribosomal protein rpS21/eS21 on rRNA folding and the architecture of small ribosomal subunit precursors. PLOS ONE 18 (3), e0283698.

Jüttner, Michael and Ferreira-Cerca, Sébastien (2022) Ribosomenbiogenese in Archaeen. BIOspektrum 28 (5), pp. 478-480.

Tomkuvienė, Miglė, Meier, Markus, Ikasalaitė, Diana, Wildenauer, Julia, Kairys, Visvaldas , Klimašauskas, Saulius and Manelyte, Laura (2022) Enhanced nucleosome assembly at CpG sites containing an extended 5-methylcytosine analogue. Nucleic Acids Research 50 (11), pp. 6549-6561.

Jüttner, Michael, Ferreira-Cerca, Sébastien and Battistuzzi, Fabia Ursula (2022) Looking through the Lens of the Ribosome Biogenesis Evolutionary History: Possible Implications for Archaeal Phylogeny and Eukaryogenesis. Molecular Biology and Evolution 39 (4). Fulltext not available.

Ferreira-Cerca, Sébastien (2022) The dark side of the ribosome life cycle. RNA Biology 19 (1), pp. 1045-1049. Fulltext not available.

Grünberger, Felix, Ferreira-Cerca, Sébastien and Grohmann, Dina (2021) Nanopore sequencing of RNA and cDNA molecules in Escherichia coli. RNA 28 (3), pp. 400-417.

Londei, Paola and Ferreira-Cerca, Sébastien (2021) Ribosome Biogenesis in Archaea. Frontiers in Microbiology 12 (686977), pp. 1-13.

Londei, Paola and Ferreira-Cerca, Sébastien (2021) Ribosome Biogenesis in Archaea. Frontiers in Microbiology, Provisionally accepted. (In Press) Fulltext not available.

Knüppel, Robert, Trahan, Christian, Kern, Michael, Wagner, Alexander, Grünberger, Felix, Hausner, Winfried , Quax, Tessa E. F., Albers, Sonja-Verena , Oeffinger, Marlene and Ferreira-Cerca, Sébastien (2021) Insights into synthesis and function of KsgA/Dim1-dependent rRNA modifications in archaea. Nucleic Acids Research 49 (3), pp. 1662-1687.

Fitzgerald, Eamon , Sinton, Matthew C. , Wernig-Zorc, Sara, Morton, Nicholas M., Holmes, Megan C., Boardman, James P. and Drake, Amanda J. (2021) Altered hypothalamic DNA methylation and stress-induced hyperactivity following early life stress. Epigenetics & Chromatin 14 (1). Fulltext not available.

Llamazares-Prada, Maria, Espinet, Elisa, Mijošek, Vedrana, Schwartz, Uwe, Lutsik, Pavlo, Tamas, Raluca, Richter, Mandy, Behrendt, Annika, Pohl, Stephanie T., Benz, Naja P., Muley, Thomas, Warth, Arne, Heußel, Claus Peter, Winter, Hauke, Landry, Jonathan J. M., Herth, Felix J.F., Mertens, Tinne C.J., Karmouty-Quintana, Harry, Koch, Ina, Benes, Vladimir, Korbel, Jan O., Waszak, Sebastian M., Trumpp, Andreas, Wyatt, David M., Stahl, Heiko F., Plass, Christoph and Jurkowska, Renata Z. (2021) Versatile workflow for cell type–resolved transcriptional and epigenetic profiles from cryopreserved human lung. JCI Insight 6 (6). Fulltext not available.

Knüppel, Robert, Trahan, Christian, Kern, Michael, Wagner, Alexander, Grünberger, Felix, Hausner, Winfried , Quax, Tessa, Albers, Sonja-Verena, Oeffinger, Marlene and Ferreira-Cerca, Sébastien (2020) Insights into synthesis and function of KsgA/Dim1-dependent rRNA modifications in archaea. Nucleic Acids Research. (In Press) Fulltext not available.

Schwarz, Thandi S., Berkemer, Sarah J., Bernhart, Stephan H., Weiß, Matthias, Ferreira-Cerca, Sébastien , Stadler, Peter F. and Marchfelder, Anita (2020) Splicing Endonuclease Is an Important Player in rRNA and tRNA Maturation in Archaea. Frontiers in Microbiology 11. Fulltext not available.

Schulze, Stefan , Adams, Zachary , Cerletti, Micaela, De Castro, Rosana, Ferreira-Cerca, Sébastien , Fufezan, Christian, Giménez, María Inés, Hippler, Michael, Jevtic, Zivojin , Knüppel, Robert, Legerme, Georgio, Lenz, Christof, Marchfelder, Anita, Maupin-Furlow, Julie , Paggi, Roberto A. , Pfeiffer, Friedhelm , Poetsch, Ansgar , Urlaub, Henning and Pohlschroder, Mechthild (2020) The Archaeal Proteome Project advances knowledge about archaeal cell biology through comprehensive proteomics. Nature Communications 11 (1). Fulltext not available.

Ferreira-Cerca, Sébastien, Knüppel, Robert, Kern, Michael, Reglin, Corinna, Ostheimer, Nina, Weiß, Matthias and Jüttner, Michael (2019) A versatile cis-acting element reporter system to study the function, maturation and stability of ribosomal RNA mutants in archaea. Nucleic Acids Research 48 (4), pp. 2073-2090.

Braun, Christina M., Hackert, Philipp, Schmid, Catharina E., Bohnsack, Markus T. , Bohnsack, Katherine E. and Perez-Fernandez, Jorge (2019) Pol5 is required for recycling of small subunit biogenesis factors and for formation of the peptide exit tunnel of the large ribosomal subunit. Nucleic Acids Research 48 (1), pp. 405-420.

Oberprieler, Christoph , Talianova, Martina and Griesenbeck, Joachim (2019) Effects of polyploidy on the coordination of gene expression between organellar and nuclear genomes in Leucanthemum Mill. (Compositae, Anthemideae). Ecology and Evolution 9 (16), pp. 9100-9110.

Maldonado, Rodrigo (2019) Characterization of Muscle Glycogen Synthase and its Association with RNA in Sertoli Cells. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Mitterer, Valentin , Shayan, Ramtin, Ferreira-Cerca, Sébastien , Murat, Guillaume, Enne, Tanja, Rinaldi, Dana, Weigl, Sarah, Omanic, Hajrija, Gleizes, Pierre-Emmanuel , Kressler, Dieter, Plisson-Chastang, Celia and Pertschy, Brigitte (2019) Conformational proofreading of distant 40S ribosomal subunit maturation events by a long-range communication mechanism. Nature Communications 10 (1), pp. 1-15.

Bartoschik, Tanja Astrid (2019) Development and validation of new approaches for quantitative intermolecular interaction analysis by MicroScale Thermophoresis under near-native experimental conditions. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

McStay, Brian , Darrière, Tommy, Pilsl, Michael, Sarthou, Marie-Kerguelen, Chauvier, Adrien, Genty, Titouan , Audibert, Sylvain, Dez, Christophe, Léger-Silvestre, Isabelle , Normand, Christophe, Henras, Anthony K., Kwapisz, Marta , Calvo, Olga , Fernández-Tornero, Carlos, Tschochner, Herbert and Gadal, Olivier (2019) Genetic analyses led to the discovery of a super-active mutant of the RNA polymerase I. PLOS Genetics 15 (5), e1008157. Fulltext not available.

Charton, Romain, Muguet, Alexia, Griesenbeck, Joachim, Smerdon, Michael J. and Conconi, Antonio (2019) In yeast cells arrested at the early S-phase by hydroxyurea, rRNA gene promoters and chromatin are poised for transcription while rRNA synthesis is compromised. Mutation Research/Fundamental and Molecular Mechanisms of Mutagenesis 815, pp. 20-29. Fulltext not available.

Ehrnsberger, Hans F., Pfaff, Christina, Hachani, Ines, Flores-Tornero, María , Sørensen, Brian B., Längst, Gernot, Sprunck, Stefanie, Grasser, Marion and Grasser, Klaus D. (2019) The UAP56-Interacting Export Factors UIEF1 and UIEF2 Function in mRNA Export. Plant Physiology 179 (4), pp. 1525-1536. Fulltext not available.

Azuara-Medina, Paulina Margarita, Sandoval-Duarte, Ariana María, Morales-Lázaro, Sara L., Modragón-González, Ricardo, Vélez-Aguilera, Griselda, Gómez-López, Juan de Dios, Jiménez-Gutiérrez, Guadalupe Elizabeth, Tiburcio-Félix, Reynaldo, Martínez-Vieyra, Ivette, Suárez-Sánchez, Rocío, Längst, Gernot, Magaña, Jonathan Javier, Winder, Steve J., Ortega, Arturo , Ramos Perlingeiro, Rita de Cassia, Jacobs, Laura A. and Cisneros, Bulmaro (2019) The intracellular domain of β-dystroglycan mediates the nucleolar stress response by suppressing UBF transcriptional activity. Cell Death & Disease 10 (3). Fulltext not available.

Schwartz, Uwe, Németh, Attila, Diermeier, Sarah , Exler, Josef H., Hansch, Stefan, Maldonado, Rodrigo, Heizinger, Leonhard , Merkl, Rainer and Längst, Gernot (2018) Characterizing the nuclease accessibility of DNA in human cells to map higher order structures of chromatin. Nucleic Acids Research 2018 (1), pp. 1-16.

Pfaff, Christina, Ehrnsberger, Hans F., Flores-Tornero, María, Sørensen, Brian B., Schubert, Thomas, Längst, Gernot, Griesenbeck, Joachim, Sprunck, Stefanie, Grasser, Marion and Grasser, Klaus D. (2018) ALY RNA-Binding Proteins Are Required for Nucleocytosolic mRNA Transport and Modulate Plant Growth and Development. Plant Physiology 177 (1), pp. 226-240. Fulltext not available.

Iacovella, Maria G., Bremang, Michael, Basha, Omer , Giacò, Luciano, Carotenuto, Walter, Golfieri, Cristina, Szakal, Barnabas, Dal Maschio, Marianna, Infantino, Valentina, Beznoussenko, Galina V., Joseph, Chinnu R., Visintin, Clara, Mironov, Alexander A., Visintin, Rosella, Branzei, Dana , Ferreira-Cerca, Sébastien , Yeger-Lotem, Esti and De Wulf, Peter (2018) Integrating Rio1 activities discloses its nutrient-activated network in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Nucleic Acids Research 46 (15), pp. 7586-7611. Fulltext not available.

Beck, Alexander, Trippel, Franziska, Wagner, Alexandra, Joppien, Saskia, Felle, Max, Vokuhl, Christian, Schwarzmayr, Thomas, Strom, Tim M., von Schweinitz, Dietrich, Längst, Gernot and Kappler, Roland (2018) Overexpression of UHRF1 promotes silencing of tumor suppressor genes and predicts outcome in hepatoblastoma. Clinical Epigenetics 10 (1). Fulltext not available.

Espinar-Marchena, Francisco, Rodríguez-Galán, Olga , Fernández-Fernández, José , Linnemann, Jan and de la Cruz, Jesús (2018) Ribosomal protein L14 contributes to the early assembly of 60S ribosomal subunits in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Nucleic Acids Research 46 (9), pp. 4715-4732. Fulltext not available.

Tanis, Sabine E.J., Jansen, Pascal W.T.C., Zhou, Huiqing , van Heeringen, Simon J., Vermeulen, Michiel , Kretz, Markus and Mulder, Klaas W. (2018) Splicing and Chromatin Factors Jointly Regulate Epidermal Differentiation. Cell Reports 25 (5), 1292-1303.e5. Fulltext not available.

Knüppel, Robert, Christensen, Regitse H., Gray, Fiona C., Esser, Dominik, Strauß, Daniela, Medenbach, Jan , Siebers, Bettina , MacNeill, Stuart A. , LaRonde, Nicole and Ferreira-Cerca, Sébastien (2017) Insights into the evolutionary conserved regulation of Rio ATPase activity. Nucleic Acids Research 46 (3), pp. 1441-1456.

Milkereit, Philipp, Pöll, Gisela, Müller, Christian, Bodden, Malena, Teubl, Fabian, Eichner, Norbert, Lehmann, Gerhard , Griesenbeck, Joachim and Tschochner, Herbert (2017) Structural transitions during large ribosomal subunit maturation analyzed by tethered nuclease structure probing in S. cerevisiae. PLOS ONE 12 (7), e0179405.

Ferreira-Cerca, Sébastien, Knüppel, Robert and Kuttenberger, Corinna (2017) Toward Time-Resolved Analysis of RNA Metabolism in Archaea Using 4-Thiouracil. Frontiers in Microbiology 8 (286), pp. 1-11.

Babl, Virginia-Lorena (2017) Comprehensive analysis of transitions in ribosomal DNA chromatin states in S. cerevisiae during different growth phases. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Hamdane, Nourdine, Tremblay, Michel G., Dillinger, Stefan, Stefanovsky, Victor Y., Németh, Attila and Moss, Tom (2017) Disruption of the UBF gene induces aberrant somatic nucleolar bodies and disrupts embryo nucleolar precursor bodies. Gene 612, pp. 5-11. Fulltext not available.

Maldonado, Rodrigo, Filarsky, Michael, Grummt, Ingrid and Längst, Gernot (2017) Purine– and pyrimidine–triple-helix-forming oligonucleotides recognize qualitatively different target sites at the ribosomal DNA locus. RNA 24 (3), pp. 371-380. Fulltext not available.

Antosz, Wojciech, Pfab, Alexander, Ehrnsberger, Hans F., Holzinger, Philipp, Köllen, Karin, Mortensen, Simon A. , Bruckmann, Astrid, Schubert, Thomas , Längst, Gernot, Griesenbeck, Joachim , Schubert, Veit , Grasser, Marion and Grasser, Klaus D. (2017) The Composition of the Arabidopsis RNA Polymerase II Transcript Elongation Complex Reveals the Interplay between Elongation and mRNA Processing Factors. The Plant Cell 29 (4), pp. 854-870. Fulltext not available.

Zisser, Gertrude, Ohmayer, Uli, Mauerhofer, Christina, Mitterer, Valentin , Klein, Isabella, Rechberger, Gerald N, Wolinski, Heimo, Prattes, Michael , Pertschy, Brigitte , Milkereit, Philipp and Bergler, Helmut (2017) Viewing pre-60S maturation at a minute’s timescale. Nucleic Acids Research 46 (6), pp. 3140-3151. Fulltext not available.

Längst, Gernot, Silberhorn, Elisabeth, Schwartz, Uwe, Löffler, Patrick , Schmitz, Samuel, Symelka, Anne , Koning-Ward, Tania de and Merkl, Rainer (2016) Plasmodium falciparum Nucleosomes Exhibit Reduced Stability and Lost Sequence Dependent Nucleosome Positioning. PLoS Pathogens 12 (12), e10060.

Schmidhofer, Sandra (2016) Active DNA demethylation in the mononuclear phagocyte system. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Wang, Zichen , Monteiro, Caroline D., Jagodnik, Kathleen M., Fernandez, Nicolas F., Gundersen, Gregory W., Rouillard, Andrew D. , Jenkins, Sherry L., Feldmann, Axel S., Hu, Kevin S., McDermott, Michael G., Duan, Qiaonan, Clark, Neil R., Jones, Matthew R., Kou, Yan, Goff, Troy, Woodland, Holly, Amaral, Fabio M. R., Szeto, Gregory L., Fuchs, Oliver, Schüssler-Fiorenza Rose, Sophia M., Sharma, Shvetank , Schwartz, Uwe, Bausela, Xabier Bengoetxea, Szymkiewicz, Maciej , Maroulis, Vasileios, Salykin, Anton, Barra, Carolina M. , Kruth, Candice D., Bongio, Nicholas J., Mathur, Vaibhav, Todoric, Radmila D., Rubin, Udi E., Malatras, Apostolos , Fulp, Carl T., Galindo, John A., Motiejunaite, Ruta, Jüschke, Christoph, Dishuck, Philip C. , Lahl, Katharina, Jafari, Mohieddin , Aibar, Sara , Zaravinos, Apostolos , Steenhuizen, Linda H., Allison, Lindsey R., Gamallo, Pablo, de Andres Segura, Fernando, Dae Devlin, Tyler, Pérez-García, Vicente and Ma’ayan, Avi (2016) Extraction and analysis of signatures from the Gene Expression Omnibus by the crowd. Nature Communications 7 (1). Fulltext not available.

Linde, Mona, Peterhoff, David, Sterner, Reinhard and Babinger, Patrick (2016) Identification and Characterization of Heptaprenylglyceryl Phosphate Processing Enzymes inBacillus subtilis. Journal of Biological Chemistry 291 (28), pp. 14861-14870. Fulltext not available.

Schmidl, Christian (2014) Molecular characterization of human regulatory and conventional T cells. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Zillner, Karina (2013) Nucleolar epigenomics by dynamic molecular combing and nucleolar matrix analysis. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Hamperl, Stephan (2012) Compositional and structural analysis of selected chromosomal domains from Saccharomyces cerevisiae. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Wittner, Manuel (2012) Establishment and maintenance of 35S rRNA gene chromatin states in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Exler, Josef H. (2011) Nuclear architecture and structural dynamics - molecular basis of chromatin remodeling induced by human ISWI machines -. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Jüttner, Michael and Ferreira-Cerca, Sébastien Looking through the lens of the ribosome biogenesis evolutionary history: possible implications for archaeal phylogeny and eukaryogenesis. Molecular Biology and Evolution. (In Press) Fulltext not available.

Vayssières, Marlène, Jüttner, Michael, Haas, Karina, Ancelin, Aurélie, Marchfelder, Anita, Leulliot, Nicolas, Ferreira-Cerca, Sébastien and Blaud, Magali RNase W, a conserved ribonuclease family with a novel active site. Nucleic Acids Research. (Submitted) Fulltext not available.

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