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Baertl, Susanne , Rupp, Markus , Kerschbaum, Maximilian , Morgenstern, Mario, Baumann, Florian , Pfeifer, Christian , Worlicek, Michael, Popp, Daniel , Amanatullah, Derek F. and Alt, Volker (2024) The PJI-TNM classification for periprosthetic joint infections. Bone & Joint Research 13 (1), pp. 19-27.

Bech‐Wysocka, Katarzyna, Smyk, Magdalena, Tyrowicz, Joanna and van der Velde, Lucas (2024) Matching it up: Non‐standard work and job satisfaction. Journal of Policy Analysis and Management.

Benedetti Vega, Kimberly , Carvalho de Oliveira, André Luiz , König, Burkhard and Weber Paixão, Márcio (2024) Visible-Light-Induced Synthesis of 1,2-Dicarboxyl Compounds from Carbon Dioxide, Carbamoyl-dihydropyridine, and Styrene. Organic Letters 26 (4), pp. 860-865. Fulltext not available.

Beringer, Lukas , Steinhuber, Mathias , Urbina, Juan Diego , Richter, Klaus and Tomsovic, Steven (2024) Controlling Many-Body Quantum Chaos: Bose-Hubbard systems. arxiv. (Submitted)

Biermann, Niklas, Chak, Juy Chi, Wiesmeier, Anna, Klein, Silvan M., Ruewe, Marc, Spoerl, Steffen, Kruppa, Philipp , Prantl, Lukas and Anker, Alexandra M. (2024) Evidence-Based Approaches to Anticoagulation in Reconstructive Microsurgery—A Systematic Literature Review. Life 14 (1), p. 82.

Camarasa-Gómez, Maria, Hernangómez-Pérez, Daniel and Evers, Ferdinand (2024) Spin-orbit torque in single-molecule junctions from ab initio. arxiv.org, 2402.09610. Fulltext not available.

Caplunik-Pratsch, Aila, Kieninger, Bärbel, Donauer, Veronika A., Brauer, Johanna M., Meier, Vanessa M. K., Seisenberger, Corinna, Rath, Anca, Loibl, Daniel, Eichner, Anja, Fritsch, Jürgen and Schneider-Brachert, Wulf (2024) Introduction and spread of vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus faecium (VREfm) at a German tertiary care medical center from 2004 until 2010: a retrospective whole-genome sequencing (WGS) study of the molecular epidemiology of VREfm. Antimicrobial Resistance & Infection Control 13 (1).

Cardon, Iseline , Grobecker, Sonja, Kücükoktay, Selin, Bader, Stefanie , Jahner, Tatjana, Nothdurfter, Caroline, Koschitzki, Kevin, Berneburg, Mark , Weber, Bernhard H. F. , Stöhr, Heidi, Höring, Marcus , Liebisch, Gerhard , Braun, Frank K., Rothammer-Hampl, Tanja, Riemenschneider, Markus J. , Rupprecht, Rainer , Milenkovic, Vladimir M. and Wetzel, Christian H. (2024) Mitochondrial and Cellular Function in Fibroblasts, Induced Neurons, and Astrocytes Derived from Case Study Patients: Insights into Major Depression as a Mitochondria-Associated Disease. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 25 (2), p. 963.

Dejaco, Alexander , Dorn, Christoph , Paal, Michael, Gruber, Michael , Graf, Bernhard M. and Kees, Martin G. (2024) Determination of glomerular filtration rate “en passant” after high doses of iohexol for computed tomography in intensive care medicine—a proof of concept. Frontiers in Pharmacology 15.

Denk, Patrick , Matthews, Lauren, Prévost, Sylvain, Zemb, Thomas and Kunz, Werner (2024) A dilute nematic gel produced by intramicellar segregation of two polyoxyethylene alkyl ether carboxylic acids. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 659, pp. 833-848.

Denk, Patrick , Matthews, Lauren , Zemb, Thomas and Kunz, Werner (2024) Formulating additives in thermoresponsive surfactant-based nematic liquid crystals. Tenside Surfactants Detergents. Fulltext not available.

Domański, Michał , Marcou, Gilles and Barham, Joshua P. (2024) An affordable, programmable and interactive continuous flow Photoreactor setup for undergraduate organic synthetic teaching labs. Journal of Flow Chemistry.

Eidenschink, Johannes and Matysik, Frank‐Michael (2024) Simultaneous Scanning Ion Conductance and Electrochemical Microscopy in Lithium‐Ion Battery Research. ChemElectroChem.

Endres, Herbert , Auburger, Julia and Helm, Roland (2024) Industrial Innovation Management in the Age of Digital Transformation: The Risk of too strong Selling Capabilities. Industrial Marketing Management 117, pp. 371-385.

Erhard, Florian (2024) Two-Step Parameter Estimation for Read Feature Models. KI - Künstliche Intelligenz.

Escher, Joachim, Matioc, Anca‐Voichita and Matioc, Bogdan‐Vasile (2024) The Mullins–Sekerka problem via the method of potentials. Mathematische Nachrichten.

Ettner-Sitter, Andreas, Montagner, Agata, Kuenzel, Jonas, Brackmann, Kathrin, Schäfer, Maximilian, Schober, Robert, Weber, Florian , Aung, Thiha, Hackl, Christina and Haerteis, Silke (2024) Visualization of Vascular Perfusion of Human Pancreatic Cancer Tissue in the CAM Model and Its Impact on Future Personalized Drug Testing. Organoids 3 (1), pp. 1-17.

Finster, Felix , Guendelman, Eduardo and Paganini, Claudio F. (2024) Modified measures as an effective theory for causal fermion systems. Classical and Quantum Gravity 41 (3), 035007.

Garcke, Harald , Hüttl, Paul , Kahle, Christian and Knopf, Patrik (2024) Sharp-Interface Limit of a Multi-phase Spectral Shape Optimization Problem for Elastic Structures. Applied Mathematics & Optimization 89 (1).

Gerstl, Florian , Loessl, Michael , Borggraefe, Veronika and Baeumner, Antje J. (2024) Multiplexed electrochemical liposomes applied to the detection of nucleic acids for Influenza A, Influenza B and SARS-CoV-2. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry.

Greimel, Felix , Schiegl, Julia, Meyer, Matthias , Grifka, Joachim and Maderbacher, Günther (2024) Fast-Track-Endoprothetik. Die Orthopädie.

Hammon, Kathrin, Renner, Kathrin, Althammer, Michael, Voll, Florian, Babl, Nathalie, Decking, Sonja-Maria, Siska, Peter J. , Matos, Carina, Conejo, Zugey Elizabeth Cárdenas, Mendes, Karina , Einwag, Friederike, Siegmund, Heiko, Iberl, Sabine, Berger, Raffaela S. , Dettmer, Katja, Schoenmehl, Rebecca, Brochhausen, Christoph , Herr, Wolfgang, Oefner, Peter J. , Rehli, Michael , Thomas, Simone and Kreutz, Marina (2024) D-2-hydroxyglutarate supports a tolerogenic phenotype with lowered major histocompatibility class II expression in non-malignant dendritic cells and acute myeloid leukemia cells. Haematologica. Fulltext not available.

Harrer, Dennis Christoph , Lüke, Florian , Pukrop, Tobias , Ghibelli, Lina, Gerner, Christopher , Reichle, Albrecht and Heudobler, Daniel (2024) Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptorα/γ agonist pioglitazone for rescuing relapsed or refractory neoplasias by unlocking phenotypic plasticity. Frontiers in Oncology 13.

Hatzipanagiotou, Maria Eleni , Pigerl, Miriam, Gerken, Michael, Räpple, Sophie, Zeltner, Verena, Hetterich, Madeleine, Ugocsai, Peter, Inwald, Elisabeth Christine, Klinkhammer-Schalke, Monika, Ortmann, Olaf and Seitz, Stephan (2024) Clinical impact of delaying initiation of adjuvant chemotherapy in patients with early triple negative breast cancer. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment.

Heider, Dominik, Stetefeld, Henning, Meisel, Andreas, Bösel, Julian, Artho, Marie, Linker, Ralf A. , Angstwurm, Klemens , Neumann, Bernhard, Neumann, Bernhard , Fuchs, Kornelius, Vidal, Amelie, De-Hyung, Lee, Kohler, Siegfried, Mergenthaler, Philipp, Brachaczek, Izabela, Maidhof, Jana, Wenke, Arno, Dohmen, Christian, Schönenberger, Silvia, Gerner, Stefan, Huttner, Hagen, Hagen, Manuel, Schneider, Hauke, Reichmann, Heinz, Rahmig, Jan, Schimmel, Eik, Niesen, Wolf, Fuhrerer, Hannah, Schneider-Gold, Christiane, Kleiter, Ingo, Fahrendorf, Christine, Thieme, Andrea, Steinbrecher, Andreas, Dunkel, Juliane, Roth, Christian, Alberty, Anke and Zinke, Jan (2024) POLAR: prediction of prolonged mechanical ventilation in patients with myasthenic crisis. Journal of Neurology.

Hofmann, Philipp , Siebertz, Markus and Jansen, Petra (2024) No role of working memory in the relation between mental rotation and postural stability. Frontiers in Cognition 2.

Hosmann, Arthur, Moser, Miriam M, van Os, Wisse, Gramms, Leon, al Jalali, Valentin, Sanz Codina, Maria, Plöchl, Walter, Lier, Constantin, Kees, Frieder , Dorn, Christoph , Rössler, Karl, Reinprecht, Andrea and Zeitlinger, Markus (2024) Linezolid brain penetration in neurointensive care patients. Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy, dkae025.

Höllerer, Simon, Desczyk, Charlotte, Muro, Ricardo Farrera and Jeschek, Markus (2024) From sequence to function and back – High-throughput sequence-function mapping in synthetic biology. Current Opinion in Systems Biology 37, p. 100499.

Jaki, Thomas , Chang, Chi, Kuhlemeier, Alena and Van Horn, M. Lee (2024) Predicting Individual Treatment Effects: Challenges and Opportunities for Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. KI - Künstliche Intelligenz.

Jansen, Petra , Hoja, Sabine and Rahe, Martina (2024) The relationship between the aspects of connectedness and sustainable consumption. Frontiers in Psychology 14.

Just, Tobias (2024) Chinas Wirtschaft wird anhaltend geschwächt. Tagesspiegel. Fulltext not available.

Just, Tobias (2024) Evergrande wird aufgelöst: Was heißt das für den internationalen Immobilienmarkt? Tagesspiegel 80 ((25)), p. 32. Fulltext not available.

Just, Tobias (2024) Gerechtfertigte und ungerechtfertigte Sorgen um die US-amerikanischen Büroimmobilienmärkte. IREBS Standpunkt ((130)). Fulltext not available.

Just, Tobias (2024) Herausforderungen für die Stadt der Zukunft aus immobilienökonomischer Perspektive. Infrastrukturrecht 21 ((2)), pp. 27-31. Fulltext not available.

Just, Tobias (2024) Hohe Belastungen ja, neue Finanzkrise nein. Tagesspiegel. Fulltext not available.

Just, Tobias (2024) Immobilienkonjunktur: Gesamtwirtschaftliche Belastungsfaktoren verschieben sich. Immobilien & Finanzierung 75 ((1)), pp. 8-10. Fulltext not available.

Just, Tobias (2024) Immobilienkonjunktur: Gesamtwirtschaftliche Belastungsfaktoren verschieben sich. IREBS Standpunkt ((128)). Fulltext not available.

Just, Tobias (2024) Immobilienkrise in den USA: Wie gefährlich wird sie für deutsche Banken? Tagesspiegel 80 ((39)), p. 32. Fulltext not available.

Just, Tobias (2024) Stadtgröße und Wohnungspreise in Deutschland. Wirtschaftliche Freiheit : das ordnungspolitische Journal. Fulltext not available.

Just, Tobias (2024) Zum Zusammenhang zwischen der Stadtgröße und den Wohnungspreisen in Deutschland. IREBS Standpunkt ((129)). Fulltext not available.

Kaiser, Ulrich , Vehling-Kaiser, Ursula, Hoffmann, Ana, Fiedler, Moritz, Hofbauer, Alexandra, Rechenmacher, Michael, Benning, Anne, Koller, Michael and Kaiser, Florian (2024) The complex intervention day hospice — a quality-assured study on the implementation, realization, and benefits with model character for Germany (IMPULS) using the example of “Day hospice Adiuvantes”. BMC Palliative Care 23 (1).

Kappenschneider, Tobias , Bammert, Philip, Maderbacher, Günther, Greimel, Felix, Parik, Lukas, Holzapfel, Dominik Emanuel , Schraag, Amadeus Dominik, Götz, Julia, Michalk, Katrin, Grifka, Joachim and Meyer, Matthias (2024) The impact of primary total hip and knee replacement on frailty: an observational prospective analysis. BMC Musculoskeletal Disorders 25 (1).

Kinateder, Thomas , Mayer, Carina, Nazet, Julian and Sterner, Reinhard (2024) Improving enzyme functional annotation by integrating in vitro and in silico approaches: The example of histidinol phosphate phosphatases. Protein Science 33 (2).

Klute, Lisa, Esser, Marie, Henssler, Leopold, Riedl, Moritz , Schindler, Melanie, Rupp, Markus , Alt, Volker , Kerschbaum, Maximilian and Lang, Siegmund (2024) Anterior Column Reconstruction of Destructive Vertebral Osteomyelitis at the Thoracolumbar Spine with an Expandable Vertebral Body Replacement Implant: A Retrospective, Monocentric Radiological Cohort Analysis of 24 Cases. Journal of Clinical Medicine 13 (1), p. 296.

Knoedler, Leonard , Alfertshofer, Michael, Knoedler, Samuel, Hoch, Cosima C., Funk, Paul F., Cotofana, Sebastian, Maheta, Bhagvat J., Frank, Konstantin, Brébant, Vanessa , Prantl, Lukas and Lamby, Philipp (2024) Pure Wisdom or Potemkin Villages? A Comparison of ChatGPT 3.5 and ChatGPT 4 on USMLE Step 3 Style Questions: Quantitative Analysis. JMIR Medical Education 10, e51148.

Koch, Alexandra , Kabas, Melanie and Czaczkes, Tomer J. (2024) No evidence that recruitment pheromone modulates olfactory, visual, or spatial learning in the ant Lasius niger. Behavioral Ecology and Sociobiology 78 (2).

Kolar, David R. , Monteleone, Alessio Maria, Cascino, Giammarco, Ertl, Sebastian , Meule, Adrian, Naab, Silke and Voderholzer, Ulrich (2024) Pathways between Child Maltreatment, Psychological Symptoms, and Life Satisfaction: A Network Analysis in Adolescent Inpatients. Research on Child and Adolescent Psychopathology.

Kreiml, Verena, Sauter, Alexandra , Abu-Omar, Karim, Eickmann, Sascha and Herrmann-Johns, Anne (2024) “That's like therapy”—A qualitative study on socially disadvantaged women's views on the effects of a community-based participatory research project on their health and health behavior. Frontiers in Public Health 12.

Köster, Moritz and Hepach, Robert (2024) Preverbal infants’ understanding of social norms. Scientific Reports 14 (1).

Lee, Woojung, Li, Liang, Camarasa-Gómez, María, Hernangómez-Pérez, Daniel, Roy, Xavier, Evers, Ferdinand , Inkpen, Michael S. and Venkataraman, Latha (2024) Photooxidation driven formation of Fe-Au linked ferrocene-based single-molecule junctions. Nature Communications 15.

Leininger, Simon B., Staudner, Stephan T., Vogel, Manuel J., Mustroph, Julian , Hubauer, Ute, Wallner, Stefan , Lehn, Petra, Burkhardt, Ralph , Meindl, Christine , Hanses, Frank , Zimmermann, Markus, Maier, Lars S. , Hupf, Julian and Jungbauer, Carsten G. (2024) Bioactive adrenomedullin and interleukin-6 in COVID-19: potential biomarkers of acute kidney injury and critical illness. BMC Nephrology 25 (1).

Luber, Christian , Gamulescu, Maria-Andreea and Helbig, Horst (2024) Nekrotisierende herpetische Retinopathie. Die Ophthalmologie.

Ludwig, Bernd (2024) Large Models Reshape AI Research and Applications. KI - Künstliche Intelligenz.

Maderbacher, Günther, Baier, Clemens, Meyer, Matthias , Holzapfel, Dominik E., Pagano, Stefano, Grifka, Joachim and Greimel, Felix (2024) Navigation und Robotik – status präsens und zukünftige Implikationen. Die Orthopädie 53, pp. 107-116.

Mester, Patricia, Räth, Ulrich, Schmid, Stephan , Amend, Pablo, Keller, Dennis, Krautbauer, Sabrina, Bondarenko, Sofiia, Müller, Martina, Buechler, Christa and Pavel, Vlad (2024) Serum Insulin-like Growth Factor-Binding Protein-2 as a Prognostic Factor for COVID-19 Severity. Biomedicines 12 (1), p. 125.

Meurer, Florian , Kleemiss, Florian , Riesinger, Christoph, Balázs, Gábor , Vuković, Vedran, Shenderovich, Ilya G. , Jelsch, Christian and Bodensteiner, Michael (2024) Probing the Isolobal Relation between Cp′′′NiP₃ and White Phosphorus by Experimental Charge Density Analysis. Chemistry – A European Journal.

Meyer, Matthias , Michalk, Katrin, Greimel, Felix, Maderbacher, Günther, Grifka, Joachim and Kappenschneider, Tobias (2024) SOG – Spezielle Orthopädische Geriatrie. Die Orthopädie.

Myrie, Ameka , Biedermann, Peter, Oettler, Jan , Robinson, Dwight and Schultner, Eva (2024) Behavioural interactions between co‐habiting females and their impact on productivity and offspring sex ratios in the coffee berry borer, Hypothenemus hampei. Agricultural and Forest Entomology.

Märker, David A. , Radeck, Viola , Lehmann, Fabian, Barth, Teresa , Helbig, Horst, Eter, Nicole, Alten, Florian and Clemens, Christoph R. (2024) Iatrogene Netzhautdefekte nach intravitrealer operativer Medikamenteneingabe. Die Ophthalmologie.

Nikitin, Maksim , Babawale, Florence , Tastekin, Sena , Antonietti, Markus and König, Burkhard (2024) C(sp2)–S cross-coupling reactions with nickel, visible light, and mesoporous graphitic carbon nitride. Green Chemistry. Fulltext not available.

Odenthal, Anna-Maria, Ottersbach, Julia , Weber, Franziska C. , Wetter, Thomas C. and Popp, Roland F. J. (2024) Daytime sleepiness in depression—underestimated in psychiatric inpatients. Somnologie.

Odzuck, Eva Helene (2024) The puzzle of the sovereign’s smile and the inner complexity of Hobbes’s theory of authorisation. History of European Ideas, pp. 1-16.

Ottersbach, Julia , Eich, Anna-Lena, Ringeisen, Katharina, Wetter, Thomas C. and Popp, Roland F. J. (2024) Light therapy glasses during night shift work: a field study. Somnologie.

Ousingsawat, Jiraporn , Centeio, Raquel, Reyne, Nicole, McCarron, Alexandra, Cmielewski, Patricia, Schreiber, Rainer , diStefano, Gabriella, Römermann, Dorothee, Seidler, Ursula, Donnelley, Martin and Kunzelmann, Karl (2024) Inhibition of mucus secretion by niclosamide and benzbromarone in airways and intestine. Scientific Reports 14 (1).

Paddenberg-Schubert, Eva , Küchler, Erika, Bitencourt Reis, Caio Luiz, Silva-Sousa, Alice Corrêa and Kirschneck, Christian (2024) New insights into the genetics of mandibular retrognathism: novel candidate genes. Journal of Orofacial Orthopedics / Fortschritte der Kieferorthopädie.

Parzefall, Maria, Peresypkina, Eugenia , Rummel, Eva‐Maria, Moussa, Mehdi Elsayed and Scheer, Manfred (2024) One‐dimensional Polymers derived from a Sterically Demanding 1,3‐Diphosphete Complex. Zeitschrift für anorganische und allgemeine Chemie.

Pec, Jan, Buchner, Stefan, Fox, Henrik , Oldenburg, Olaf, Stadler, Stefan , Maier, Lars S. , Arzt, Michael and Wagner, Stefan (2024) Inflammation and Fibrosis in Sleep-Disordered Breathing after Acute Myocardial Infarction. Biomedicines 12 (1), p. 154.

Peschel, Georg, Krautbauer, Sabrina, Weigand, Kilian , Grimm, Jonathan, Höring, Marcus , Liebisch, Gerhard , Müller, Martina and Buechler, Christa (2024) Rising Lysophosphatidylcholine Levels Post-Hepatitis C Clearance. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 25 (2), p. 1198.

Reger, Christoph, Leitzmann, Michael F. , Rohrmann, Sabine, Kühn, Tilman, Sedlmeier, Anja M. and Jochem, Carmen (2024) Sustainable diets and risk of overweight and obesity: A systematic review and meta‐analysis. Obesity Reviews.

Rupp, Kevin, Schill, Rudolf , Süskind, Jonas, Georg, Peter, Klever, Maren, Lösch, Andreas, Grasedyck, Lars, Wettig, Tilo and Spang, Rainer (2024) Differentiated uniformization: a new method for inferring Markov chains on combinatorial state spaces including stochastic epidemic models. Computational Statistics.

Ruther, Joachim (2024) Effects of sub-nanogram doses of acetamiprid, dimethoate, flupyradifurone and sulfoxaflor on courtship, mating and olfactory host finding of the parasitic wasp <i>Lariophagus distinguendus</i>. ENTOMOLOGIA EXPERIMENTALIS ET APPLICATA. (In Press) Fulltext not available.

Sachsamanis, Georgios, Delgado, Julio Perez, Oikonomou, Kyriakos, Schierling, Wilma , Pfister, Karin, Zuelke, Carl and Betz, Thomas (2024) Wound healing and hernia after abdominal aortic aneurysm repair – Onlay self-gripping polyester mesh reinforcement compared with small bite sutured closure. Clinical Hemorheology and Microcirculation, pp. 1-8.

Schill, Rudolf , Klever, Maren, Rupp, Kevin, Hu, Y. Linda, Lösch, Andreas, Georg, Peter, Pfahler, Simon, Vocht, Stefan, Hansch, Stefan, Wettig, Tilo , Grasedyck, Lars and Spang, Rainer (2024) Reconstructing Disease Histories in Huge Discrete State Spaces. KI - Künstliche Intelligenz.

Schindler, Melanie, Puchner, Stephan, Reinhard, Jan , Leiss, Franziska, Windhager, Reinhard and Lass, Richard (2024) Recurrence-Free Survival after Synovectomy and Subsequent Radiosynoviorthesis in Patients with Synovitis of the Knee—A Retrospective Data Analysis. Journal of Clinical Medicine 13 (2), p. 601.

Schmidt, Michael, Huber, Verena, Touraud, Didier and Kunz, Werner (2024) Aromas: Lovely to Smell and Nice Solvents for Polyphenols? Curcumin Solubilisation Power of Fragrances and Flavours. Molecules 29 (2), p. 294.

Schuster, Anna, Klute, Lisa, Kerschbaum, Maximilian , Kunkel, Jürgen, Schaible, Jan, Straub, Josina, Weber, Johannes , Alt, Volker and Popp, Daniel (2024) Injury Pattern and Current Early Clinical Care of Pediatric Polytrauma Comparing Different Age Groups in a Level I Trauma Center. Journal of Clinical Medicine 13 (2), p. 639.

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Book section

Judenmann, Julia, Stegmüller, Nathalie , Prock, Stefan, Schworm, Silke and Krauss, Stefan (2024) Videovignetten zur Förderung professioneller Unterrichtswahrnehmung hinsichtlich der Erklär- und Reflexionskompetenz von Lehramtsstudierenden. In: Eghtessad, Axel and Goreth, Sebastian, (eds.) Videovignetten - Unterricht professionell wahrnehmen. Transfer Forschung ↔ Schule, 9. Julius Klinkhardt GmbH & Co. KG, Bad Heilbrunn, pp. 168-175. ISBN 978-3-7815-2612-9, 3-7815-2612-7, 978-3-7815-6066-6. Fulltext not available.

Maierhöfer, Vitus , Schmid, Andreas and Wimmer, Raphael (2024) 18. TipTrack: Precise, Low-Latency, Robust Optical Pen Tracking on Arbitrary Surfaces Using an IR-Emitting Pen Tip. In: TEI '24: Proceedings of the Eighteenth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction. Association for Computing Machinery, New York, United States, pp. 1-13. ISBN 979-8-4007-0402-4.


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Schirmer, Vicky , Weisheit, Silke and Reisinger, Claudia (2024) Jahresbericht 2022 / 2023 der Elektronischen Zeitschriftenbibliothek (EZB). Project Report, Regensburg.

Schäfer, Klaus (2024) Freie Literaturliste von Hochschulschriften mit „Hirntod“ im Text. Documentation, Regensburg.

Conference or workshop item

Deinzer, Gernot (2024) Erfassung von Publikationskosten an der Universität Regensburg: der (lange) Weg zu einer zentralen Rechnungsbearbeitung. In: Erste Schritte zum Informationsbudget: Publikationskosten erfassen und sichtbar machen, 07.02.2024, Online.

Schlette, Daniel , Empl, Philip , Caselli, Marco, Schreck, Thomas and Pernul, Günther (2024) Do You Play It by the Books? A Study on Incident Response Playbooks and Influencing Factors. In: 45th IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy (SP 2024), MAY 20-23, 2024, San Francisco, CA, USA. Fulltext not available.


Kampfl, Annabella (2024) The impact and limitations of bilingualism as a generalized protective factor against neurodegenerative diseases on the basis of Alzheimer’s disease. Universitätsbibliothek Regensburg, Regensburg.

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Thesis of the University of Regensburg

Aschenbrenner, Ines (2024) Effekt einer Antibiotic Stewardship (ABS)-Maßnahme auf Leitlinienkonkordanz der Antibiotikatherapie und Mortalität bei ambulant erworbener leichter und mittelschwerer Pneumonie. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Bader, Stefanie (2024) Comprehensive Functional Investigation of the Human Translocator Protein 18 kDa (TSPO) in a Novel Cellular Knockout Model - On the Trail of the Enigma. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Barth, Michael (2024) Spectral properties and quantum transport in hybrid Dirac systems. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Bauer, Michaela Eva (2024) Involvement of RNA-based regulatory pathways in T cell - cancer cell communication. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

Bauer, Robert (2024) The Effect of Embodiment, Mindfulness, and Stereotype Threat on Mental Rotation Performance and Cognitive Load. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

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Begemann, Lina Riccarda (2024) A comprehensive conservation strategy for the endangered plant species Arnica montana - Results of a viability analysis at the population, habitat and landscape level. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

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Scholtis, Annika (2024) Interaktion von Bakterien mit Darmepithelzellen und ihre Auswirkung auf die Zellviabilität sowie die Signaltransduktion der p53-Familie als Modell der Pathogenese einer spontan bakteriellen Peritonitis. PhD, Universität Regensburg.

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Balestrini, Daniel Patrick and Stoeger, Heidrun (2024) Data archive of "Cultural Framing of Giftedness in US Fiction". [Dataset] Fulltext restricted.

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