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Waltera, Anna, Schulz, Daniela, Schaefer, Nicole, Stoeckl, Sabine, Pion, Eric, Haerteis, Silke , Reichert, Torsten E., Ettl, Tobias and Bauer, Richard J. (2023) Opposing MMP-9 Expression in Mesenchymal Stromal Cells and Head and Neck Tumor Cells after Direct 2D and 3D Co-Culture. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 24 (2), p. 1293.

Oliinyk, Dmytro, Eigenberger, Andreas, Felthaus, Oliver , Haerteis, Silke and Prantl, Lukas (2023) Chorioallantoic Membrane Assay at the Cross-Roads of Adipose-Tissue-Derived Stem Cell Research. Cells 12 (4), p. 592.


Bürger, Korbinian (2022) Correlative light and electron microscopy to study ciliogenesis. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Meisinger, Sandra (2022) Role of microRNAs in podocyte structure and function. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Jurek, Benjamin , Denk, Lucia, Schäfer, Nicole, Salehi, Mohammad Saied, Pandamooz, Sareh and Haerteis, Silke (2022) Oxytocin accelerates tight junction formation and impairs cellular migration in 3D spheroids: evidence from Gapmer-induced exon skipping. Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience 16, p. 1000538.

Pion, Eric, Karnosky, Julia, Boscheck, Sofie, Wagner, Benedikt J., Schmidt, Katharina M., Brunner, Stefan M., Schlitt, Hans J. , Aung, Thiha, Hackl, Christina and Haerteis, Silke (2022) 3D In Vivo Models for Translational Research on Pancreatic Cancer: The Chorioallantoic Membrane (CAM) Model. Cancers 14 (15), p. 3733.

Kuri, Paulina Mena, Pion, Eric, Mahl, Lina, Kainz, Philipp, Schwarz, Siegfried, Brochhausen, Christoph , Aung, Thiha and Haerteis, Silke (2022) Deep Learning-Based Image Analysis for the Quantification of Tumor-Induced Angiogenesis in the 3D In Vivo Tumor Model—Establishment and Addition to Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging (LSCI). Cells 11 (15), p. 2321.

Bichlmayer, Eva-Marie, Mahl, Lin, Hesse, Leo, Pion, Eric, Haller, Victoria, Moehwald, Andreas, Hackl, Christina, Werner, Jens M., Schlitt, Hans J. , Schwarz, Siegfried, Kainz, Philipp, Brochhausen, Christoph , Groeger, Christian, Steger, Felix, Kölbl, Oliver, Daniel, Christoph , Amann, Kerstin, Kraus, Andreas, Buchholz, Björn, Aung, Thiha and Haerteis, Silke (2022) A 3D In Vivo Model for Studying Human Renal Cystic Tissue and Mouse Kidney Slices. Cells 11 (15), p. 2269.

Drexler, Konstantin, Schwertner, Barbara, Haerteis, Silke , Aung, Thiha, Berneburg, Mark , Geissler, Edward K. , Mycielska, Maria E. and Haferkamp, Sebastian (2022) The Role of Citrate Homeostasis in Merkel Cell Carcinoma Pathogenesis. Cancers 14 (14), p. 3425.


Zucal, Isabel, Geis, Sebastian, Prantl, Lukas , Haerteis, Silke and Aung, Thiha (2021) Indocyanine Green for Leakage Control in Isolated Limb Perfusion. Journal of Personalized Medicine 11 (11), pp. 1-9.

Sparrer, Daniela Christine (2021) Role of E-cadherin in metastatic brain colonization. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Winter, Julia , Meyer, Magdalena , Berger, Ilona , Royer, Melanie , Bianchi, Marta , Kuffner, Kerstin, Peters, Sebastian , Stang, Simone, Langgartner, Dominik, Hartmann, Finn , Schmidtner, Anna K., Reber, Stefan O., Bosch, Oliver J. , Bludau, Anna , Slattery, David A., van den Burg, Erwin H., Jurek, Benjamin and Neumann, Inga D. (2021) Chronic oxytocin-driven alternative splicing of Crfr2α induces anxiety. Molecular Psychiatry.

Peters, Sebastian , Kuespert, Sabrina, Wirkert, Eva, Heydn, Rosmarie, Jurek, Benjamin , Johannesen, Siw , Hsam, Ohnmar, Korte, Sven, Ludwig, Florian Timo, Mecklenburg, Lars, Mrowetz, Heike, Altendorfer, Barbara, Poupardin, Rodolphe, Petri, Susanne, Thal, Dietmar R., Hermann, Andreas, Weishaupt, Jochen H., Weis, Joachim, Aksoylu, Inci Sevval, Lewandowski, Sebastian A., Aigner, Ludwig, Bruun, Tim-Henrik and Bogdahn, Ulrich (2021) Reconditioning the Neurogenic Niche of Adult Non-human Primates by Antisense Oligonucleotide-Mediated Attenuation of TGFβ Signaling. Neurotherapeutics 18, pp. 1963-1979.


Schreml, Stephan , Stolwijk, Judith A. , Sauer, Lisa, Ackermann, Kirsten, Nassios, Anaïs, Aung, Thiha, Haerteis, Silke, Bäumner, Antje J. and Wegener, Joachim (2020) pH sensing in skin tumors: Methods to study the involvement of GPCRs, acid‐sensing ion channels and transient receptor potential vanilloid channels. Experimental Dermatology 29 (11), pp. 1055-1061.

Lamby, Philipp, Minkow, Alexander, Handt, Stefan, Falter, Johannes, Schellenberg, Eva-Lotte, Graf, Stefanie, Hiebl, Bernhard , Haerteis, Silke , Gemeinhardt, Ole , Krüger-Genge, Anne, Klosterhalfen, Bernd, Jung, Ernst-Michael, Franke, Ralf-Peter, Momeni, Arash , Prantl, Lukas and Jung, Friedrich (2020) Histological and SEM Assessment of Blood Stasis in Kidney Blood Vessels after Repeated Intra-Arterial Application of Radiographic Contrast Media. Life 10 (9), p. 167.

Prantl, Lukas, Eigenberger, Andreas, Gehmert, Sebastian , Haerteis, Silke, Aung, Thiha, Rachel, Reinhard, Jung, Ernst Michael and Felthaus, Oliver (2020) Enhanced Resorption of Liposomal Packed Vitamin C Monitored by Ultrasound. Journal of Clinical Medicine 9 (6), p. 1616.

Maslanka Figueroa, Sara , Fleischmann, Daniel, Beck, Sebastian, Tauber, Philipp, Witzgall, Ralph, Schweda, Frank and Goepferich, Achim (2020) Nanoparticles Mimicking Viral Cell Recognition Strategies Are Superior Transporters into Mesangial Cells. Advanced Science 7 (11), p. 1903204.

Minuth, Will W. (2020) Shaping of the nephron – a complex, vulnerable, and poorly explored backdrop for noxae impairing nephrogenesis in the fetal human kidney. Molecular and Cellular Pediatrics 7 (1), pp. 1-13.

Klingelhoefer, Eric, Schiltz, Daniel , Ranieri, Marco, Baringer, Magnus, Heidekrueger, Paul I. , Forte, Antonio J., Prantl, Lukas , Brebant, Vanessa and Aung, Thiha (2020) Video Tutorial for Indocyanine Green Lymphography in Lymphatic Surgery. Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery - Global Open 8 (1), e2609.

Schober, Michael Philipp (2020) Charakterisierung von Polycystin-2 in Hinblick auf eine potentielle Beteiligung an der Regulation des Tubulusdurchmessers, anhand von Knock-In-Mäusen und Ca²⁺-Imaging. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Setzer, Markus (2020) Regulation of the actin cytoskeleton in podocytes by the transcription factor LMX1B. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Fleischmann, Daniel, Maslanka-Figueroa, Sara, Beck, Sebastian, Abstiens, Kathrin, Witzgall, Ralph, Schweda, Frank, Tauber, Philipp and Goepferich, Achim (2020) Adenovirus-Mimetic Nanoparticles: Sequential Ligand-Receptor Interplay as a Universal Tool for Enhanced In Vitro/In Vivo Cell Identification. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 12 (31), pp. 34689-34702. Fulltext not available.

Feder, Anna-Lena, Pion, Eric, Troebs, Johannes, Lenze, Ulrich, Prantl, Lukas, Htwe, Maung Mg, Phyo, Aung, Haerteis, Silke, Aung, Thiha, Hiebl, B., Krüger-Genge, A. and Jung, F. (2020) Extended analysis of intratumoral heterogeneity of primary osteosarcoma tissue using 3D-in-vivo-tumor-model. Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation 76 (2), pp. 133-141. Fulltext not available.


Hochapfel, Florian (2019) The Drosophila Nephrocyte - Modeling Podocyte Function and Disease. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Ilyaskin, Alexandr V., Sure, Florian , Nesterov, Viatcheslav, Haerteis, Silke and Korbmacher, Christoph (2019) Bile acids inhibit human purinergic receptor P2X4 in a heterologous expression system. Journal of General Physiology 151 (6), pp. 820-833. Fulltext not available.

Bohnert, Bernhard N. , Daiminger, Sophie, Wörn, Matthias, Sure, Florian , Staudner, Tobias, Ilyaskin, Alexandr V., Batbouta, Firas, Janessa, Andrea, Schneider, Jonas C., Essigke, Daniel, Kanse, Sandip, Haerteis, Silke, Korbmacher, Christoph and Artunc, Ferruh (2019) Urokinase‐type plasminogen activator (uPA) is not essential for epithelial sodium channel (ENaC)‐mediated sodium retention in experimental nephrotic syndrome. Acta Physiologica 227 (4). Fulltext not available.


Moschall, Rebecca , Rass, Mathias, Rossbach, Oliver , Lehmann, Gerhard, Kullmann, Lars, Eichner, Norbert, Strauss, Daniela, Meister, Gunter, Schneuwly, Stephan, Krahn, Michael P. and Medenbach, Jan (2018) Drosophila Sister-of-Sex-lethal reinforces a male-specific gene expression pattern by controlling Sex-lethal alternative splicing. Nucleic Acids Research 2018 (1), pp. 1-13.

Mendl, Gudrun (2018) Functional and ultrastructural studies of apical-basal polarity in Drosophila nephrocytes. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Sun, Rui (2018) Dynamic interactions between PAR-aPKC complex and Crb complex in Drosophila epithelial cells. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Pürckhauer, Korbinian, Weymouth, Alfred J. , Pfeffer, Katharina, Kullmann, Lars, Mulvihill, Estefania, Krahn, Michael P. , Müller, Daniel J. and Giessibl, Franz J. (2018) Imaging in Biologically-Relevant Environments with AFM Using Stiff qPlus Sensors. Scientific Reports 8 (1), p. 9330.

Hochapfel, Florian, Denk, Lucia, Maaßen, Christine, Zaytseva, Yulia, Rachel, Reinhard, Witzgall, Ralph and Krahn, Michael P. (2018) Electron microscopy of Drosophila garland cell nephrocytes: Optimal preparation, immunostaining and STEM tomography. Journal of Cellular Biochemistry 119 (10), pp. 8011-8021. Fulltext not available.

Renschler, Fabian A., Bruekner, Susanne R., Salomon, Paulin L., Mukherjee, Amrita , Kullmann, Lars, Schütz-Stoffregen, Mira C., Henzler, Christine, Pawson, Tony, Krahn, Michael P. and Wiesner, Silke (2018) Structural basis for the interaction between the cell polarity proteins Par3 and Par6. Science Signaling 11 (517), eaam9899. Fulltext not available.


Frerking, Ann-Kristin (2017) Der Drosophila-Nephrozyt als Werkzeug zur Validierung von Genen, die eine Rolle in der Regulation der glomerulären Filtration spielen. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Baumgarten, Susanne (2017) miRNAs in the kidney and their role in podocyte (dys)function. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Hochapfel, Florian, Denk, Lucia, Mendl, Gudrun, Schulze, Ulf, Maaßen, Christine, Zaytseva, Yulia, Pavenstädt, Hermann, Weide, Thomas, Rachel, Reinhard, Witzgall, Ralph and Krahn, Michael P. (2017) Distinct functions of Crumbs regulating slit diaphragms and endocytosis in Drosophila nephrocytes. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 74 (24), pp. 4573-4586. Fulltext not available.

Dogliotti, Giada, Kullmann, Lars, Dhumale, Pratibha, Thiele, Christian, Panichkina, Olga, Mendl, Gudrun, Houben, Roland, Haferkamp, Sebastian, Püschel, Andreas W. and Krahn, Michael P. (2017) Membrane-binding and activation of LKB1 by phosphatidic acid is essential for development and tumour suppression. Nature Communications 8, p. 15747. Fulltext not available.

Weide, Thomas, Vollenbröker, Beate, Schulze, Ulf, Djuric, Ivona, Edeling, Maria, Bonse, Jakob, Hochapfel, Florian, Panichkina, Olga, Wennmann, Dirk-Oliver, George, Britta, Kim, Seonhee, Daniel, Christoph, Seggewiß, Jochen, Amann, Kerstin, Kriz, Wilhelm, Krahn, Michael P. and Pavenstädt, Hermann (2017) Pals1 Haploinsufficiency Results in Proteinuria and Cyst Formation. Journal of the American Society of Nephrology 28 (7), pp. 2093-2107. Fulltext not available.


Metzger, Karl Eugen (2016) In-vivo Nachweis der Interaktion zwischen Polycystin-1 und Polycystin-2. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Thiele, Christian Volker Steffen (2016) Subcellular localization of LKB1 and characterization of its interactions with the membrane skeleton in Drosophila melanogaster. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Koch, Leonie, Feicht, Sabine, Sun, Rui, Sen, Arnab and Krahn, Michael P. (2016) Domain-specific functions of Stardust in Drosophila embryonic development. Royal Society Open Science 3 (11), p. 160776. Fulltext not available.

Cidlinsky, Natascha, Dogliotti, Giada, Pukrop, Tobias, Jung, Rudolf, Weber, Florian and Krahn, Michael P. (2016) Inactivation of the LKB1-AMPK signaling pathway does not contribute to salivary gland tumor development - a short report. Cellular Oncology 39 (4), pp. 389-396. Fulltext not available.

Dörpinghaus, Michael, Brieger, Anne, Panichkina, Olga, Rink, Lothar and Haase, Hajo (2016) Lead ions abrogate lipopolysaccharide-induced nitric monoxide toxicity by reducing the expression of STAT1 and iNOS. Journal of Trace Elements in Medicine and Biology 37, pp. 117-124. Fulltext not available.


Sen, Arnab (2015) The role of PATJ in the development of Drosophila melanogaster. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Loedige, Inga, Jakob, Leonhard, Treiber, Thomas, Ray, Debashish, Stotz, Mathias, Treiber, Nora, Hennig, Janosch, Cook, Kate B., Morris, Quaid, Hughes, Timothy R., Engelmann, Julia C., Krahn, Michael P. and Meister, Gunter (2015) The Crystal Structure of the NHL Domain in Complex with RNA Reveals the Molecular Basis of Drosophila Brain-Tumor-Mediated Gene Regulation. Cell Rep (Cell Reports) 13 (6), pp. 1206-1220.


Marin Laut, Francisco Miguel (2012) Relevante anatomische Ursprungs-Variation der Thenar- und Hypothenar-Muskulatur für die Operation des Karpaltunnelsyndroms. PhD, Universität Regensburg.


Heudobler, Daniel (2011) Entwicklung und Charakterisierung monoklonaler Antikörper gegen den LIM-Homöodomäne-Transkriptionsfaktor 1 beta. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

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