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Mycielska, Maria E., Mohr, Markus T. J., Schmidt, Katharina, Drexler, Konstantin, Rümmele, Petra, Haferkamp, Sebastian, Schlitt, Hans J., Gaumann, Andreas, Adamski, Jerzy and Geissler, Edward K. (2019) Potential Use of Gluconate in Cancer Therapy. Frontiers in Oncology 2019 (9), pp. 1-7.

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Walter, I., Schulz, U., Vogelhuber, M., Wiedmann, K., Endlicher, E., Klebl, F., Andreesen, R., Herr, W., Ghibelli, L., Hackl, C., Wiest, R. and Reichle, A. (2017) Communicative reprogramming non-curative hepatocellular carcinoma with low-dose metronomic chemotherapy, COX-2 inhibitor and PPAR-gamma agonist: a phase II trial. Medical Oncology 34 (12). Fulltext not available.

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Schwarz, Timo, Weber, Markus, Dornia, Christian, Worlicek, Michael, Renkawitz, Tobias, Grifka, Joachim and Craiovan, Benjamin (2017) Correction of Pelvic Tilt and Pelvic Rotation in Cup Measurement after THA – An Experimental Study. RöFo - Fortschritte auf dem Gebiet der Röntgenstrahlen und der bildgebenden Verfahren 189 (09), pp. 864-873. Fulltext not available.

Riquelme, Paloma, Amodio, Giada, Macedo, Camila, Moreau, Aurelie, Obermajer, Nataša, Brochhausen, Christoph, Ahrens, Norbert , Kekarainen, Tuija, Fändrich, Fred, Cuturi, Cristina, Gregori, Silvia, Metes, Diana, Schlitt, Hans J., Thomson, Angus W., Geissler, Edward K. and Hutchinson, James A. (2017) DHRS9 Is a Stable Marker of Human Regulatory Macrophages. Transplantation 101 (11), pp. 2731-2738. Fulltext not available.

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Thesis of the University of Regensburg

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