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Rupp, Markus , Walter, Nike , Popp, Daniel , Hitzenbichler, Florian , Heyd, Robert, Geis, Sebastian, Kandulski, Melanie, Thurn, Sylvia, Betz, Thomas, Brochhausen, Christoph and Alt, Volker (2023) Multidisciplinary Treatment of Fracture-Related Infection Has a Positive Impact on Clinical Outcome—A Retrospective Case Control Study at a Tertiary Referral Center. Antibiotics 12 (2), p. 230.

Schneider, Franziska, Gessner, André and El-Najjar, Nahed (2022) Efficacy of Vancomycin and Meropenem in Central Nervous System Infections in Children and Adults: Current Update. Antibiotics 11 (2), p. 173.

Applied Sciences

Rosentritt, Martin , Hahnel, Sebastian, Schneider-Feyrer, Sibylle, Strasser, Thomas Martin and Schmid, Alois (2022) Martens Hardness of CAD/CAM Resin-Based Composites. Applied Sciences 12 (15), p. 7698.

Jungbauer, Rebecca , Breunig, Jonas, Schmid, Alois, Hüfner, Mira, Kerberger, Robert, Rauch, Nicole, Proff, Peter, Drescher, Dieter and Becker, Kathrin (2021) Transfer Accuracy of Two 3D Printed Trays for Indirect Bracket Bonding—An In Vitro Pilot Study. Applied Sciences 11 (13), p. 6013.

Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology

Lin, Xiaohang, Evers, Ferdinand and Groß, Axel (2016) First-principles study of the structure of water layers on flat and stepped Pb electrodes. Beilstein Journal of Nanotechnology 7, pp. 533-543.

Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry

Rustler, Karin , Maleeva, Galyna , Bregestovski, Piotr and König, Burkhard (2019) Azologization of serotonin 5-HT3 receptor antagonists. Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry 15, pp. 780-788.

Wimmer, Alexander and König, Burkhard (2018) Photocatalytic formation of carbon–sulfur bonds. Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry 14, pp. 54-83.

Das, Amrita , Maity, Mitasree, Malcherek, Simon, König, Burkhard and Rehbein, Julia (2018) Synthesis of aryl sulfides via radical–radical cross coupling of electron-rich arenes using visible light photoredox catalysis. Beilstein Journal of Organic Chemistry 14, pp. 2520-2528.


Schubart, Christoph D. , Deli, Temim , Mancinelli, Giorgio, Cilenti, Lucrezia, Gil Fernández, Alberto, Falco, Silvia and Berger, Selina (2022) Phylogeography of the Atlantic Blue Crab Callinectes sapidus (Brachyura: Portunidae) in the Americas versus the Mediterranean Sea: Determining Origins and Genetic Connectivity of a Large-Scale Invasion. Biology 12 (1), p. 35.


Mester, Patricia, Räth, Ulrich, Schmid, Stephan , Müller, Martina, Buechler, Christa and Pavel, Vlad (2023) Exploring the Relationship between Plasma Adiponectin, Gender, and Underlying Diseases in Severe Illness. Biomedicines 11 (12), p. 3287.

Wester, Michael , Arzt, Michael , Sinha, Frederick, Maier, Lars S. and Lebek, Simon (2023) Insights into the Interaction of Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction and Sleep-Disordered Breathing. Biomedicines 11 (11), p. 3038.

Morsczeck, Christian , De Pellegrin, Michela, Reck, Anja and Reichert, Torsten E. (2023) Evaluation of Current Studies to Elucidate Processes in Dental Follicle Cells Driving Osteogenic Differentiation. Biomedicines 11 (10), p. 2787.

Grewal, Thomas and Buechler, Christa (2023) Adipokines as Diagnostic and Prognostic Markers for the Severity of COVID-19. Biomedicines 11 (5), p. 1302.

Pohl, Rebekka, Feder, Susanne, Haberl, Elisabeth M. , Rein-Fischboeck, Lisa, Weiss, Thomas S. , Spirk, Marlen, Bruckmann, Astrid, McMullen, Nichole , Sinal, Christopher J. and Buechler, Christa (2022) Chemerin Overexpression in the Liver Protects against Inflammation in Experimental Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis. Biomedicines 10 (1), p. 132.

Schüler-Toprak, Susanne , Ortmann, Olaf , Buechler, Christa and Treeck, Oliver (2022) The Complex Roles of Adipokines in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Endometriosis. Biomedicines 10 (10), p. 2503.


Brummer, Christina, Pukrop, Tobias , Wiskemann, Joachim, Bruss, Christina, Ugele, Ines and Renner, Kathrin (2023) Can Exercise Enhance the Efficacy of Checkpoint Inhibition by Modulating Anti-Tumor Immunity? Cancers 15 (18), p. 4668.

Völkel, Vinzenz, Gerken, Michael, Kleihues-van Tol, Kees, Schoffer, Olaf, Bierbaum, Veronika, Bobeth, Christoph, Roessler, Martin, Reissfelder, Christoph , Fürst, Alois, Benz, Stefan, Rau, Bettina M., Piso, Pompiliu, Distler, Marius, Günster, Christian, Hansinger, Judith, Schmitt, Jochen and Klinkhammer-Schalke, Monika (2023) Treatment of Colorectal Cancer in Certified Centers: Results of a Large German Registry Study Focusing on Long-Term Survival. Cancers 15 (18), p. 4568.

Schüler-Toprak, Susanne , Skrzypczak, Maciej, Gründker, Carsten, Ortmann, Olaf and Treeck, Oliver (2023) Role of Estrogen Receptor β, G-Protein Coupled Estrogen Receptor and Estrogen-Related Receptors in Endometrial and Ovarian Cancer. Cancers 15 (10), p. 2845.

Bruss, Christina, Kellner, Kerstin, Albert, Veruschka, Hutchinson, James A. , Seitz, Stephan, Ortmann, Olaf , Brockhoff, Gero and Wege, Anja K. (2023) Immune Checkpoint Profiling in Humanized Breast Cancer Mice Revealed Cell-Specific LAG-3/PD-1/TIM-3 Co-Expression and Elevated PD-1/TIM-3 Secretion. Cancers 15 (9), p. 2615.

Schindler, Lisa, Moosbauer, Jutta, Schmidt, Daniel , Spruss, Thilo, Grätz, Lukas, Lüdeke, Steffen, Hofheinz, Frank, Meister, Sebastian, Echtenacher, Bernd, Bernhardt, Günther, Pietzsch, Jens , Hellwig, Dirk and Keller, Max (2022) Development of a Neurotensin-Derived 68Ga-Labeled PET Ligand with High In Vivo Stability for Imaging of NTS1 Receptor-Expressing Tumors. Cancers 14 (19), p. 4922.

Bumes, Elisabeth , Fellner, Claudia, Fellner, Franz A., Fleischanderl, Karin, Häckl, Martina, Lenz, Stefan, Linker, Ralf A. , Mirus, Tim, Oefner, Peter J. , Paar, Christian, Proescholdt, Martin A. , Riemenschneider, Markus J. , Rosengarth, Katharina, Weis, Serge, Wendl, Christina, Wimmer, Sibylle, Hau, Peter , Gronwald, Wolfram and Hutterer, Markus (2022) Validation Study for Non-Invasive Prediction of IDH Mutation Status in Patients with Glioma Using In Vivo 1H-Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Machine Learning. Cancers 14 (11), p. 2762.

Hau, Peter , Frappaz, Didier, Hovey, Elizabeth, McCabe, Martin G. , Pajtler, Kristian W., Wiestler, Benedikt , Seidel, Clemens, Combs, Stephanie E., Dirven, Linda, Klein, Martin, Anazodo, Antoinette , Hattingen, Elke , Hofer, Silvia, Pfister, Stefan M. , Zimmer, Claus, Kortmann, Rolf-Dieter, Sunyach, Marie-Pierre, Tanguy, Ronan, Effeney, Rachel, von Deimling, Andreas , Sahm, Felix , Rutkowski, Stefan, Berghoff, Anna S., Franceschi, Enrico, Pineda, Estela, Beier, Dagmar , Peeters, Ellen, Gorlia, Thierry, Vanlancker, Maureen, Bromberg, Jacoline E. C., Gautier, Julien, Ziegler, David S. , Preusser, Matthias, Wick, Wolfgang and Weller, Michael (2021) Development of Randomized Trials in Adults with Medulloblastoma—The Example of EORTC 1634-BTG/NOA-23. Cancers 13 (14), p. 3451.


Klein, Silvan , Siegmund, Andreas, Eigenberger, Andreas , Hartmann, Valerie, Langewost, Felix, Hammer, Nicolas, Anker, Alexandra, Klein, Konstantin , Morsczeck, Christian, Prantl, Lukas and Felthaus, Oliver (2022) Peripheral Nerve Regeneration–Adipose-Tissue-Derived Stem Cells Differentiated by a Three-Step Protocol Promote Neurite Elongation via NGF Secretion. Cells 11 (18), p. 2887.

Barsch, Friedrich , Mamilos, Andreas , Schmitt, Volker H. , Babel, Maximilian, Winter, Lina , Wagner, Willi, Winther, Hinrich , Ottomann, Christian, Niedermair, Tanja, Schreml, Stephan , Hierlemann, Helmut and Brochhausen, Christoph (2022) In Vivo Comparison of Synthetic Macroporous Filamentous and Sponge-like Skin Substitute Matrices Reveals Morphometric Features of the Foreign Body Reaction According to 3D Biomaterial Designs. Cells 11 (18), p. 2834.

Kaur, Savneet, Rawal, Preety, Siddiqui, Hamda, Rohilla, Sumai, Sharma, Shvetank, Tripathi, Dinesh M., Baweja, Sukriti, Hassan, Mohsin, Vlaic, Sebastian, Guthke, Reinhard, Thomas, Maria, Dayoub, Rania , Bihari, Chaggan, Sarin, Shiv K. and Weiss, Thomas S. (2019) Increased Expression of RUNX1 in Liver Correlates with NASH Activity Score in Patients with Non-Alcoholic Steatohepatitis (NASH). Cells 8 (10), p. 1277.


Strasser, Thomas, Schmid, Alois , Huber, Christina and Rosentritt, Martin (2022) 4-Unit Molar Fixed Partial Dentures Made from Highly Translucent and Multilayer Zirconia Materials: An In Vitro Investigation. Ceramics 5 (1), pp. 99-107.


Bauer, Jonathan O. and Götz, Tobias (2021) Chloropentaphenyldisiloxane—Model Study on Intermolecular Interactions in the Crystal Structure of a Monofunctionalized Disiloxane. Chemistry 3 (2), pp. 444-453.


Khairy, Gasser M. , Abd El-Naby, Zaitona A., Elgindy, Alaa M. A., Duerkop, Axel and Abdel Hameed, Eman A. (2022) Sensitive Determination of Moxifloxacin HCl in Pharmaceuticals or Human Plasma Using Luminescence or Eye Vision. Chemosensors 10 (10), p. 378.

Current Oncology

Rink, Maximilian, Jung, Ernst-Michael and Künzel, Julian (2023) The Use of Contrast-Enhanced Sonography for Therapy Monitoring of Metastatic Lymph Nodes: A Systematic Review. Current Oncology 30 (7), pp. 6734-6743.

Schleder, Stephan , May, Matthias, Scholz, Carsten, Dinkel, Johannes, Strotzer, Quirin David , Einspieler, Ingo, Dollinger, Marco , Schreyer, Andreas G., Grassinger, Jochen and Schicho, Andreas (2023) Diagnostic Value of Diffusion-Weighted Imaging with Background Body Signal Suppression (DWIBS) for the Pre-Therapeutic Loco-Regional Staging of Cervical Cancer: A Feasibility and Interobserver Reliability Study. Current Oncology 30 (1), pp. 1164-1173.


Niebel, Dennis , Wilsmann-Theis, Dagmar, Bieber, Thomas, Berneburg, Mark , Wenzel, Joerg and Braegelmann, Christine (2022) Bullous Pemphigoid in Patients Receiving Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors and Psoriatic Patients — Focus on Clinical and Histopathological Variation. Dermatopathology 9 (1), pp. 60-81.


Weber, Florian , Schueler-Toprak, Susanne , Buechler, Christa , Ortmann, Olaf and Treeck, Oliver (2023) Chemerin and Chemokine-like Receptor 1 Expression in Ovarian Cancer Associates with Proteins Involved in Estrogen Signaling. Diagnostics 13 (5), p. 944.

Schleder, Stephan, May, Matthias, Habicher, Werner, Dinkel, Johannes, Schreyer, Andreas G., Gostian, Antoniu-Oreste and Schicho, Andreas (2022) Additional Diffusion-Weighted Imaging with Background Body Signal Suppression (DWIBS) Improves Pre-Therapeutical Detection of Early-Stage (pT1a) Glottic Cancer: A Feasibility and Interobserver Reliability Study. Diagnostics 12 (12), p. 3200.

Kehrer, Andreas , Prantl, Lukas , Knoedler, Samuel and Knoedler, Leonard (2022) Reply to Nduka et al. Comment on “Kehrer et al. Using High-Resolution Ultrasound to Assess Post-Facial Paralysis Synkinesis—Machine Settings and Technical Aspects for Facial Surgeons. Diagnostics 2022, 12, 1650”. Diagnostics 12 (10), p. 2432.

Endocrinology & Metabolic Syndrome

Buechler, Christa (2014) Chemerin in Liver Diseases. Endocrinology & Metabolic Syndrome 3 (4).

Environmental Health Perspectives

Schmelzer, K. R., Wheelock, A. M., Dettmer, Katja, Morin, D. and Hammock, B. D. (2006) The role of inflammatory mediators in the synergistic toxicity of ozone and 1-nitronaphthalene in rat airways. Environmental Health Perspectives 114 (9), pp. 1354-1360.

Dettmer, Katja and Hammock, B. D. (2004) Metabolomics--a new exciting field within the “omics” Sciences. Environmental Health Perspectives 112 (7), A396-397.

Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP)

Schmelzer, K. R., Wheelock, A. M., Dettmer, Katja, Morin, D. and Hammock, B. D. (2006) The role of inflammatory mediators in the synergistic toxicity of ozone and 1-nitronaphthalene in rat airways. Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) 114 (9), pp. 1354-1360.

ITcon : Journal of information technology in construction

Lottaz, Claudio, Stouffs, Rudi and Smith, Ian (2000) Increasing Understanding During Collaboration Through Advanced Representations. ITcon : Journal of information technology in construction 5, pp. 1-24.


Lehnfeld, Felix, Oswald, Tim, Beckhaus, Rüdiger and Scheer, Manfred (2023) Mono-Alkyl-Substituted Phosphinoboranes (HRP–BH2–NMe3) as Precursors for Poly(alkylphosphinoborane)s: Improved Synthesis and Comparative Study. Inorganics 11 (10), p. 377.

International Journal o f Molecular Sciences

Schramm, Andrea, Mueller-Thuemen, Philip, Littmann, Timo, Harloff, Manuela, Ozawa, Takeaki and Schlossmann, Jens (2018) Establishing a Split Luciferase Assay for Proteinkinase G (PKG) Interaction Studies. International Journal o f Molecular Sciences 19 (4), p. 1180.

International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health

Weber, Andrea , Kroiss, Katharina , Reismann, Lydia, Jansen, Petra , Hirschfelder, Gunther, Sedlmeier, Anja M. , Stein, Michael J. , Bohmann, Patricia , Leitzmann, Michael F. and Jochem, Carmen (2023) Health-Promoting and Sustainable Behavior in University Students in Germany: A Cross-Sectional Study. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 20 (7), p. 5238.

Calvano Kuechler, Erika, Henklein, Suelyn Danielle, Proff, Peter, Lepri, César Penazzo, Perin, Camila Paiva, Paddenberg, Eva, Roskamp, Liliane, Baratto-Filho, Flares , de Menezes-Oliveira, Maria Angélica Hueb and Kirschneck, Christian (2022) Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms in COX2 Is Associated with Persistent Primary Tooth and Delayed Permanent Tooth Eruption. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 19 (16), p. 10047.

International Journal of Molecular Sciences

Felthaus, Oliver , Vedlin, Simon, Eigenberger, Andreas , Klein, Silvan M. and Prantl, Lukas (2024) Exosomes from Adipose-Tissue-Derived Stem Cells Induce Proapoptotic Gene Expression in Breast Tumor Cell Line. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 25 (4), p. 2190.

Schröder, Agnes , Örs, Talia, Byeon, Ye-Oun, Cieplik, Fabian , Proff, Peter , Kirschneck, Christian and Paddenberg, Eva (2023) Impact of Mechanical Strain and Nicotinamide on RUNX2-Deficient Osteoblast Mimicking Cleidocranial Dysplasia. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 24 (23), p. 16581.

Ludwig, Nils and Reichert, Torsten E. (2023) Editorial: Special Issue on “The Role of Exosomes in Cancer Diagnosis and Therapy”. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 24 (18), p. 13716.

Widbiller, Matthias and Galler, Kerstin M. (2023) Engineering the Future of Dental Health: Exploring Molecular Advancements in Dental Pulp Regeneration. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 24 (14), p. 11453.

Prüschenk, Sally, Majer, Michael and Schlossmann, Jens (2023) Novel Functional Features of cGMP Substrate Proteins IRAG1 and IRAG2. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 24 (12), p. 9837.

Wank, Isabel, Niedermair, Tanja, Kronenberg, Daniel, Stange, Richard, Brochhausen, Christoph , Hess, Andreas and Grässel, Susanne (2022) Influence of the Peripheral Nervous System on Murine Osteoporotic Fracture Healing and Fracture-Induced Hyperalgesia. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 24 (1), p. 510.

Ohlsson, Ella , Galler, Kerstin M. and Widbiller, Matthias (2022) A Compilation of Study Models for Dental Pulp Regeneration. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 23 (22), p. 14361.

Stöckl, Sabine, Reichart, Johanna, Zborilova, Magdalena, Johnstone, Brian and Grässel, Susanne (2022) Semaphorin 3A-Neuropilin-1 Signaling Modulates MMP13 Expression in Human Osteoarthritic Chondrocytes. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 23 (22), p. 14180.

Paddenberg, Eva, Forneck, Anne, Widbiller, Matthias , Smeda, Martyna, Jantsch, Jonathan, Proff, Peter, Kirschneck, Christian and Schröder, Agnes (2022) Impact of Melatonin on RAW264.7 Macrophages during Mechanical Strain. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 23 (21), p. 13397.

Parkinson, Eric K. , Haferkamp, Sebastian and Mycielska, Maria E. (2022) Cancer Cell Metabolism. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 23 (13), p. 7210.

Schlossmann, Jens (2022) Editorial of the Special Issue: cGMP-Signaling in Cells and Tissues: Molecular, Functional and Pharmacological Aspects. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 23 (12), p. 6482.

Morsczeck, Christian (2022) Mechanisms during Osteogenic Differentiation in Human Dental Follicle Cells. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 23 (11), p. 5945.

Smeda, Martyna, Galler, Kerstin M., Woelflick, Melanie, Rosendahl, Andreas, Moehle, Christoph, Lenhardt, Beate, Buchalla, Wolfgang and Widbiller, Matthias (2022) Molecular Biological Comparison of Dental Pulp- and Apical Papilla-Derived Stem Cells. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 23 (5), p. 2615.

Prüschenk, Sally, Majer, Michael , Schreiber, Rainer and Schlossmann, Jens (2021) IRAG2 Interacts with IP3-Receptor Types 1, 2, and 3 and Regulates Intracellular Ca2+ in Murine Pancreatic Acinar Cells. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22 (24), p. 13409.

Schlossmann, Jens, Majer, Michael and Prueschenk, Sally (2021) Loss of PKGIβ/IRAG1 Signaling Causes Anemia-Associated Splenomegaly. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22 (5458), pp. 1-20.

Haberl, Elisabeth M., Weiss, Thomas S. , Peschel, Georg, Weigand, Kilian, Köhler, Nikolai , Pauling, Josch K., Wenzel, Jürgen J. , Höring, Marcus, Krautbauer, Sabrina, Liebisch, Gerhard and Buechler, Christa (2021) Liver Lipids of Patients with Hepatitis B and C and Associated Hepatocellular Carcinoma. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22 (10), p. 5297.

Buechler, Christa , Feder, Susanne, Haberl, Elisabeth M. and Aslanidis, Charalampos (2019) Chemerin Isoforms and Activity in Obesity. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 20 (5), p. 1128.

Journal of Clinical Medicine

Maurer, Michael , Schlipköter, Cornelius, Gottsauner, Maximilian, Waiss, Waltraud, Meier, Johannes K., Fiedler, Mathias, Schuderer, Johannes G. , Taxis, Juergen , Reichert, Torsten E. and Ettl, Tobias (2023) Animal Bite Injuries to the Face: A Retrospective Evaluation of 111 Cases. Journal of Clinical Medicine 12 (21), p. 6942.

Langguth, Berthold and De Ridder, Dirk (2023) Minimal Clinically Important Difference of Tinnitus Outcome Measurement Instruments—A Scoping Review. Journal of Clinical Medicine 12 (22), p. 7117.

Schmutzler, Anne, Stingu, Catalina Suzana, Günther, Elena, Lang, Reinhold, Fuchs, Florian, Koenig, Andreas , Rauch, Angelika and Hahnel, Sebastian (2023) Attachment of Respiratory Pathogens and Candida to Denture Base Materials—A Pilot Study. Journal of Clinical Medicine 12 (19), p. 6127.

Alt, Volker , Walter, Nike , Rupp, Markus and Baertl, Susanne (2023) Comment on Lunz et al. Impact and Modification of the New PJI-TNM Classification for Periprosthetic Joint Infections. J. Clin. Med. 2023, 12, 1262. Journal of Clinical Medicine 12 (18), p. 6073.

Rauch, Angelika, Heinzmann, Wendy, Rosentritt, Martin , Hahnel, Sebastian, Schmidt, Michael Benno, Fuchs, Florian and Koenig, Andreas (2023) Aging and Fracture Resistance of Implant-Supported Molar Crowns with a CAD/CAM Resin Composite Veneer Structure. Journal of Clinical Medicine 12 (18), p. 5997.

Pagano, Stefano, Müller, Karolina , Götz, Julia , Reinhard, Jan , Schindler, Melanie, Grifka, Joachim and Maderbacher, Günther (2023) The Role and Efficiency of an AI-Powered Software in the Evaluation of Lower Limb Radiographs before and after Total Knee Arthroplasty. Journal of Clinical Medicine 12 (17), p. 5498.

Ettl, Tobias , Gottsauner, Maximilian, Kühnel, Thomas , Maurer, Michael , Schuderer, Johannes G. , Spörl, Steffen, Taxis, Jürgen, Reichert, Torsten E., Fiedler, Mathias and Meier, Johannes K. (2023) The Folded Radial Forearm Flap in Lip and Nose Reconstruction—Still a Unique Choice. Journal of Clinical Medicine 12 (11), p. 3636.

Kirschneck, Christian , Nusser, Hendrik, Jantsch, Jonathan, Proff, Peter and Schröder, Agnes (2022) Impact of Myeloid p38α/MAPK on Orthodontic Tooth Movement. Journal of Clinical Medicine 11 (7), p. 1796.

Heidekrueger, Paul I. , Moellhoff, Nicholas, Horch, Raymund E. , Lohmeyer, Jörn A. , Marx, Mario, Heitmann, Christoph, Fansa, Hisham, Geenen, Matthias, Gabka, Christian J., Handstein, Steffen , Prantl, Lukas and von Fritschen, Uwe (2021) Overall complication rates of DIEP flap breast reconstructions in Germany – a multi-center analysis based on the DGPRÄC prospective national online registry for microsurgical breast reconstructions. Journal of Clinical Medicine 2021 (1016), pp. 1-12.

Prantl, Lukas, Gerken, Michael, Zeman, Florian, Leitzmann, Michael, Koller, Michael, Klinkhammer-Schalke, Monika, Evert, Matthias, Kuehlmann, Britta and Biermann, Niklas (2020) Incidence of Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma and Breast-Implant-Associated Lymphoma—An Analysis of a Certified Tumor Registry over 17 Years. Journal of Clinical Medicine 9 (5), p. 1247.

Journal of Intelligence

Himi, Samsad Afrin, Bühner, Markus and Hilbert, Sven (2021) Advancing the Understanding of the Factor Structure of Executive Functioning. Journal of Intelligence 9 (1), p. 16.

Journal of Personalized Medicine

Blobel, Bernd and Giacomini, Mauro (2023) Selected Papers from the pHealth 2021 Conference, Genoa, Italy, 8–10 November 2021: Editorial. Journal of Personalized Medicine 13 (8), p. 1213.

Blobel, Bernd, Ruotsalainen, Pekka, Brochhausen, Mathias, Prestes, Edson and Houghtaling, Michael A. (2023) Designing and Managing Advanced, Intelligent and Ethical Health and Social Care Ecosystems. Journal of Personalized Medicine 13 (8), p. 1209.

Rosero Perez, Paula Andrea, Realpe Gonzalez, Juan Sebastián, Salazar-Cabrera, Ricardo, Restrepo, David, López, Diego M. and Blobel, Bernd (2023) Multidimensional Machine Learning Model to Calculate a COVID-19 Vulnerability Index. Journal of Personalized Medicine 13 (7), p. 1141.

Weber, Markus , Meyer, Matthias , Von Kunow, Frederik, Füchtmeier, Bernd, Hillmann, Axel and Wulbrand, Christian (2023) How Relevant Is the Parallax Effect on Low Centered Pelvic Radiographs in Total Hip Arthroplasty. Journal of Personalized Medicine 13 (6), p. 881.

Weber, Johannes , Huber, Lorenz, Frankewycz, Borys , Krutsch, Werner, Alt, Volker and Szymski, Dominik (2022) Sports-Related Concussion Is a Personalized Issue—Evaluation of Medical Assessment and Subjective Feeling of the Athlete in a German Level 1 Trauma Center. Journal of Personalized Medicine 12 (10), p. 1596.


Hintschich, Constantin A. , Dietz, Melanie, Haehner, Antje and Hummel, Thomas (2022) Topical Administration of Mometasone Is Not Helpful in Post-COVID-19 Olfactory Dysfunction. Life 12 (10), p. 1483.


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Schmidt, Michael, Huber, Verena, Touraud, Didier and Kunz, Werner (2024) Aromas: Lovely to Smell and Nice Solvents for Polyphenols? Curcumin Solubilisation Power of Fragrances and Flavours. Molecules 29 (2), p. 294.

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