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Kassumeh, S., Leopold, Stephanie Anna, Fuchshofer, Rudolf, Tamm, Ernst R. and Ohlmann, Andreas (2020) Norrin protects retinal ganglion cells from excitotoxic damage via the induction of LIF. Cells 9, p. 277.


Tamm, Ernst R. and Dowling, John E. (2017) Astrocytes and glaucomatous neurodegeneration. Experimental Eye Research 157, pp. 1-4. Fulltext not available.

Schlecht, Anja, Leimbeck, Sarah V., Jägle, Herbert, Feuchtinger, Annette, Tamm, Ernst R. and Braunger, Barbara M. (2017) Deletion of Endothelial Transforming Growth Factor–β Signaling Leads to Choroidal Neovascularization. The American Journal of Pathology 187 (11), pp. 2570-2589. Fulltext not available.

Koch, Marcus A., Rosenhammer, Bernd, Paper, Walter, Volz, Cornelia, Braunger, Barbara M. , Hausberger, Johanna, Jägle, Herbert and Tamm, Ernst R. (2017) Mutated olfactomedin 1 in the interphotoreceptor matrix of the mouse retina causes functional deficits and vulnerability to light damage. Histochemistry and Cell Biology 147 (4), pp. 453-469. Fulltext not available.

Leopold, Stephanie A., Zeilbeck, Ludwig F., Weber, Gregor, Seitz, Roswitha, Bösl, Michael R., Jägle, Herbert, Fuchshofer, Rudolf, Tamm, Ernst R. and Ohlmann, Andreas (2017) Norrin protects optic nerve axons from degeneration in a mouse model of glaucoma. Scientific Reports 7 (1). Fulltext not available.

Kugler, Martina, Schlecht, Anja, Fuchshofer, Rudolf, Schmitt, Sabrina I., Kleiter, Ingo, Aigner, Ludwig, Tamm, Ernst R. and Braunger, Barbara M. (2017) SMAD7 deficiency stimulates Müller progenitor cell proliferation during the development of the mammalian retina. Histochemistry and Cell Biology 148 (1), pp. 21-32. Fulltext not available.


Elliott, Michael H., Ashpole, Nicole E., Gu, Xiaowu, Herrnberger, Leonie, McClellan, Mark E., Griffith, Gina L., Reagan, Alaina M., Boyce, Timothy M., Tanito, Masaki, Tamm, Ernst R. and Stamer, W. Daniel (2016) Caveolin-1 modulates intraocular pressure: implications for caveolae mechanoprotection in glaucoma. Scientific Reports 6 (1). Fulltext not available.

Ohlmann, Andreas , Scholz, Michael , Koch, Marcus and Tamm, Ernst R. (2016) Epithelial–mesenchymal transition of the retinal pigment epithelium causes choriocapillaris atrophy. Histochemistry and Cell Biology 146 (6), pp. 769-780. Fulltext not available.

Zeilbeck, Ludwig F., Müller, Birgit B., Leopold, Stephanie A., Senturk, Berna, Langmann, Thomas, Tamm, Ernst R. and Ohlmann, Andreas (2016) Norrin mediates angiogenic properties via the induction of insulin-like growth factor-1. Experimental Eye Research 145, pp. 317-326. Fulltext not available.


Fuchsdorfer, Rudolf, Tamm, Ernst R., Küspert, Sabrina Angela, Braunger, Barbara Maria and Junglas, Benjamin (2015) Regulation of Connective Tissue Growth Factor Expression Influences the Cell Viability In Human Trabecular Meshwork Cells. Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine 19 (5), pp. 1010-1020.

Hennig, Robert, Ohlmann, Andreas, Staffel, Janina, Pollinger, Klaus, Haunberger, Alexandra, Breunig, Miriam, Schweda, Frank, Tamm, Ernst R. and Goepferich, Achim (2015) Multivalent nanoparticles bind the retinal and choroidal vasculature. Journal of Controlled Release 220 (Part A), pp. 265-274. Fulltext not available.


Herrnberger, Leonie, Hennig, Robert, Kremer, Werner, Hellerbrand, Claus, Goepferich, Achim, Kalbitzer, Hans Robert and Tamm, Ernst R. (2014) Formation of Fenestrae in Murine Liver Sinusoids Depends on Plasmalemma Vesicle-Associated Protein and Is Required for Lipoprotein Passage. PLoS ONE 9 (12), e115005.

Ohlmann, Andreas, Tamm, Ernst R., Knobloch, Verena, Müller, Birgit and Zeilbeck, Ludwig Franz (2014) Differential angiogenic properties of lithium chloride in vitro and in vivo. PLoS ONE 9 (4), e95546.


Pollinger, Klaus, Hennig, Robert, Breunig, Miriam, Teßmar, Jörg, Ohlmann, Andreas, Tamm, Ernst R., Witzgall, Ralph and Goepferich, Achim (2012) Kidney Podocytes as Specific Targets for cyclo(RGDfC)-Modified Nanoparticles. Small 8, pp. 3368-3375. Fulltext not available.


Ohlmann, Andreas, Merkl, Rainer and Tamm, Ernst R. (2011) Focus on Molecules: Norrin. Experimental eye research. Fulltext not available.


He, Shuying, Pirity, Melinda K., Wang, Wei-Lin, Wolf, Louise, Chauhan, Bharesh K., Cveklova, Kveta, Tamm, Ernst R., Ashery-Padan, Ruth, Metzger, Daniel, Nakai, Akira, Chambon, Pierre, Zavadil, Jiri and Cvekl, Ales (2010) Chromatin remodeling enzyme Brg1 is required for mouse lens fiber cell terminal differentiation and its denucleation. Epigenetics & chromatin 3 (1), p. 21.


Janssen, A., Hoellenriegel, J., Fogarasi, M., Schrewe, H., Seeliger, M., Tamm, Ernst R. , Ohlmann, Andreas , May, C. A., Weber, Bernhard H. F. and Stöhr, Heidi (2008) Abnormal vessel formation in the choroid of mice lacking tissue inhibitor of metalloprotease-3. Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science (IOVS) 49, pp. 2812-2822. Fulltext not available.


Pang, I. H., Matsumoto, S., Tamm, Ernst R. and DeSantis, L. (1994) Characterization of muscarinic receptor involvement in human ciliary muscle cell function. Journal of ocular pharmacology 10 (1), pp. 125-136.

Tamm, Ernst R., Jungkunz, W., Wolter, M. and Marsch, W. C. (1994) Immunohistochemical characterization of the 'intimal proliferation' phenomenon in Sneddon's syndrome and essential thrombocythaemia. The British journal of dermatology 131 (6), pp. 814-821.

Tamm, Ernst R., Flügel, C., Stefani, F. H. and Lütjen-Drecoll, E. (1994) Nerve endings with structural characteristics of mechanoreceptors in the human scleral spur. Investigative ophthalmology & visual science 35 (3), pp. 1157-1166.

Flügel, C., Tamm, Ernst R., Mayerhofer, B. and Lütjen-Drecoll, E. (1994) Species differences in choroidal vasodilative innervation: evidence for specific intrinsic nitrergic and VIP-positive neurons in the human eye. Investigative ophthalmology & visual science 35 (2), pp. 592-299.


Tamm, Ernst R., Flügel, C., Stefani, F. H. and Rohen, J. W. (1993) Immunzytochemische und ultrastrukturelle Untersuchungen am menschlichen Skleralsporn. Charakterisierung einer kontraktilen Zellpopulation [Immunocytochemical and ultrastructural studies of human scleral spur. Characterization of a contractile cell population]. Der Ophthalmologe 90 (1), pp. 66-72.

Pang, I. H., Shade, D. L., Tamm, Ernst R. and DeSantis, L. (1993) Single-cell contraction assay for human ciliary muscle cells. Effect of carbachol. Investigative ophthalmology & visual science 34 (5), pp. 1876-1879.


Tamm, Svenja, Tamm, Ernst R. and Rohen, J. W. (1992) Age-related changes of the human ciliary muscle. A quantitative morphometric study. Mechanisms of ageing and development 62 (2), pp. 209-221.

Tamm, Ernst R., Croft, M. A., Jungkunz, W., Lütjen-Drecoll, E. and Kaufman, P. L. (1992) Age-related loss of ciliary muscle mobility in the rhesus monkey. Role of the choroid. Archives of Ophthalmology 110 (6), pp. 871-876.

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Tamm, Ernst R., Flügel, C., Baur, A. and Lütjen-Drecoll, E. (1991) Cell cultures of human ciliary muscle: growth, ultrastructural and immunocytochemical characteristics. Experimental eye research 53 (3), pp. 375-387.

Flügel, C., Tamm, Ernst R. and Lütjen-Drecoll, E. (1991) Different cell populations in bovine trabecular meshwork: an ultrastructural and immunocytochemical study. Experimental eye research 52 (6), pp. 681-690.

Tamm, Ernst R., Lütjen-Drecoll, E., Jungkunz, W. and Rohen, J. W. (1991) Posterior attachment of ciliary muscle in young, accommodating old, presbyopic monkeys. Investigative ophthalmology & visual science 32 (5), pp. 1678-1692.


Tamm, Ernst R., Lütjen-Drecoll, E. and Rohen, J. W. (1990) Age-related changes of the ciliary muscle in comparison with changes induced by treatment with prostaglandin F2 alpha. An ultrastructural study in rhesus and cynomolgus monkeys. Mechanisms of ageing and development 51 (2), pp. 101-120.

Tamm, Ernst R., Rittig, M. and Lütjen-Drecoll, E. (1990) Elektronenmikroskopische und inununhistochemische Untersuchungenzur augendrucksenkenden Wirkung von Prostaglandin F2alpha [Electron microscopy and immunohistochemical studies of the intraocular pressure lowering effect of prostaglandin F2 alpha]. Fortschritte der Ophthalmologie 87 (6), pp. 623-629.

Korbmacher, C., Helbig, H., Coroneo, M., Erickson-Lamy, K. A., Stiemer, B., Tamm, Ernst R., Lütjen-Drecoll, E. and Wiederholt, M. (1990) Membrane voltage recordings in a cell line derived from human ciliary muscle. Investigative ophthalmology & visual science 31 (11), pp. 2420-2430.

Lütjen-Drecoll, E., Schenholm, M., Tamm, Ernst R. and Tengblad, A. (1990) Visualization of hyaluronic acid in the anterior segment of rabbit and monkey eyes. Experimental Eye Research 51 (1), pp. 55-63.


Lütjen-Drecoll, E. and Tamm, Ernst R. (1989) The effects of ocular hypotensive doses of PGF2 alpha-isopropylester on anterior segment morphology. Progress in clinical and biological research 312, pp. 437-446. Fulltext not available.


Lütjen-Drecoll, E., Tamm, Ernst R. and Kaufman, P. L. (1988) Age changes in rhesus monkey ciliary muscle: light and electron microscopy. Experimental eye research 47 (6), pp. 885-699.

Lütjen-Drecoll, E., Tamm, Ernst R. and Kaufman, P. L. (1988) Age-related loss of morphologic responses to pilocarpine in rhesus monkey ciliary muscle. Archives of Ophthalmology 106 (11), pp. 1591-1598.

Lütjen-Drecoll, E. and Tamm, Ernst R. (1988) Morphological study of the anterior segment of cynomolgus monkey eyes following treatment with prostaglandin F2 alpha. Experimental eye research 47 (5), pp. 761-769.

Tamm, Ernst R., Jikihara, S. and Lütjen-Drecoll, E. (1988) Morphologische Untersuchungen des vorderen Augenabschnitts der Ratte nachLangzeitbehandlung mit Timolol [Morphologic studies of the anterior eye segment of the rat following long-term treatment with timolol]. Fortschritte der Ophthalmologie 85 (1), pp. 79-84.

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