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Corbacioglu, Selim , Lode, Holger, Ellinger, Susanne, Zeman, Florian, Suttorp, Meinolf, Escherich, Gabriele, Bochennek, Konrad, Gruhn, Bernd, Lang, Peter, Rohde, Marius, Debatin, Klaus Michael, Steinbach, Daniel, Beilken, Andreas, Ladenstein, Ruth, Spachtholz, Rainer, Heiss, Peter, Hellwig, Dirk , Tröger, Anja, Koller, Michael , Menhart, Karin , Riemenschneider, Markus J. , Zoubaa, Saida, Kietz, Silke, Jakob, Marcus, Sommer, Gunhild , Heise, Tilman , Hundsdörfer, Patrick, Kühnle, Ingrid, Dilloo, Dagmar, Schönberger, Stefan, Schwabe, Georg, von Luettichau, Irene, Graf, Norbert, Schlegel, Paul-Gerhardt, Frühwald, Michael, Jorch, Norbert, Paulussen, Michael, Schneider, Dominik T., Metzler, Markus, Leipold, Alfred, Nathrath, Michaela, Imschweiler, Thomas, Christiansen, Holger, Schmid, Irene, Crazzolara, Roman, Niktoreh, Naghmeh, Cario, Gunnar, Faber, Joerg, Demmert, Martin, Babor, Florian, Fröhlich, Birgit, Bielack, Stefan, Bernig, Toralf, Greil, Johann, Eggert, Angelika, Simon, Thorsten and Foell, Juergen (2024) Irinotecan and temozolomide in combination with dasatinib and rapamycin versus irinotecan and temozolomide for patients with relapsed or refractory neuroblastoma (RIST-rNB-2011): a multicentre, open-label, randomised, controlled, phase 2 trial. The Lancet Oncology 25 (7), pp. 922-932.

Driendl, Sarah M., Stadler, Stefan , Arzt, Michael , Zeman, Florian, Heid, Iris M. and Baumert, Mathias (2024) Nocturnal hypoxemic burden and micro- and macrovascular disease in patients with type 2 diabetes. Cardiovascular Diabetology 23 (1).

Saibold, Anna, Koller, Michael , Mueller, Karolina, Koelbl, Oliver, Vielsmeier, Veronika , Pukrop, Tobias , Spies, Oliver, Eilers, Vivian, Brese, Cathleen, Amann, Denise and Maurer, Julia (2024) A database for oncological research and quality assurance: implementation and first experiences with the University Clinical Cancer Registry Regensburg. BMC Medical Research Methodology 24 (1).

Kuenzel, Julian, Duerr, Stephan, Vester, Sarah, Zeman, Florian, Huppertz, Gunnar, Koller, Michael, Pfleger, Gerda, Woertgen, Annika, Salloum, Hazem, Klinkhammer-Schalke, Monika, Pukrop, Tobias and Kummer, Peter (2024) The effects of Phoniatric PREhabilitation in Head and Neck Cancer patients on Aspiration and Preservation of Swallowing (PREHAPS): study protocol of a monocentric prospective randomized interventional outcome-blinded trial. Trials 25 (1).

Promm, Martin, Otto, Wolfgang, Götz, Stefanie, Burger, Maximilian, Müller, Karolina, Rubenwolf, Peter, Neuhuber, Winfried L. and Rösch, Wolfgang H. (2024) Innervation pattern of the unclosed detrusor muscle in classic bladder exstrophy: a study of patients with urothelial overexpression of nerve growth factor. Pediatric Surgery International 40 (1).

Kaltenhauser, Simone, Niessen, Christoph, Zeman, Florian, Stroszczynski, Christian , Zorger, Niels, Grosse, Jirka, Großer, Christian, Hofmann, Hans-Stefan and Robold, Tobias (2023) Diagnosis of sarcopenia on thoracic computed tomography and its association with postoperative survival after anatomic lung cancer resection. Scientific Reports 13 (1).

Götz, Julia , Maderbacher, Günther, Leiss, Franziska, Zeman, Florian, Meyer, Matthias , Reinhard, Jan , Grifka, Joachim and Greimel, Felix (2023) Better early outcome with enhanced recovery total hip arthroplasty (ERAS-THA) versus conventional setup in randomized clinical trial (RCT). Archives of Orthopaedic and Trauma Surgery.

Heckel, Silvia, Bohr, Christopher, Meier, Johannes, Maurer, Julia, Kuenzel, Julian, Mueller, Karolina, Koelbl, Oliver, Reichert, Torsten E., Vielsmeier, Veronika and Gruber, Isabella (2023) Head and neck oncology management in the time of COVID-19: results of a head and neck cancer center. Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology.

Gruber, Isabella , Koelbl, Oliver, Treutwein, Marius , Zeman, Florian, Herr, Wolfgang, Holler, Ernst, Edinger, Matthias and Wolff, Daniel (2023) Analysis of long-term mortality after total body irradiation-based and melphalan-based chemotherapy conditioning for acute myeloid leukemia. Annals of Hematology.

Goetz, Julia , Maderbacher, Günther, Gerg, Anna, Leiss, Franziska, Dullien, Silvia, Zeman, Florian, Meyer, Matthias, Reinhard, Jan, Grifka, Joachim and Greimel, Felix (2023) Isokinetic knee muscle strength comparison after enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS) versus conventional setup in total knee arthroplasty (TKA): a single blinded prospective randomized study. Journal of Experimental Orthopaedics 10 (1).

Meindl, Christine , Paulus, Michael , Poschenrieder, Florian , Hamer, Okka W. , Zeman, Florian, Maier, Lars S. and Debl, Kurt (2023) Left atrial strain parameters derived by echocardiography are impaired in patients with acute myocarditis and preserved systolic left ventricular function. The International Journal of Cardiovascular Imaging.

Drexler, Konstantin, Drexler, Hans, Karrer, Sigrid , Landthaler, Michael, Haferkamp, Sebastian , Zeman, Florian, Berneburg, Mark and Niebel, Dennis (2023) Degree of Actinic Elastosis Is a Surrogate of Exposure to Chronic Ultraviolet Radiation and Correlates More Strongly with Cutaneous Squamous Cell Carcinoma than Basal Cell Carcinoma. Life 13 (3), p. 811.

von Breitenbuch, Philipp, Kurz, Bernadett, Wallner, Susanne, Zeman, Florian, Brochhausen, Christoph , Schlitt, Hans-Jürgen and Schreml, Stephan (2023) Expression of pH-Sensitive GPCRs in Peritoneal Carcinomatosis of Colorectal Cancer—First Results. Journal of Clinical Medicine 12 (5), p. 1803.

Koch, Myriam, Rothammer, Tobias, Rasch, Frederike, Müller, Karolina, Braess, Jan, Koller, Michael and Schulz, Christian (2023) Gender Differences in Symptom Burden, Functional Performance and Global Quality of Life of Lung Cancer Patients Receiving Inpatient versus Outpatient Treatment. Cancer Management and Research 15, pp. 175-183.

Völkel, Vinzenz, Steinger, Brunhilde, Koller, Michael , Klinkhammer-Schalke, Monika and Lindberg-Scharf, Patricia (2023) Colorectal cancer survivors’ long-term recollections of their illness and therapy up to seven years after enrolment into a randomised controlled clinical trial. BMC Cancer 23 (1), Art. no. 149.

Blecha, Sebastian , Hager, Anna, Gross, Verena, Seyfried, Timo , Zeman, Florian, Lubnow, Matthias , Burger, Maximilian and Pawlik, Michael T. (2023) Effects of Individualised High Positive End-Expiratory Pressure and Crystalloid Administration on Postoperative Pulmonary Function in Patients Undergoing Robotic-Assisted Radical Prostatectomy: A Prospective Randomised Single-Blinded Pilot Study. Journal of Clinical Medicine 12 (4), p. 1460.

Gaertner, Vincent D., Malfertheiner, Sara Fill , Postpischil, Janina, Brandstetter, Susanne , Seelbach-Göbel, Birgit, Apfelbacher, Christian J. , Melter, Michael , Kabesch, Michael , Ambrosch, Andreas, Arndt, Petra A., Baessler, Andrea, Berneburg, Mark , Böse-O’Reilly, Stephan, Brunner, Romuald, Buchalla, Wolfgang, Franke, André, Häusler, Sebastian, Heid, Iris M. , Heinze, Stefanie, Högler, Wolfgang, Koller, Michael , Leitzmann, Michael , Rothfuß, David, Rösch, Wolfgang H., Schaub, Bianca, Weidinger, Stephan, Wellmann, Sven and Kerzel, Sebastian (2023) Implementation of safe infant sleep recommendations during night-time sleep in the first year of life in a German birth cohort. Scientific Reports 13, art.no. 875.

Bauswein, Markus , Eidenschink, Lisa, Knoll, Gertrud, Neumann, Bernhard , Angstwurm, Klemens , Zoubaa, Saida, Riemenschneider, Markus J. , Lampl, Benedikt M. J. , Pregler, Matthias , Niller, Hans Helmut, Jantsch, Jonathan, Gessner, André, Eberhardt, Yvonne, Huppertz, Gunnar, Schramm, Torsten, Kühn, Stefanie, Koller, Michael , Drasch, Thomas, Ehrl, Yvonne, Banas, Bernhard , Offner, Robert , Schmidt, Barbara and Banas, Miriam C. (2023) Human Infections with Borna Disease Virus 1 (BoDV-1) Primarily Lead to Severe Encephalitis: Further Evidence from the Seroepidemiological BoSOT Study in an Endemic Region in Southern Germany. Viruses 15 (1), p. 188.

Kurz, Bernadett, Michael, Hannah Philine, Förch, Antonia , Wallner, Susanne, Zeman, Florian, Decking, Sonja-Maria, Ugele, Ines, Hintschich, Constantin , Haubner, Frank, Ettl, Tobias , Renner, Kathrin , Brochhausen, Christoph and Schreml, Stephan (2023) Expression of pH-Sensitive TRPC4 in Common Skin Tumors. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 24 (2), p. 1037.

Weber, Johannes , Henssler, Leopold, Zeman, Florian, Pfeifer, Christian , Alt, Volker , Nerlich, Michael, Huber, M., Herbst, Tanja , Koller, M., Schneider-Brachert, Wulf, Kerschbaum, Maximilian and Holzmann, T. (2023) Nanosilver/DCOIT-containing surface coating effectively and constantly reduces microbial load in emergency room surfaces. Journal of Hospital Infection 135, pp. 90-97.

Denk, Alexander , Müller, Karolina , Schlosser, Sophie , Heissner, Klaus, Gülow, Karsten, Müller, Martina and Schmid, Stephan (2022) Liver diseases as a novel risk factor for delirium in the ICU–Delirium and hepatic encephalopathy are two distinct entities. PLOS ONE 17 (11), e0276914.

Andorfer, Kornelia E. C. , Zeman, Florian, Koller, Michael, Zeller, Judith, Fischer, René, Seebauer, Caroline T., Vielsmeier, Veronika, Bohr, Christopher and Kühnel, Thomas S. (2022) TIMolol Nasal Spray as a Treatment for Epistaxis in Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (TIM-HHT)—A Prospective, Randomized, Double-Blind, Controlled, Cross-Over Trial. Pharmaceutics 14 (11), p. 2335.

Blecha, Sebastian, Zeman, Florian, Rohr, Magdalena, Dodoo-Schittko, Frank, Brandstetter, Susanne , Karagiannidis, Christian, Apfelbacher, Christian and Bein, Thomas (2022) Association of analgosedation with psychiatric symptoms and health-related quality of life in ARDS survivors: Post hoc analyses of the DACAPO study. PLOS ONE 17 (10), e0275743.

Koch, Myriam, Rasch, Frederike, Rothammer, Tobias, Müller, Karolina , Mohr, Arno , Koller, Michael and Schulz, Christian (2022) Gender Differences in Quality of Life of Metastatic Lung Cancer Patients. Cancer Management and Research Volume 14, pp. 2971-2977.

Wester, Michael , Koll, Franziska, Luedde, Mark, Langer, Christoph, Resch, Markus, Luchner, Andreas, Müller, Karolina , Zeman, Florian, Koller, Michael , Maier, Lars S. and Sossalla, Samuel (2022) Effects of percutaneous coronary intervention on dyspnea in stable coronary artery disease. Clinical Research in Cardiology.

Gottsauner, Maximilian, Fehrer, Clara, Spoerl, Steffen, Schuderer, Johannes , Zeman, Florian, Fiedler, Mathias, Maurer, Michael, Reichert, Torsten E. and Ettl, Tobias (2022) Influence of Radiotherapy on Ossification of Vascularized Osseous Reconstruction of the Jaw: A Radiological Retrospective Cohort Study Based on Panoramic Radiographs. Journal of Clinical Medicine 11 (17), p. 5041.

Steinkirchner, Anna B., Zimmermann, Martina E. , Donhauser, Ferdinand J., Dietl, Alexander, Brandl, Caroline, Koller, Michael, Loss, Julika, Heid, Iris M. and Stark, Klaus J. (2022) Self-report of chronic diseases in old-aged individuals: extent of agreement with general practitioner medical records in the German AugUR study. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, (ahead of print).

Oury, Cécile , Lubnow, Matthias, Berger, Johannes, Schneckenpointner, Roland, Zeman, Florian, Lunz, Dirk, Philipp, Alois, Foltan, Maik, Lehle, Karla, Heimerl, Susanne, Hart, Christina, Schmid, Christof, Fisser, Christoph and Müller, Thomas (2022) Prevalence and outcomes of patients developing heparin-induced thrombocytopenia during extracorporeal membrane oxygenation. PLOS ONE 17 (8), e0272577.

Künzel, Julian , Brandenstein, Moritz, Zeman, Florian, Symeou, Luisa, Platz Batista da Silva, Natascha and Jung, Ernst Michael (2022) Multiparametric Ultrasound of Cervical Lymph Node Metastases in Head and Neck Cancer for Planning Non-Surgical Therapy. Diagnostics 12 (8), p. 1842.

Bründl, Elisabeth , Proescholdt, Martin A. , Störr, Eva-Maria, Schödel, Petra, Bele, Sylvia , Zeman, Florian, Hohenberger, Christoph, Kieninger, Martin , Schmidt, Nils Ole and Schebesch, Karl-Michael (2022) The endogenous neuropeptide calcitonin gene-related peptide after spontaneous subarachnoid hemorrhage–A potential psychoactive prognostic serum biomarker of pain-associated neuropsychological symptoms. Frontiers in Neurology 13.

Fisser, Christoph, Gall, Lara, Bureck, Jannis, Vaas, Victoria, Priefert, Jörg, Fredersdorf, Sabine, Zeman, Florian, Linz, Dominik, Woehrle, Holger, Tamisier, Renaud , Teschler, Helmut, Cowie, Martin R. and Arzt, Michael (2022) Effects of Adaptive Servo-Ventilation on Nocturnal Ventricular Arrhythmia in Heart Failure Patients With Reduced Ejection Fraction and Central Sleep Apnea–An Analysis From the SERVE-HF Major Substudy. Frontiers in Cardiovascular Medicine 9, p. 896917.

Horvath, Christian M., Fisser, Christoph , Douglas Bradley, T., Floras, John S., Sossalla, Samuel , Parati, Gianfranco, Zeman, Florian, Castiglioni, Paolo, Faini, Andrea, Rankin, Fiona and Arzt, Michael (2022) Methodology for the nocturnal cardiac arrhythmia ancillary study of the ADVENT-HF trial in patients with heart failure with reduced ejection fraction and sleep-disordered breathing. IJC Heart & Vasculature 41, p. 101057.

Schuster, Antonia Margarete, Steines, Louisa, Müller, Karolina, Zeman, Florian, Findeisen, Peter, Banas, Bernhard and Bergler, Tobias (2022) Dickkopf 3—A New Indicator for the Deterioration of Allograft Function After Kidney Transplantation. Frontiers in Medicine 9, p. 885018.

Ghimire, Sakhila, Ederer, Katharina U., Meedt, Elisabeth, Weber, Daniela, Matos, Carina , Hiergeist, Andreas , Zeman, Florian, Wolff, Daniel , Edinger, Matthias, Poeck, Hendrik, Herr, Wolfgang, Gessner, Andre, Holler, Ernst and Bülow, Sigrid (2022) Low intestinal IL22 associates with increased transplant-related mortality after allogeneic stem cell transplantation. Frontiers in immunology 13, p. 857400.

Bauernfeind, Stilla , Huppertz, Gunnar, Mueller, Karolina, Hitzenbichler, Florian, Hardmann, Loredana, Pemmerl, Sylvia, Hollnberger, Harald, Sieber, Wolfgang, Wettstein, Matthias, Seeliger, Stephan, Kienle, Klaus, Paetzel, Christian, Kutz, Norbert, Daller, Dionys, Zorger, Niels, Mohr, Arno, Lampl, Benedikt M. J. and Salzberger, Bernd (2022) Health Care Workers’ Sick Leave due to COVID-19 Vaccination in Context With SARS-CoV-2 Infection and Quarantine—A Multicenter Cross-Sectional Survey. Open Forum Infectious Diseases 9 (7).

Glück, Vivian, Tydykov, Leonid, Mader, Anna-Lena, Warda, Anne-Sophie, Bertok, Manuela, Weidlich, Tanja, Gottwald, Christine, Köstler, Josef, Salzberger, Bernd, Wagner, Ralf, Koller, Michael, Gessner, Andre, Schmidt, Barbara, Glück, Thomas and Peterhoff, David (2022) Humoral immunity in dually vaccinated SARS-CoV-2-naïve individuals and in booster-vaccinated COVID-19 convalescent subjects. Infection.

Buchner, Stefan, Wester, Michael , Hobelsberger, Sarah , Fisser, Christoph, Debl, Kurt, Hetzenecker, Andrea, Hamer, Okka W., Zeman, Florian, Maier, Lars S. and Arzt, Michael (2022) Obstructive sleep apnoea is associated with the development of diastolic dysfunction after myocardial infarction with preserved ejection fraction. Sleep Medicine 94, pp. 63-69.

Andorfer, Kornelia E.C., Seebauer, Caroline T., Koller, Michael , Zeman, Florian, Berneburg, Mark , Fischer, René, Vielsmeier, Veronika , Bohr, Christopher and Kühnel, Thomas S. (2022) TIMolol nasal spray as a treatment for epistaxis in hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia (HHT) – study protocol of the prospective, randomized, double-blind, controlled cross-over TIM-HHT trial. Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation 80 (3), pp. 307-315.

Worlicek, Michael, Schaumburger, Jens, Springorum, Robert, Maderbacher, Guenther, Zeman, Florian, Grifka, Joachim and Baier, Clemens (2022) In vivo knee kinematics of an innovative prosthesis design. Open Medicine 17 (1), pp. 1318-1324. Fulltext not available.

Pregler, Benedikt, Beyer, Lukas Philipp , Platz Batista da Silva, Natascha, Steer, Sebastian, Zeman, Florian, Popp, Daniel , Stroszczynski, Christian and Müller-Wille, René (2022) Assessment of Rib Fracture in Acute Trauma Using Automatic Rib Segmentation and a Curved, Unfolded View of the Ribs: Is There a Saving of Time? Journal of Clinical Medicine 11 (9), p. 2502. Fulltext not available.

Hubert, Gordian J., Hubert, Nikolai D., Maegerlein, Christian, Kraus, Frank, Wiestler, Hanni, Müller-Barna, Peter, Gerdsmeier-Petz, Wolfgang, Degenhart, Christoph, Hohenbichler, Katharina, Dietrich, Dennis, Witton-Davies, Thomas, Regler, Angelika, Paternoster, Laura, Leitner, Miriam, Zeman, Florian, Koller, Michael, Linker, Ralf A., Bath, Philip M. , Audebert, Heinrich J. and Haberl, Roman L. (2022) Association Between Use of a Flying Intervention Team vs Patient Interhospital Transfer and Time to Endovascular Thrombectomy Among Patients With Acute Ischemic Stroke in Nonurban Germany. JAMA 327 (18), p. 1795. Fulltext not available.

Arraras, Juan Ignacio , Giesinger, Johannes , Shamieh, Omar, Bahar, Iqbal, Koller, Michael, Bredart, Anne, Kuljanic, Karin, Costantini, Anna, Greimel, Eva, Sztankay, Monika, Wintner, Lisa M., Carreiro de Sousa, Marina, Ishiki, Hiroto, Kontogianni, Meropi, Wolan, Maja, Kikawa, Yuichiro, Lanceley, Anne , Gioulbasanis, Ioannis, Harle, Amelie and Kuliś, Dagmara (2022) Cancer patient satisfaction with health care professional communication: An international EORTC study. Psycho-Oncology 31 (3), pp. 541-547. Fulltext not available.

Scharf, Gregor, Meiler, Stefanie, Zeman, Florian, Schaible, Jan, Poschenrieder, Florian, Knobloch, Charlotte, Kleine, Henning, Scharf, Sophie Elisabeth, Dinkel, Julien, Stroszczynski, Christian, Zorger, Niels and Hamer, Okka Wilkea (2022) Combined Model of Quantitative Evaluation of Chest Computed Tomography and Laboratory Values for Assessing the Prognosis of Coronavirus Disease 2019. RöFo - Fortschritte auf dem Gebiet der Röntgenstrahlen und der bildgebenden Verfahren 194 (07), pp. 737-746. Fulltext not available.

Hammer, Simone, Zeman, Florian, Schlitt, Hans Jürgen, Stroszczynski, Christian, Greiner, Barbara, Doppler, Michael Christian and Uller, Wibke (2022) Comparison of sequential CT arterioportography-arteriosplenography with standard cross-sectional imaging and endoscopy in children with portal hypertension. Scientific Reports 12 (1). Fulltext not available.

Anthofer, Judith, Bele, Sylvia, Wendl, Christina, Kieninger, Martin, Zeman, Florian, Bruendl, Elisabeth, Schmidt, Nils-Ole and Schebesch, Karl-Michael (2022) Continuous intra-arterial nimodipine infusion as rescue treatment of severe refractory cerebral vasospasm after aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage. Journal of Clinical Neuroscience 96, pp. 163-171. Fulltext not available.

HOHENBERGER, Christoph, BRAWANSKI, Alexander, BRÜNDL, Elisabeth, ULLRICH, Odo-Winfried, ZEMAN, Florian and SCHEBESCH, Karl-Michael (2022) Development of cerebrospinal fluid fistula after incidental durotomy in spinal decompression surgery. Journal of Neurosurgical Sciences 66 (2). Fulltext not available.

Fischer, R., Seebauer, C.T., Zeman, F., Bohr, C., Hosemann, W., Weber, R., Rohrmeier, C. and Kuehnel, T.S. (2022) Effectiveness of the lateral pedicled endonasal flap for prevention of restenosis in frontal sinus drillouts. Rhinology journal, 0-0. Fulltext not available.

Betz, Thomas, Toepel, Ingolf, Steinbauer, Markus, Zeman, Florian and Uhl, Christian (2022) Evaluation of Long-Term Outcomes of Femoropopliteal Bypass Surgery in Patients With Chronic Limb-Threatening Ischemia in an Endovascular Era. Annals of Vascular Surgery 79, pp. 191-200. Fulltext not available.

Huber, Michaela, Katzky, Uwe, Müller, Karolina, Blätzinger, Markus, Goetz, Wolfgang, Grechenig, Peter, Popp, Daniel and Angerpointner, Katharina (2022) Evaluation of a New Virtual Reality Concept Teaching K-Wire Drilling With Force Feedback Simulated Haptic in Orthopedic Skills Training. The Journal of Hand Surgery 47 (12), 1225.e1-1225.e7. Fulltext not available.

Yeh, Yu-Chang , Kieninger, Martin, Dietl, Sarah, Sinning, Annemarie , Gruber, Michael, Gronwald, Wolfram, Zeman, Florian, Lunz, Dirk , Dienemann, Thomas, Schmid, Stephan, Graf, Bernhard, Lubnow, Matthias, Müller, Thomas, Holzmann, Thomas, Salzberger, Bernd and Kieninger, Bärbel (2022) Evaluation of models for prognosing mortality in critical care patients with COVID-19: First- and second-wave data from a German university hospital. PLOS ONE 17 (5), e0268734. Fulltext not available.

Zecher, Daniel, Zeman, Florian, Drasch, Thomas, Tieken, Ineke, Heidt, Sebastiaan , Haasnoot, Geert W., Vogelaar, Serge, Rahmel, Axel and Banas, Bernhard (2022) Impact of Sensitization on Waiting Time Prior to Kidney Transplantation in Germany. Transplantation 106 (12), pp. 2448-2455. Fulltext not available.

Betz, Thomas, Toepel, Ingolf, Pfister, Karin, Lang, Malisia, Steinbauer, Markus, Uhl, Christian, Zeman, Florian and Schierling, Wilma (2022) Impact of chronic kidney disease on the outcomes of infrapopliteal venous, and heparin-bonded expanded polytetrafluoroethylene bypass surgeries: A retrospective cohort study. Vascular Medicine 27 (1), pp. 55-62. Fulltext not available.

Koller, Michael, Musoro, Jammbe Z., Tomaszewski, Krzysztof, Coens, Corneel, King, Madeleine T., Sprangers, Mirjam A.G., Groenvold, Mogens, Cocks, Kim , Velikova, Galina, Flechtner, Hans-Henning and Bottomley, Andrew (2022) Minimally important differences of EORTC QLQ-C30 scales in patients with lung cancer or malignant pleural mesothelioma – Interpretation guidance derived from two randomized EORTC trials. Lung Cancer 167, pp. 65-72. Fulltext not available.

Bründl, Johannes, Osberghaus, Vera, Zeman, Florian, Breyer, Johannes, Ganzer, Roman, Blana, Andreas, Gierth, Michael, Denzinger, Stefan, Burger, Maximilian and Rosenhammer, Bernd (2022) Oncological Long-term Outcome After Whole-gland High-intensity Focused Ultrasound for Prostate Cancer—21-yr Follow-up. European Urology Focus 8 (1), pp. 134-140. Fulltext not available.

Ruf, Franziska, Schmidt, Katharina M., Pross, Annette, Zeman, Florian, Hackl, Christina, Schlitt, Hans J. and Göcze, Ivan (2022) Positive Microbiological Cultures in the Respiratory Tract of High Model for End-Stage Liver Disease (MELD) Liver Transplant Recipients With and Without Pneumonia. Transplantation Proceedings 54 (3), pp. 738-743. Fulltext not available.

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Cucuruz, B., Kopp, R., Hampe-Hecht, H., Andercou, O. , Schierling, W., Pfister, K., Koller, M. and Noppeney, T. (2022) Treatment of end-stage peripheral artery disease by neuromodulation. Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation 81 (4), pp. 315-324. Fulltext not available.

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Lotter, Luisa, Zucal, Isabel, Brébant, Vanessa , Heine, Norbert, Hartmann, Robin, Mueller, Karolina, Prantl, Lukas and Schiltz, Daniel (2021) Intraoperative 3D Comparison of Round and Anatomical Breast Implants: Dispelling a Myth. Journal of Clinical Medicine 11 (1), p. 149.

Förch, Antonia, Wallner, Susanne, Zeman, Florian, Ettl, Tobias, Brochhausen, Christoph and Schreml, Stephan (2021) Expression of Proton-Sensitive GPR31, GPR151, TASK1 and TASK3 in Common Skin Tumors. Cells 11 (1), p. 27.

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Thesis of the University of Regensburg

Greve, Lea (2021) Lebensqualität von Krebspatienten: Einflüsse emotionaler und
instrumenteller Unterstützung sowie soziodemographischer und
klinischer Faktoren.
PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Gräfenstein, Laura (2020) Psychoonkologischer Betreuungsbedarf und Lebensqualität von Lungenkarzinompatienten im klinischen Alltag – Zusammenhänge zwischen den Fragebögen EORTC QLQ-C30/-LC29 und dem Hornheider Screening-Instrument. PhD, Universität Regensburg.


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Müller, Karolina, Knüttel, Helge , Greulich, Timm, Lammert, Frank, Strnad, Pavel, Vogelmeier, Claus, Wilkens, Marion, Bals, Robert and Koller, Michael (2021) Patient-related outcome measure (PROM) for assessing quality of life (QoL) in patients with alpha-1-antitrypsin deficiency (AATD): a systematic review protocol. [Experiment]

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