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Zacharias, Helena, Altenbuchinger, Michael, Schultheiss, U. T., Samol, Claudia, Kotsis, F., Poguntke, I., Sekula, P., Krumsiek, J., Kottgen, A., Spang, Rainer, Oefner, Peter J. and Gronwald, Wolfram (2019) A Novel Metabolic Signature To Predict the Requirement of Dialysis or Renal Transplantation in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease. Journal of Proteome Research. Fulltext not available.

Ziegler, Christian, Graf, Johannes, Faderl, Stefan, Schedlbauer, Jessica, Strieder, Nicholas, Förstl, Bianca, Spang, Rainer, Bruckmann, Astrid, Merkl, Rainer , Hombach, Sonja and Kretz, Markus (2019) The long non-coding RNA LINC00941 and SPRR5 are novel regulators of human epidermal homeostasis. EMBO Rep., e46612. Fulltext not available.


Wagener, R., Seufert, J., Raimondi, F., Bens, S., Kleinheinz, K., Nagel, I., Altmuller, J., Thiele, H., Hubschmann, D., Kohler, Christian , Nurnberg, P., Au-Yeung, R., Burkhardt, B., Horn, H., Leoncini, L., Jaffe, E. S., Ott, G., Rymkiewicz, G., Schlesner, M., Russell, R. B., Klapper, W. and Siebert, R. (2018) The mutational landscape of Burkitt-like lymphoma with 11q aberration is distinct from that of Burkitt lymphoma. Blood. Fulltext not available.

Heinrich, Paul, Kohler, Christian , Ellmann, Lisa, Kuerner, Paul, Spang, Rainer, Oefner, Peter J. and Dettmer, Katja (2018) Correcting for natural isotope abundance and tracer impurity in MS-, MS/MS- and high-resolution-multiple-tracer-data from stable isotope labeling experiments with IsoCorrectoR. Scientific Reports 8 (17910), pp. 1-10.

Zacharias, Helena , Altenbuchinger, Michael and Gronwald, Wolfram (2018) Statistical Analysis of NMR Metabolic Fingerprints: Established Methods and Recent Advances. Metabolites 8 (3).

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Riquelme, Paloma , Haarer, Jan, Kammler, Anja Nadine, Walter, Lisa , Tomiuk, S., Ahrens, Norbert , Wege, Anja K. , Goecze, Ivan, Zecher, D., Banas, Bernhard , Spang, Rainer, Fandrich, F., Lutz, M. B., Sawitzki, B., Schlitt, Hans-Jürgen , Ochando, Jordi , Geissler, Edward K. and Hutchinson, J. A. (2018) TIGIT+ iTregs elicited by human regulatory macrophages control T cell immunity. Nat Commun 9, p. 2858.

Reinke, Sarah , Richter, Julia, Fend, Falko, Feller, Alfred, Hansmann, Martin-Leo, Hüttl, Katrin, Oschlies, Ilske, Ott, German, Möller, Peter, Rosenwald, Andreas, Stein, Harald, Altenbuchinger, Michael, Spang, Rainer and Klapper, Wolfram (2018) Round-robin test for the cell-of-origin classification of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma—a feasibility study using full slide staining. Virchows Archiv. Fulltext not available.

Görtler, Franziska, Solbrig, Stefan, Wettig, Tilo, Oefner, Peter J. , Spang, Rainer and Altenbuchinger, Michael (2018) Loss-function learning for digital tissue deconvolution. In: Raphael, Benjamin J., (ed.) Research in Computational Molecular Biology : 22nd Annual International Conference, RECOMB 2018, Paris, France, April 21-24, 2018, Proceedings. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 10812. Springer International Publishing, Cham, pp. 75-89. ISBN 978-3-319-89929-9 ; 978-3-319-89928-2. Fulltext not available.

Feist, M., Schwarzfischer, Philipp, Heinrich, Paul, Sun, Xueni, Kemper, J., von Bonin, F., Perez-Rubio, Paula, Taruttis, Franziska, Rehberg, Thorsten, Dettmer, Katja , Gronwald, Wolfram , Reinders, Jörg , Engelmann, Julia C. , Dudek, J., Klapper, W., Trumper, L., Spang, Rainer, Oefner, Peter J. and Kube, D. (2018) Cooperative STAT/NF-κB signaling regulates lymphoma metabolic reprogramming and aberrant GOT2 expression. Nat Commun 9 (1), p. 1514.

Horn, H., Kohler, Christian, Witzig, R., Kreuz, M., Leich, E., Klapper, W., Hummel, M., Loeffler, M., Trumper, L., Spang, Rainer, Rosenwald, A. and Ott, G. (2018) Gene expression profiling reveals a close relationship between follicular lymphoma grade 3A and 3B, but distinct profiles of follicular lymphoma grade 1 and 2. Haematologica. Fulltext not available.

Moll, Anton G. (2018) Semi-supervised Classification of Breast Cancer Expression Profiles Using Neural Networks. PhD, Universität Regensburg.


Paul, U., Richter, J., Stuhlmann-Laiesz, C., Kreuz, M., Nagel, I., Horn, H., Staiger, A. M., Aukema, S. M., Hummel, M., Ott, G., Spang, Rainer, Rosenwald, A., Feller, A. C., Cogliatti, S., Stein, H., Hansmann, M. L., Moller, P., Szczepanowski, M., Burkhardt, B., Pfreundschuh, M., Schmitz, N., Loeffler, M., Trumper, L., Siebert, R. and Klapper, W. (2017) Advanced patient age at diagnosis of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma is associated with molecular characteristics including ABC-subtype and high expression of MYC. Leuk. Lymphoma, pp. 1-9. Fulltext not available.

Zacharias, Helena, Rehberg, Thorsten, Mehrl, S., Richtmann, D., Wettig, Tilo, Oefner, Peter J., Spang, Rainer, Gronwald, Wolfram and Altenbuchinger, Michael (2017) Scale-Invariant Biomarker Discovery in Urine and Plasma Metabolite Fingerprints. J. Proteome Res.. Fulltext not available.

Cascione, L., Rinaldi, A., Chiappella, A., Kwee, I., Ciccone, G., Altenbuchinger, Michael, Kohler, Christian , Vitolo, U., Inghirami, G. and Bertoni, F. (2017) Diffuse large B cell lymphoma cell of origin by digital expression profiling in the REAL07 Phase 1-2 study. Br J Haematol. Fulltext not available.

Altenbuchinger, Michael, Schwarzfischer, Philipp, Rehberg, Thorsten, Reinders, Jörg , Kohler, Christian , Gronwald, Wolfram , Richter, J., Szczepanowski, M., Masqué-Soler, N., Klapper, W., Oefner, Peter J. and Spang, Rainer (2017) Molecular signatures that can be transferred across different omics platforms. Bioinformatics 33 (14), i333-i340. Fulltext not available.

Oschlies, I., Kohler, Christian, Szczepanowski, Monika, Koch, K., Gontarewicz, A., Metze, D., Hillen, U., Richter, J., Spang, Rainer and Klapper, W. (2017) Spindle-cell variant of primary cutaneous follicle center B-cell lymphomas are germinal center B-cell lymphomas by gene expression profiling using formalin-fixed paraffin embedded specimen. J Invest Dermatol. Fulltext not available.

Szczepanowski, M., Lange, J., Kohler, Christian, Masque-Soler, N., Zimmermann, M., Aukema, S. M., Altenbuchinger, Michael, Rehberg, Thorsten, Mahn, F., Siebert, R., Spang, Rainer, Burkhardt, B. and Klapper, W. (2017) Cell-of-origin classification by gene expression and MYC-rearrangements in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma of children and adolescents. Br. J. Haematol.. Fulltext not available.

Rohde, M., Bonn, B. R., Zimmermann, M., Lange, J., Moricke, A., Klapper, W., Oschlies, I., Szczepanowski, M., Nagel, I., Schrappe, M., Loeffler, M., Siebert, R., Reiter, A., Burkhardt, B., Altenbuchinger, Michael, Dettmer-Wilde, Katja, Engelmann, Julia C. , Gronwald, Wolfram , Oefner, Peter J. , Schwarzfischer, Philipp, Taruttis, Franziska and Spang, Rainer (2017) Relevance of ID3-TCF3-CCND3 pathway mutations in pediatric aggressive B-cell lymphoma treated according to the non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Berlin-Frankfurt-Münster protocols. Haematologica 102 (6), pp. 1091-1098. Fulltext not available.

Feist, M., Kemper, J., Taruttis, Franziska, Rehberg, Thorsten, Engelmann, Julia C. , Gronwald, Wolfram, Hummel, Michael, Spang, Rainer and Kube, Dieter (2017) Synergy of interleukin 10 and toll-like receptor 9 signalling in B cell proliferation: Implications for lymphoma pathogenesis. International Journal of Cancer: Int. J. Cancer. Fulltext not available.

Maliniemi, P. , Laukkanen, K., Vakeva, L., Dettmer, Katja , Lipsanen, T., Jeskanen, L., Bessede, A., Oefner, Peter J., Kadin, M. E. and Ranki, A. (2017) Biological and clinical significance of tryptophan-catabolizing enzymes in cutaneous T-cell lymphomas. Oncoimmunology 6 (3), e1273310. Fulltext not available.

Schwarzfischer, Philipp, Reinders, Jörg, Dettmer, Katja , Kleo, K., Dimitrova, L., Hummel, M., Feist, M., Kube, D., Szczepanowski, M., Klapper, W., Taruttis, Franziska, Engelmann, Julia C. , Spang, Rainer, Gronwald, Wolfram and Oefner, Peter J. (2017) Comprehensive metaboproteomics of Burkitt's and diffuse large B-cell lymphoma cell lines and primary tumor tissues reveals distinct differences in pyruvate content and metabolism. Journal of Proteome Research 16, pp. 1105-1120. Fulltext not available.

Taruttis, Franziska, Feist, M., Schwarzfischer, Philipp, Gronwald, Wolfram, Kube, D., Spang, Rainer and Engelmann, Julia C. (2017) External calibration with Drosophila whole-cell spike-ins delivers absolute mRNA fold changes from human RNA-Seq and qPCR data. BioTechniques 62 (2), pp. 53-61. Fulltext not available.

Lottaz, Claudio, Gronwald, Wolfram , Spang, Rainer and Engelmann, Julia C. (2017) High-Dimensional Profiling for Computational Diagnosis. In: Bioinformatics : Volume II: Structure, Function, and Applications. Methods in Molecular Biology, 1526. Springer, New York, pp. 205-229. ISBN 978-1-4939-6611-0. Fulltext not available.


Hosseini, H., Obradovic, M. M., Hoffmann, M., Harper, K. L., Sosa, M. S., Werner-Klein, M., Nanduri, L. K., Werno, C., Ehrl, C., Maneck, M., Patwary, N., Haunschild, G., Guzvic, M., Reimelt, C., Grauvogl, Michael, Eichner, N., Weber, F., Hartkopf, A. D., Taran, F. A., Brucker, S. Y., Fehm, T., Rack, B., Buchholz, S., Spang, Rainer, Meister, Gunter, Aguirre-Ghiso, J. A. and Klein, Christoph A. (2016) Early dissemination seeds metastasis in breast cancer. Nature 540, pp. 552-558. Fulltext not available.

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Coll-Bonfill, N., Peinado, V. I., Pisano, M. V., Parrizas, M., Blanco, I., Evers, Maurits, Engelmann, Julia C., Garcia-Lucio, J., Tura-Ceide, O., Meister, Gunter, Barbera, J. A. and Musri, M. M. (2016) Slug Is Increased in Vascular Remodeling and Induces a Smooth Muscle Cell Proliferative Phenotype. PLoS ONE 11 (7), e0159460.

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Stämmler, Frank, Glasner, J., Hiergeist, Andreas , Holler, Ernst, Weber, Daniela, Oefner, Peter J. , Gessner, Andre and Spang, Rainer (2016) Adjusting microbiome profiles for differences in microbial load by spike-in bacteria. Microbiome 4 (1), p. 28.

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Schrader, A., Meyer, Katharina, Walther, N., Stolz, A., Feist, M., Hand, E., Bonin, F. von, Evers, Maurits, Kohler, Christian, Shirneshan, K., Vockerodt, M., Klapper, W., Szczepanowski, M., Murray, P. G., Bastians, H., Trümper, Lorenz, Spang, Rainer and Kube, Dieter (2016) Identification of a new gene regulatory circuit involving B cell receptor activated signaling using a combined analysis of experimental, clinical and global gene expression data. OncoTarget.

Weber, Daniela, Oefner, Peter J., Dettmer, Katja, Hiergeist, Andreas, Koestler, Josef, Gessner, Andre, Weber, Markus, Stämmler, Frank, Hahn, Joachim, Wolff, Daniel, Herr, Wolfgang and Holler, Ernst (2016) Rifaximin preserves intestinal microbiota balance in patients undergoing allogeneic stem cell transplantation. Bone Marrow Transplant.. Fulltext not available.

Moeckel, Sylvia, Vollmann-Zwerenz, Arabel, Proescholdt, Martin A., Brawanski, Alexander, Riemenschneider, Markus J., Bogdahn, Ulrich, Bosserhoff, A. K., Spang, Rainer and Hau, Peter (2016) Validation Study: Response-Predictive Gene Expression Profiling of Glioma Progenitor Cells In Vitro. PLoS ONE 11 (3), e0151312.

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