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ANZIAM Journal, The


Acta Neuropsychiatrica

Slattery, David A., Uzunov, Doncho P. and Cryan, John F. (2016) 11-β hydroxysteroid type 1 knockout mice display an antidepressant-like phenotype in the forced swim test. Acta Neuropsychiatrica 28, pp. 55-60.

Neumann, Inga D. (2012) The miracle of brain neuropeptides: targeting the brain oxytocin system is a true treatment option in numerous psychiatric disorders including schizophrenia. Acta Neuropsychiatrica 24, pp. 127-129.

Acta Radiologica

Wendl, Christina M., Müller, Steffen, Eiglsperger, Johannes, Fellner, Claudia, Jung, Ernst Michael and Meier, Johannes K. (2016) Diffusion-weighted imaging in oral squamous cell carcinoma using 3 Tesla MRI: is there a chance for preoperative discrimination between benign and malignant lymph nodes in daily clinical routine? Acta Radiologica 57, pp. 939-946.

Wiggermann, Phillipp, Grützmann, Robert, Weissenböck, A., Kamusella, P., Dittert, D.-D. and Stroszczynski, Christian (2012) Apparent diffusion coefficient measurements of the pancreas, pancreas carcinoma, and mass-forming focal pancreatitis. Acta Radiologica 53, pp. 135-139.

Schleder, Stephan, Dornia, Christian, Poschenrieder, Florian, Dendl, Lena Marie, Cojocaru, L., Bein, Thomas, Schmid, Christof, Stroszczynski, Christian, Rennert, Janine, Jung, Ernst Michael and Heiss, P. (2012) Bedside diagnosis of pleural effusion with a latest generation hand-carried ultrasound device in intensive care patients. Acta Radiologica 53, pp. 556-560.

Schleder, Stephan, Dittmar, Michael S., Poschenrieder, F., Dornia, C., Schmid, C., Rennert, Janine, Stroszczynski, Christian, Jung, Ernst Michael and Heiss, P. (2012) Diagnosis of pericardial effusion with a new generation hand-carried ultrasound device in cardiothoracic intensive care unit patients. Acta Radiologica 53, pp. 1133-1136.

Advances in Dental Research

Bayne, S., Petersen, P. E., Schmalz, Gottfried and Meyer, D. (2013) The Challenge for Innovation in Direct Restorative Materials. Advances in Dental Research 25, pp. 8-17.

Advances in dental research

Galler, Kerstin M., D’Souza, R. N., Hartgerink, J. D. and Schmalz, G. (2011) Scaffolds for Dental Pulp Tissue Engineering. Advances in dental research 23 (3), pp. 333-339.

Li, Y., Lu, Y., Maciejewska, I., Galler, Kerstin M., Cavender, A. and D’Souza, R. N. (2011) TWIST1 Promotes the Odontoblast-like Differentiation of Dental Stem Cells. Advances in dental research 23 (3), pp. 280-284.

Schmalz, G., Krifka, Stephanie and Schweikl, Helmut (2011) Toll-like Receptors, LPS, and Dental Monomers. Advances in dental research 23 (3), pp. 302-306.


Gorris, H. H. (2013) Kinetic analysis of renin and its inhibitors by detecting double-labelled peptidic substrates with an immunoassay. Analyst 138, pp. 2104-2109.

Ehrl, Benno, Liebherr, Raphaela and Gorris, H. H. (2013) Single molecule kinetics of horseradish peroxidase exposed in large arrays of femtoliter-sized fused silica chambers. Analyst 138, 4260- 4265.

Niegel, Claudia, Pfeiffer, Simon A., Grundmann, Marco, Arroyo-Abad, Uriel, Mattusch, Jürgen and Matysik, Frank-Michael (2012) Fast separations by capillary electrophoresis hyphenated to electrospray ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry as a tool for arsenic speciation analysis. Analyst 137, pp. 1956-1962.

Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases

Cumpelik, A., Ankli, B. and Zecher, Daniel (2016) Neutrophil microvesicles resolve gout by inhibiting C5a-mediated priming of the inflammasome. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 75, pp. 1236-1245.

Jenei-Lanzl, Zsuzsa, Capellino, Silvia, Kees, Frieder , Fleck, Martin, Lowin, Torsten and Straub, Rainer H. (2015) Anti-inflammatory effects of cell-based therapy with tyrosine hydroxylase-positive catecholaminergic cells in experimental arthritis. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 74, pp. 444-451.

Moinzadeh, P., Aberer, E., DNNS Centers, all participating and Landthaler, Michael (2015) Disease progression in systemic sclerosis-overlap syndrome is significantly different from limited and diffuse cutaneous systemic sclerosis. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 74, pp. 730-737.

Wolff, Christine , Krinner, Katharina, Schroeder, Josef A. and Straub, Rainer H. (2015) Inadequate corticosterone levels relative to arthritic inflammation are accompanied by altered mitochondria/cholesterol breakdown in adrenal cortex: a steroid-inhibiting role of IL-1β in rats. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 10, pp. 1890-1897.

Pongratz, Georg, Anthofer, Judith M., Melzer, Madlen, Anders, Sven, Grässel, Susanne and Straub, Rainer H. (2013) IL-7 receptor α expressing B cells act proinflammatory in collagen-induced arthritis and are inhibited by sympathetic neurotransmitters. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 73, pp. 306-312.

Berenbaum, F., Grifka, Joachim, Cazzaniga, S., D'Amato, M, Giacovelli, G., Chevalier, X., Rannou, F., Rovati, L. C. and Maheu, E. (2012) A randomised, double-blind, controlled trial comparing two intra-articular hyaluronic acid preparations differing by their molecular weight in symptomatic knee osteoarthritis. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 71, pp. 1454-1460.

Frommer, K. W., Schäffler, Andreas, Büchler, Christa, Steinmeyer, J., Rickert, M., Rehart, S., Brentano, F., Gay, Steffen, Müller-Ladner, Ulf and Neumann, Elena (2012) Adiponectin isoforms: a potential therapeutic target in rheumatoid arthritis? Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 71, pp. 1724-1732.

van der Goes, M. C., Straub, Rainer H. , Wenting, M. J. G., Capellino, Silvia and Rauch, Luise (2012) Intra-articular glucocorticoid injections decrease the number of steroid hormone receptor positive cells in synovial tissue of patients with persistent knee arthritis. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 71, pp. 1552-1558.

Tak, P. P., Rigby, W. F., Rubbert-Roth, A. and Fleck, Martin (2011) Inhibition of joint damage and improved clinical outcomes with rituximab plus methotrexate in early active rheumatoid arthritis: the IMAGE trial. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases 70, pp. 39-46.

Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases (ARD)

Pongratz, Georg, Melzer, Madlen and Straub, Rainer H. (2012) The sympathetic nervous system stimulates anti-inflammatory B cells in collagen-type II-induced arthritis. Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases (ARD) 71, pp. 432-439.

Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry

Wegener, Joachim (2015) Cell-based Microarrays for In Vitro Toxicology. Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry 8, pp. 335-358. Fulltext not available.

Bäumner, Antje and Matlock-Colangelo, Lauren (2014) Biologically Inspired Nanofibers for Use in Translational Bioanalytical Systems. Annual Review of Analytical Chemistry 7 (1), pp. 23-42. Fulltext not available.

Annual Review of Biochemistry

Chen, Li-Qing, Cheung, Lily S., Feng, Liang, Tanner, Widmar and Frommer, Wolf B. (2015) Transport of Sugars. Annual Review of Biochemistry 84, pp. 865-894. Fulltext not available.

Annual Review of Entomology

Korb, Judith and Heinze, Jürgen (2015) Major Hurdles for the Evolution of Sociality. Annual Review of Entomology 61, pp. 297-316. Fulltext not available.

Czaczkes, Tomer J. , Grüter, Christoph and Ratnieks, Francis L. W. (2015) Trail Pheromones: An Integrative View of Their Role in Social Insect Colony Organization. Annual Review of Entomology 60, pp. 581-599. Fulltext not available.

Annual Review of Physical Chemistry

Netz, Roland R. and Horinek, Dominik (2012) Progress in Modeling of Ion Effects at the Vapor/Water Interface. Annual Review of Physical Chemistry 63, pp. 401-418. Fulltext not available.

Annual Review of Physiology

Kurtz, Armin (2010) Renin Release: Sites, Mechanisms, and Control. Annual Review of Physiology 73, pp. 377-399. Fulltext not available.

Annual Review of Plant Biology

Malinsky, Jan, Opekarová, Miroslava, Grossmann, Guido and Tanner, Widmar (2013) Membrane Microdomains, Rafts, and Detergent-Resistant Membranes in Plants and Fungi. Annual Review of Plant Biology 64, pp. 501-529. Fulltext not available.

Annual Review of Vision Science

Grassmann, Felix, Ach, Thomas, Brandl, Caroline, Heid, Iris M. and Weber, Bernhard H. F. (2015) What Does Genetics Tell Us About Age-Related Macular Degeneration? Annual Review of Vision Science 1, pp. 73-96. Fulltext not available.

Appl. Phys. Lett.

Wild, A., Kierig, Johannes, Sailer, J., Ager, J. W., Haller, E. E., Abstreiter, Gerhard, Ludwig, S. and Bougeard, Dominique (2012) Few electron double quantum dot in an isotopically purified 28Si quantum well. Appl. Phys. Lett. 100, p. 143110.

Applied Physics Letters

Schmid, Daniel R., Stiller, Peter L., Strunk, Christoph and Hüttel, Andreas K. (2015) Liquid-induced damping of mechanical feedback effects in single electron tunneling through a suspended carbon nanotube. Applied Physics Letters 107 (12), p. 123110.

Oberhuber, Florian, Blien, Stefan, Heydrich, Stefanie, Yaghobian, Fatemeh, Korn, Tobias, Schueller, Christian, Strunk, Christoph, Weiss, Dieter and Eroms, Jonathan (2013) Weak localization and Raman study of anisotropically etched graphene antidots. Applied Physics Letters 14 (103), pp. 143111-143115.

Mittendorf, Martin, Winnerl, Stephan, Kamann, Josef, Eroms, Jonathan, Weiss, Dieter, Schneider, Harald and Held, Manfred (2013) Ultrafast graphene-based broadband THz detector. Applied Physics Letters 103 (2), p. 21113.

Vavra, Ondrej, Pfaff, Wolfgang, Monaco, R., Aprili, M. and Strunk, Christoph (2013) Current-controllable planar S-(S/F)-S Josephson junction. Applied Physics Letters 102, 072602.

Baturina, Tatyana, Kalok, David, Bilusic, Ante, Vinokur, Valerii M., Baklanov, Mikhail R., Gutakovskii, A. K., Latyshev, A. V. and Strunk, Christoph (2013) Dual threshold diode based on the superconductor-to-insulator transition in ultrathin TiN filmss. Applied Physics Letters 102, 042601.

Binder, M., Nirschl, A., Zeisel, R., Hager, T., Lugauer, H.-J., Sabathil, M., Bougeard, Dominique, Wagner, J. and Galler, B. (2013) Identification of nnp and npp Auger recombination as significant contributor to the efficiency droop in (GaIn)N quantum wells by visualization of hot carriers in photoluminescence. Applied Physics Letters 103, 071108.

Zabel, Thomas, Sircar, Narayan, Hauke, Norman, Zweck, Josef, Döblinger, Markus, Kaniber, Michael, Finley, J. J., Abstreiter, Gerhard, Arakawa, Y. and Bougeard, Dominique (2013) Laterally self-ordered silicon-germanium islands with optimized confinement properties. Applied Physics Letters 103, 063105.

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Shiogai, Junichi, Schuh, Dieter, Wegscheider, Werner, Kohda, M., Nitta, J. and Weiss, Dieter (2011) Erratum: “Magnitude and sign control of lithography-induced uniaxial anisotropy in ultrathin (Ga,Mn)As wires” [ Appl. Phys. Lett. 98, 083101 (2011) ]. Applied Physics Letters 98, p. 169901.

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Jönen, H., Rossow, U., Bremers, H., Hoffmann, L., Brendel, M., Dräger, A. D., Schwaiger, S., Scholz, F., Thalmair, Johannes, Zweck, Josef and Hangleiter, A. (2011) Highly efficient light emission from stacking faults intersecting nonpolar GaInN quantum wells. Applied Physics Letters 99, 011901.

Weiler, Mathias, Czeschka, Franz D., Brandlmaier, Andreas, Imort, Inga-Mareen, Reiss, Günter, Thomas, Andy, Woltersdorf, Georg, Gross, Rudolf and Goennenwein, Sebastian T. B. (2011) Magnetic microstructure and magnetotransport in Co2FeAl Heusler compound thin films. Applied Physics Letters 98 (4), 042501.

Archives of Disease in Childhood / Fetal and Neonatal

Kleinlein, B., Griese, M., Liebisch, Gerhard , Krude, H., Lohse, Peter, Aslanidis, Charalampos and Schmitz, Gerd (2011) Fatal neonatal respiratory failure in an infant with congenital hypothyroidism due to haploinsufficiency of the NKX2-1 gene: alteration of pulmonary surfactant homeostasis. Archives of Disease in Childhood / Fetal and Neonatal 96, F453-F456.


Lenhard, Alexandra , Lenhard, Wolfgang , Suggate, Sebastian and Segerer, Robin (2016) A Continuous Solution to the Norming Problem. Assessment.

Audiology & Neurotology

Coelho, Claudia, Figueiredo, Ricardo, Frank, Elmar, Burger, Julia, Schecklmann, Martin , Landgrebe, Michael, Langguth, Berthold and Belen Elgoyhen, Ana (2012) Reduction of Tinnitus Severity by the Centrally Acting Muscle Relaxant Cyclobenzaprine: An Open-Label Pilot Study. Audiology & Neurotology 17, pp. 179-188.

Brain Impairment

Jansen, Petra and Lehmann, Jennifer (2018) Investigating Cognitive Performance Deficits in Male and Female Soccer Players after a 4-week Heading- Training Programme: A Controlled Study. Brain Impairment 19, pp. 133-140.

Breast Care

Domschke, Christoph, Schneeweiss, Andreas, Stefanovic, Stefan, Wallwiener, Markus, Heil, Jörg, Rom, Joachim, Sohn, Christof, Beckhove, Philipp and Schuetz, Florian (2016) Cellular Immune Responses and Immune Escape Mechanisms in Breast Cancer: Determinants of Immunotherapy. Breast Care 11 (2), pp. 102-107.

Domschke, Christoph, Schneeweiss, Andreas, Stefanovic, Stefan, Wallwiener, Markus, Heil, Joerg, Rom, Joachim, Sohn, Christof, Beckhove, Philipp and Schuetz, Florian (2016) Cellular Immune Responses and Immune Escape Mechanisms in Breast Cancer: Determinants of Immunotherapy. Breast Care 11 (2), pp. 102-107.

British Journal of Ophthalmology

Mazinani, P., Baumgarten, S., Schiller, P., Agostini, H. and Helbig, Horst (2016) Vitrectomy with or without encircling band for pseudophakic retinal detachment: a multi-centre, three-arm, randomised clinical trial. VIPER Study Report No. 1—design and enrolment. British Journal of Ophthalmology 100, pp. 405-410. Fulltext not available.

Doycheva, D., Jägle, Herbert , Zierhut, M., Deuter, C., Blumenstock, G., Schiefer, U., Stingl, K., Januschowski, K., Voykov, B. and Stuebiger, N. (2015) Mycophenolic acid in the treatment of birdshot chorioretinopathy: long-term follow-up. British Journal of Ophthalmology 99, pp. 87-91.

Maerker, David A., Zeschnigk, M., Nelles, J., Lohmann, D. R., Worm, K., Bosserhoff, Anja-Katrin, Krupar, Rosemarie and Jägle, Herbert (2014) BAP1 germline mutation in two first grade family members with uveal melanoma. British Journal of Ophthalmology 98, pp. 224-227.

Hackl, Sabine, Zeman, Florian, Helbig, Horst and Oberacher-Velten, Isabel (2013) Optic disc morphology in premature infants. British Journal of Ophthalmology 97, pp. 1034-1035.

Dietrich, Tina, Sauer, Renate, Hofmann-Rummelt, Carmen, Langenbucher, Achim and Seitz, Berthold (2011) Simultaneous amniotic membrane transplantation in emergency penetrating keratoplasty: a therapeutic option for severe corneal ulcerations and melting disorders. British Journal of Ophthalmology 95, pp. 1034-1035.

Oberacher-Velten, Isabel, Prasser, Christopher, Rochon, Justine, Ittner, Karl-Peter, Helbig, Horst and Lorenz, Birgit (2011) The effects of midazolam on intraocular pressure in children during examination under sedation. British Journal of Ophthalmology 95, pp. 1102-1105.

Bulletin of Entomological Research

Kühbandner, Stephan, Hacker, K., Niedermayer, S., Steidle, J. L. M. and Ruther, Joachim (2012) Composition of cuticular lipids in the pteromalid wasp Lariophagus distinguendus is host dependent. Bulletin of Entomological Research 102, pp. 610-617.

Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences

Sand, Philipp G. (2013) IL6-Gene Variation in Parkinson's Disease. Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences 40, p. 268.

Caries Research

Wegehaupt, F. J., Buchalla, Wolfgang, Sener, B., Attin, T. and Schmidlin, P. R. (2014) Cerium Chloride Reduces Enamel Lesion Initiation and Progression in vitro. Caries Research 48, pp. 45-50.


Fisher, Matthew B., Belkin, Nicole S., Milby, Andrew H., Hennig, Elizabeth A., Soegaard, Nicole, Minwook, Kim and Pfeifer, Christian (2016) Effects of Mesenchymal Stem Cell and Growth Factor Delivery on Cartilage Repair in a Mini-Pig Model. Cartilage 7, pp. 174-184.

Cell. Physiol. Biochem.

Grosse, Jirka, Warnke, E., Pohl, Fabian, Magnusson, Nils E., Wehland, M., Infanger, M., Eilles, Christoph and Grimm, Daniela (2013) Impact of Sunitinib on Human Thyroid Cancer Cells. Cell. Physiol. Biochem. 32, pp. 134-170.

Stöckl, Sabine, Göttl, Claudia, Grifka, Joachim and Grässel, Susanne (2013) Sox9 Modulates Proliferation and Expression of Osteogenic Markers of Adipose-Derived Stem Cells (ASC). Cell. Physiol. Biochem. 31, pp. 703-717.

Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry

Guoxing, Liu, Guilai, Liu, Hong, Chen, Borst, Oliver, Gawaz, Meinrad, Vortkamp, Andrea, Schreiber, Rainer , Kunzelmann, Karl and Lang, Florian (2015) Involvement of Ca2+ Activated Cl- Channel Ano6 in Platelet Activation and Apoptosis. Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry 37 (5), pp. 1934-1944.

Wehland, M., Ma, Xiao, Braun, M., Hauslage, J., Hemmersbach, R., Bauer, Johann, Grosse, Jirka, Infanger, M. and Grimm, Daniela (2013) The Impact of Altered Gravity and Vibration on Endothelial Cells During a Parabolic Flight. Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry 31, pp. 432-451.

Szteyn, K., Schmid, Evi, Nurbaeva, M.K., Wang, Wenting, Münzer, P., Kunzelmann, Karl , Lang, Florian and Shumilina, E. (2012) Expression and Functional Significance of the Ca2+-Activated Cl- Channel ANO6 in Dendritic Cells. Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry 30, pp. 13196-1332.

Bauer, Richard, Ratzinger, Sabine, Wales, Lynn, Bosserhoff, Anja, Senner, V., Grifka, Joachim and Grässel, Susanne (2011) Inhibition of Collagen XVI Expression Reduces Glioma Cell Invasiveness. Cellular Physiology and Biochemistry 27, pp. 217-226.


Lürding, Ralf, Henkel, K., Gaul, C., Dresler, T., Lindwurm, Andrea, Paelecke-Habermann, Y., Leinisch, E. and Jürgens, Tim (2012) Aggressiveness in different presentations of cluster headache: Results from a controlled multicentric study. Cephalalgia 32, pp. 528-536.

Dresler, T., Lürding, Ralf, Paelecke-Habermann, Y., Gaul, C., Henkel, K., Lindwurm-Späth, Andrea, Leinisch, E. and Jürgens, Tim (2012) Cluster headache and neuropsychological functioning. Cephalalgia 32, pp. 813-821.

Cerebrovascular Diseases

Schlachetzki, Felix, Herzberg, Moriz, Hölscher, Thilo, Ertl, Michael, Zimmermann, Markus, Ittner, Karl Peter, Pels, Hendrick and Bogdahn, Ulrich (2012) Transcranial Ultrasound from Diagnosis to Early Stroke Treatment - Part 2: Prehospital Neurosonography in Patients with Acute Stroke - The Regensburg Stroke Mobile Project. Cerebrovascular Diseases 33, pp. 262-271.

Chemical Communications

Delany, E. G., Fagan, C.-L., Gundala, S., Mari, A., Broja, Thomas, Zeitler, Kirsten and Connon, S. J. (2013) NHC-catalysed aerobic aldehyde-esterifications with alcohols: no additives or cocatalysts required. Chemical Communications 49, pp. 6510-6512.

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Hunger, Cornelia, Ojo, Wilfried-Solo, Bauer, Susanne, Xu, Shu, Zabel, Manfred, Chaudret, Bruno, Lacroix, Lise-Marie and Scheer, Manfred (2013) Stoichiometry-controlled FeP nanoparticles synthesized from a single source precursor. Chemical Communications 49, pp. 11788-11790.

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