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Agarwal, A. Vikas and Thiessen, Alexander and Idelson, Alissa and Kalle, Daniel and Würsch, Dominik and Stangl, Thomas and Steiner, Florian and Jester, Stefan-S. and Vogelsang, Jan and Höger, Sigurd and Lupton, John M. (2013) Fluctuating exciton localization in giant π-conjugated spoked-wheel macrocycles. Nature Chemistry 5, pp. 964-970.

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van Schooten, Kipp J. and Huang, Jing and Baker, William J. and Talapin, Dmitri V. and Boehme, Christoph and Lupton, John M. (2013) Spin-Dependent Exciton Quenching and Spin Coherence in CdSe/CdS Nanocrystals. Nano Letters 13, p. 65.

Stangl, Thomas and Bange, Sebastian and Schmitz, Daniela and Würsch, Dominik and Höger, Sigurd and Vogelsang, Jan and Lupton, John M. (2013) Temporal Switching of Homo-FRET Pathways in Single-Chromophore Dimer Models of π-Conjugated Polymers. Journal of the American Chemical Society 135 (1), pp. 78-81.


Lupton, John M. (2012) Aus Licht wird Strom - und umgekehrt. Was uns die Natur über Energieumwandlung lehrt. Blick in die Wissenschaft 26, p. 15.

Kohda, M. and Lechner, Vera and Kunihashi, Y. and Dollinger, Tobias and Olbrich, Peter and Schönhuber, Christoph and Caspers, Ines and Belkov, Vassilij and Golub, Leonid and Weiss, Dieter and Richter, Klaus and Nitta, J. and Ganichev, Sergey (2012) Gate-controlled persistent spin helix state in (In,Ga)As quantum wells. Physical Review B (PRB) 8 (86), 081306.

Liu, Sue and Borys, Nicholas J. and Huang, Jing and Talapin, Dmitri V. and Lupton, John M. (2012) Exciton storage in CdSe/CdS tetrapod semiconductor nanocrystals: Electric field effects on exciton and multiexciton states. Physical Review B (PRB) 86 (4), 045303.

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Liu, Sue and Schmitz, Daniela and Jester, Stefan-S. and Borys, Nicholas J. and Höger, Sigurd and Lupton, John M. (2012) Coherent and Incoherent Interactions between Cofacial Pi-Conjugated Oligomer Dimers in Macrocycle Templates. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B 117 (16), pp. 4197-4203.

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Karch, Johannes and Drexler, Christoph and Olbrich, Peter and Fehrenbacher, M. and Hirmer, M. and Glazov, M. M. and Tarasenko, Sergey and Ivchenko, Eougenious and Birkner, Bastian and Eroms, Jonathan and Weiss, Dieter and Yakimova, R. and Lara-Avila, S. and Kubatkin, S. and Ostler, M. and Seyller, T. and Ganichev, Sergey (2011) Terahertz Radiation Driven Chiral Edge Currents in Graphene. Physical Review Letters (PRL) 107, p. 276601.

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Borys, Nicholas J. and Lupton, John M. (2011) Surface-Enhanced Light Emission from Single Hot Spots in Tollens Reaction Silver Nanoparticle Films: Linear versus Nonlinear Optical Excitation. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115 (28), pp. 13645-13659.

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