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Abel, Magdalena and Bäuml, Karl-Heinz T. (2014) Sleep can reduce proactive interference. Memory 22, pp. 332-339. Fulltext not available.

Abel, Magdalena and Bäuml, Karl-Heinz T. (2014) The roles of delay and retroactive interference in retrieval-induced forgetting. Memory & Cognition 42, pp. 141-150. Fulltext not available.

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Acri-Nunes-Miranda, Roberta and Mondragon-Palomino, Mariana (2014) Expression of paralogous SEP-, FUL-, AG- and STK-like MADS-box genes in wild-type and peloric Phalaenopsis flowers. Frontiers in Plant Science 5 (76).

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Al-Baddai, Saad, Al-Subari, Karema, Tomé, A. M., Volberg, Gregor, Hanslmayr, Simon, Hammwöhner, Rainer and Lang, Elmar (2014) Bidimensional ensemble empirical mode decomposition of functional biomedical images taken during a contour integration task. Biomedical Signal Processing and Control 13, 218 - 236. Fulltext not available.

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Bachhuber, Frederik, Appen, Joerg von, Dronskowski, Richard, Schmidt, Peer, Nilges, Tom, Pfitzner, Arno and Weihrich, Richard (2014) Die erweiterte Stabilitätsreihe der Phosphor-Allotrope. Angewandte Chemie 126, pp. 11813-11817.

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Baessler, A., Lamounier-Zepter, V., Fenk, S., Strack, C., Lahmann, C., Loew, Thomas H., Schmitz, Gerd, Blüher, M., Bornstein, Stefan R. and Fischer, M. (2014) Adipocyte fatty acid-binding protein levels are associated with left ventricular diastolic dysfunction in morbidly obese subjects. Nutrition & Diabetes 2014 (4), e106.

Bali, Gunnar S. , Bauer, Clemens and Pineda, Antonio (2014) Model Independent Determination of the Gluon Condensate in Four Dimensional SU(3) Gauge Theory. Physical Review Letters 113 (9), 092001.

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Ball, Rafael (2014) Bibliotheksverbünde der Zukunft – welche Bibliotheksverbünde? ZfBB 61 (4-5), pp. 267-270.

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Bauermeister, Anja, Mahnert, Alexander, Auerbach, Anna, Böcker, Alexander, Flier, Niwin, Weber, Christina, Probst, Alexander J., Haberer, Klaus and Moissl-Eichinger, Christine (2014) Quantification of encapsulated bioburden in spacecraft polymer materials by cultivation-dependent and molecular methods. PLOS ONE 9 (4), e4265.

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Bedal, Konstanze B., Grässel, Susanne, Oefner, Peter J., Reinders, Jörg, Reichert, Torsten E. and Bauer, Richard (2014) Collagen XVI induces expression of MMP9 via modulation of AP-1 transcription factors and facilitates invasion of oral squamous cell carcinoma. Plos One 9 (1), e86777.

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Berger, Katharina, Klier, Julia, Klier, Mathias and Probst, Florian (2014) A Review of Information Systems Research on Online Social Networks. Communications of the Association for Information Systems 35 (1), pp. 145-172. Fulltext not available.

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